Maldivas (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Call Sandro

[suspenseful music playing.]

[bullet whizzing.]

[tropical music playing.]

[dramatic sting.]

[music crescendos, ends.]

You already know
that I entered the apartment.

I saw where my mother's body was found.

You saw where a body was found.

[chair creaks.]


But I'm glad you're admitting
that you entered the crime scene.

Who knows,
you might be honest with me going forward.

- I am being honest with you, Detective.

- No, you're not.

You haven't been
since the first time I saw you.

All this time, you could've come to me
and told me who you were.

Well, now you know who I am.

You don't need to try
to manipulate me anymore.

I'm not manipulating you, Liz.

Your mother's
the one manipulating everyone.

There were two sets of DNA
at the crime scene.

One was the victim's
the other was the killer's.

What are you insinuating?
Courtesy of the Goiás State PD.


[dramatic music builds.]


[somber music playing.]


your mother's doing, isn't it?


It must've been hard for you
to lose both your father
and your mother at the same time.

One got killed,
and the other became a fugitive.


I'm sorry.

I truly am.

[Liz whimpers.]

But we can't ignore the facts.

The fact is that, 18 years later,
your mother did the same thing again.

She killed someone and disappeared.

On the very day you arrived in Rio.


Where is your mother, Liz?
Has she contacted you?
Is this why you're here?
[Liz sighs, sniffles.]

I wish my mother had reached out to me.

Trust me, Denílson.


Detective, I have been looking
for that woman my whole life.

I'm not your enemy.

I can help you find her.

You're done playing detective.

It's time to let the pros handle it.

Tell me one thing, Detective.

Who identified the corpse?
[sighs deeply.]

[whimsical music playing.]



One mojito, please.

Don't forget the umbrella.
The silver one.

School holidays.
Am I correct?
Our maid is blackmailing me
into giving her a raise.

When it comes to immoral people,
that is exactly how it happens.

I told her to be much more considerate.

After all, she has children of her own.

You know what it's like
to rely on a housekeeper, don't you?
At first
A year ago,
I could never have imagined I'd be here.

I was supposed to be in London by now,
finishing my doctorate
in Russian literature.

Studying, for instance,
Tolstoy's critique of the hypocrisy shown
by the upper-classes of the 19th-century.

Smoking weed in the playroom.

Can you believe it?
I couldn't.

Oh well.

I'm so grateful.

At home, no one is a drug user.
No one.


An extra umbrella, please?
Everyone gets
the hypocritical society they deserve.

Just in case, you know?


What? Why else would I be
down by the pool every day?
I've got bills to pay, my darlings.

[cell phone chimes.]

Out of all the stuff I had done recently
my side gig with the bartender
was the least of my problems.

[phone chimes.]




[bullet shells clanking.]

You've done worse.

Okay, one more time.

Someone's fired up, huh?
Things are finally looking up.

I can breathe again.

[chuckles softly.]

Let's try it one more time.

Don't pressure me.

I'm not pressuring you.

Are you feeling pressured?

I'm perfectly fine.

- Stay focused.

- [exhales.]


[bullet shells clanking.]

Right then,
something welled up inside Milene.

Something powerful and urgent.

Milene needed sex.

[Victor chuckles.]

Need help?
Milene is right here for you.

How's that heart doing?
Is it pumping strong?
I do like what I feel.

What are you doing?
Couldn't find your stethoscope.

- Milene, I have to get going.

- Shh!
It's Dr.
Now lay down.

- You need surgery right away.

- [blade swishes.]

What the hell, Milene? Put that away.

Don't worry,
I know exactly what I'm doing.

I'm a brilliant and famous surgeon.


I need to go, babe.

Hey, I'm not your babe.

I'm a serious medical professional,
and I demand respect.

- But I'll wait for you.

- I don't think you should wait for me.

I'm working late today.

- Mmm.

- How about this weekend?
You'll see
how I'm gonna surprise you this weekend.

Milene hates surprises.

You're gonna like this one, though.

I guarantee it.

- [Verônica.]
We'll see.

- [kisses.]


Stop! Stop it! Stop it!
You're insane!
What if someone sees us, huh?
Let them see.

