Maldivas (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

I am Patrícia Duque!

[rooster clucking.]

It was a new morning
for Liz Lobato,
and with it came another opportunity
to find out whatever happened
Will you turn that off already?
[alarm stops.]

I'm hungover.

The farm where Liz had grown up
had uncanny similarities
to the Maldivas Condominium.

Both had a slaughterhouse.

- [knife slashes.]

- [cow moos.]

[Verônica scoffs.]

Maldivas' infamous welcome flyer.

I'll let a more suitable person
narrate it instead.

[tropical music playing.]

Welcome to Maldivas.

If you're here, congratulations.

You're one of a kind.

Our condominium is a safe place
for you to enjoy with your family.

You can find everything you need
within Maldivas' walls.

But make no mistake,
our most valuable asset is you.

Here, you're more than a resident.

You're a member of our community,
and we respect diversity.

- [chuckles.]

- [indistinct chatter.]

we value respecting each other a lot,
but, first and foremost,
we value respecting the rules.

Please respect our code of conduct,
and help Maldivas become
an even better place.

We're always watching.

Sincerely, your neighbors.

[upbeat instrumental music playing.]

[music fades out.]



Much obliged for your cooperation.

Indeed, I was obliged
to come to the station.

Oh, right.

The owner of the murder weapon

and the number one suspect
of Patrícia Duque's homicide.

If your theory
is that I went to Patrícia's apartment,
broke my own box on her head,
and set everything but my own box on fire,
then I'm either a very lousy killer,
or you are completely lost.

[upbeat tropical music plays.]

What a piece of work.

And that's the miniature.

Imagine the life-sized one.

[knocks on door.]

More photos of the crime scene.

[door closes.]

The smoke's cleared, so I took them.

Good job.

The ones I got were covered in mist.

- What's this?
- [Sandro.]
A partial footprint.

It wasn't in the other photos.

Who does it belong to?
[wind whooshing.]

[salsa music playing.]

Who was Patrícia Duque?
How did she live?
What did she hide?
What did she eat?
Liz was ready to find out
everything she could about her mother.

[salsa music continues.]

Even if the truth proved hard to swallow.

[music scratches, ends.]

"Patrícia Duque,
Maldivas Condominium, block 19/208.
"Patrícia Duque,
Maldivas Condominium, block 18/204.
It wasn't the first time
someone noticed that slight discrepancy.

This goddamn letter is addressed to me.

A slight discrepancy
that would turn out to be a huge find.

Just like her mother,
Liz was facing a shady figure,
which would lead her to a new suspicion.

Can't we withdraw it little by little
like we've been doing, Gustavo?
The woman is dead, Kat.

- Oh, thanks for the scoop.

- Uh-huh.

[Kat gasps.]

[whimsical music playing.]


Ple [sighs.]

[Kat sighs.]

- [boy 2.]
Who is dead?
- Did you murder someone, Mom?
[both yell.]

[music ends.]

[Gustavo sighs.]

Kat, you go in,
take the money and go out.

You're the one
who opened the account, Kitty Kat.

So you're the one
who should close it, baby.

[breathes shakily.]


This wasn't our deal, Gustavo.

[sad music playing.]

Any word on the stolen cars, Milene?
Still nothing.

No wonder.
After all, I told you
we needed better security, didn't I?
Statistically speaking.

most robberies are carried out
by employees from the condominium.

So the better they are,
the better they conduct their robberies.

- So you're an expert at security now?
- Shh!
Excuse me, Milene.

I'm talking to these ladies.

So any questions?
If I were you,
I would keep my eyes wide because
Mortícia is depriving us
of the most valuable thing there is,
our own security.

The most valuable thing there is, ladies,
is good health.



Thanks for helping me prove my point, sir.

Speaking of valuables,
I need access
to the condominium's bank account.

["Te Encanta" by Vicel Pimental,
Stuart Hart & Trevor Simpson playing.]

[indistinct chatter.]

You'll be all right, Milene.

[indistinct chatter.]


That was wonderful.


It's perfect, honey.


Shut up, Gustavo.

Do you know
where Gustavinho's pencil case is?
Of course I do.

- Where is it?
- [doorbell rings.]

Good morning.

Kat, I guess?
I got this by mistake.
I think it's yours.

- Hi.

- Hi.

My mom killed a woman.


Excuse us, kiddo.

Good morning.

Of course I knew where it was.

Our son's super allergic
to peanuts.

He can't leave without his EpiPen.

It's a matter of life or death.

Thanks, honey.

[suspenseful music playing.]

[music building.]

[music ends abruptly.]

Making progress, huh?
Am I really?
Because every day I discover
something even worse about you.

