Malcolm in the Middle s05e08 Episode Script

Block Party

- You have to change the diapers Jamie.
- I want of doing this! Even you! We had a robiæ you to change.
Mom and he said that the Jamie the ³ ¹ ³ kn her diamond earring.
Whoever finds it get a $ 20 reward.
Let Reese has a chance, long time do not do the.
Damn! Men chose not noticeably lived that the mother no diamond earrings.
It smells like a ticket to the easy life! Crazy world of Malcolm T the interpreter: MoszeUsz Since five years, every year, spending a week in a cottage by the lake.
This year's trip will fail the and come back three days earlier.
I'm just saying that the do not ask for much.
Once a year, one wants to œæ on the porch, gapiæ on the flash and jeœæ sandwiches on the container.
The problem is Also cool the boys are gentle.
The would be useful to them little interaction with the nature.
I blame video games.
/ What's going on? - Sorry, but the street is closed.
- We live here, what's happening? You live and you do not know? - The annual Feast of the street.
- Annual? Every year, from five years.
Part of Lloyd.
What's going on? Hal.
Earlier wróciliœcie.
What is this? Why did not we know about it? Well ¿ wyszliœmy morning from home, our sun the lights on, people began to rozmawiaæ.
- Is the higher of the spontaneously.
- According to the inscription, it is already five times.
Office of the Feast of the street dzacie Every year when we do not have? No I am responsible for the planning.
It's a whole committee that cares I will not be boring you of.
Polly, so wróciliœmy earlier.
We can wpaœæ and podrzuciæ Jamie for a few hours? We have a street Feast and we want to entertain.
Great, thanks.
Entertain! No one other than I do not understand? And the whole neighborhood hates us! So much so that the devices are your ¹ big party when we do not have.
Malcolm, it's pretty nowoœæ ¿.
I'm surprised you are also organized.
You do not mind, Also despise all of us are? No.
People in need be on someone lived.
NienawiϾ us of the whole or the surrounding area.
My mother is right, son.
Groups Find people are common enemies.
If not us, This znaleŸliby someone else.
Probably like the minority œ.
Malcolm, you can not whole e Martwiæ force other sentence.
Can you lubiæ, nienawidziæ, or even something else, and then you die.
- It had the rozweseliæ me? - I do not know why you need it.
You're a teenager the fete at the door.
You can zostaæ and striving saæ up as you want, but we're going up entertain.
Come on, baby.
O my God e Parade mowers Part, Otto.
What is this? It's called "pokrywacz".
This artificial cow's rump.
This will allow us wydobyæ precious seed of Bruno.
The cost me a fortune, but here is the j are those kernels! We can not simply go wpuœciæ to cows? No! Bruno is too rough for my girls, one of the living in a bubble.
Most of them ashamed of milking.
- I shall be had to it do? - It's not as bad as you think.
You only inputs to the center.
Bruno you will pay, offer your the mêskoœæ and score semen.
It's a million times worse than I was thinking of! Francis, there is nothing to be afraid of.
I wonder why they gave to the goggles? / They were students / Class Mrs.
I speak on behalf of all with maple and Jefferson.
The whole area is a large on The nicer this time of year! No, no.
Carry on.
And so already skoñczyliœmy.
Never thinking of em about us, as the most hated people in the area.
Dewey, most of the people force passes through unnoticed.
Their names are not in the newspapers, the name of the rights does not come from them.
It is sufficient majority of people, but I want more.
Hey! This is not always the easy.
Will not have many the friends, the bed c unpopular.
Someday with you count, Reese! What is it? This kid toss of me the excellent idea! We do not do this often.
Do not walk on the area.
I'm on the right? Do you remember what was to jakieœ 20 years ago? Issued a $ 70 EOE, ¿Eby wygraæ for plush me the mascot worth the $ 3.
Especially does that have little hoops.
If I did not play to the effect of, that it would not have learned.
Besides, I did not try the up wygraæ plush mascot.
I used to try wygraæ you.
Oh, Hal.