We should just tell everyone!
Stop now, you silly.

[both chuckle.]

Oh jeez!
Stop it!
[glass clanking.]

Let's tell everyone.

Are you happy?
Because I'm not.

I'm not happy at home.

I'm not happy at work, either.

I'm only happy when I'm with you.

[Rayssa exhales.]

I'm in love with you.

[door sensor chimes.]

- Uh
- Uh, the pack
Well, the package.

- [Victor.]

- You can use it with Milene.

- Really? Yeah, sure.
Sounds good.

- Your mother can use it too.

- Do you have a sister?
- No, I don't, but thank you.

- Too bad.

- I'll think about it, though.

All day long.

Hi, Victor Hugo.

Uh, Hi, Kat.

Uh, see ya!
- [door opens.]

- [door sensor chimes.]

- [door closes.]

- What?

How did last night go?
Oh! It was wonderful.

Cauã was so on fire.
Can you imagine?
[dramatic sting.]

[upbeat salsa music playing.]

- [music ends.]

- I bet you two had fun.

- [door opens.]

- [woman 1.]
It smells so nice in here.

- Welcome to Tropical Detox, ladies!
- [woman 1.]
How are you today?
What service do you have scheduled?
- Bosnian bath.

- Ah!
- You're really gonna love it.

- [woman 1.]

Well, if you pay cash,
you get an additional 20% off.

- [woman 1.]
 Ooh, great.
I got this.

- [woman 2.]
Thank you!
- So Décio will show you the way.
- [women chuckle.]

- That way.

- [both women.]
Thank you!
Enjoy your Bosnian bath, girls!
Twenty percent? Are you nuts?
Why did you do that?
We're not doing charity work.

Rayssa, I love you very much
and admire you,
but tell me who
has more accounting experience?
Your husband does.

And he's under house arrest
for money laundering.
Is that right?
That's a low blow.

I'm sorry.
I'm just kidding.

You had nothing to do with that,
and I trust you a lot, okay?
But you shouldn't.

[whimsical sting.]



[sad music playing.]

[blinds thud.]

I woke you, didn't I? I'm sorry.

[breathes shakily.]

You're alive?
Is that right, Mom?
Would you prefer me to be dead?
Why in the hell
would I want you to be dead?
Because of what I did.

I don't even remember what you did.

- Let me show you.

- [suspenseful music playing.]

[lights buzzing.]

[music building.]


[music ends.]

If her mother
really was alive,
there was only one person
who could give her the answers.

[doorbell rings.]

Cheers for insomnia?
The one
who identified the body.

[door creaks, closes.]

Sorry, I didn't know you had company.

No, no.
It's my pet.

Is that cold?
We were Maldivas' vampires.

We used to come down
and walk until we were tired.

Almost every night.

And by "tired," I mean "drunk.
You knew her well, right?

How well do we really know other people?
Well, it was you who identified the body.

Not the other girls.

You did.

Sorry, I'm
It's just that to lose someone
that's so close to you must be terrible.

We had a lot of things in common.

I lost my mom.

And she lost her daughter.

What do you know about her daughter?
Not much.

And how did you end up here?
After my mother died,
I moved to the Maldivas.

I'm waiting for the go-ahead
so I can sell the apartment
and beat it.

Were you close to your mother?
It made more sense
to be away from each other.

Don't you feel remorse?
Not being with her when she died?
It's getting late.

Good night.

Good night.

How did she die?
Your mother.

She killed herself.

[sad music playing.]

Up until then,
Liz had never stopped to consider
that maybe I was busy with my own ghosts
instead of hers.

But how well do we really know
other people, right?
[cell phone ringing.]


You talked
to the police, Liz?
What is going on?
You tell me.

Why did I get three calls
from Detective Denílson
from Rio's Homicide Unit?
I raised you as if you
were my own daughter.

You know it.

You know I poured all my love
into you, Liz.

And the only time I needed your help,
you did me wrong, to say the least.

You and your mother deserve each other.

[sad music plays.]

[grandmother sighs.]

This investigation cannot go on.

No one can find Leia before me.

Especially Liz.

Do I make myself clear?
- Who's talking first?
- I couldn't care less.

