Malcolm in the Middle s02e16 Episode Script

Traffic Ticket

These are the house rules.
You can not start with the second course, until you're done with the first But when the holder leaves the perimeter of your plate Anything goes.
It's mine! Malcolm 2x16 - the fine Made by matiasmab21 * From fans to fans * This is his request Mrs.
Remember this is the one to take it orally.
"Stop pushing me" "Shut Dewey - I was not! - Hey guys, I'll finish this in 5 minutes and then go the academy of hairdressing.
Why not go to a normal hairdresser? Because I like to support education.
It's free.
What will make my hair to make a damn Dewey? Honey We've talked about this.
All the words from the mouth of Reese Are lies, remember? Well, go get some magazines.
And everything is broken I will deduct their allowance.
Never give us an allowance! Yes, and you know why.
I will ask the barber to shave me all of this on the other side and nothing It will be a different style for each profile Different for every mood.
How are you? Not bad And you? I can not complain.
Are $ 6.
24 Sorry.
What? A total of $ 6 to 24 cents.
Is there a problem? No, it's just that that Store manager and I have a fix.
I know nothing about that.
I have only $ 3.
Well, you can leave the magazine.
Lois Lois! I make a discount to the Stockton official.
You know the discount to the police is 100%.
Craig, I can not do that! But Lois Do not worry about that, fine Greg.
It's Craig.
Are you crazy? Not sure how this works? If you scratch your back scratching ours.
If you give away something he fights for us, is called protection.
Craig, we have won 5 times in the last 6 months! Lois, think of all the places you can get free stuff It can not be everywhere! Mom really, I will not let the dwarf two fingers cut my hair again.
That's all you need to use scissors, and better to be polite.
These people are very nervous.
What?! No I did nothing! Mom tries to escape, we will have the news! Well guys, I do not hear a word.
Do not make pig noises, smells or say that baseball nor that they were kidnapped.
Do you? Driver's license please.
What is this? I do not respect the crossing signal, to get a car on the avenue a car had to brake.
How does auto mean? Look left and there was no car! Lady driver's license.
Well, do not think you do not know why this.
I did it because you pay the iced tea.
Was it you? Well, now Just stay seated, I have to fill in forms and check the computer and the computer goes slow so it might take.
Well, do what you want, my background is clean.
Hey, there's no way you have 16 unpaid fines! The computer was wrong! Do not get away with it.
Hey Mom.
Is it a bad time to tell you I got kicked out of the practice? I mean, is silly compared to this.
Lois mood, bring the boys home.
I'll wait.
Guys want to be good with Craig.
And Dewey you're not scared.
Mom will be fine.
Can you turn on the siren? Sure! Sii! Come on baby, admit it was an exciting situation.
I had to go to get you out of jail.
It was exciting for me.
If Hal was very exciting to be there thinking about how it would take my children the horrible things would imagine thinking that his mother was in jail.
Mama, Did you get a tattoo? I do not understand How could you have gotten 16 fines if they do not even know about them? Mama, just calm down! I was in prison, Francis! In jail! And all because they parked where they should! How did you get 16 parking tickets? Not my fault.
I have enclosed here.
When I go home I'm so desperate that I find a place to park.
Listen sir Your irresponsible behavior went too far and you'll suffer the consequences! You're gonna pay those parking tickets! Mom, the prison was hard for you.
Francis I'm serious We will return the fines, plus $ 155 we paid for retrieve the car, means that $ 747 and you owe us 13 cents! That is totally unfair! None of this would have happened if you were a reckless driver.
Excuse me?! When parked near a mailbox, no hurt anyone's life.
I do not hurt anyone! I was arrested by a corrupt police officer saying he had committed I never committed an offense.
But when I tell you accuse me unjustly send me to military school.
What irony, right?! That police had followed me! Of course, if all chasing you, and the neighbor's cat is the leader of the conspiracy, Did You Know? You can laugh all you want, Francis.
But unless you come with money, not come home.
Where am I supposed to get $ 700? You're just using an excuse for blankets here! If, indeed, was the idea of cat! Mom, there's no way you can get that Francis amount of money.
But he would have thought Before doing that thing bad bad.
Baby do not worry about it, everything will be fine.
