Manifest (2018) s03e11 Episode Script

Duty Free

Previously on "Manifest" I killed the Major.
Don't say anything to Ben.
I'd like to tell him myself.
We have to do whatever it takes to make sure that we all survive.
- What's happening? - His trial by fire.
Your son needs help.
Where is he?! I was trying to solve the Calling.
This is not how you solve your Callings, Ben.
I had to take him in.
Saanvi, I thought we both agreed that you would turn yourself in.
I just need until the end of the day.
I promise you.
- It was an earthquake.
- In New York?! - Apparently, no one saw it coming.
- Eden did.
We're being sent a message to stop.
Can you really stop now because of two possibly unrelated events? You and I are connected, and I think Eden is part of this connection.
- You stay away from her.
- You can't separate us.
Goodbye, Angelina.
I'm here for Dr.
She's not here.
I just hope we're doing the right thing.
I am so sorry.
I went too far.
I knew it in the moment, and I know it now.
Am I losing you? No.
No, I'm still me.
I'm still the same person I've always been.
Please, Grace, you've you've gotta trust that.
I know I've put you through so much.
But everything I've done has been to save Cal, to save Mick.
I understand that.
But it does us no good, if in saving the Lifeboat, you drown in the process.
I know that now.
I-I do.
Do you? Because I really need to know that you do.
You scared me.
I know.
I scared myself.
And the Lifeboat isn't going away.
And we need to find a better way than this.
This is for the arraignment.
Is that my favorite suit or yours? You want the judge to go easy on you, right? I'll see you in there.
I love you.
Hey, Cal? Hey.
It's just me, buddy.
Your mom wanted me to check on you before your dad's arraignment.
Everything okay? Eden giving you trouble? Oh, she's sleeping like a baby.
I'm fine.
We're all fine.
Are you training for a marathon? Good one, Auntie Mick.
Look, I know it's probably a little weird, your dad being arrested.
He was trying to do the right thing, but Doing it in the wrong way? Sometimes I forget how old you are.
He'll be home soon, okay? Okay.
Specialists remain baffled this morning as inexplicable volcanic activity seems to have disappeared just as quickly as it materialized.
- Flowing lava - Hey, there you are.
Why have you been dodging my calls? - Where are you? - Hey, I know you're probably mad Mad? Yeah.
I showed up at Eureka to bring you in for a crime that you admitted to me.
Saanvi, don't you want redemption? I do.
I'm heading back to the city.
I'm not on the run.
You have my word on that.
Exactly when will you be back? Six hours? Look, I know you have your duty to the law.
I just I want you to know that I also have my duty in trying to save us all, and I'm gonna explain everything to you when I see you.
Six hours? Didn't take that long to get up here.
I need some more time, and I have one more thing I have to do.
Cal, you have that? You okay? Y-Y-Yeah, I'm okay! I'll be down in a sec! Are you okay? Is she gone? Yeah, but we didn't have to hide you.
She'd get why you're here.
It's just, my mom doesn't understand we're connected.
I knew you were coming to stay with us, even before my aunt found you in Costa Rica.
You've been the only one who's been good to me this whole time.
The Callings, they brought us together.
They still want you here.
I know it.
I just don't know why.
Maybe this Calling can tell us.
We've been running tests all night.
But the Ark fragment is simply ash now, and no matter what we do, it isn't responding.
I'm sorry, Doctor.
Seems like bad news.
We were so close.
We'd done it.
For a split second If we just had more time with the Ark piece, I know we could You of all people should know that, sometimes, accidents in science prove to be more fruitful than what was planned.
Losing the driftwood didn't impede us.
It It It just changed our focus.
All rise.
Please be seated.
The court is now in order.
"State versus Benjamin Stone".
Look like you've collected quite a few charges for yourself, Mr.
Battery, assault, false imprisonment, trespassing, violation of a restraining order.
How do you plead? Your Honor, we've come to a plea disposition.
My client will plead guilty to one misdemeanor count.
Credit for time served and community service.
Your Honor, I am beyond sorry.
Clearly, my client is remorseful, and I think it's important to take into account - the realities of the situation.
- "Remorse"? This isn't his first encounter with Cody Webber.
Isn't that right, Mr.
Stone? This is your second assault charge against him.
My client is here to take full responsibility, but there are mitigating circumstances.
Ah, yes.
The 828 caveat.
You know, it seems to me you 828ers use that tired excuse to justify all sorts of things since your return.
Please, Your Honor, that's not fair.
You 828ers just can't seem to stay out of trouble, can you? Your Honor, acts of others are prejudicial and have no bearing on my client's case.
Perhaps you'd like to recuse yourself.
There's no bias, Ms.
These are facts.
Ben Stone was present at each of these events.
And, quite frankly, heightened judicial scrutiny of 828 passengers is long overdue.
"Heightened judicial scrutiny"? Your Honor, may I please approach? You may not.
If Mr.
Stone is going to plead guilty, I'll sentence him as I see fit.
How do you plead, Mr.
Stone? - Not guilty.
- Fine.
Bail is set at $500,000.
- Upon payment - What? you'll be subject to house arrest pending trial.
What the hell just happened? Half a million in bail.
And then house arrest? I stopped a would-be terrorist from doing God knows what.
You saw the stockpile of weapons he had.
I'll talk to Bowers about the heightened scrutiny the judge was talking about.
This fire Calling, I think it's a warning.
For weeks, I've been seeing passengers' pictures burning up.