Then you announce your resignation
and turn it over to me.

- Okay.

- No, wait.

Maybe I should start,
and then you announce your resignation
and turn it over back to me.

- Okay.

- No, wait.

What if I start and then we both announce
[speaker whines.]

Me not manager.
She manager.

[all applauding.]

Fine, Tarzan.

[sighs deeply.]

A lot has happened
since I left this position.

A fire, one death, cars got stolen,
a party went on until 4 a.

with many residents
swimming in their clothes.

Will you allow Maldivas
to go downhill like that?
Will we let these people, these strangers,
take everything
we fought so hard to get done?
We need to feel safe again
like we used to.


And together, we can make it happen.

Together, we will make it happen.

All those who approve
our new security plan,
please stand up now.

[music builds.]

[music fades out abruptly.]

The project is approved.

[all applauding.]

[faint thud.]

[shower water tapping.]


[suspenseful music playing.]

Hey, you two!
What the hell?
I can explain, my love.

No, you can't.
You You've gone crazy.

What if Kat walked in?
What would you say?
"We're just friends, no homo"? Huh?
[Cauã sighs.]

Go on like this, someone's gonna find out.

- No, they won't.

- Yes, they will, babe.

I agree with her.

That's why I think
we should just come out.

It's better if it comes from us
than from someone else.

[sighs deeply.]

We can't, honey.

You know why?
Because if this goes public,
Rayssa and I can kiss our career goodbye.

Got it?

Don't you enjoy the life we have, babe?
Why throw it away?
Hey, gorgeous, look,
I promise you, hon.

I promise that no one no one
is ever gonna find out about it, okay?
I hope so.


I know, right?
- [Gustavo.]

- [Kat.]
Could it be fake?
I can have it analyzed.

No! No.

Leave these photos alone.

[Gustavo sighs.]

Am I a bad person?
You're not doing anyone any harm, Kat.

But I'm a bad friend.

I'm sure there have been worse friends.

I'm sure of that too.

Thanks for coming.

There's been some kind of mistake,
and we can't seem to be able to locate
a document that you signed.

Can't I just sign another one?
I'm afraid you'll have
to go through the same process again.


[suspenseful music playing.]

[breathing heavily.]

[dramatic music building, crescendos.]


I don't know.

What the heck are you talking about?
You ID'd this body the other day.

I was in shock.

There was a fire.

The body was in the apartment.

I thought it was her because, in my mind,
it couldn't be anyone else.

So it's not her?
[Kat sighs.]

No idea.

Like I said,
how well do we really know other people?
[tropical music playing.]

Who are our neighbors, really?
Who are our friends? Or our family?
[camera timer beeping.]

Some people will do anything
to look good in pictures.

- [doorbell rings.]

- [camera shutter clicks.]

I got your envelope.

I don't see my name on it.

Then it's from another detective.

I came to make a peace offering.

I'm going to the crime scene
and thought I'd invite you.

Hurry, we don't have much time.


[Liz exhales.]

I need two hours.

- You got ten minutes.

- An hour.

Twenty minutes.
In silence.

- [elevator dings.]

- Okay, forty minutes and two questions.

- Thirty and one question.

- [Liz scoffs.]


[Liz sighs.]

You're not gonna find any sign
of a break-in.

[suspenseful music playing.]

[Liz sighs.]

[upbeat suspenseful music playing.]

[Liz sighs.]

Oh man.

She's wasting her time.

Everything there is intact.


Are you gonna take a nap?
Oh, you up?
Is this some kind of tai chi?
- Can I ask you my question now?
- [Denílson.]
Make it worth it.


What's the name of the ballistics expert
working this case?

- No shots were fired at the crime scene.

- [Liz.]

[upbeat, tense music playing.]

Great, she's plucking her eyebrows.

[music building.]

- [music ends.]

- [Liz.]
Get Sandro on the phone.


How did you find out she changed names?
Gosh, will you stop working
once in a while?
I'm not interrogating you.
Just curious.


What you did was really impressive.

What I did was what?
- [chuckles.]

- Thank you, sir.


It's a long story.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm here with you.


When Mom fled the state of Goiás,
she took me with her.

