Maldivas (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Playing with Fire

Something extremely dangerous
was about to happen.

But the problem with danger
is that it often comes
from where you least expect it.

Not as much as you.

Are you happy
that we put your team in, Captain?

I thought it took way too long.

And this condominium
isn't even that great.


This condo is the best place
you've ever had the privilege of entering.

So if I were you,
I would be more grateful.

Well, I've seen better places.


Better maintained.

I don't think you explored
the condo well enough, Captain.

Which is a shame,
because if you knew the right places,
you would understand exactly
what this place has to offer you.

So next time you show me then.

There won't be a next time.

Thank you, Captain.


Look how big
this condo is, Liz.

It's ridiculous.

Please, babe, do me a favor.

Get that jacket for me.

Wow, you brought a lot of things, huh?
Yeah, this place has everything.

It even has a church.

People never have to leave.
Am I right?
Oof! Never is a very long time.

- When will you tell me about your mother?
- What do you wanna know?
Well, what do the police know?
- Miguel.

- What's wrong, Liz?
So I can't know,
but that guy gets a pass?
"That guy" is the detective
who's handling the case.

I'm required by law to tell him.

By the pool?
Having drinks?
What do you want me to say?
Every time we talk about my mother,
you keep saying awful things.

You didn't even want me to come.

I really didn't.

But the fact is, you did come.

And now, I'm here to help you out.

I'm sorry that I keep saying awful things,
but what do you think will happen
if the police find your mother before you?
that detective friend of yours,
he's not helping you.

He wants you to help him.

At that moment,
Liz was faced with a dilemma.

Who should she trust?
The detective or the cowboy?
In this contest,
both teams play shirtless.

Trust me.

All these women are close to Leia Lobato.

They were with her
the night of the murder.

Any one of them
might know Leia's whereabouts.

That's why
we should interrogate them again.

Without further ado.

If I were you
Come on, Habacuque.

I'd pay attention
to what Habacuque has to say.

We don't even know whose body that is.

Without knowing the victim's identity,
we have no way
of figuring out a possible motive.

And without a possible motive,
we have basically nothing.

- We have a weapon.

- No.

We have a bullet in a mattress,
not in the victim.

May I?
We have come too far to give up now.

Oh, is that what you think?
Two bodies washed ashore this morning.

Homicide cases won't stop
just because you're obsessed
with the Puss in Boots.

Obsessing over a case
has never helped anyone's career.

Here's the forensic report.

Throw it in the trash along
with Habacuque's lunch and my career.

The bullet came
from a .
32-caliber revolver.

It's funny.
I worked on a case
involving a .
32 last year,
in the same condominium.

What case?
Antonela Vargas.

She had a history of depression.

The case was ruled as a suicide,
although, I I pointed out
an inconsistency.

The wound was on the right temple.

- So what?
- The victim was left-handed.

If a person decides to commit suicide,
they won't risk using the wrong hand.

And where's the gun now?
Her daughter has it.

Verônica Vargas.

That is totally out of the question.

Our plan was for you to leave.

I'm not leaving
without seeing my daughter.

She came here to find me.

I can't abandon her again.

And now she will learn
that we can't always get what we want.

A very valuable lesson
that you could've taught her, you know?
I thought you were my friend.

I am,
but someone has to protect you
from yourself.

- Protecting me or yourself?
- Same thing.

We're in the same boat.

Considering who died that day,
the police are the least of our problems.

Very mature of you.

- Hi, Detective.

- Hi, forensic girl.

How can I be of service?
I need a weapon.

There are many weapons around here.

I don't know
if I can get you easy access, though.

I need the .
32-caliber revolver
from Verônica's apartment.

Does this have to do
with the bullet I found?
We need that gun to find out.

Okay, but isn't that
what a search warrant is for, Detective?
With what we have,
no judge will sign the warrant.

You've done worse before.

You broke into a crime scene
secured by the police.

That you insisted on saying it was wrong.

Because it was.

Liz, If we don't do this now,
the case is over.

If that happens,
you'll never find your mother.

What did you find out about Verônica?
I can't tell you yet.

Oh, I get it.
I see, I see.

You want me to break into her place
to get you some kind of evidence,
- but you won't tell me why.

- I can't tell you everything.

I'd like to know what's gonna happen
when you finally find my mother.

You know the answer.

You won't even consider the possibility
that she might be innocent, will you?
Best of luck with your case, Detective.


Someone's losing the shirtless war.

I love you.

I have to work now.

I love you.

So do I.

So do you what?
You say it to her all the time.

Is it easier to say when it's not true?
you don't know
what you're talking about.