I urge all of you to keep peace and enjoy the sights.
/ Otherwise, they / And their children win the awful! - Let me help you.
- You do not have robiæ.
No problem.
Willing to help.
Thank you, I the of of you.
Really? Can I have something for you do? I'm just saying that the children should not be winiæ out by means of terrible parents.
If Saddam Hussein had the son This may not the best example, but Son, I do not worry about it according to others.
You're a very caring young baby m³ Men Everywhere are.
Thank you.
I'm glad Also you know of em! Hey! What are you doing! - Who was the man of the man! - What, you mean? Oh, my God also? Robbed! Fixed EOE here when robs us of! Move the hose, and he Potrzebowo the help! - The EOE'll help him! - The barely copes! And you believe the EOE, also his house! No, he said that exactly.
That was a guess.
I have so much to g half! You're in this family out of the house, right?! - Yes, but I'm not like them! - You know what to do the EOE! Something you think you're thinking of! I just wanted to, Eby ¿³ someone like me! Thank you, Jim.
Already for a few minutes will take place / Sponsored by the brothers Stavis.
Kie ³ ³ basa is added! Eating contest of heavy bass? I remember a certain the girl the tail, which can flow zjeœæ dozen.
- That was a long time ago, Hal.
- Do not complainers, Lois.
A woman has reached the peak ¿capacity of the stomach of your age.
Sign up along with you.
I think that the failures you are afraid to book with me.
Hal, you are good in many things, but it's the bass heavy.
Let's go.
This lizard, or were no alligator.
Swims in our cesspool of the month.
Unless the feeds up heaps.
- Where is he? - Hi all.
Do not be afraid.
If I wanted to you solicitation, is already on your wisielibyœcie my underwear.
Zebra ³ I was here, ¿Eby with Insert the offer.
- How the Offer, Reese? - Good question, Dewey.
We all know, Also torturing you for years.
Some of you May the scar on the outside of a body Some of you are damaging the in places where you can not see.
Each one of you wants revenge.
And you know what? You got that right.
Reese, revenge is œwietnie.
But how can we to do? Another customs question, Dewey.
For $ 20 I ¿DEMU each of you the opportunity to beat me by 30 seconds.
Reese is tempting the hand.
But how do we Know-the, That after the way you have been accumulated, - You will not get us tomorrow? - That's the best part.
For all the time I'll be had of the complexities associated eye.
Registration will start to inevitably carry garage for I hour.
I will not tell you from where they took the æ money.
May we have your the purse.
Except you, Freddy.
Your journey is called ¿ny strip.
All set? I think so.
How do you want her to play the? How is "the play her? You'll be sitting here the, wait the c Bruno will be as many as had the fancy and enter into an artificial debt.
And then can move your hips a little, can irritate it ¿niches tail.
I hope that you will support the fire.
It s important than 1800 kg.
As he runs out of patience, This can uderzyæ from the destructive forces are.
I want ¿ki increases.
All right.
He could calm down the byœ? Not only are sitting! The whole world! The way you treat the people themselves, why it must be! There is so much hatred! What about pulling out of hair? No, g words will obstruct the oniêta.
Too much of this do you think.
Let nienawiϾ will lead your body em.
How are we doing? We have $ 460! Oh, my God also? Note that $ 20 must zostaæ a taxi to the hospital.
I'm going to spend it all on the head of stupidity! It's the best nation in the world! Today we have a beautiful day / And start five brothers contest / Stavis in the eating heavy bass! I will try to jeœæ ¿them without any interruptions.
The space between the heavy bass, tell the body, also is full.
This year we are our old friends: Louie, Jerry Jackson, Lois and Hal and Zesz the year-round winner, Big Tony! Players ready! Will already right? Already can handle.
Hey! Œpieszy me up! I'll be beaten for 15 minutes.
- How much do you want for it? - What? Buys each donut what you have.
Eat ¿d ¿aj hence the! I'll give you this bag.
You do not need bags.
But I wanted to listen to the statue, and sings.
