Malcolm in the Middle s05e17 Episode Script

Polly In The Middle

- What are you doing? - Arson ants.
You're going on a picnic were what? But trafiliœcie in place of the email.
You are one in your hands.
Hypertension is the branch of a surprise.
G ³ silly ants.
Crazy world of Malcolm T the interpreter: MoszeUsz Ever since my mother forsake the d and Stevie, it began the dangerous lead the force.
Yesterday, reading the book the tablespoon in low light of.
It performs its first call a joke.
Hello Is your fridge So it's me.
We have tickets for the convention to Buy baseball card collectors.
You know who will be there? Reggie Jackson, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and Pete Bucowski.
- Pete Bucowski! - Who? For me continuity The only American of Polish descent, who will play the two full seasons in the ne of the Supreme league.
And we call ourselves fans.
There are ¿it is not.
I can not znaleŸæ my szczêœliwej sweatshirts! What? Szczêœliwej shirts.
Sweatshirts, which brings me luck.
I dress her and I Fortunately, the.
Szczêœliwa sweatshirt.
S you've heard of something so g play the fool? You ask me Fortunately for? Here it is! Already better.
I do not know what I would have done the without szczêœliwej shirts.
This is not szczêœliwa sweatshirt.
Look M & M's.
/ Please, Abe.
Thank you very much, also helping pressed us, Lois.
- Wow, wheel collar are so stiff.
- It's her specjalnoϾ.
Do not exaggerate.
Just a little starch, and a steady hand.
Abe, how's divorce? It's a nightmare, Hal.
Kitty is beyond the control of the.
Dresses which are defiant mini skirts to court, flirting with the judge.
What does your lawyer? ³ asks me if I can siedzieæ at her table.
Do you know of a mine already some time can you should pomyœleæ of dates.
Already this busy ¹ ³ em, I decided the rest of spêdziæ Life in poverty and umrzeæ alone.
I'm sorry, I knew of that the sentence is not the ¿ê home, and it was to the nearest lower ¿hideout.
Caution! I'm going with Jamie to the park.
We will watch the butterflies Daae and rozmawiaæ about the trauma of birth.
Sounds fun.
- Polly, this is Abe.
- Part.
Part of.
Oh, my God also? This woman has fallen from the tree "sex" and hit the ball and the time you declining c Abe, you stud.
- Can the invite her on a date? - No, I was not able to.
He says the c honestly, never I will invite the Kitty.
My dad, asked her Tate Dalio her family and ham.
But can you invite the byœ j are for me.
No, I already do not.
My're dating dating fails the.
First you say that the should to her the outputs, and now destroying my dream.
Abe, are you've heard the story of a guy who woke up in a bathtub full of ice with no one kidney? I did then I will arrange the! I've had of what a good feeling about this.
Please, I need this.
No good.
But I warn you, as a of the ¿I have good feeling.
/ Night.
If Jamie will be again this had the dream, is probably on of the white bear, ujeŸdziæ who wants it.
He must go pokonaæ.
I understand.
S ³ Look, Polly, doing something in the fifth reflect the property the night? Oh my God, nay the am to Also will that day.
The same is true, it has become in my old job.
But he he said that the he has been a No, no, no.
Polly, Polly He asks the I on behalf of my colleague, Abe.
He was here someday? - Stevie Dad! - Yeah, this guy œwietny.
It's very funny, is a big heart, great osobowoϾ of the - I know it's thick, Hal.
- No, that's No, I do not mind.
It is said to be honest will of the large guys, let them give me a call.
Good! But do not take it, how to set a date.
He first wanted to zaprosiæ you.
If we do that, then you obiecaæ, Also you will not be przeœladowaæ it.
Do not try to przejechaæ his car.
Nor do they suddenly decide, Also looks like a your half brother and do not hit it to the iron.
The Przysnê of me now, but I agree.
And after the movie, Pulling off the boots and gnêliœmy poszliœmy barefoot to the mall.
I tell you, Hal, I feel like a newborn.
