Maldivas (2022) s01e04 Episode Script



An easy way developed by society
to turn something dry and bitter
into something palatable and colorful.

It's my favorite parallel
between reality and looks.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

- Cheers to Maldivas!
- Yay! Cheers!
I got goosebumps when you asked for a G&T.

- Our friend Patrícia used to love it.

- Yeah.

- And vodka.

- And rum, tequila
Rabo de Galo,
Jaguar's Milk, Fogo Paulista
Didn't she drink hand sanitizer once?
Guys, I got it.

She was a heavy drinker.

Oh yeah!
Welcome to our group, Liz.

It's an honor.

The water's so warm.

Yeah, I'm gonna take a dip later.

It wasn't Milene Sampaio's DNA
or any of those other women.

Hey, did you hear me?
The mystery DNA at the crime scene
doesn't belong to any of our suspects.

I heard you.

Oh no.
Please don't tell me
you're back to meditating.

Listen to me, okay?
Nobody liked that phase of yours.

You were fucking weird.

And I'm not letting that happen again.

The reason the DNA is not theirs is
because they didn't kill Patrícia Duque.

The cutie in boots? She's the killer?
Who is this woman, Habacuque?
What is she doing at the Maldivas?
And why did she go to the crime scene?
How is she connected to Patrícia Duque?
The million dollar question.

While that mystery boiled up
inside Denílson's head
something strange
was also boiling at the Maldivas.

Welcome, girls.

So that's the Bosnian bath over here,
our signature treatment.

A two-hour bath
in a state-of-art therapeutic mud tub.

It's imported mud.

Expensive and exclusive.

Today, you're getting
the diva treatment, guys.


I knew you talked a lot of shit,
but I didn't know it was enough
to fill a giant toilet.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm the manager.

What are you doing here?

Oh, Décio! Thanks a lot.

Girls, let's begin with the first step
of our tropical detox.

Help yourselves.


How many steps are there?
And what is this? Moss?
You're about to drink a glass of moss.

But it's therapeutic moss.

It's imported.
The cost
of King's Ransom is super exclusive.

Girls, I'm so excited.


The grand opening will mean so much to me.

- Mainly because of the show.

- What show?
Oh, let me tell you myself.

I insist.

It's about time ♪
An absolute hit
in the early 2000s,
Tropical Venom was a band
that was coming back together
after a decade-long hiatus.

To tell you the truth, I'm very nervous.

Oh, don't be.

As manager,
I guarantee everyone will be ecstatic.

Drink it already, girls!
Do you mind?
Milene, will you pass me my bag, please?
And where is your bag?
Right there.

No, Décio can get it.

Décio, bring it to her.

Don't, Décio.
Milene insists.

Thank you.

Right, Milene?
Milene, you'll ruin the entire place.
No, no, no.
Come on.
Wait, Milene!
Stay put, please.
 Décio will.

- Don't, Décio.

- Décio! Décio!
Don't, Décio.

- Décio!
- Décio!
Leave it, Décio!
I insist, Décio.

You'll mess up my floor.

Why is she walking like that?
First, clean up after yourself.

Don't be rude.

She just lost a bet.

Please don't, sir!
Don't take it! Not the nail polishes!
Hey, hey, hey, hey! What's going on?
Sorry, honey.
I tried to stop them.

What is going on, Cauã?
Well, they requested
all their products back.

Who? Who did, Cauã?
I don't understand you.

Don't play dumb.

I told you that was gonna happen.

The client was not investing in your spa.

They were investing
in the Rayssa and Cauã brand.

And since the brand
didn't meet their expectations,
the client finally decided
to go down a different path.

- Come here, baby.

- I'll sort it out.

Don't worry about it.
I will
I'll just give them a call and
I don't know.

- Say we decided to to have
- No.
Fuck those guys.

They don't get to say when
we're supposed to have a baby, Rayssa.

This is our decision to make.

And obviously by "our,"
I actually mean "your.
Because you are the fucking boss
around here, Rayssa.

Thank you.

I love you so much, babe.

And we are a family, right?
With or without children.

Without children?

I'm so sorry.

I would love to go to your show.

Well, thank you.

It's worth noting
that Kat had recently withdrawn
a modest sum of money.

And if the police knew about that money,
they wouldn't be able
to prove where it came from.

Kat needed a way to justify
having that kind of money,
and Rayssa needed
a new investor for her spa.

Oh, the glances.

