Malibu Rescue (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Every Rose Has Its Thornton

You may be gone but as Garvin is my witness, I will carry on your hatred of the Valley.
- Oh, Brody! Brody! You're not gonna believe this! Shh, shh, shh, shh! Why don't I smell the Valley? That's what I was gonna tell you.
They're gone.
They got kicked out for abandoning their post! - No Valley? - No Valley.
- We're back, baby.
- SPENCER: Yeah! Yes! Yes! - No Valley! No Valley! I bet you they're in headquarters right now, celebrating that we're gone.
They're not doing that.
No Valley! No Valley! Oh, no, you're right.
They are.
SPENCER AND BRODY: No Valley! No Valley! Nothing is worse than this.
Hey, baby Jake.
And these are what we call losers.
Because they got kicked out of Junior Rescue on their second to last day.
Actually, this is worse.
Roger, we kind of wanna be alone.
Yeah? Well, I've been alone for three weeks since your mom's blog got acquired by Goop.
So we are hanging out whether you like it or not.
Roger, please get out.
All right.
- But only because Jake did a stinky.
Then I am comin' back and we're gonna bro hard.
You know, I'd never admit this to Roger 'cause he's the one who forced me to go in the first place, but I really miss Junior Rescue.
Me too.
LIZZIE: I can't believe it's over.
Everything was going so great, and now it's just done.
It happened so fast.
This is what happens when you trust the wrong person.
I thought it was the right person.
If only I had been more positive, none of this would've happened.
I need to show him that I can be positive.
This is all my fault.
Wait your fault? What did you do to Eric? It wasn't just Eric, it was everybody.
Lizzie I made a huge mistake.
I'm the reason we all got kicked out.
What are you talking about? [SIGHS.]
- [SIGHS.]
Dylan - I'm just here packing up my stuff.
I'll be out of here in a second.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what happened to you guys.
You don't have to be.
You said it yourself.
We weren't actually friends, right? - [LOCKER CLOSES.]
- [SIGHS.]
Dylan, wait! I'm the reason you got kicked out.
I was only hanging out with Tyler to mess with you.
- Why would you do that? - Thornton said the only way I could get a tower is if there was an empty one.
I figured if I played you and Tyler against each other, then your team woul dfall apart.
But me rescuing that guy in front of your tower at the exact moment you guys were gone? That was just lucky.
Yeah, that was lucky.
Well, lucky for you, not for him.
He almost died.
Oh, yeah.
But you did get a tower out of it.
Just like Thornton said.
You don't think - No.
- LOGAN: No.
- No.
Definitely not.
- But maybe? - Good point.
I'm gonna call Tyler.
Okay, so Thornton told Gina if she kept us away from our tower for the afternoon, he'd get her into Mulholland Swim Academy.
- Why would he do that? - Why would he do that? Why would he do that? I don't know.
I just wanted to get inso bad, - I didn't ask.
- She didn't ask.
She didn't ask.
That is so weird.
Why would Thornton not want us - in our tower? - [PHONE DIALS.]
- He's not picking up.
- Then call one of the other weirdos.
- Gina, it's me, Dylan.
- I know.
That's how phones work.
There was something weird about Logan's rescue.
I mean, think about it.
It happened at the exact time we were away from our tower.
I know, okay! Thornton told me to keep you guys away from our tower, and I feel terrible about it! Wait.
I think Thornton Pavey set us up.
- Thornton Pavey set us up? - Thornton Pavey set us up? I don't know.
Thornton's pretty cool.
- Yeah, he likes us.
- He did give us Sea Jets.
Something's definitely going on.
I don't know.
Maybe it's all in our heads.
Dylan it's not in our heads.
You guys need to get down here right now.
Look at us.
Out of the house, talking to grown-up people, eating solid food.
Mm! This.
This is exactly what I needed.
Look, thanks so much for the ride, but we kind of have important business to discuss.
Ooh! What are we talking about? That jerk Garvin getting fired? You know, when I was - in Junior Rescue - I love that story.
I heard it a million times.
You know who hasn't? Jake.
I'm sure she'd love to hear it while you show her around.
Far away from us.
A tour.
Good idea.
Course, she'll probably sleep through it.
She sleeps through everything.
Except the night.
All right.
Look, we all know we didn't vandalize HQ.
Well, for some reason, Thornton wants to make it look like we did.
First he kicks us out, then he frames us? This just keeps getting worse.
But it can't forever.
I bet whatever happens next is gonna be great.
And things are gonna keep getting great, because that's the kind of thing that can happen, right? We have to tell somebody that Thornton's behind this.
Yeah, but who's gonna believe us? We don't have any proof, and we don't even know why he did it.
- We could check his office.
- No.
I was just in there yesterday.
There's nothing on his desk, not even a computer.
Just a ridonkulous amount of dominoes.
Where else could we look? I think I know.
See? Gina has a plan, and I bet it's gonna work.
