Malcolm in the Middle s05e18 Episode Script

Dewey's Special Class

Notable Visitors are, my friends, members of the press.
When I was told, Firewall also operates on my hands, and threaten the natural breeding sites of fish, I enjoyed the up also I can help you.
Today, the Devil t blow the dam.
Later, I invite you for a light lunch, provided by the Grotto, Friend fish and business travelers.
Here we go.
That's weird.
Looks as dynamite, a portable refrigerator.
Myœleæ start, it also really that of a portable refrigerator.
Crazy world of Malcolm T the interpreter: MoszeUsz Parents let Dewey'owi select, where we eat supper today.
I do not know if it was to be a punishment for us or reward for him.
Probably a little of each.
From where they are Know-hen, also the j like, how do you say no? Boys Ch ³, ¿Arcie is.
- Dewey, having fun? - Really like this.
Wait a minute.
Why do you ask? He's dying.
You wymyœliæ really good last ¿request.
Reese, he does not die.
If the die is to spring jadalibyœmy at Red Lobster.
Walsh, your counselor, ¿wants ebyœ wrote an IQ test.
What? Do not belittle his brother.
It is completely of no other than you and will not be automatically had the same in these to use.
- This is only a test, honey.
- Mom, do not do it.
I will lose all of the friends, when I went to the class brainiacs.
- We all hate us! - We had better in this class.
We had computers, microscope electron seismograph.
That's why they hated us.
Malcolm, something strange is happening in the brain of the baby boy and I wanted to I would dowiedzieæ what.
What is - I'm sorry Craig! - Heja Hal.
- What are you doing? - Protects your record.
Cheaper than the fitness of and there is no male showers.
- You're œwietny.
- I'm here like the legends.
You stand outside the box, right Feldspar? Yes sir, you're right.
Hop on, Hal, is funky.
Eat ¿d ¿aj, Davey.
I It's the easy, look at the screen and do what displays.
/ Try.
It's funny, very funny.
About Bo ¿e Can at least rzeŸbiæ stop in the ice.
You will be just the two of For the next month which, baby.
School of thoughts, Also have been I can be a genius? But I'm not the moaners, that at all complaining.
Malcolm is a genius, Now Dewey is a genius? The issue of time is find the genius in me.
I wonder what I'm a genius? So I'm, like Rain Man, great for me.
He used invent the machines, which has such a thing for you.
Ok, the question of the 17 sounded: "Street is the bees as: a) pond for fish, b) the den for a bear, c) for the coral reef.
" That's the anniversary of, right? From where they have Know-it? EOE write the same test.
How to Do you remember? That's it.
That's good, because only in this way Dewey classes we protect against the brainiacs.
Why can not e .
just uwaliæ? Tests are written so Eby ¿³ apywaæ to you.
We Daae such answers, the mark of the really grams of silly person.
How to we do? Guys, guys! I used to try wymyœliæ as I am a genius and I finally understandable, I should also AEOI to the library! And you know what? You can instantly watch the porn Daae the Internet and the librarian can not zabroniæ.
/ I love this country.
/ Ma Head over to us! Trace through this break for lunch and $ 200 æwiartkach.
There might happen in one of myocardial, ¿Ebyœmy could zagraæ? For a while.
Showtime! Yes! Finally, we are ready.
I did not want to speak anything earlier.
But I save the us the weekly tournament! No, it's too soon.
Hal, do not train so you ¿ko, ¿Eby tañcowaæ in your room.
Besides, someone has to oduczyæ Hayley and Kylie being snobkami, Suggest as the also are of such great e You can store not startowaæ in the tournament.
You leave the idiots.
There we will show that, we'll be large for better.
No, you just walk idiots because it is a competition for children.
Nowhere is this written.
And we aim less important than the limit, You can store zadzwoniæ to the manufacturer.
If you write exactly such answers, do not get it class brainiacs.
May I'd like AEOI class brainiacs.
Apparently they got a parrot-robot who speaks 20 languages.
Dewey! You've got to zaufaæ.
I am a good brother, I just depends on you y You beat me and wyœmiewasz.
Only if you're nieznoœny.
Dewey, I'm serious ny.
If they tell you that? The coolest person in the classroom I was to me.
Ok, I'll do it.
You're sure It also tripped up What is certain is that the response Reese not lead him to the class brainiacs.
I'm emotionally unbalanced wife ¿! Do not use the term we use.
This is not about pigeonholed.
Blue folder with an asterisk on your behalf means that you need a little more special help than other children.
Part, Phil.
This is the first name Dewey.
/ Dewey, Dewey, Dewey! Approx.
Do not krzyczeæ, kopaæ, bla, doprowadzaæ to physical contact.
You must semi-AkAA if We will do it the quiet.