Yesterday, watching the cartoon I give the Pepe Le Sw a court and the I Think: "So will not have cats, have over lamentowaæ? " Wow.
This is a real breakthrough, Abe.
Certainly more than up to the View.
- Will be with us tomorrow, zap - No, no, longer insert it I invite the.
That was amazing.
Keep the em how great of a beast! And now I will go add your own in the softener.
Francis, look at the exhaust g What about ustaliliœmy spending more than $ 100? - I Potrzebowo the new hat.
- Give me your the card.
- Piama, then g of silly.
- Give me your card are! Thank you, also helped Did you come to me with in the hair, Lois.
- Which earrings? - Well, in these pendants He asks the am Jamie, I'm sorry, but it is very good at it.
You're right, what I was thinking of am? I'm so upset.
This is the third date, you know what I mean.
- Well, Polly - Oh no, not that.
It already was to the front, all are more relaxed then.
Today we go to the Indian reservation, and then to Ben and Jerry's.
It may not be our vision of romance, but very well they made the UK.
And I was always thinking of that the dating people, it is a recipe for disaster.
These ¿³ am skeptical about that, but you know what? Confuse the am up.
And the willingness to admit it.
Hold on, sweetheart.
Nowhere escaped - Craig? - Part.
Polly is ready? Part of Craig.
Will in a minute.
Give an elegant appearance.
Thanks, I set the shower on "hot months".
- Part.
- Part.
- What's that strange smell? - It's It suits you.
Have fun with it.
- It is not, Abe.
- No, this is Craig.
So what? It can not walk perfectly well with Craig, I arrange to Abe! - What are you talking about? - The contract of em Abe with Polly.
I will arrange the am Craig from Polly.
When we talked about the boy Opakua Polly that we said about two different people different! I well remember were golden, short-sighted, lonely, the lost of your kitty Oh, my God also? - I'll get the pm you the flu drugs.
- Says the I, also I'm fine.
You know what's going on, when you have a scratchy throat o We do not need them.
I do not want ebyœ ¿³ wakes me night cough.
Wey them.
(Spanish for "you") Senora.
(Spanish for "you") You speak the crap I have zrobiæ.
You put me in an awkward situation in front of my employees, Piama.
- It's getting worse.
- Do not work the? - What? No, you ¿are working hard.
- So what's the problem? They the przedrzeŸniaj me.
Other boys the boys œmiej of you are? Something you wyjaœniê, Piama.
Being a macho is very important in the culture of Mexico.
No, it is very important At any culture! But me hanging, because these guys keep the how assholes.
/ Good boy the boy.
Do not let the mockery of me! S ³ yszeliœcie! ¿No kidding! Clean socks.
Yes! Szczêœliwa sweatshirt wins again.
This is not szczêœliwa sweatshirt.
You should not krytykowaæ things you do not understand, Malcolm.
This blouse, with ordinary small fabric made of atoms.
- Szczêœliwych atoms.
- There is no carbon szczêœliwych! Each has jakiœ type szczêœcia, Malcolm.
You have them in solving tests.
All the time handcuffed, ¿Eby have good grades! Why are you so furious by the szczêœliw are my blouse? Because I believe in this nonsense, m not the smart, healthy, not good for society! Light does not work thanks magic or superstition the house! But thanks to the logic.
Can you believe it, just because you're good at myœleniu.
If the world was not the logical It's not to say the byœ.
You know what, Dewey? With the ap it.
It does not prove anything.
/ I do not believe that the meet up with someone else.
And he said this, if it was to no big deal.
He added and that the do not want to be trapped! Trapped! Can you believe it? Yes, I do.
I had a little bit of time, ¿Eby is przemyœleæ, Abe.
You said to me about it two times in the night and even today, as they drove to work the EOE.
I feel his presence, Hal.
Its scent.
Imagine it, Hal.
I want, ¿ebyœ to imagine myself of! Her lips in the mouth of another ¿husband man.
Not mine.