- Who are you? Hey, Vooch! We need a to go bag and a ride.
If it means getting out of work I'm in.
Aren't you your own boss? Yeah, but I'm a huge jerk.
Don't tell me I said that.
TYLER: Come on, guys.
Let's do this.
- Let's go, come on.
- GINA: Follow me.
- LIZZIE: This place is nuts.
- ERIC: Hurry up! All right.
If you see anyone pull into the driveway, honk twice.
That way, we'll know to get out.
You're sure you want me to honk twice? - That could take a while.
- Okay, good call.
Just honk once.
Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean, you and Chote almost died the last time you hung out.
Keeping him busy while you guys ransack his dad's office is the least I can do.
I was the one who got us kicked out in the first place.
- Gina, it's not your fault.
- I was completely selfish.
I did what Thornton asked, and I knew it was wrong, but I didn't tell you.
Thornton used you.
He wants to tear us apart.
You had no way of knowing what he was gonna do.
We don't blame you for a second.
You guys are the best.
- Now quick, hide! - DYLAN: Okay! Whoa! [BELL RINGS.]
Gina What're you doing here? [SIGHS.]
You're looking at 542 deep-fried hunks of mechanically separated chicken, well past their sell-by date.
First one to tap out, loses.
Ready set, go! Gina I don't wanna compete with you.
You don't? What do you wanna do? My near-death experience on that cliff caused me to question my thrill-seeking ways.
I learned something, Gina.
The ultimate adrenaline rush is intimacy.
I wanna get to know the real you.
Oh, crap.
Let's have a sick chat, yo.
- This place is huge.
- These doors don't even lead to rooms.
They lead to other hallways that lead to other doors that lead to other rooms.
Come on.
We're never gonna find Thornton's office.
What we're never gonna do is give up.
We're gonna keep looking, and we're not gonna stop until we find out what Thornton's planning and clear our names.
Lizzie What is up with you? Nothing's up.
I just have a really good feeling about everything.
About everything? Yep.
I just woke up this morning, and it was all gonna be great.
Well, when I woke up this morning, I was miserable.
So I'm glad at least you're happy.
I'm not happy.
I messed up yesterday, and I thought if lacted more positive, then maybe it might fix things between us.
Lizzie, I asked you to say things will be great between us forever, and you couldn't.
I couldn't because I don't know.
But I do know that I've never been happier than I am when I'm with you.
Is that a good "whoa"? It's a great "whoa.
" Hey, quit making out, you two.
We got a whole mansion to search.
- We weren't making out! - Like we would ever! Obviously.
How weird would that be? [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING ON STEREO.]
- Oh, man! That was a red one.
The red ones are the best.
It all makes sense now.
I've been chasing this unattainable ideal established by my parents and enacted by my sister.
Go ahead.
Let it out.
My dad owns the tissue factory.
DYLAN: Guys, over here! Um I think I found something.
- Is it Thornton's office? - Not exactly.
You guys need to see this.
Ho-ly crazy person! This all seems very, very, very anti-Valley, am I right? - You're darn right, it is.
- Oh, no! I know, I should have knocked.
But this is my house, and you're the ones trespassing.
What is all this? You wouldn't understand, 'cause you're not from here.
But Malibu is a pretty special place.
I was born here.
Raised here.
I did Junior Rescue, just like you guys.
So then, you know how great it is.
I sure do.
Which is why I'm trying to keep Valley punks like you out.
- You don't belong here.
- You're worse than Garvin.
Garvin was a joke.
He couldn't get rid of you, so I got rid of him, and then I got rid of you.
But you were so angry.
You snuck back down to the beach, you vandalized our beloved HQ.
And then You torched one of our towers.
- We didn't do any of that! - But everyone will think you did.
And then, the mayor won't make me take kids from the Valley ever again.
Come on, Clive.
I wanna make sure this goes down at the exact moment that I announce rescuer of the year.
I just stopped in to get my remote.
You can't blow up a tower without a remote.
I'm gonna lock you in the closet, if that's cool.
- Whoa, whoa! - DYLAN: Wait! Help! - [LOCK CLICKS.]
- Found it! [BLOWS.]
Oh, no.
So this whole "trying to live up to my parents standards" thing It was never really about me? - It almost never is.
- Gina! Gina, Thornton just left! We gotta warn the others! Unless they already know.
Then they really shoulda warned us.
You didn't come here for an eating contest, did you? I did not.
- The ceremony's already starting! - We have to tell everybody that Thornton's gonna burn down a tower.
They'd never believe us.
We have to stop this ourselves.
How are we gonna search 19 towers? Hey, Dylan.
Still got those keys to the equipment room? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]
DYLAN ON RADIO: I'll take Sycamore Beach.
Gina, you take Zuma.
Tyler, you got Westward.
Lizzie and Eric, you take Leo.
- Radio in if you find anything.