Deep, obscure,
and hot, like boiling therapeutic mud
about to bubble over.

- Wow!
- Whoa!
Let's make a toast
to the new investor of Tropical Detox.

My very dear friend and absolute savior

- Kat.

- Exciting.

Oh, guys.

Imagine opening a branch in Ipanema.

And another in Jardins.

Tropical Detox all over Brazil.

Oh my God.
All over.

And where will you get the funds, Kat?
I have some funds saved exactly
for that kind of investment.

- Mmm.
How much exactly?
- 1,896,350.
00 reais.


When you ask
the right questions,
it's just a matter of time
before you get answers.

- I can't thank you enough.

- That's what friends are for.

And for Liz,
the right question was,
"Did Rayssa know
where that money was coming from?"
"Was she in on it with Kat?"
"If so, why?"

What we're doing is wrong.

We gotta stop this
before this thing blows up in our faces.

Ooh, Kat, is that you?
I should've known.

We'll be fine.

Nobody knows.

Nobody alive knows, you mean.

Our problems are over.

We are
free again.

I know that!
I feel so guilty
and shameful, though.


are you sure you wanna end
what we have?
Well, since we're already here
- I thought about you all night.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

- I dreamed about you all night.

What did you dream?
Huh? I can tell you,
or better yet, I can show you.

You only have sex dreams about me?
What do you mean?
I just
Did you ever think we could
go watch a movie,
go to a restaurant,
or for a walk in the park?
"A walk in the park"?
Rayssa, I'm a human being.

I'm not an object.

I have feelings, dammit.

And just so you know,
it would be friggin' awesome
to take a walk in the park.

- Victor Hugo, what park?
- Who cares? Any park.

It's only a metaphor.

I'm sorry, all right?
I see you're kind of disappointed.
Kiss me.

Now that you're already here.

That's right.
That's right.

The chair goes here,
and put the table right next to it.

Hi, Décio!
The mirror is great there.

Guys, I'm ready!

Patrícia Duque?
Wait, who is it?
It's Gerson, your account manager.

How are you?
Didn't I close that account?
Yes, you sure did.

But I'm calling to ask
if you want to renew
No, I don't want anything.

Please, don't ever call me again.

- Good morning.

- May I help you?
Yes, someone called me about my car.

The person who called me was,
um, something like, Hab Habagroupie?
Or Jabbawookiee, maybe?
- Habuki
- Habacuque.

It's me.

How are you, Liz?
Please, this way.


I know it's hard, actually.

People call me Habaghetti or Bacookie.

But Habakkuk

actually means "hug.
It's the name of one
of the minor prophets,
which is not a demerit,
because truly, age is just a number.

After you.

Please sit, Liz.

Would you like a drink?
No, I'm fine.


Get her some water, Habacuque.

How are you liking Rio?
A lot.
It's pretty awesome.

Have you been here before?
No, it's my first time, actually.


I was going through your records.

- You're from Goiás, right?
- Mm-hmm.

You moved here on the day of the fire.

No, actually.
I haven't moved.

I'm just staying a few days.

And what are you here for?
Why do you ask me this?
It's just curious you chose
to stay in this neighborhood.

- Tourists don't like this neighborhood.

- True.
They prefer Ipanema and Leblon.

A telenovela vibe.

Um, I'm not here for tourism.


I came to buy my wedding dress.

Oh, look at you!
- Best wishes.

- Thanks.


"Best wishes.
You congratulate the groom.

To the bride, it's "best wishes.
Where are the boots, Liz?
Do you have a boot fetish?
How do you know the victim?
What's your relationship?
What victim?
From the fire.

What's this about?
I didn't know the victim.

As you noted yourself, detective,
I arrived at the condominium
the night of the fire.

I never got to meet her.

Why did you break into her apartment?
I didn't break into any apartment.

What's your shoe size?
It is quite curious, weird even.

That's your obsession, Detective?
Do you mind
if we get a sample of your DNA?
It's standard procedure.

I'm a bit confused.

Do you have a warrant, Detective?
No, we're just chatting.

So, I guess you'll have to excuse me.

Because, I don't know about you,
but I'm busy today.

Looking for a wedding a dress?

I'm gonna have to rent a car.

Unfortunately, mine was stolen recently,
and the police failed to help me find it.

Best wishes, Habacuque.

See you, Detective.

Watch me do it, Gustavo.

I will take that dirty money
away from our home
and bring it back safely.

Say it again.

I will take that dirty money
away from our home
and bring it back safely.





