Malcolm in the Middle s05e09 Episode Script

Dirty Magazine

Part, Dad.
What you will hear, Mom? Frontal em.
Three days in a row.
It is a pity that there is no one to cover holes on the other side.
Crazy world Malcolm T the interpreter: polishchaser1 This "crystal mid ship".
This is our high school literary magazine.
No one reads, as there is a written the kids motor fumes on the head of eba.
A publisher is jakiœ the dude, try the months of Insert the your application to university.
In that month it was me.
Get the EOE "Mysterious Forest"? Yes, Stevie.
I get of your drawing.
It is in.
number? Yes.
He says the em you.
Do not reject anything.
No matter how boastful, boring, childish, stupid, or the g is annoying.
If you can ¹ æ sleeps it is approved.
And why do you even care? Our consultants do not care.
I must AEOI.
I must assist the Director of the Blocks in.
somehow something.
Ronnie and I napisaliœmy stories that we would like to portray.
¯ the ladies, the adoption of byœ our dŸwiêczne, feminine the votes.
So it is better to print, right? Right.
For the facilitated.
Read it first, right? Very well.
O my God e Mine of the already so much time, are not tools of em, that's also possible.
This story is .
is What is the word? Good? Yes! Ronnie, your story is excellent! Like the for me to be completed.
A mine? "Toad, which was to a very good for the world"? It's crap.
Can you simply do przeros the Father Toad is you, in the ¿'s your father, and accounting underperformance is that the g slate ¿second day of football that you like.
Lewis is not a g shales.
"Accident"? It is really the pretty girl, who ever walks the streets, ch is pelted by the packaging œwiñskimi texts So taught and this ignorowaæ.
"£ none" part is irrelevant.
So one day passes through roads, and jakiœ worker yells to her, "Hey, lady!" Do not look back, but he really is trying to j ¹ warn Nadja ¿d hose extensions CYM car.
She ignores him, and is smeared on the road! Guys the pigs.
S you've heard? Sprinkler plants will zeznawaæ before the Securities Commission! My God! Will choose the to each.
A new manager starts today.
It is only here, by dokonaæ for shadow and released with the people.
Lots of people.
Oh, my God also? He's coming! Come on! Come on! - Hal, do you agree? - Yes! Nell.
Zaliczyliœmy together this morning the additional round of the revolving door.
Well Yes.
Appearance Looks like that only you do not run away from me are.
It is impossible to uciekaæ forever, right? I know how cumbersome is the angle of the situation, but the deposit ê every effort, that for each podejœæ with respect.
Thank you, Nell.
Especially for those with a very well-maintained long-oñmi.
Touches of a me exactly that! Practically the saliva and up over my sexy long-oñmi.
And later that morning and asked of me, and in my opinion, has large rear s books.
And not by the.
It is perfect! It was not of the innocent obtain information, Lois.
If your rear to the books so perfect, like her, believe me, I want you knew of that! What will I do? He was silent for it EoE were? No.
A what? You do not want her zraziæ to each other.
There is a new boss.
She decides who comes and who goes.
What are you talking about? I'm just saying that the harm is not be me of the white.
That's all.
Hal, do not ask you, byœ of doing anything.
Just if again will with you and the flirt, the OTDR not Stay out of her right away.
Lois! Let it be! You can zmusiæ me to flirt of t are the women are beautiful, but you can not make me, I would have the likes of her.
I can zmusiæ to everything.
This is true.
Go ahead! Do you know why you beat the I? Because you're slower than me jakieœ 25 pounds? No.
Because of my mind is stronger than yours.
What? Everything that makes the people of the Matrix What does Yoda and the guys from Karate Kid if you use the to the minds of, not a body This overcomes you, before you beat it.
Again rip at me.
I do not believe you.
You're not sure whether you believe it or not.
It is the soil.
Soil is alive.
It sensitization in sensitive to the rhythm of who you really are.
This is the seed.
The inside is located plant was uœpiona soul.
Together they make up the test, which were subjected to Ninja Shaolin millions of years ago.
If You Can Hold the wrist strap in this manner until vetch seed is not the shoes, will develop in you the source of all power.
If this is true, you teach me that? Because I'm g shales, I know that the you do not succeed.
Although it can e .
only once I entrust to you the secret of life itself.
What's he doing there? The position of the y ³ em on his stone for the hand.
Trying something out of it wyhodowaæ.
Here you are, Francis.
What is it? Invitation for you and Piamy.
Otto and I œwiêtujemy 25 - the anniversary of our œlubu! ¯ kidding.
It's great.
I would like to be afraid of leeks are you a million slice NEB to be able to dzieliæ you are up with the rest of the world.
You're such a romantic, my great, Bavarian, is the pia buŸko.
Francis, I'm in trouble.
What happened on? In precisely I found out the up what I intend Gretchen Daae on the anniversary.
He knows how much I love cuckoo clocks with the angle, So a call to the factory Innsbruck and persuaded the and their, be done manually clock with figures of Otto and Gretchen, that every hour outgoing from the middle and the whole shot up.