- GINA: Copy that.
- TYLER: Got it, Cap.
- LIZZIE: We're on it.
- Tower One is clean.
- GINA: So is Tower Two.
- Okay, I got nothing on three.
I'm gonna move on.
- Or maybe not! - [CLIVE SHOUTS.]
LIZZIE: Eric! Be careful.
TYLER: Whoa! Come on, bro.
Just take it easy, man.
- Tyler! - [THWACKS.]
No, you don't! [GRUNTS, PANTING.]
Come on, Clive.
We can be friends, man.
You're a nice guy, right? We don't gotta do this.
Whoo! - Sometimes, you gotta thump a dude! - Hey, that's my line.
- I know, it's a good one.
- Thanks, man! - [BOTH EXCLAIM.]
- All right, let's go! THORNTON: And now, with another great summer of Junior Rescue coming to an end, it's my privilege to announce Junior Rescuer of the Year.
- Yeah! - [CROWD CHEERS.]
I think today's ceremony is gonna get you very fired up.
He's charismatic, he's fashion forward, and he got rid of the Valley rats.
I I'm just gonna say I'm Team Thornton.
- We're running out of time! - Okay, you check six, I'll check seven.
Oh, no.
Roger! I haven't checked that tower yet! Move it, people! Clear the beach! [CROWD CHEERING.]
And now without further ado It's gotta be me, right? - Who's better than me? - Dude.
Literally anybody here is better than you.
We used to be bros.
What happened? I learned the true value of friendship.
- Nice.
- Just thought of it.
- Junior Rescuer of the Year is - [DEVICE BEEPS.]
Roger! Get out of that tower! - [JAKE CRYING.]
- Easy, girl.
Here we go.
ROGER: Dada.
Roger! You gotta get out of the tower! Roger, we gotta go! [DEVICE BEEPS.]
It was Tower Seven! ROGER: Tyler please tell me that wasn't your fault.
Whoa! My goodness.
The Valley kids struck again.
That's not true! Thornton set us up.
Oh, really? I set you up? Yeah, right.
Me, a billionaire, has nothing better to do than setup a bunch of Valley kids? - Where's your proof? - [VEHICLE APPROACHES.]
Right here! Tell 'em, Clive.
Clive, don't make me get my blowtorch.
It's true! It's all true! He made me do it! [CROWD MURMURS.]
Wow, you really flipped on me there, Clive.
Listen, everybody.
I can explain.
- BOY 1: Hey! - BOY 2: Hey, he's making a run for it! [DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING.]
He's stealing a Sea Jet.
Well, he did donate them, so he isn't stealing.
- ALL: Eric! - Right, not important.
- I got this.
Gina, you in? - You know it.
Look out! - [FLARE FIRES.]
- Come on, get closer! - I'll try to! Come on! Jump! [GINA AND THORNTON GRUNT.]
This is not cool, man.
This is very not cool.
I can't believe, Malibu Junior Rescue, the thing that I love the most, was saved by the people that I hate the most.
Yo, this irony is mad thick.
Wha LOGAN: Mm.
LOGAN: Hey, Gina! - I think you should have this.
- Me? No.
Lizzie, you deserve it.
Eric, you're the reason we caught Clive.
Guys, I can't take this.
I never would have been able to stop Clive if he wasn't beating the heck out of Tyler.
Wow, this is an honor.
I mean I'd be lying if I say I didn't suspect it, but - Dude.
- I'm kidding.
This one's all you, Cap.
You guys! - LOGAN: Aw! - [ALL CRYING.]
- Yeah, guys.
This summer was epic.
I'm so proud of you guys.
You showed everyone what it really means to be Malibu Rescue.
Thank you for this.
I'm really gonna miss you guys this year.
- Well, we'll see you next summer.
- Definitely.
Gina I'm really sorry you never got that recommendation for Mulholland.
You know, after talking with Chote, I realized I never wanted to go to Mulholland.
It was my parents' thing and my sister's thing.
But I have my own thing, Malibu Junior Rescue.
ROGER: Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir.
I will not let you down.
You guys are never gonna believe who's gonna be the head of Junior Rescue next summer.
- Please don't say you.
Please don't.
- It's me! [CHUCKLES.]
I'm quitting the real estate game.
Tyler, you and I are gonna be together all day, everyday next summer.
Ain't that great? Yeah, Rog.
So great.
Oh, I knew you'd be happy, buddy.
Hey, come on.
Let's go home.
Actually, I think I'm gonna take the bus with my friends.
Friends, huh? Must be nice.
I will see you all next summer.
- You guys ready to hit the road? - I want you to be happier I want you to be happier When the morning comes, when we see what we've become In the cold light of the day we're a flame in the wind - Not the fire that we've begun - ERIC: Oops.
Every word we can't take back, 'cause with all that has happened I think that we both know the way that the story ends Then only for a minute - Whoa, did they just kiss? - Called it!