Malibu Rescue (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Pier Pressure

No, it can't be! No! [ECHOES.]
Did you guys hear? Garvin got fired last night.
TYLER: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm gonna need you to say that one more time.
I know.
Isn't it crazy? I think it's 'cause of that whole Golden Conch thing.
No, Dylan, I need you to say it one more time so I can get it on video.
- I can't believe Garvin's gone.
- And it's all because of Eric.
Whoa, wait, what about me? I was there, too.
You were more like his sidekick.
- Sidekick? - I thought I was the sidekick.
Dude, relax.
- We can both be the sidekicks.
- Sweet! So, who's the head of Junior Rescue? THORNTON: Hey, everyone.
I'm the new head of Junior Rescue.
How great is this? Thornton Pavey is in charge? That guy's awesome.
- Could this day get any better? - THORNTON: And to help celebrate, I got you a crepe station! Apparently, it can! [ALL CHEERING.]
GINA: Vooch, I didn't know you could make crepes.
Little Vooch tip.
If someone offers you $10,000 and asks if you know how to make crepes you say yes.
Wh Hey! [CHEWING.]
What's the point of being fit if Garvin isn't here? VOOCH: Eh, you didn't want that one anyway.
I think I spit in it.
- VOOCH: There you go, Eric.
- This is so awesome.
- VOOCH: Yeah, it is.
- Yeah, Thornton is way nicer than Garvin.
- VOOCH: Yeah.
- And the best part is, we didn't humiliate him in front of the mayor, so he's got nothing against us.
Did everyone get a crepe? Very cool.
About this Garvin situation.
It really stressed Brody out, so he's taking some personal time, which means Tower One needs a new captain.
Ugh, here we go.
Wonder which guy he's gonna give it to this time.
I've chosen someone that represents the best of Malibu Junior Rescue.
Watch it be Dirk.
Everyone, congratulate the new captain of Tower One What'd I tell you? Dirk.
Logan! - Me? - Her? Don't sound so surprised.
I'm in charge now.
So no more playing favorites.
From now on, things are gonna be fair.
- And fun.
And delicious.
- See you out there, new friends.
This is so crazy.
- Oh! GINA: Um, Mr.
Garvin was supposed to write me a letter of recommendation to the Mulholland Swim Academy.
Mulholland Swim? Very prestigious.
Um, he didn't happen to leave it on his desk, did he? I don't think so, but I haven't finished rummaging through his desk.
So if I find it, I'll let you know.
Okay? Imagine how great this summer would've been if Thornton had been in charge from the beginning.
- I can't believe summer's almost over.
Let's just enjoy it while it lasts.
While it lasts? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Why wouldn't it last? Because, you know, good things never last.
No, I don't know that.
What're you talking about? It's like when I was in fourth grade.
For a week straight, my parents bought me anything I wanted.
Then they ruined my entire life by moving us from Miami to here, thousands of miles away from all my friends.
Well, that's awful.
But, then I joined Junior Rescue and met you guys.
See? It all worked out.
But, then everyone hated us 'cause we're from the Valley, and treated us like crap all summer.
It's kind of a cycle.
Awesome thing, then awful thing.
Thornton replacing Garvin, awesome thing.
Now we just enjoy it until the awful thing happens.
I don't want the awful thing to happen.
It'd be weird if you did.
Uh, hey, Logan.
Congrats on making captain.
Up top.
I'm good.
Not a high-fiver, okay.
There she is! - Lady captains in the house! - [BOTH GIGGLING.]
Oh, forget it, Dylan.
I already tried.
She's not a high-fiver.
Or maybe sometimes she is.
You totally deserve this.
I'm so excited.
You're in Tower One, I'm in Tower Two.
It's like we're neighbors.
That's what I was gonna say.
After you, Captain.
After you, Captain.
Do you really think that just 'cause something good happens, it means something bad's coming? There's no reason to get upset about it.
It's just the way it is.
Of course.
The one time Garvin decides to do something nice, he gets fired.
Story of my life.
- See? - [SCOFFS.]
That doesn't prove anything.
Wow, so, uh you and Logan are really becoming friends now, huh? Yeah.
Isn't it great? Hey, what's that guy doing? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING.]
TYLER: Get back here! [MAN AND WOMAN GROAN.]