Francis think of something.
Now the traffic school is fun.
Cooking classes are classes bowling Remember when I went to traffic school? My God! That was fun! A rabbi, a priest and a minister came y.
I will not go to traffic school! But baby if you're not going to bring you traffic school serious misconduct on your driver's license.
I will not have any fault with my license because I take this to court! No I did nothing wrong! And I have three witnesses to prove it! They saw exactly what happened.
Dewey, Dewey, Dewey Okay mom.
Do you see Hal? Is a clear case of corruption.
The police run out of tea and invent an offense to take fines.
We will fight for this.
Well, why not think about it baby You know I will be your word with it and the judges always are on the side of the police.
If I already have that.
That's what he thinks will be quit lying.
I will not allow it! Because I know I have reason.
If you know love, but what happens if something goes wrong? We can not increase insurance permitirno.
I will not lose! I'll be right, and finally prove it.
If that's what you do, you have our full support.
Remember Mama, in a world of lies, the truth is only weapon.
What? Is not it? Thanks.
Hey lady, how was jail? Well, thanks.
Should not you be chasing a thief or something? Yes, I was planning to do that after paying time my iced tea.
I will fight for that fine you know? Well, you want to see you in court.
Drive carefully.
When you retrieve your car.
There is no way that I have that cop turn seen this street.
Yes? Mom, good news.
Francis, I'm kinda busy here! Well, here it is: I just sent $ 20 as proof of my good intentions.
Great! We only have $ 727 so you can come home.
What? Francis will not let you forget your responsibilities.
Because of you we are with just your father's car to copper.
So you better come with all the money, or not go.
Mom is impossible! I'm at school, when I'm at school I have homework, I do my homework when I'm not arrested If I have luck I have 6 hours off a week.
In this rate could not go home until Thanksgiving 2010.
So bring the money.
Bring money.
Hi, Do you know where this Craig? The store manager a big guy who smells like cabbage.
Is not there.
Still looking lower Craig Mom said that I can take some books.
Sure sure What are you doing? I was reviewing some old recordings You know I look for a pattern, watch people, never you know Hey, that girl is stealing something! I did not realize.
Better then reviewed other recordings.
* * * Hot Mamas shopping cheerleader * * The girl in green dress * * Mount miniskirt * * The loose blouse / low half * * Fat Boys released the photos * The baby beats his mother * Wait, There are cameras throughout the store? Yes, by all parties.
The pharmacy, drugstore, bath Yes, a lot of cameras.
Is there any in the parking lot? What happens? A girl he dropped a can under the car.
Wait, stop, that's our truck! She did Is guilty Mom was wrong.
My God! Mom was right! I have to rebuild my world view.
I know, this is amazing! We have to show it! Wait.
Maybe we should save it for next time Mom we cry out, and surprise.
No, I think it's better now.
Okay, let's go.
Wait, we have to face serious.
I'm ready.
No, I'm not.
Stop smiling.
Come on, stop.
Hi honey.
I had a great day.
The fire alarm was activated and got the last candy left in the machine.
I thought it was not going to fall but with my butt golpié y.
boom! Who is Susan King? "Susan King? "Susan King? Give me a second.
Okay, before I say something, or just know you're asking.
A call today to ask why the insurance could rise Why do that? It's nothing, the telephone, I wanted to know some things How about what would happen if I lose? Well yes Wanted to know what would happen in the worst case.
See if There is nothing of the "see if" Hal! You're right you are quite right.
And though our insurance will increase and we can not afford two cars, just sell one I mean, people did before cars? They they walked.
So walk.
What you expect is to lose Is that the way you support me? If you support but I think we need to know what we're getting into.
I mean is it worth getting into this? Yes, Hal.
I have to defend what you believe is worthwhile.
I think we get to blame me as worth it! I'm sure I could win because I know I have right! I can not believe you have so little faith in me! I have complete faith in you is the rest of the world to they do not I have faith! Things may look different to different people.
The system may be corrupt.
Not be in this situation if they did not.
Lois And sometimes, being right is not enough.
Being right it! Hal No I did nothing wrong, and I really need to try it.
I know it will be difficult.
That's why I need my own family trust me.