What is the ego in my mouth? I would like to Know-who it is.
We'll find out who it is.
You will find his infernal the Nore i .
i .
He will probably make a few still pictures and ubieraæ start to like him.
You must be at jakieœ guess.
Suggest, Lois Suggest! Craig, you're driving me to lower the u! I'm sorry, you're right, the absolute right.
It is rich? S the Orthodox? Athletic? A well-built? M are smart? Skinny? Is it expands Intrinsic forces and an iron and has the will to ¿? It's not fair.
Why are my must have a woman? About Bo ¿e .
Is not this miêœniak, which holds the tire in the calendar? I can not with this rywalizowaæ! How can I with this rywalizowaæ? I have his books are the tablespoon ¿jokes, But it sounds through it the unreal.
Why did God give me the skosztowaæ paradise, ¿so that I now answer it to me? God hates me.
- I'm so nieszczêœliwy.
- I'm so nieszczêœliwy.
- You have to choose, Polly.
- I can not.
Are still being try, but it is not the easy.
He says the c honestly, Lois, as a woman, want you can select the between Craig and Abe? Well ¿ Fortunately, I do not need to podejmowaæ such a difficult decision.
But more importantly, Polly, you have to.
But that's impossible.
For each time, when compared to their advantages and disadvantages, it comes out a tie.
Craig is just the Security of the sexual themselves and fantasies.
Abe is cordial, polite and gets extra point, because it is black.
Simply put, without subtext.
In addition, all complicated by the fact I'm also the most the CYM exciting time of life.
- And I do not want him skoñczyæ.
- Polly I'm sorry, but I must AEOI.
I'm going with Craig play in Laser Tag and then from Abe to the bakery for cheesecake.
If society at large there was to the conservative, This would be the Solution.
Ok, we will have Decisions are taken æ ¹ behind her.
I agree.
- Nak the onisz Abe for forgiveness? - What? Why Abe? You can overlay the onisz Craig for forgiveness? Craig out by means of breaks.
Abe survive, it is more mature the y - He's asleep with in the connected one main light source, Lois! - Eight hours, Hal! For eight hours I will be watching the will of a, Craig æwiczy Mine revenge.
Wait, wait, this is crazy.
We should not sprzeczaæ up.
We should not to mix old.
You're right, you're right.
Both of them are our friends of me.
- One of them is the same collapse.
- Exactly.
I would like only the crap AAE ¿the idea of ??sex.
/ Pete Bucowski / Never never discouraged.
Even if you have been zes of any to a lower league after the fifth time you! Just shrug of his shoulders, uœmiechn ¹ ³ and he said: "The problem? What's the problem?" It's saying.
- I got the goose bumps.
- Great, Mom.
- We look for Reggie Jackson.
- Okay, but do not miss Pete Bucowskiego.
Shows up only: 11:30, 12:15, Thank you for the invitation.
Potrzebowo am busy ¹ ³ æ somehow something up, Eby ¿¿zapomnieæ of my life love of osnym.
Therefore God is the invention of baseball.
You can rent the æ Pete's birthday.
Wrzuæcie your tickets, because you can wygraæ five of the Commission, which the Reggie Jackson won the 450th home run of his career.
Was to be the background crowd, who will I wanted to rozerwaæ.
I will not let you touch the ball æ ³ ki, but I'll let you touch my hand æ ¹ after he touched the ball than the tablespoon.
Shut up, Dewey! You know what? How to win the kiss of kisses Reese's ass on that stage.
Hammer down.
Without turning back.
You jakieœ rituals were before the big game? Œmia the Father You can tell me.
What? It violates your are the chickens are precious pride! Hal, come.
He is too proud, ¿Eby porozmawiaæ the fan, which earns thanks! Hal? Lois? Polly? What an incredible coincidence of circumstances.
- Part of Craig.
- Part of Craig.
Polly, leave Ami and idŸcie spêdziæ some time together.
The agreement we had.
How œmia Did you come, Lois! Polly! What an incredible surprise.