You're way too quick to judge
for someone who's after the truth, dear.

And what is the truth?
Why did you abandon me?
I'm begging you.
Tell me the truth.

[cell phone chiming.]


Hey, babe.

What's going on?
Where are you?
Still in Rio.

I had to stay a bit longer.

My car got stolen.

Are you kidding me?
I wish I was.

They stole all my stuff.
My suitcase
I had to buy some new clothes.

I had to go to the police
to file a report.

[dramatic music playing.]

You talked to the police?
About my car, Miguel.

They're still searching.

So I'm staying a few more days.

Uh, keep me posted, my love.

Love you.

Me too.
I'll be in touch.

[line ends.]

So? Should I worry or not?

Not yet, no.

"Not yet, no" isn't good enough, Miguel.

Which shoe size is this?
Six point five.

Seven point five?
It's a closed-shoe.
No toe box.


- What?
- Scarpin is a type of shoe.

You'd know it
if you had a girlfriend.

Now we just got to get a mold
and find our Cinderella.

[children chattering indistinctly.]

Like I said,
there were uncanny similarities
between the farm where Liz grew up
and the Maldivas Condominium.

Both had small, helpless creatures
enclosed in a fenced-off area,
green land,
fresh air,
calm afternoons,
and both also had
vicious predators lurking about.

- [knife slashes.]

- [eagle screeches.]

[ticket counter chimes.]

[slow music playing.]



- [foot tapping rapidly.]

- [sighs.]

Go! Go! Here! Here! Come on!
Pass the ball! Here! Come on!

Have you seen
Germano's ankle monitor?
- It's new, right?
- Uh, yeah.

Way better than ours.

- Mm-hmm.

- Can we get a new one?
- There's a waiting list, man.

- Oh, stupid waiting list.

I'm serious.

I signed up for the damn list.


[breathing deeply.]

[upbeat music playing.]

[chuckling continues.]

I am serious.
There's no
Dad, Gustavinho's
His face is all red again.

Gustavo, can you hear me?
[Gustavinho wheezing.]

[ticket counter chimes.]

Where's your pencil case?
Where is it, Gabriel?
Ticket 138! Last call!
[breathes deeply.]


[breathes heavily.]

May I?
I'm very allergic too.

[Gustavinho wheezing.]

[Gustavinho breathing rapidly.]

[music ends.]

[acoustic guitar playing.]

In the blink of an eye,
thanks to an epinephrine shot,
Liz got exactly what she needed.

Cheers to our heroine.

Welcome to Maldivas, Liz.

You saved my son, Liz.

How can I ever thank you?
Don't mention it.

It was just a fortunate coincidence
that I was there.

for not having kids too!

Liz, you are an angel.

I promise you that you'll never be alone
in this condo.


[cell phone ringing.]

Um, I
I'll be right back.

I got to take this call.


Milene, where's the bank card?
Where's the checkbook?
Hold on.
I'm on the phone.
- Hold on.

- I'm calling you.

For God's sakes, Milene, give them to me.

Give me the checks!
What are you gonna do?
[upbeat tropical music playing.]


- [Milene grunts.]

- [chuckles.]

[Milene gasps.]

- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.

My life's an open book.

Good to know, Milene.

Because your last open book ended up
covered in blood at a crime scene.

I will find out your secret, you know.



It's gonna be all right.

Thank God.

Do you want me to help you with anything?
Would you Would you mind watching
the kids for a minute?
I want to take a shower.

I'll stay.
No worries.

[speaker powers on.]

[phone chimes.]

[door closes.]

[enchanting music plays.]

[techno music playing.]

[shower water tapping.]

Liz was looking for something
that would incriminate the couple.

But out of all the crimes
Gustavo had committed,
the worst offender,
without a shadow of a doubt,
was his taste in music.

[techno music continues.]

Come on, come on ♪
Come on, get ready ♪
Come on, come on ♪
Come on, get ready ♪
Come on, come on ♪
Come on ♪
Let's go! ♪

[techno music continues.]





- [grunts.]

- [speaker powers off.]

[suspenseful music playing.]


One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Here I come!
Ready or not, here I come!
You can't hide for long.

So now,
write your answer right here.

What's the capital of Brazil?

Whenever you want
to get out of here, just
Mmm, after I help him with his homework.

Then I'll go.

You're an actual angel.

Right, the capital of Brazil is
- [Gustavinho.]
Can I draw?
- [chuckles.]

Yes, you can.

[ticket counter dings.]

Patrícia Duque?
- I'm Patrícia Duque.

- I know.

I was the one
who opened your account, Mrs.


What can I help you with today?
- A withdrawal.

