Maldivas (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

It's over, Leia

Enough, Leia.

It's over.

Enough, Leia.

It's over.

Don't worry, Leia.

It's okay.

We're just getting started.

Listen to me.

The chief of security
- told me the cops are coming.

- Let me talk to her.

We have to leave
before they find you here.

Come back to bed.

In a minute, babe.

Told you it was pretty.

It's tiny, but
it's very pretty.

I could've sworn
you wanted a big wedding.

Crowded with guests,
the whole family there.

Lots of cousins you never see.

all I want is you.

Since I decided to come here,
you've always been against it, Miguel.

You're pretty insistent.

Now that I want to return,
you want to stay?
You want to get married here?
Good question, Liz.

And I know exactly why.

Do you want me to call someone else?
I'm gonna find Leia.
I'm quite confident.

I know that if you leave now,
one day, you're gonna look back
and you're going to regret it.

If we don't find your mother now
we may never find her.

There's not even a corpse.

And we shouldn't be here.

But can't the body be buried
someplace else?
Somewhere in this no-man's-land?
In a random ditch?
Why did you let us escape
if you were going to come after us anyway?
You know why, Leia.

Is it money you want?
Because if it is, that can be arranged.

I can get you some cash.

I don't think you can, Leia.

I think everything you had left
was in that apartment.

There's nothing else
that you can offer me.

Then hand me over to the police.

Do you think the police will protect you?
Your boss has the police
in her pocket.

- My boss?
- Yeah.

Aren't you her new henchman?
I'm a private contractor.

- Want some?
- Mm-hmm.

It's 80% alcohol.

I thought the occasion called for it.

What will you do with me?
What do you think?
Now disappear.

But really disappear.

I don't care if you are dead or alive.

Unless you come back looking for Liz.

Then I will care a lot.

Do I make myself clear?
She will be back.

Follow her.

And kill her.

Where's Verônica?
I wouldn't worry about her.

But I would worry about me.

It's over.

What are you doing?
What do you think I'm doing?
I have no idea what you're doing.

But you're acting weird.

You are acting weird.

Am I?
Does it show that much?
If I tell you a secret,
will you promise not to tell anyone?
If anyone can keep a secret,
it's me, girl.

Cauã and I are separating.

- Why are you not shocked?
- No, I'm in shock.
In complete shock.

Katiusca Miller,
you know something, don't you?
Tell me what you know, girl.
Come on.

Okay, fine.
I saw the photos.

He chose somebody else.

I don't know who's sending these photos.

It's not the first time.

And do they ever ask for money?

You must've really pissed someone off
for them to expose you for free like that.

An excellent point.

Who could Rayssa have pissed off
to the point that
they'd expose her so gratuitously?
Why don't you stop by the office
later today?
I'll get you a quick lip filler for free.

You look great.

"You look great" is the kind
of phrase you say to 40-year-old women
when you have nothing better to say.

It's not a compliment.
It's an insult.

I look amazing.

I'm not in the habit of saying this,
but you are so stunning.


But the kind of "filler" I need, hon,
is something you are unable to provide.

- Wait.
Where are the kids?
- With the nanny at the playground.


What's all this? We're going on vacation?
What the fuck, Gustavo?
Honey, you're doing such a great job
laundering our money.

Other people really want in on that.


We get a 20% cut.

- Hey.

- Hey.

I need to tell you something.


It's fine.
You go first.

No, you can go first.

Milene is acting weird.

Do you think she's having an affair?
I don't need the details.

Actually, I do.
Tell me the details.

You can talk.
Go ahead.

I thought your marriage
was over, Victor Hugo.

Me too.

But you said something
that made a difference.

What did I say?
About what you have with Cauã.

Milene and I used to have that.

That's what she meant to me.

And I want to try
to rekindle that with her.

Come here.

Weren't you gonna tell me something?
We light it up ♪
Light it up ♪
We feelin' all right
We livin' our life ♪
Lock down the place
And wind up your waist ♪
We're turning insane ♪
We bring the vibes up ♪
We style our bling ♪
No checkin' the time
We're rockin' all night ♪
There ain't no stoppin' ♪
Electricity is in the air ♪
Tonight ♪
Shine bright
Let the shade fade to the light ♪
We've gone too far ♪
Chest up, ass down
We let it loose ♪
- Here's to the bride!
- Here's to the bride.

Everybody chug.


I mean it.

I still can't believe
you did this all in one day, Milene.


Only Milene can turn a bachelorette party
into something elegant.