/ Well, ladies and gentlemen.
/ We lost Jerry and Jackson, / But Louie sixth of them already are! / But he's ahead the long service a road to / Hall and Big Tony, who eat the ninth such.
Ma ³ e upgrade, Lois is a ³ ¿ate t the ninth! You're awesome! / And we lost Louie'go.
/ It was the the only three! - Unbelievable! - What's going on? Hal and Lois struggling with the great Tony in the eb eb! Wait a minute.
¿Is that the end for Lois? No, I want to dock the bookmark sauerkraut.
He was a theft and helped to em.
No charges will bring, we want the zapomnieæ.
And so you have to jechaæ to the police station, fill the few papers.
Does not look like that the large bending of the Father Just a little trash in the garage u It is difficult to tell what exactly.
I can tell.
I have a photographic memory in the.
Replacing all which was to the car.
Can we call and say later? He was about nine boxes of.
Computer, two high- quality color printers.
Signature machine, the machine to the manufac virtual consoles, two bottles of ink.
The three reams of paper of high quality with fluorescent in the windows security.
You can swim them in ¿ for counterfeiting money.
But you do not need machines for manufac the virtual consoles.
Unless you also want to podrabiaæ securities! Oh, my God also? It kryminaliœci! And you know what's the saddest thing? ¹ ³ I take to heart You have said that to me.
I tell the truth are c Just a little of this has been about / Ladies and gentlemen, / This is amazing the sun! Zesz the year-round record has been beaten! / Oh, my God also? / Big Tony bankruptcy on the table! They were only Hal and Lois! You're going down, baby! We'll see, honey.
No good.
You all know the rule y Each is 30 seconds.
Ban items that can pos Insert is used for weapon.
Okay, see if it is ready.
Reese zaczynaæ time.
This is your first anonymous customer! Bobby Markovitch.
Not so much! Hurt my brother! Ok, your time is up the the! Hey! Reese! What are you doing? And who is this?! Jakiœ kid, I have found it on the street.
- Can not remember the name.
- Chad.
'Scuse me, the ope ch.
How can the so-bla me hello! You're my brother! And my partner! And it pays the ignition EOE! For him! / Johnny Mathis - "Chances Are" / These are the chances / I is continuously g the s smile stupidly up / At, / When you show up / It seems to me that also makes you think, / Also I'm in love with you Mine were 2 hours and nothing happens.
WypuϾ him of the tablespoon.
Hey, Listen to this.
I should a greased cow's pheromones.
It should lead to lower the u, No wonder, also had no desire to.
I saw the EOE bottle of pheromones? / It seems to me that / Also seems / Awfully good / This day elapsed ¹ ³ / Us to eat the heavy bass.
/ Hal and Lois Keep clear the / Up to the end of 21 / It's an amazing show! Two great competitors pushing each other to a better result.
What's going on? Oh, my God also? Are cheering for a family of mine! With the bad and g play the fool reason, but the cheer! It's incredible.
/ It was the last of the heavy bass / And is on a plate Hall! The title of his will, if the will eat her.
Not mogliœmy wyobraziæ each such is finished.
How mogliœmy have them so the are of the opinion? They are good, good people.
Strange is not nienawidziæ already Lois and Hal.
Œwietnie, also live here.
This is the great and the area.
I'm sorry, also not helped to em ha, the ace in the fifth reflect the property the night.
Finally Œciszyli music? Wait that you called on EOE The police are at my party?! Do not invite Did you come to me on his the party? Do not push it.
You're such a large baby? Do not call him a kid! At least you do not have it prosiæ about mowing the lawn every two weeks! From what I know, he mows your lawn! Not so important speak to her! - To hell and with you! - To hell and with you! Honey, there is no trace the great eats ¿d ¿alni.
That's okay, honey.
The position of the ê here on the road.
Mama mia ³ yet're right.
Robiliœmy aperture UGE are neighbors for all these years.
Reese, you will help me can fill with This inflatable house? No, I will close the jakiegoœ Devil dog m³ liquid.