I can't take this off of you.

Tell me more.

I'll make several small deposits
of our money in the spa's account.

Oh my
I'll say it's from customers
who paid cash.

Tell me more.

I'll over-invoice
the hell out of goods we buy.

I'll also inflate
the company's earnings.

Tell me more.

A money pit!
If we have ten customers,
I'll say we had 20, 30.

If a customer books one treatment,
I'll say it was five, six!
Dirty money.

I was thinking, have you ever taken me
for a walk in the park?
Have I what?
When was the last time
we went for a walk in the park?
Since when do you like
to walk in the park, huh?

You don't like grass.

You like sand, the ocean, water
Exactly! I don't trust grass.

Because there are ants,
insects, and snakes on it.


- No, Cauã.
Don't even start.
Stop it.

- You said "snake?"
Let the coral snake bite you
Whose afraid of the snakes? ♪
- Who's afraid of the snakes?
- Cut it out.

Come here.

Oh, baby.

You know me better than anyone, don't you?
And you love me anyway.

Of course, my love.

In fact, the more I know you,
the more I love you, my queen.


Enough, Miguel.

I can't stand all the secrets.

you should say that, Liz.

Have you found your wedding dress yet?
Wasn't that the reason you went to Rio?
Or, Liz, do you have a secret
that you are keeping from me?
You'd have held me back if I told you.

And if you loved me,
you wouldn't have had the urge to go.

Do you have the slightest idea
of what I've been through all these years?
And what about what I have been through?
Your mother destroyed my life,
but she destroyed yours as well.

Come back home, Liz.

While you're there,
chasing ghosts and whatnot,
your family's here waiting for you.

How much longer do you think
Miguel is going to endure this situation?
You're trading two people who love you
for one who abandoned you.

Two people who are still around
for one who is gone.

If you continue down this path,
you'll end up alone.

Like your mother.

No one's ever going to break us apart.

Do you hear me, love?
- Mom!
- I'm here, sweetie.

No one's ever going to break us apart,
you hear me?

You left me.


I should go now.
I can't be here.

You're staying with me.

You're not leaving, sweetheart.

I'm sorry, Mom.

But I
It's time for me to leave.

I can't stay any longer.

Before leaving, Liz decided
to send her investigation to the police.


What Liz didn't know was that,
soon enough,
she wouldn't be able to remain anonymous.

Because now,
more than ever,
someone was watching her.

- Let's get this baby going.

- No way.
I don't want to have children.

Bitch, please.
I love you,
but not that much, okay?
I'll go get the curling iron.

- I'll go heat it up.

- Okay.


Who are you texting?
A patient.

On a Saturday?
you know, you ask me for medical advice
on Saturdays all the time.

Very cheeky indeed.


Do you like it this thick?
You bet I do.

I'm talking about your curls.

When you were near me ♪
You drove me wild
So, I gotta confess ♪
Your steamy kisses ♪
When you approach me
My body feels it ♪
Your steamy kisses ♪
When you approach me
My body feels it ♪
Come to me, goddess of love ♪
Let's go for another round,
'cause it's already been half an hour
since our last toast, and today,
today is a day of celebration.

- Let's party.

- Whoo!
Hey, girl,
focus on my hair now, will you?
- Yeah.

- Thank you.

My love,
I'm so, so happy with your success.

I'm so proud of you.

Our success.

What's mine is yours.
Watch out!
Sorry, girl.
It's the champagne.

Do you have an outfit for the show?
I can't risk you showing up
in those boots.

No, I'm not going.

Believe me, you are.

It's so cool up here on the rooftop.

Let's check in with my followers.

Oh, hey, my lovelies!
I can tell you that
this is an old dream of ours
that will only grow bigger from here.

Before leaving,
Liz decided that she deserved
one more happy memory of the Maldivas.

What we all wanna know
is when that little belly will be growing.

When is this lovely couple having a baby?
Tell us about your plans.

Come here! Come here, Liz!
- Oh God! You look stunning!
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Come take a photo.

- I'm so glad you're here.

- Brought to you by Milene Sampaio.

- Come here! Let's take a photo!
- Everything I touch turns to gold.

Hey, girls! I'm right here! Hi!
- It's so nice!
- It's so great!
You look so hot!
One more! One more!
They are so beautiful!
- You look hot like a model.

- Thank you.

You should thank me for that.

Hey, babe.
You ready for this?
Cauã, I was born ready.