Find the jakieœ the place.
Hey, you can podrapaæ my nose? What is this? / "Do not touch, bite ' You can ignore this sign.
/ "Do not ignorowaæ the" Umieœcili you in a special class? Yes, it's very interesting hands.
Today uczyliœmy about the biggest enemies.
"You Zapa the sun" and "the Lord interfere caj tracting the conversation.
" I've seen the like discharged aircraft simulator for the class brainiacs.
Oh my God, if my mother knows? Still the ¿¿'re alive, so I do not.
I'm sorry, I promise also to repair.
Just do not tell my mom please do not tell my mom! She likes to b of supplication, but czegoœ missing.
Better, but that are still being not that.
Dewey, my outflows ata.
The check are $ 93.
I'll be giveth you of all you earn, until you pull out the GNE of the class.
/ - Part, the boys ch.
- Hey.
Dewey, Mrs.
Walsh and give the test results already? - I have them.
- And it is in the class brainiacs.
Yes Did you come as he would.
Counting you're a happy.
Did you come ruined his force! Come on, Dewey! I can not jeŸdziæ on a skateboard.
Okay, Chad apologize to the Lester, Max, Zoe, Phoebe, Garth, Shell and Linda.
We can now once again spróbowaæ read the Polar Express in a mundane item such manner.
Obtain a muffler.
Well, open the book tablespoon at the seventh, and read.
¯ no motorcycles! Read only what is written.
¯ no motorcycles.
¯ no motorcycles.
¯ no motorcycles.
¯ no motorcycles.
Well, well, just read.
You can also now will stay a while in silence.
- Why do the EOE? - When you read the book EOE t are the tablespoon? - 3 years ago.
- ¿It is like everyone else.
Think of the letter as g of upich, instead of just weird.
This place is killing me slowly.
Time for a pause.
Jeffy, do not stand at a distance within reach of Kerry.
Why do not we Child Lock interruptions with other? We make also are too sad.
- Mrs.
Walsh? - I can help somehow something? I'm Malcolm, brother Dewey.
I wanted to porozmawiaæ the test as you write the Dewey.
I can only rozmawiaæ the parents.
In precisely the point.
I'll be the laughing great being inconvenienced, for the same coming of here but I must tell why test so he came out of.
Our mother has a problem with the pressure dependence.
Mia ³ a ¿ny Pote recurrence of morning when I write the test.
O my God e Therefore, there can Know-that the there was to em.
I do not want tell that the groyne is, because you know, my mom and I love her the.
It can, that the very care for a family of his.
- It's very difficult.
- See what I can zrobiæ, right? You do not have the angle of opotaæ your mom.
I'll be just contact their dad are.
Thanks for the warning.
Wow, 10 messages from advisors Dewey.
I guess I should Æwiczyæ, ¿ebyœmy won.
You the sticks, rear sticks and œlizg and œlizg.
These shoes for dancing greatly help in the speed.
I wasted no of the 150 bucks.
- Hal.
- Here comes the Yoko.
It's five in the morning, do not sleep the entire EOE the night.
Honey, I also think this g the pole and you think that the again fall into trance, but this situation is different than the previous one.
I have a gift, Lois.
And b of the EDEM would would not use it.
So weszliœmy in the second phase.
Will be fine until We will comply with the rule.
You have to walk perfectly well to work! You jeœæ! You can not engage ¿owaæ children.
I cut off my access to the joint account.
He will do the am this week.
Goodnight Fred, Ginger.
I was thinking of that the it was Fred and Barney.
WeŸcie handkerchief and gently zakrêæcie, ¿Eby zrobiæ flower.
Later Make a bouquet Carefully angle of the ad tio.
Work slowly, it is not wyœcig.
Why do we use the only tissue? Because they are soft and non-toxic.
In this way, no one hurt, and no one will sue the school y This program can not pozwoliæ themselves for the next process, Dewey.
Now the wage I can only for four days a week.
But that g the pole.
We learn of mathematics without the pencils, And the story we have no ¹ ¿ek book in hardcover.
We'll get although the equipment for the plastics? Instruments for plastics, This among other things, no advances and glue.
These children are up dŸgaj knives scissors and eat the glue.
Some tried to do zjeϾ s advances.
And he wanted to dŸgaæ glue.
Teachers should pomagaæ students.
May not be the byœ the nieszczêœliwy, If you were the more you try.
Listen to S, Dewey, do not survive years of this attitude.
You pozbieraæ all hopes and dreams and their umrzeæ Daae.
Then I may not have finished c are staring up at the clock at 4 am, ¿And the mouth of the c that the whole is not half the EOE So you're the NEB in college.
Thanks, also tried to EOE.
I promise that the you get the glue it to go zadŸgam.