How many times do I have to say that I have right? I have reason.
I swear on my children's lives I have reason! What do you want? Nothing.
I can not believe you chickened out! Me? You're the one who disappeared! Now you blame me me! Look Mom is going to unload their anger to anyone show you the tape.
I do not! Maybe we could send mail without a destination I do not! Okay, but I need I do not! Look someone has to be the one I do not! We give you the card! I will.
Let me explain again Each one of us will pay $ 50 and you will jump from the roof of uploaded to the gym bedroom on the mower.
Who's in? And that includes keeping the grass bag? Are you crazy? You know that would create resistance? I do not know.
Sounds too easy.
Tend to agree, they think this $ 5 extra I will bind up the eyes.
Francis, telephone.
Think about it.
Hello? Hi Francis! Do you know what the fine? Well I have a video that shows that mom was to blame y.
Is she right? If And I'm trying to find out Why call me? You irreputable proof that Mom was right! Resfriégasela in the face! Francis, I do not think that's a good idea.
Are you kidding? "It's brilliant From now on what she says something it we take in the face! Francis, I can not! If I show this video mom go crazy! And then kill the messenger, that's me! You're asking me to suicide! Think that will face! We thought it best to show it to you first.
I can not say I'm glad you have done but I guess they did the right thing.
Then go to show it! I do not! Dad! Agree, but we need to prepare the ground wait for the right time.
This is a very delicate matter.
Hal! I could swear that that cop was following me all the way home! Lois We do not believe that you have followed, I'm sure had more important things to do! What do you think you're doing here? My commander told me that you asked for my record, to This is so right Decided to do a little walk and give in hand.
Nice house.
Do not try to intimidate me.
All I said was that it has a nice house.
First and then throws me is false threats Well that will not work I'm sorry I stumbled going to me! Have a good day lady.
You'll pay for what I've done, You hear me? You're going to pay! I do not care how long it takes or how much money it costs.
I win because I have reason! There's something you have to do Honey, I'm sorry you have to do that but Is better show it now before it is too late.
Is wrong.
What? The tape is wrong.
Dad ! And her mother heard the tape is God! Honey Look I'm not stupid.
I saw the tape.
But is wrong.
I do not know how to explain but I know.
I know.
This tape is wrong.
I believe you.
No, do not believe me! Well, what did you expect? Expected to believe me.
In the past 20 years and never admits a mistake not need to.
But the truth is out there in front of your eyes.
And this time you're wrong! That still do not see it I feel crazy! I'm not crazy! The tape is bad, you must be! What do you mean? Does anyone upset? No.
I I I know I know! I'm just saying it's wrong! I know what happened And I know I have reason.
According baby, it could be.
But I and rest of the world tend to believe what we see.
And it all shows you are wrong! The universe is asking you to give up! It's time to let go.
Well That's not fair.
You know what it is not fair, Lois? Having to be right all the time! It is a terrible burden! Would not it be relief for you admit it? Want to say I was wrong when I know I have reason? Yes.
Yes, that's exactly what I want I know that Lois does not happen very often but You have to accept that no you're right.
But I have reason! Let love.
But Just once! Can you do that? Let.
It's okay you see? Okay fine.
Can you tell? Yes.
I was wrong! That is fine.
See? It is not so bad.
Acedemia go to the traffic and meet nice people will tell good jokes car Everything will be fine.
Everything will be fine I'm so proud of you.
You're so great.
You are so beautiful.
You are so wrong.
How many times do I have to tell them not to leave the refrigerator open? You did.
Maybe yes.
Has been well all week.
It is as if his spirit was destroyed.
It's great.
Hi Francis, on the money Well listen, I have $ 122 and could Francis, cry me so angry.
Why not use that money to come home next weekend? But I have to go to traffic school, I love you.
Grabbed 2 pieces.
Where is Lois has gone? Craig Guys are not going to believe what I have I made a deal with the owner of a supermarket on the street across Exchanged tapes to better understand the safety our customers.
"Short skirt, windy day? Is a code.
In the other video camera filmed from a different angle Lois just before you do the fine.
Do you see? Lois was right all the time! This frees it from the fault, is not it great? What are you doing? Never told about it.
But I Never.