What do you have for her? Filters for vacuum cleaner and bracelet that are the've seen in QVC.
You still have a week.
Decisions actually know what she likes? I always wanted to and I would teach the struggle.
Really? It œwietnie! I can tañczyæ cylinder.
I taught at the military school c taking the girls to dance in return for cotillions.
No problem I'll teach you.
No, no, Francis.
Terrible dancer with me.
I used to try on our wedding and ¹ ³ I step on her foot.
- You can not have the might allow a .
- With the break of I j are in three places.
Later I podar of her dress Later enters the I into a fight on piêœci with her father, best friend, cook Always looks as of the runt.
I'm sure I can also nauczyæ you roll.
I do not know Oh dear! Take a look! This bracelet, which are ordered in the am QVC.
Do you like it? Oh, yes.
They met in a barn on the tenth.
What the hell does that be? This "accident".
Our story literary magazine.
It's pornography.
In what way? "The construction worker and the professional *** I ***.
'"*** I ***.
" Mia of the brzmieæ obraŸliwie.
This is the meaning of this story.
This zamys of poetry.
There is nothing poetic in "*** I ***"! The parents do not want their children to reads were "*** I ***.
'" The school district not tolerate "*** I ***"! Our ancestors did not return her life San Juan Hill for "*** I ***"! Now, either you throw the story, or replace the asterisks write all the bad language.
It is after all the silly ¿g.
What is the meaning of these graphing of words? And we all know what are the terms.
Besides, Mrs.
Shaw and he said, Fail for the suitable.
Sometimes you do not know Shaw where k Hold the mouths of ódkê.
Just do it! It's censorship! Call A.
U (Organization makes the whole civil liberties) And sue them.
Yes! We will zeznawaæ in the language of poetry! I'm not going to ring the A.
because crystals of this ship.
It also is attacked, does not mean it is also futile.
- What is it? - Nothing.
Everything all right.
This g of silly.
Mie you Listen to many thoughts all the time, You're a m are smart and creative.
I am glad of up to mind, also for a change Such use someone to pomyœleæ about me.
As already said the am, then g of silly.
It's outrageous the sun! - Where is the school of, in Iran? - All right.
I do not want anything robiæ; simply I wanted to get some information æ ¹.
Do you want information? There Constitution.
Your teachers as well could odlaæ on the American flag By the way I defended such a case, but that's not the point.
If you need to process, faszyœci to you, wake up to Malcolm, as the name of your school of? My school of? Do not have a name and in general I'm not a student here.
I was just rips the callers I c to you.
I duped the city.
This dude was to hand the bniêty- - Do not want to have to deal with him.
³ ¹ P and the I is the sentence strives ³ wykombinowaæ from where they've to ring.
Unless ¿e .
no Caller ID.
Note the students.
As you know, we spend a literary magazine called "crystal mid ship".
Really? I did not know the am.
Yes, we spend.
This morning, I have been informed, Also A.
not succeeded in our process wytoczyæ forcing are lying to us publication of obscene essay.
Lawyers school district gave us a choice.
Or we will publish the transformation of schools ê in the bookstore of the adult, or liquidate all the incidents extracurricular.
This second ¿yna football the solution is bound.
Discussion circle on the wheel is Resolved.
Acting classes, Resolved.
Choir solved.
Prom canceled.
Nooo! If any of you would be willing to spotkaæ Malcolm Publisher magazine and omówiæ it with him, You will find prints of his group zajêæ posted next to my office.
You're good for nothing! EOE wasted the completely four days learning the cylinder.
It makes me sick from looking at you.
It is these measures do not help, Otto.
For each time when the punishment, lose hours of valuable time exercises.
You simply zrelaksowaæ.
How can I zrelaksowaæ, when Gretchen is to me? Do not learn the relax.
Learn by Sudden attack the problem, so long will not give you their secrets! In my view, exaggerate the problem.
Can you make a break and oczyœcisz minds? You're the one wey a pause.
I viewed the video previous lessons.
B Correct the Errors in my technique.
Can I move in the burden For more at the foot of a lion.
Otto, I'm done with it all.
It does not work! It ¿pretty great philosophy! This dance! Stop myœleæ.
Stop watching the tape Daae.
I remove the "trainer roll"! Feel the music.
Look me in the eye.
But I But Gretchen Forget about Gretchen.
Forget about the past and failures.
About the future and hopes.
World does not exist.
At the moment there is only you and I and waltz.
Part of Hal.
You ¿ki day.
I have a stiff neck.
What Visitors are those, how are you doing for fun? I did not know of what I tell.
It does nothing for your entertainment.
Do not tell me that just became EOE there for 10 minutes with open thistles? She did not even listens ³ a, Lois.
He was a very busy undressing me myœlach and dressing in my skin.
The cooling down of the boys.
How long will it take? I had to pozwoliæ Billy Hawkins help yourself with clothes on gymnastics.
Wyroœnie when you stop to wish the æ.
Malcolm, where he was to EOE? Captain ¿second day of school football I wanted to show this, and decorate the inside of your cabinet.