As is commonly said,
the devil's in the details.

Peer at the ice cube.


- Oh, it's wonderful!
- Oh, no!
Aw! Poor little thing.

Poor thing.
It's shrinking and shriveling.

That's what usually happens
when they swim in cold water.

By the way, Liz,
there are a few things you really need
to know now as a future wife.


It is very important
to keep your husband interested,
so that he doesn't run after
the first skank that walks by.

I don't think
I'll have that problem with Miguel.

That's what we all think.

But the problem appears.

What's wrong, Milene?
Why do you say that? Something happened?
Of course not.

Victor Hugo and I
have the strongest of bonds.

No skank will come near.

Tell us what you do to keep
your husband's undivided attention.

How do you achieve that?
First and foremost, Rayssa,
is to never be two-faced.

But this "face" you are referring to,
by any chance, is that the one
from before or after the plastic surgery?
What's your problem?
- What is your problem?
- Guys, come on.

Where's Verônica?
Didn't anyone invite her?

Thanks for the thought, Liz.

But it might be a bit too late.

Well, it's been interesting
knowing you all.

Good luck figuring out
how this story ends.

Mine ends here.

I like what you've done to the place.

Minimalistic touch.


Where's Leia?
I had enough experience
with pills
to know just how strong a painkiller
he had just swallowed.

What are you doing?
I'm being spontaneous and sexy.

Oh my God.
I can't believe you do this.

Victor Hugo is a very lucky man.

That's for sure.

He's a shit stain.

Liz, no one else will have
the guts to tell you this.

You may think you're safe
with your macho cowboy, but you're not.

Because he doesn't love you.

He loves his concept of you.

Because he doesn't really know you.

No one does.

You are a force of nature.

Never let anyone take that from you.

You would come to regret it.

Otherwise, one day,
you'll end up in a cage,
afraid to step outside.

Although she was talking
about herself,
Milene's words fit Liz like a glove.

At that moment,
Liz felt there was only one person
who could truly know her.

And it wasn't her husband-to-be.

Message from your boss?
I think it's way too early
for us to label our relationship.

What are you waiting for?
If I don't reply for a while,
she sends me nudes.

Is it to send nudes or text nudes?
I've always wondered which one is correct.

Joana sends you nudes?
But if it's any consolation,
I'm charging her an obscenely high fee.

I always knew it was a mistake
bringing you to this condominium.

Too bad you were burned
to a crisp in that fire
and can do nothing to stop me.

You still haven't been cleared
to kill me, have you?
I guess I was right.
It looks like
you do have a boss, after all.
Doesn't it?

Are you sure, Denílson?
I also think you are.

that's quite a mess to clean up.

Am I going too fast?
Lucky me.

My adventure buddy was a bit slower.

All that remained
was finding out how much slower.

Take your mask off.

I saw nothing.

- No, no.
I was looking for a document!
- It's a mess 'cause we saw a roach.

Flying roach.

Just so you know, we IDed the car.

You won't believe whose it is.

If you don't do anything,
I won't do anything either.

Open the door, Morticia!
Habacuque, you're being unprofessional.

Oh, I'm being unprofessional?
Flying Roach.

What happened to you, huh?
To my surprise,
I was inside the condominium.

I should never
have gotten myself into this.

Into what?
Lower your weapon.

Drop the gun.

Lower your weapons.


If you know where my mother is,
now is the time to start talking.

Did she murder that woman?
The one in her apartment?
losing this hideous box
is a mortal sin, huh?
They will conspire to kill you.

I knew you would come back for me.

I told you one day
you would understand
why I'm the one telling this story.

I killed her.

It wasn't her.

But that woman was there
to kill your mother, Liz.

What are you insinuating?
I don't know where your mother is.

But I'm 100% sure Joana does.

Verônica, my grandma's back home in Goiás.

She has nothing to do with this.

I'm not lying to you.

Deep down, you know that's true.

When we reach our lowest point,
the hole is so deep
that we don't see a way out.

Once we get used to the darkness,
rock bottom can be
a very comfortable place.

Your grandma
is coming here tomorrow.

What do you mean?
wants to be here for the wedding.

But she hates leaving the farm.

she loves you.

Are you okay?

I need water.

all you require is a sliver of light.

So that little by little,
we can see the whole truth.


I'm so glad you really did come.

Oh, of course I did.

As if I would miss your wedding.


So this is where you've been living
all this time.