Oh, man, I hope that looked cool, 'cause it really hurt.
Just tell us why you were in our tower.
I'll get him to talk.
All I need are these pliers, a blowtorch and his browser history, and he'll squeal like a pig.
Uh why don't we just take him to Thornton? Coward.
What's all this about? We found this guy creeping around our tower, taking pictures.
Gosh, that's creepy.
Why don't you let me handle it from here? - What am I supposed to do with this? - [HISSES.]
I'll take that.
Great job, guys.
Very impressive.
Keep it up, and one of you might score rescuer of the year tomorrow.
Maybe leave the blowtorch at home.
You know, as a reward why don't you guys just take the morning and hang out on the pier? But what about our assignments? Well, now your assignment is pier duty.
Have fun.
Pier duty? This is gonna be awesome.
I'm gonna play all the games and eat all the funnel cake.
Maybe things just keep getting better.
Or maybe the worst thing ever is gonna happen next.
- You wanted to see me, Mr.
Pavey? Please, call me Thornton.
Pavey is my horse's name.
So, small, tiny, itty-bitty, minuscule thing.
Brody called, and he's feeling up to coming back tomorrow.
What does that mean? I guess it means you should enjoy being a captain while it lasts.
Why did you make me captain if you were just gonna take it away? Hey, I know.
I feel bad about it myself.
But it's not like I have an empty tower that I can just give you.
Although, if I did, I would.
So that's something to think about, huh? [SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYS.]
Hey! Glad I found you guys.
With Brody gone, I'm down a man, and we've got a bunch of Zodiacs to move.
So, I was wondering if Absolutely, my Captain.
Happy to help.
Tyler, can you help me out for a little bit? - Me? - Are you sure you want him? I mean I thought we made a pretty good team with the kelp the other day.
I'm sure.
What do you say, Tyler? I need someone big and strong, and you've got all those muscles.
Oh, uh, these? You know what's weird? I don't even work out.
What about pier duty? Oh, this won't take long.
I'll catch up with you guys later.
That was ridiculous.
I know.
He works out twice a day.
Never stops talking about it.
I can't explain it.
I just love this guy.
It's the noise maker.
That's what it is.
So good.
- You wanna go get some cotton candy? - Of course, I want cotton candy.
But when I get it, I'm gonna eat it, and it'll just be gone.
And I don't want cotton candy to be gone.
You can't keep cotton candy forever.
Why would you say that? Oh! [PEOPLE CHATTERING AND LAUGHING.]
- Sweet.
Ski ball.
- Hey, can I bum a quarter? - Yeah, sure.
GINA: Thanks.
I mean, why would Logan ask for Tyler's help instead of mine? I don't know, man.
It's weird.
Can I get that quarter? Right.
I mean, did our high-five mean nothing? So close.
- I'm gonna go talk to her.
- Uh, Dylan.
Right, sorry.
Here you go.
No, no! Oh, come on! [SCOFFS.]
What's up with that? Whoa, whoa! Whoa.
I love a confident entrance, but take it easy.
You're gonna disturb the pieces.
What were you doing talking to that sketchy guy? I thought you kicked him off the beach.
That was Clive.
He was helping me make some improvements on the towers today.
Yeah, I really wanted to keep that a surprise.
So, maybe we can keep this a little secret between us.
I don't like keeping secrets from my friends.
Totally get it.
But don't think of it as a secret.
Think of it as a delayed surprise.
This doesn't feel right.
Oh I get it.
Well, since I'm asking you to do a favor for me, maybe I could do one for you in return.
Like what? Well, you really wanted to go to Mulholland Swim Academy this year, right? Yeah.
It's kind of a big deal in my family, but I was really counting on Garvin's recommendation.
Good news.
I donate a ton of money to that place.
So one call from me you'll be in by the end of the day.
Seriously? You'd do that? It's the least I could do.
You're helping me by keeping your friends away from Tower Two so Clive can do his thing.
Right? Yeah.
- Cool.
- [SIGHS.]
Very cool.
- Hey! - You can't stop it.
- DYLAN: Oh! Oh, hey, Dylan.
Thought you guys were moving Zodiacs.
Ah, we were just taking a break.
Come on.
We should probably finish our job anyway.
You don't have to leave just 'cause I'm here.
Come on, Logan, let's play.