Rayssa's the love of my life.

My soul mate.

What am I, then?
You're my guy.

Five minutes ago or so,
you were enjoying being my guy, Cauê.

Five minutes ago,
I was hoping to be a bit more than that.

Good morning, guys!
Look what I brought to you.

Mmm! I love breakfast so much!
Was it something I said?

It was something I didn't say.

Cauã, I've told you a thousand times.

We can't stay
with the same person for long.

After three months,
things start to go wrong.

Rayssa knew exactly
what she was talking about.

She's also been entangled
with the same person for more than one,
three months.

Until it went wrong.

I'm in love with you.

It went very wrong.

I know what I'm saying.

Come here.

You know what you have to do, right?
Tell me.

I know.

Just to remind you,
there's no alcohol in the bathroom, okay?
For God's sake,
don't drink rubbing alcohol again.

- Hello?
- Verônica Vargas?
This is Denílson Oliveira, from Homicide.

How are you?
I'll give you one chance.

Where is Leia Lobato?
Who is Leia Lobato?
I know you lied about the corpse.

And I know what you did last summer.

I have to say your shirtless photos
were very impressive.

I'll give you once chance to come clean.

Just one.

If you tell me where Leia Lobato is,
I might make things easier for you.

I don't know
what you're talking about, Detective.

I'm leaving today.

But first, I need to get my money.

I'm not leaving empty-handed, Verônica.

I already did that once.

Mom, I'm hungry.

Honey, don't start, please.

Go back to sleep.

But it's true, Mom.
I'm starving!
Now, explain to me what your plan was.

You threw the girl in the car,
ran away with her.

And then?
Where's my son, Leia?
Does he know you ran off
with my granddaughter?
you are a good mother.

So think this through with me.

What future can you give to this girl?
We surely have our differences, Patrícia,
but we both want the best for Liz.

And the best thing for Liz
is growing up in her house.

The best thing for Liz
is to stay with her mother.

Enough, Leia.

It's over.

I can't abandon my daughter.

It took me years to recover.

I need you to go to my apartment.

Hello, Captain.

Hello, Captain.

Is all of this for me?



How are you?
And you?
I miss you.

Go home, Victor Hugo.

Things at home aren't going very well.

Marriage is never easy.

We need to make a huge effort
to make it work.

Bye, Victor Hugo.

Hey, babe.

Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.

Beer, madam?
I prefer G&Ts now.

Sorry, it's just
It's hard to keep up with all the changes.

I'm just joking.

I'll have the beer.

- Miguel, I want to talk
- You don't have to.

It is your story.
It is your mother.

You should decide what to do.

And if you need my help,
I'm here.

I actually do need your help.

You do?

It involves espionage.

Did you know that I wanted
to be a spy when I was a kid?
- Yeah, I know.

- You knew that?
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a winner.

Like I said,
there was something extremely dangerous
about to happen.

But the problem with danger
is that it often comes
from where you least expect it.

After a year of selling pills
to the Maldivas housewives,
I've learned where
the security cameras' blind spots are.

This is Bravo Seven.

This is HQ.

I've got a Code Six near you.

Go take a look, please.

Copy that.
On my way.

Charlie Three, I've got a Code 66
in the maintenance area.

What the fuck?
What the fuck? What the fuck is this?
- Sweep the area right away.

- I'm on it, sir.

Hi, Verônica.

Taking out the trash?
Do you know what I want now?
Some food.

Yeah? Really?

Let me handle it.

- All right.

- All right.

One more.

who decided to call back.

You're very busy, hey, Miguel?
I had a minor setback.

Do you want me to call someone else?

I'm gonna find Leia.
I'm quite confident.

And when you find her, Miguel,
will you be able to do what must be done?
I'm gonna do what must be done.

I told you.

The most dangerous things always come
from where you least expect them.

What is it, Sandro? Where's our evidence?
I guess in the wrong box.

Investigators are a bunch of slackers.

And forensic experts are what?
Marvelous? Perfect?
Well, we tried.

"We tried"? Are you serious?
We have to find it now.

If the bullet in Verônica's mother
came from the gun that shot that bed,
we'll crack this case.

This bullet?
Thank God.
I was worried sick.


Why am I seeing frozen leftovers
from three months ago?
where's my money?
You can still leave if you want, Patrícia.

He said he wouldn't call the police.

Who is he?
Who is it?
It's me, Liz.

Let's get wasted!
Now's not a good time.

When's not a good time
to drink in this condominium, Verônica?
- Mmm.

- Yeah, but I just can't make it right now.

Why, Verônica?
Because I'm a drunk.