And then we stopped
at some roadside motel.

She went out to go buy something to eat.

Um, I'm the one who asked her
to go buy some food.

And she never came back.

A few blocks away there was a hospital.

I can still remember
the wailing of the ambulances
on the street.

That same night,
Mom was admitted to the hospital.

She was shot twice.

Twice in the back walking.

She was never discharged.

At least, not as Leia Lobato.

[chuckles softly.]

Could you guess the name
of my mother's roommate?
Patrícia Duque.

Which is a bit strange, because Pa
Patrícia Duque died in that hospital.

And you figured all this out on your own?
Well, I told you, Detective.

I've been investigating her my whole life.

Why didn't you go to the police?
[gentle guitar strumming.]

Because I don't trust

You can trust me, Liz.

[gentle music playing.]



What a surprise!

Let me introduce you
to Detective Denílson Oliveira.

- He's handling my mother's case.

- Oh right.

This is Miguel, my fiancé.

[Miguel scoffs.]

Is this a bad time?
- [Liz chuckles.]

- No, I was just leaving actually.

- [Miguel.]

- [Liz.]
[gentle music continues.]

- [Miguel.]
- Why didn't you tell me?
I could've picked you up
at the airport.

No, I actually drove here.

It's all good, sweetie.

[Liz chuckles.]

Let me get my glass.

It's all yours.


You won't regret it one bit.

I hope not.
It's a two-year contract.

Your cut, Milene.

And the cars?
One at a time.

Or we'd get caught.

[both chuckle.]

you know how to treat a lady.

Oh, do I?
How can you tell?
Do you think about it often?
When you're home alone?
- When you're in the shower?
- Uh
Captain, I'm a married woman, as you know.

Happily married.

Well, then
If you need anything,
you have my number, right?
- [door opens.]

- [Verônica.]
The issue
- with happily married people
- [door closes.]

is that they never know
when they're about to be heartbroken.

I don't believe that you two
have what we have.

Rayssa, I know you feel the same.

I know that you feel it too.

What he and I have is so much bigger.

So much better.

I just love Cauã so much.

He's my everything.

[sad music playing.]

[Rayssa sighs.]


You're breaking my heart, Rayssa.

[Victor sniffles.]

In Victor Hugo's defense,
he did tell her
he had a surprise for her this weekend.

Surprise, Milene!
[car door opens.]

[car door closes.]

[dramatic sting.]

- What could go wrong with this?
- Nothing.

This isn't a forgery.

- It's a piece of art.

- Mmm.

- [alarm beeps.]

- [Liz.]
How are you?
This is Miguel, my fiancé.

He'll be spending a few days here.

- Oh.

- [Miguel.]


Um, how are you?
What's up?
Uh, can't complain.

Well, I told you I had a pet.

- [door opens.]

- What's so urgent?
[slow dramatic music playing.]

You can touch ♪
You can play ♪
If you say ♪
what do you want from me?
I'm always yours ♪
I'm a Barbie girl
In a Barbie world ♪
Life in plastic ♪
It's fantastic ♪
You can brush my hair
Undress me ♪
[music ends abruptly.]

Honey, I'm here.

[suspenseful music playing.]

[cell phone line ringing.]


[line ends.]

[cell phone line ringing.]

[elevator dings.]

[suspenseful music continues.]

[doorbell rings.]

[cell phone vibrates.]

[music building.]

- [music ends.]

- [Verônica breathing heavy.]

- [Miguel.]

- Hi.

[continues breathing heavily.]

Do you mind asking Liz if she's got
any ice cubes?
- Ice cubes?
- Ice cubes.


[bottle opens.]

[glass thuds on table.]

That was not our deal.

The deal was for you to leave
as soon as possible.

Here's your passport.

[suspenseful music playing.]

I'm not leaving until I see my daughter.

Only over my cold, dead body.

[upbeat rock music playing.]

Yeah ♪
[door hinge creaks.]

I don't know
if you've ever wondered
why I'm the one who narrates this story.

I never said I was trustworthy.

Maybe you still haven't realized
how far I'm willing to go
to make sure this story is told
exactly as I want.

[upbeat rock song playing.]

[song fades out.]

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