Um, sure.
This is fun, right? You and me, gal pals, a little girl talk over foosball.
Uh, this is air hockey.
Girl talk, Tyler.
We're having fun.
Right, Logan? Yeah it's okay.
Just okay? Dylan, why are you being like this? It's not a competition.
Then why did you pick him instead of me? I don't know.
Tyler and I just really vibe.
Darn it, why do I have to be so good at vibing? Oh, so we don't vibe, is that it? Dylan, it's not a big deal.
Calm down.
It's not like you and I are actually friends or anything.
- Two to one.
I win.
Dylan, wait.
Hey! I've been looking all over for you.
What've you been up to? I was trying to have a good time before morning assignments are in, but now it's noon, and pier duty's over.
Just like everything else that's good.
Guess we should get back to our tower.
What is going on with you? I don't want us to break up.
Why would we break up? Because, things are really great between us.
And you said every time something's really good, it's about to become really bad.
I didn't Okay, I did say that, but I didn't meanus.
Then say things will be great between us forever.
I can't.
I can't enjoy what we have if all I'm thinking about is when it's gonna end.
So what? Do you not want to be together anymore? [PANTING.]
I'm so glad I found you guys.
We can't go back to our tower.
Why? Uh, we have to go to Vooch's.
It It's his birthday, and we forgot.
Come on.
Dylan, would you stop? All right, what was that all about? "We're not actually friends.
" I don't get it.
We were totally getting along this morning.
You saw.
Yeah, it was super dorky.
But it's also Logan.
What did you think was gonna happen? I don't know.
I guess I just wanted to believe that she actually wanted to be my friend.
Come on, Gina wants us to meet her at Vooch's.
Tower Two, come in! Tower Two! There's a swimmer caught in a riptide right in front of your tower.
Where are those guys? Come on.
There you are! [SIGHS.]
Man, I can't believe we forgot Vooch's birthday.
You guys, we gotta fix this.
I cannot lose another friendship today.
I wish we'd at least gotten him cake or flowers or something.
Why? Cake makes you fat and flowers die.
What's the point? So, I guess there's no reason to have a birthday in the first place.
Why do I feel like none of you are talking about Vooch's birthday? Guys, I don't know how to tell you this, but it's not my birthday.
I was born on a leap day.
So you only have a birthday every four years? Yep.
Next year's the big one-zero.
Finally, double digits.
Guess we can go back to our tower.
Uh, no! Wait Uh We haven't even eaten yet.
Uh, hey, Vooch.
How about whipping up five Vooch burgers and a basket of fries? No problem.
Hey, you want that before or after you deal with the emergency at your tower? What're you talking about? Oh, you didn't know? I heard on my scanner something big's going down in front of Tower Two.
Uh, also, I should've told you, I am out of meat today.
You guys cool with something I like to call "Sloppy Buns"? - Oh, no.
- We gotta get back.
That was an epic save, Logan.
Garvin would've been proud! - Wherever he is.
- You know he's not dead, right? Amazing work, Logan.
- And it wasn't even your tower.
I am very, very impressed.
But not with you guys.
You abandoned your post.
Just for a minute! A minute's all it takes for tragedy to strike.
Wha You know exactly why we weren't at our tower.
You specifically asked me to keep everyone away for the renovations.
Are you sure? That doesn't sound like something I would say.
What about my swim academy recommendation? Why would I give you a recommendation? You almost let a guy drown.
As for you Tower Two I'm sorry.
But based on your negligence, you've left me no choice.
I'm kicking you out of Junior Rescue.
What? - You're kicking us out? - You can't do that! [SLOWLY.]
Get off our beach.
Well, the worst thing just happened.
I guess you were right.
I wish I wasn't.
It seems like we have an open tower, after all.
You are the new cap-i-tan of Tower Two.
Um thanks.
Yo, you did it! [EXCLAIMS.]
You did it! [CHUCKLES.]
THORNTON: Great job out there, Clive.
Really impressive.
Logan totally thought it was a real rescue.
You'll get the second half tomorrow when the job is done.
Welcome, welcome, welcome Welcome, welcome to my makeshift kingdom Welcome, welcome, welcome welcome to my makeshift kingdom Everything that was, everything that is Everything that will be, everything this is - Welcome to my makeshift kingdom - [EXPLODES.]