- Sure, how much do you want?
All of it.
I called earlier.

I want to close my account.

Just a minute.

One million,
eight hundred and ninety-six thousand,
three hundred and fifty reais,
correct, ma'am?
I'll have to ask
for my manager's approval.

What's the reason for the withdrawal?
Like I said on the phone,
we're fixing our apartment.

Custom furniture,
contractor, painter, and all.

[chuckles softly.]


Please sign here.

And here.

[Verônica's fist slams.]
I knew it!
I knew it!
That goddamn bitch!
Jeez, so rude.

That's you,
that's my brother passing out,
and that's Dad
with his robot ankle gadget.

[Liz chuckles.]

[suspenseful music playing.]

I hate a lot of stuff in life.

Broadway musicals,
or men who call themselves photographers
on Tinder,
um, Hitler
But being this place's manager
has reached a whole new level.

- The roll of
- No, no.
Let me finish.

At first, I became manager for Patrícia.

After that, to annoy you.

Then I didn't even want it anymore.

But now, I see I have to be the manager
because you're no better than me at all.

You're a thief.

You've been stealing
the condominium's money.
What for?
- To buy that ridiculous outfit?
- Mortícia, I'm so rich.

And well-married.

I don't need to be a thief.

And yet, you did steal money.

See this here?
It's you.

In the palm of my hand.

[elevator dings.]

- Hi.
How are you?
- Hi.
I'm fine.


There should be a package for me.

What's your apartment number?
- 302.

- 302.

- Just a second.
I'll check.

- Thank you.

[page tears.]

[suspenseful music playing.]

[elevator dings.]

It's Liz, right?
Detective Denílson, right?
[dramatic music playing.]

I don't have news on your car,
but I'll give you a call when I do.


Or you can call me any time.


I mean it.

- What's this?
- Plaster.

A plaster cast.

Well, I know you already
have my card, but
[upbeat tropical music playing.]

I'm I'm so proud of you, Kat.

[door closes.]

[joyous music playing.]


Open the door, honey.


What what are you doing?
Are you eating in there?
Are you eating foie gras, Kat?
[Gustavo chuckles.]

I definitely know the sound you make
when you eat foie gras.

You're the only person I know
who chews with guilt.

I feel no guilt right now.


You wanna lock yourself up
and gorge on food? Be my guest.

But I'll tell you something.

You love talking down to me, Kat.

You love it a lot, right?
That's fine.

I usually let it slide,
because I know
you like to feel better than me.

I do.

But you know I didn't do this alone, Kat.

Look at how fast we got rich.

You know people can't make
this kind of money legally.

You might try and pretend that somehow
you didn't see anything at all

but it doesn't mean
you're innocent, Kat.

You were my accomplice and you know it.

I guess you just gotta decide
who you want to be.

The person who eats foie gras
or the poor little goose.

- [piano music plays.]

- [chair cracks.]

Should I follow the GPS?
Yes, please.
Follow it the whole way.

Liz would do anything
to find out what happened to her mother.

That's why, a few years earlier,
she decided to become an expert
in a very specific field.

[crowd applauding.]

Forensic science.

Thank you.

[brakes screech.]

As a forensic expert,
Liz knew the importance
of getting rid of any evidence
that would incriminate her.

Every bit of evidence.

Are you ready? ♪
You keep saying
You've got something for me ♪
Something you call love
But confess ♪
You've been messin'
Where you shouldn't have been messin' ♪
And now someone else
Is getting all your best ♪
These boots are made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do ♪
But every forensic expert knows
how important it is
to remain detached from their cases.

even the most consummate professional
could end up making terrible mistakes.

And you keep losing
When you oughta not bet ♪
You keep samin' ♪
[door closes.]

Now what's right is right
But you ain't been right yet ♪
Mmm ♪
These boots are made for walkin' ♪
And that's just what they'll do ♪
One of these days
These boots are gonna walk all over you ♪
You ♪
All over you ♪
Are gonna walk all over you ♪
Are gonna walk all over you ♪
Ooh ♪
You keep playin'
Where you shouldn't be playin' ♪
And you keep thinkin'
That you'll never get burnt ♪
Ha! ♪
I just found me
A brand new box of matches, yeah ♪
And what he knows
You ain't had time to learn ♪
These boots are made for walkin' ♪
And that's just what they'll do ♪
One of these days
These boots are gonna walk all over you ♪
These boots are made for walkin' ♪
And that's just what they'll do ♪
One of these days
These boots are gonna walk all over you ♪
Are you ready, boots? ♪
Start walkin' ♪
Yeah! ♪
Ooh! ♪
[song fades out.]

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