Is that what you're going to use?
You don't think
that I would let my only granddaughter
get married without a proper wedding gown?
Oh my.

- Yes.
I brought you my old wedding gown.

- Oh, I know.
It's so gorgeous!
Thank you.

Just a second.

- Hello?
- Liz?
Verônica was right.

The corpse belongs
to your grandmother's employee.

Are you sure?

Got it.

Appreciate it.

And Maura? She coming?
No, she couldn't make it.

She had to stay back on the farm.

But she's definitely very happy
for you and Miguel.

- I have to get ready, okay?
- Of course.

Call me if you need anything.

Feel free.

Are you nervous?

It's not every day you conspire
to kill your own mother-in-law.

What are you doing?
There are too many flowers here.

It's cramped,
but shouldn't look like a coffin.

And whose man are you stealing today?
The bride's?
All right, Milene.

I did have an affair with your husband.

I am not proud of it.

God, Milene,
if you knew how messed up my life is.

When your life gets messed up,
you screw your best friend's husband.

I'm glad you opened a spa, Rayssa,
and not a consulting firm.

Were you happy with Victor Hugo?

Of course not.

But that was between me and him.

You already have your perfect husband,
your perfect body, your perfect life.

You didn't need to steal from me.

I didn't steal anything from you.

Victor Hugo chose you.

And no.

My life isn't perfect.

My husband left me for
the man who does my makeup.

I'm sorry.

You just didn't have
to send those photos, you know?
What photos?
What's keeping you so busy
that you won't come with me, babe?
I'm so sorry, love.

I got distracted.

You're reading sub-celebrity gossip,
aren't you?
You know me too well, Cauã.

Come on.

I'm right behind you.

Wait for me, all right?
HQ, it's 2000.

Everything quiet in Maldivas.

I need a drink.

Detective, I really need a drink.

Not right now.

We don't know where Leia is.

We need the grandma
or the bride to lead us there.

HQ, I have a 184.
This is HQ.

What's a 184?
It's a code from the condo bylaws.

Which means?
Topless by the pool.

Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here tonight
to celebrate

Somebody's thirsty here, right?
Just one.
That's it.

All right.

It's my final drink, Captain.

You can be generous.

You deserve it.

Tell me something, Captain.

Do you really think
that I wouldn't recognize
the smell of my own house?
HQ, possible 257 in block 19.

And a 257?
A fire.

Patrícia's apartment's on fire.

What did you do?
Are you trying to get killed?
I was gonna die anyhow.

Now, if someone should
be worried about staying alive,
that is you, Captain.

What will happen to you
when Joana finds out I escaped again?
You're done for.

You won't escape again.

You won't.

I don't want you.

I want to take her to her daughter.

It's a good deal.

Thank you, Detective.

Rest assured that, from now on,
we'll take care of her.

Hello, Leia.

Hello, Joana.

Goodbye, Detective.

Here we are.

After 18 long years,
it's over once and for all, Leia.

Liz, my child.

Stay out of this.

I'm not your child.

I have a mother.

A mother you took away from me.

Liz, please listen to your grandmother.

listen to your grandmother.

It's okay.

Let her go.

Let her go, Grandma.

I beg you!
Please let her go!
For me.


This is in honor of my son.

And for Maura.

You don't know me ♪
I'm not just one of your many toys ♪
You don't own me ♪
Don't say ♪
Let's get out.

Come on.

I thought you'd never come.

You called me.

Well, you could've not come.

Come with me.

you know this is where I stop.

Try not to get arrested.

Try to get out of this prison.

And don't tell me what to do ♪
And don't tell me what to say ♪
And please, when I go out with you ♪
Don't put me on display ♪
'Cause you don't own me ♪
Let me come with you.

I won't turn you into a fugitive.

I didn't do it 18 years ago,
and I won't do it now.

I never stopped thinking about you.

You're the love of my life.

Mom, I love you.

No one will take me away from you.

Do you hear me?
do you copy?
Yes, Detective.
I copy.

Any sign of the suspect?
Negative, Habacuque.

I'm heading back.

As soon as it's safe, I'll be back.

Take me to
the international airport, please.

As the distance
between Liz and Leia grew wider and wider,
a certain repressed memory
drew nearer and nearer to the surface.


It was
a normal day in the Maldivas.

- Good afternoon, Liz.

- Good afternoon, Leandro.

- Is the bar open?
- Mm-hmm.

it was a normal day at the Maldivas,
but you must've noticed by now
there's no such thing
as a normal day here.

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