Unfortunately, I'm currently an alcoholic.

Which obviously sucks, but it's a disease.

Good evening.

We swear we won't let you drink
a drop of it.

Uh, got any ice?
I'll get it.

I won't be able to finish any faster
just because
you're looking at me like that.

Is that what you say
when you're having sex?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What is it?
Where's your cat?
I don't know.

He's in his room.

He doesn't like visitors.

Just like his owner.

- And what did you name your kitty?
- Uh, Cat.

So you named your cat
You can say that I'm very objective.

She's funny.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

One day at a time.

Where's the bathroom?
That ring is dangerous, huh?

- Do you want to make a cocktail? Huh?
- No.

I'll I'll help you.
I'll teach you.

Let's use some gin.

Gin is great.
It adds some smell.

Come on, smell it.

Smells good, right? Add some rosemary too.

This will taste great.
You'll see.

- Hello?
- Just so you know, the cops are coming.

Worcestershire sauce.
Do you have any?
Liz? Liz! Liz!
So, how about a threesome?
- Come here.
- Let me talk to her.

No, listen to me.
The chief of security
just told me the cops are coming.

We have to leave
before they find you here.

We need to have a conversation.

We need to talk.

Oh, my love.

I know it's tough,
but you did the right thing.

In the end, what matters is the two of us.

You broke up with him, right?
Did you?
You do know I want
to have a family, Rayssa.


And you and I are a family, Cauã.

I want more than that now.


What do you want?
Let's talk about having kids, then.

I'm deeply in love, Rayssa.

I wanna be with him.

Baby, forgive me.

Sorry for showing up unannounced,
but I wanted to give you
this news in person.

I was working on this hypothesis
that the bullet found in the mattress
had been fired by Verônica Vargas's gun.

This is the bullet you found
in the mattress.

And this
this is the bullet fired
from Verônica's gun.

Okay, but they're not
from the same weapon.

How do you know that?
Each weapon leaves
a specific pattern in its bullets.

So we can identify them.

- See these markings here?
- Yeah.

- They're different, right? Yeah.

- Mm-hmm.

But then you came all the way here
to tell me you didn't find anything?

We found a third bullet.

This bullet had been found
in another crime scene.

It's much older.

What was the crime scene?
That's the bullet that killed your father.



Oh, babe.


So my mother killed that woman?
It isn't always easy
to identify
when something dangerous
is about to happen.

The real danger always comes disguised
as attractive
- Mmm.

- enticing,
and seductive.

But, in reality,
- it's relentless.

- No!
There you are on cloud nine.

Counting your money.

Life's good, huh, Mr.
But there's a lot more money at stake.

And you almost ruined everything
when you were fooled by a civilian.

Wait, Captain.

Look, I screwed up.
I know it,
- but I swear to God I won't
- Of course you won't.

I know you.

We're all brothers, right?
Real danger blurs the line
between right and wrong
and pushes us to go further and further.

The real danger is made up
of little white lies.

Which, little by little,
become increasingly hard to maintain.

I want to start my own family.

Let's get married already.

All right.

But, more than anything,
real danger is unavoidable.

And when it finally finds us,
we can't escape it anymore.

Stop right there!
Out of the car! Right now!
Out of the car!
Now! Get out of the car!
Who we're gonna be
When you set me free ♪
Put on the chains
That you made for me ♪
But in order
to understand what's happening,
you first need to understand
what happened in Leia's apartment
a few weeks ago.

Because, like the cops said,
without the victim's identity,
there's no way to find a motive.

And without a motive,
you have nothing.

One day, she'll understand
everything you've done for her.

When you play with fire,
eventually, you're gonna get burned.

Burn like a wild fire ♪
Flow like the river water, oh ♪
Reaching my arms tonight ♪
Don't love me, destroy me ♪
Hands around my throat
So you can take my breath ♪
Tear each other up
Until there's nothing left ♪
We can pick up all the pieces
When the sun comes up ♪
Make each other bleed
And we call it love ♪
Come back and change the past ♪
Gotta let it go to hell ♪
The hurt is bad
But it makes us laugh ♪
At least that's what
We tell ourselves ♪
So burn like a wild fire ♪
Flow like the river water, oh ♪
Reaching my arms tonight ♪
Don't love me, destroy me ♪
Burn like a wild fire ♪
Flow like the river water, oh ♪
Reaching my arms tonight ♪
Don't love me, destroy me ♪
Oh ♪
Ooh, oh ♪
Don't love me, destroy me ♪
Oh ♪
Ooh, oh ♪
Don't love me, destroy me ♪
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