Ah, yes.
Call the director of your school y He said that the of the deposit of EOE s lawsuit so the byœ He could damage the schools ê.
This blatant a lie.
All I want is opublikowaæ journal number of full curse.
And this is me correcting it feel? Not even the deposit I s the lawsuit.
But we all are so against me, Also seems to me that also can not wycofaæ.
Did you come says that the directors are, where sometimes you stawiæ frontal and, regardless of the fact how the others react.
I'm surprised, like everyone else, are but I think that I will not give up.
What's her first name? Who? The girl, whose trying zaimponowaæ.
I hope that is of none.
This is not because of a girl.
The girl wrote and that sproœne story.
You have to be careful ny, son.
Girl sproœne write the whole story may be too old for you.
That's not the point.
Ronnie is a lesbian.
Can not and that was to the gay, if you'd once some time wpuœci the shirt.
I'm just trying to help, although it does not deserves.
And thrown into the us being inconvenienced, by wyraziæ something in a whole pretty good, and now it is silenced by a bunch of random people with g the upich, unjustified reasons.
I just are money, Also so you can not.
Son, do not build in the very large forces than y It can be Owna g of reason which will make it of a lesbian.
Please inputs.
Wanted to me widzieæ What's going on? Malcolm, the teachers and I I do not want the one obwiniaæ.
We are looking for solutions.
This is Mr.
It's legal adviser of the circle.
Nice to meet you me.
If it depends on and the me, byœ been expelled, but in the control panel are judging that the way it is, to all of the return to normal.
That's good, because I did not want anybody fighting |.
Of course, also not.
In fact, you podpisaæ only the letter.
Are you saying there that "accident" never does not meet the standards than "Crystals of this ship.
" The acceptance of it EoE just to check, how long it can be cut by tugging the æ.
It was to be just a joke, sorry for that.
Sign it, and everyone will regain its wheels you interest.
I did not sign it.
This angle of amstw.
All right, Malcolm.
Did not want the wspominaæ am, but by you each week, I eat the weight of cakes.
No one is me concerned.
I agree.
Ronnie? I wanted to, it signed a byœ, Malcolm.
I want, recover hockey rink.
Hello, Nell.
³ You have very pretty eyes.
Really? Like you are my eyes? No! I was told to tell.
With the certainty of you are very pretty, but to me you're not at all attractive.
³ I flirt with you because it ¿ This forces me to hit them! One of the minute.
Flirt the am with you, and you are the first thing the, as the will of EoE was to inform the wife ¿? I tell her everything.
And it is these sermons and odwzajemniæ the courtship? Yes.
Just out of curiosity, how far ¿It made it possible and you are cut by tugging the æ? He said not a All right, Hal.
Calm down.
Firstly you need to Know-, Also will not waiver.
- Do not let go? - Do not.
Mia the am was going to, but then Grossman and Ball were put into a state of accusations, and the department has been EOE just you.
I am glad that the welds in the deposit were up s so good for you, Hal.
Thank you.
Lois breathe a sigh of relief.
Well ¿ we will not allow to get a break of a too much.
It can, the sooner her.
It's good.
We can skoñczyæ overview of the course of your reports on the south in my office.
I'm burning up.
Taken ¹ ³ already EOE decision? Yes.
I want to be of a like before.
So I signed the letter and dispatch of the em and go to your lawyer.
I even do the copy.
Yes, and what the rest of this doodle? Stores a letter of em on the back of the cover of my new of an independent newspapers.
Zrobiliœmy seven copies, and distribute it within seven meters outside the schools were, as also any law.
It's called "Totally Filthy Œwiñstwa.
" It's a catchy title.
People seem to be interested.
Man, now I'll have a girlfriend for permission I tell him it "the nice tits".
You know, I'd like dorzuciæ the newspaper a little œwiñstw.
Bed People are disappointed.
Do not be Dy so sure.
"Mysterious Forest.
" With Insert the A.
to reunite with B.
- This is an image - Thank you Cinemax.
FREEDOM of a great .
Otto, it's so wonderful that the party! Everything is perfect the e Quiet, please! Is everyone could briefly interrupt getting drunk? Gretchen, my love of continuity, my life, My bride of 25 years, Finally, I taught up czegoœ, what thinking Did you come to that the'll never be the Umia.
Maestro, you mind? I can prosiæ to roll? Otto Sorry.
I do not understand.
S the last night of me perfectly.
Never mind, Otto.
I worked so you ¿ko, to prove they you mine the continuity me to you.
Playing the same music, wearing the same shoes, I have the same Gretchen, get ready for olœnienie! Geez Let the will.
Thank you, Otto.
What are you doing? Makes waves in the brain Dewey'emu the whole force that, I hope.
O my God e Do yellow.
He did not even give him the EOE grains to your hand.
It's like a miracle.
The kid really succeeded Fr And for this there is still œmieszniej.
Switches itself smeared lipstick of the EOE, is not it? Let it be I'm serious.
He will do the EOE.
He'll do it EoE of Hal.
Just admit it.
- So I will do the.
- Hal!