And then been hacked and eaten by wolves.
Because that's going on with the children, that by tugging the for in the hair.
- What are you doing here? / - Malcolm, who came of? Do not worry, he will do the am master's degree in troubleshooting.
Somehow something I can help you? My name is Walsh I am an advisor to the Dewey.
First, let me tell, how much I admire your courage to the.
Thank you.
- Your son Malcolm came the odwiedziæ me.
- Not true.
Let me take care of this æ ¹.
Worries of up including that the Dewey landed in the planter of the the above class.
Malcolm, as œmia the EOE! EOE He expressed himself clearly, but did not have the right EOE robiæ czegoœ that.
The fact is, Also browsed through the assessment Dewey am and the result does not reflect the results in the classroom.
These are the basis for the repeat test.
Oh no! Absolutely not! Do not answer that to my son.
The curtain is used the to be in this class! He needs to be in this class! No I think that I will not be fighting |.
No future am, ¿Eby zdenerwowaæ you.
No one wants ¿Lose the ebyœ and precise control over each other.
You'll see how they lose control if not leave Dewey where he belongs! Believe me, I do not want to t zadzieraæ of the family are! You can also talk to a month of the, how you will feel stronger.
I can reveal a at your meetings.
It is incredible how this woman says to you hit them! Really I unsuccessfully tried to utrzymaæ Dewey away from class brainiacs, but did not have a right to do so! Shut up already! No I think that you do not have the hassle k, because your an evil plan did not work out of.
/ Hypnotist, the archbishop, the dictator, / Conservator knows ¿HUNTERS, bliŸniak, / Refractory talk to the months of / Animals, seeing the months through walls, negotiator.
That was about œwietne! Which are your children? Those two.
Certainly landed the dujecie on my screen saver.
Do not worry, Hal.
It quickly feel the like g the stupidly thinking we were on the appearance of the day.
- Let's rock! - Yeah.
I was thinking of that it will be have the same costume.
S are almost identical.
I twist the ankle.
Once again, anniversary of em too close to the S of the sun.
- But we tañczyæ.
- I can not, Hal.
But you have to.
Too long and you ¿ko trenowaliœmy, ¿Eby odpuœciæ.
The Ides there and win this coupon on average two free pizzas! For both of us.
I know that is not what the zgadzaliœmy time that this sanctification of em but no one else from what I can of doing this.
- What do you think? - Oh, Hal.
- I take pizza.
- Approx.
Œlepy coming revolution, I can not patrzeæ.
For each an outsider This person looks as ridiculous.
We lost him, Lois.
It belongs to everyone.
Sheridan, why motorcycles is the way, when he approaches the aj are the in and out? Hanson, I try to jeϾ lunch.
By the time you are manufac the interpreter, forget it's still questions.
It seems to me that the my brother Malcolm explained the manufac of me Zesz of the former year.
"The Doppler Effect, Dewey.
Both the sound and light of -moving with constant velocity are the, but the waves are short and long-Longer.
Depending on whether or not to move the in your direction or not.
Now, of bed pants you were a freak.
" My imaginary friends They were right! I am a genius! He says the c proœciej point is Also will sound waves from motorcycle Moving away from him are the same number of the speed in all directions.
And when the Keep clear to you, that are more gêœciej of the deposit they So frequency goes up and you sound becomes longer.
EOE understandable? Yeah, I understandable.
Oh, my God also? I taught czegoœ up! / Teach the czegoœ em up! / Teach the czegoœ em up! - Teach the czegoœ em up! - Hanson! I taught czegoœ up! I taught czegoœ up! Can not you should have nothing to uczyæ, because it turns you into UCI ¹ ¿happy.
Sit down and b are each quiet! Everyone who hates the, for me the.
Children, calm down.
Remember, quiet mind were, This szczêœliwe minds y / Let's repeat it together.
/ Quiet minds y, y szczêœliwe minds / Quiet mind were, then I am very pleased Also contest is already behind you are.
Now, if you are already free, This Potrzebowo in low help with Jamie.
There ¿s narrowed the eye through the whole night.
So, as if you took the first of the Changing today at night, Nod your head! Nod your head! Potaknij! He buys it! Ok, Dewey.
I have a new, large with a better plan.
In the break I was up to the principal's office and I created a second, fictional Dewey, who lives in another district.
I must still up in the hack to the school server but you just have to pretend dead by two days.
- I will be returning to the game! - Sounds great! Mom, Malcolm will give the me of the e response to a test of intelligence.
I'm in class for ¿unbalanced composite of two weeks.
Unless you have a lot to discuss.
Dewey! Dewey, guess what! Finally, I know, as I am a genius.
Here, by the, all the time on display.
Come on, Dewey, please do not fall asleep.
I have so much to show you.