Think how poorly by it, will differ sensitive accidentally met Abe.
Part, Abe.
Part of Well, Well, Well, Well ¿.
Polly, I remember my crippled son, Stevie, who lost his mom? I'm cy in need.
- Part Abe, Stevie.
- Craig, of me with you spotkaæ.
But eggs, in addition I feel like wymiotowaæ.
- Polly, all right? - Œwietnie.
I think the experience of OBE, or experience outside of the body I, of which my shaman was to be very proud, but now probably faint.
- With the grabs you, baby.
- Daddy's here, an angel of the bed.
- You! - You! Ch of boys, please, please.
In any ¿¿each conflict involved Frustrated œwietlisty is dark and the angel.
Uchajmy statue of the angel and œwietlistego! - Waiting for t ³ em the minute.
- Not as much as I do.
- How do you know, as I am waiting for the I? - Abe, odpuϾ.
No, Hal.
He will do me the fool for the last time! Craig, do not do it! I will not stand idly by when the steal my woman, Lois! Oh my God, kill the the up! Dowal him Dad! Hit g of the pistil.
- I give up, wimp! - Not even the sweaty em.
I'm fairly.
Stop, stop! Resume.
I'll get the sandwich pm Tuna, like the You attempted.
I hope that soon the UWIN am.
Because when my husband ¿man is hungry, it wants jeœæ immediately.
And my job is to uszczêœliwienie it! So These be the counting.
Let's hope that does not will be the last time.
That sandwich, it was to a joke.
Do not change the aperture Services in something, which the hose of regret.
However, I would have preferred to j are the zjeœæ toasted! A little garlic is ¿not hurt! I wanted to, ¿Think of ebyœ the special things that are like and which already will never happen.
No, honey, wait! I'm sorry! Part, Reg.
Pete Bucowski: "Polish Menace".
Do not suffer from these conventions.
Hundreds of fans want the smokers you rozerwaæ.
- T the crowd always - Yes, yes, what I podpisaæ? T tablespoon of the pi and the 12 t-shirts.
It is something I have podpisaæ ¿? Ok, pi the angle that the Reggie Jackson won the I guess once to the ê it over the fireplace.
Immediately after the Malcolm kiss of my loves the ass.
- G of the plant stupid ad.
- Yes, but how to win, you do it.
- Brother for the deposit of s sure that the ball will win the tablespoon? - He says that the szczêœliw is the sweatshirt.
Szczêœliw the blouse? When the game I was in a small deep league, that I had a pair of œmierdz of the smokers, szczêœliwych socks I have called the entire summer.
- Ridiculous, is not it? - Yeah.
This season I won the - Do not let the kids.
- We will not Reggie.
When Dewey win, you the kiss and I regret those ¿win.
Stop it! - So you have to choose! - Yes, choose! Abe, or me! Abandoned loser, or the one who loves you! I am the one he loves.
Do not Listen to the amcy k! I love you more! Ok, ok, I choose Jamie! I'm sorry, but career for me is more important.
You rozpraszaliœcie me.
Incredibly deliciously, but rozpraszaliœcie.
I'm good only in caring for Child Lock.
- Where's the baby? - Oh, my God also? Jamie! The winner is Give me that! Do not get away with it to kiss the back of my sawing each! - Give the szczêœliw are my blouse! - It is not szczêœliwa hoodie! / Oh, my God also? Shut up, Dewey! Oh, my God also? Pete Bucowski savings of my baby! / I'm glad that the ³ I can help you.
Want to Buy T-Shirt autographed by Reggie Jackson? It's not that smell jacket, but apple pie in your pocket.
Thanks, Lois.
- This is where you bump today? - The Rusty Scupper.
We lecieæ, Craig.
"Szczêœliwa hours" starts for 20 minutes, and the women do not wait.
- The wait for your new garniak.
- I do not have the chance of your leather jacket ¹ ¹.
I think that the view of the coffee I was your - Take it easy.
As you go on stage? - As the engine of sex.