Let's get it, fam ♪
There's no stopping us ♪
You look killer, Rayssa!
Whose afraid of snakes? ♪
Huh, baby girl? ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
Feel my tropical venom ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
Feel my tropical venom ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
Feel my tropical venom ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
Feel my tropical venom ♪
It's about time ♪
I'm mad as a snake ♪
I guarantee it ♪
You're gonna love it ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
Feel my tropical venom ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
The atmosphere is so good!
- Milene, you're not drinking?
- I guess I'm not.

- Go grab something now.

- I'll go get a shot.

You'll thank me later.

I know you're feeling the burn ♪
It's my venom that's inside you ♪
That's inside you ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Kill the snake ♪
- I can show you ♪
- What, Daddy? ♪
My coral snake ♪
The snake's biting everyone
Right, mama? ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
A lychee caipivodka.

No sugar, please.

I'm sorry.
I only got lime,
or pineapple, or strawberry.


We're out of strawberries.

Anything with alcohol.

Do you want the umbrella?
Why not?
The silver one or the red one?
Both, please.

Here you go.

Hundred and fifty.

Hundred and fifty what?

Isn't this an open bar?
Not with the umbrellas.

I guarantee it ♪
You're gonna love it ♪
Let the venom run deep through you ♪
It's such a dirty snake ♪
Let the coral snake bite you ♪
Feel my tropical venom ♪
Whose responsible
for this genius?
Feel my tropical venom ♪
Not too far from there,
another alarming discovery
was about to take place.

A discovery that would change
the course of the investigation.

Tonight is the night ♪
You're not getting away from me
You're my prey ♪
My plan is not gonna fail ♪
No one's gonna notice it
Until everything burns down ♪
I already bought the fuel ♪
The mix is all ready ♪
Gasoline and kerosene ♪
I wanna take your life
And send you to hell ♪
Incendiary ♪
I set you on fire ♪
Incendiary ♪
I'm hotter than boiling oil
Incendiary ♪
Ah! I'm so hot!
Oh! Okay.

Up, down, center, and inside!
I'm hotter than boiling oil ♪
I make love to you ♪
It's an explosion ♪
Come here! Come on!
Our gaze, our passion ♪
Our love is like a combustion ♪
I know I make your heart burn ♪
I set you on fire ♪
I make love to you ♪
Ignite the fire!
Ignite the fire! Ignite the fire! ♪
Ignite the fire! Ignite the fire!
Ignite the fire! Ignite the fire! ♪
Ignite the fire! ♪
I'm turning you in.

You're a drug dealer.

And don't forget
that you're an embezzler.

Call the cops,
and I'll drag your ass to hell with me.

Did you call the police?
Listen up, let's be sensible here.

You can be manager if I keep my business.

How about I turn you in
and then become manager again?
Then I prove you stole from the condo,
and you go to jail.

Ignite the fire!
Ignite the fire! Ignite the fire! ♪
Ignite the fire! Ignite the fire!
Ignite the fire! Ignite the fire! ♪
Gustavo, wake up for God's sake!
We're screwed! The cops are here!
Get the cash now!
I'm here.

♪Incendiary ♪
I set you on fire ♪
I'm hotter than boiling oil ♪
I make love to you ♪
If you become manager,
return what you stole.

In that case,
I want a cut of your business.

Oh, now the embezzler wants
to be a drug dealer.

I want 20%.

- Five.

- Fifteen.

- Seven.

- Twelve and you get a face-lift.

Come on,
I don't need a face-lift at all.

If you say so.

You know what I had,
so I gotta tell you that I'm really loving
your touch right now.

♪Incendiary ♪
I set you on fire ♪
Incendiary ♪
Incendiary ♪
I set you on fire ♪
Incendiary ♪
I'm hotter than boiling oil
Incendiary ♪
I make love to you ♪


I know who you are.

I know about your mother.

♪Incendiary ♪
I set you on fire ♪
Incendiary ♪
I'm hotter than boiling oil
Incendiary ♪
I make love to you ♪
Incendiary ♪
I set you on fire ♪
Incendiary ♪
I make love to you ♪
Leia Lobato,
who killed her own husband,
your father.

Then she changed her name
to Patrícia Duque.

Tell me, Liz.

Where is your mother?
Tell me now.

- What?
- Where is she?
Where is your mother, Liz?
The morgue.

She's dead.

You don't know, do you?
Your mother isn't dead.

She's never been dead.

♪Incendiary! ♪
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