And now we're on fire? - I gotta get out of here.
- You need to settle down.
Ben, have you not learned anything? Clearly, I messed up, Mick, but that doesn't mean I just give up.
I still have to solve this Calling to find a way to save the Lifeboat.
Or don't you get that? Who do you think you're talking to right now? Well, then, wake up, Mick.
Because we are sinking fast.
We might already be sunk! Why would you say that? Mick? Saanvi killed the Major.
She thought the Major had a cure for Zeke.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
She might have just delivered a massive blow to the Lifeboat.
Maybe that was what the Calling was trying to tell us.
That was months ago.
Okay, so, maybe there's more on top of that.
The The work she's doing at Eureka S-S-She's been so desperate to do something, fix something.
With everything the Major put us through with all the fear she created why would you keep this from me? I only just found out, and she wanted to tell you herself.
Alright, alright.
If If she did it, it was clearly in self-defense.
There had to be a reason.
Ben, I have no doubt about that, but my hands are tied.
- You're gonna arrest her? - What choice do I have? - You can choose not to, Mick! - She came to me! She's ready to confess.
No, stop.
Don't Don't look at me like that.
You have no idea how hard this is.
I took an oath, Ben, and every single day, I have to toe the line between being a passenger and a cop.
You gotta be kidding me, Mick.
Look at what's happening to me for just an assault charge.
If you turn Saanvi in for killing a government operative You drew a bad judge.
Did I? Or is something changing? I don't know.
I will talk to Bowers, but regardless, maybe this is how the hole in the Lifeboat gets plugged.
She pays her debts.
She earns redemption.
We have no idea if that's how the Lifeboat works.
If there is no chance at buying back the sins that we've committed, the mistakes that we've made, then there is no hope for that Lifeboat to stay afloat for the next three years.
Then let her buy it back by working to save us.
I get it, Mick.
You You took an oath.
But you can't just toe the line forever.
Are you a cop first? Or a passenger first? Yes, yes.
I need I need an increased line of credit, and I-I also need to know if I can pull a deposit that I made.
Yes, I'll hold.
Hey, Calamander.
I'm so sorry that you've been on your own.
Olive's on her way back, but she and Levi were way out on Long Island, so it might be a few hours.
I'm fine, Mom.
Is Is Dad not coming home? No, of course he is.
It's just gonna take a bit longer than we expected.
Everything's fine.
Yes, I'm here.
I got it.
You sure? Yeah, I can finally be the big brother again.
Let me act like one.
Yes, that's right.
I can't believe they tried to separate us.
What if my mom had come up here instead of me? Eden was crying.
She needed soothing.
And I just couldn't help myself.
I mean, look at that little face.
She loves me.
Angelina, when you were in the nursery with Eden and the curtains caught on fire Oh, I would never hurt her.
But I understand if you have your doubts about me.
Nothing but bad things have happened since I got here.
God hasn't blessed me like he's blessed you, Cal.
Like he's blessed Eden.
This This isn't fair.
I should go.
No, n-not yet.
You're supposed to help me with this Calling.
I know it.
But stay in my room, just to be safe.
I'll go tell my mom that Eden's okay.
You are my blessing, aren't you? My little guardian angel.
We need to talk about my brother's arraignment.
That judge was off the rails.
We were about to call you in.
This morning, we received a directive from the Mayor's office.
Effective immediately, NYPD is to report all 828 passenger-related cases, no matter how small, directly to the FBI.
- Excuse me? - That's not all.
They want us to pore through all of our old case files.
If there's any hanging threads I mean anything a parking ticket, a witness report anything that involves an 828er, they want us to follow up on it.
Yeah, that explains Ben.
They're targeting passengers.
All I know is, this is bigger than just the NYPD.
This is bigger than the US.
Apparently, this clampdown has gone global.
Arrests in Europe, Australia.
In Singapore, there's an 828 passenger currently undergoing a military tribunal.
This is unacceptable.
They can't just suddenly do this.
We have to fight back somehow.
I'm not sure there's anything we can do at this point, Mick.
It's probably best for you not to get too involved.
Best for me? I see we've waited till the last minute to say what happens to the passenger cop.
- Why is that? - Because it's not pleasant.
They haven't made a decision on you just yet.
They want us to review all your case files since you've returned.
I'm sorry, Michaela.
- Mick.
- That was total crap.
The fact that I'm a passenger has actually helped solve a lot of cases.
Just yesterday, I saved a kid's life, and there's been a bunch of other saves that the Callings have led me to.
No one knows that better than you.
You're right.
I do.
And the one tiny positive is that Bowers she wants all 828 reports in this precinct to be filtered through me.
I've got your back.
I don't want you to have my back.
I want to be treated like the damn good cop that I am.
Why do you think she put me in charge? She's looking out for you, Mick.
And once they get through this whole insulting formality, they'll see you for the damn good cop that you are.
Hey, I got you.
It's us against the world.
It hasn't been us against the world for a long time, Jared.
Come on, what is this? I gave you my statement.
What more do you want? Oh, thank God.
You gotta help me get out of here.
I wish I could help.
Are you behind all this? It didn't originate with me.
Fear towards the passengers has been rising as news of the Tailfin spread.
And between you and me, talk of a clampdown has been circulating since the day you came back.
What, are you serious? To, what, treat us like criminals? - Like lab rats? - What do you expect? I'm surprised you're not still quarantined at the airport.
So, what is this? A courtesy call? It's a warning.
I don't know exactly what's coming, but it's beyond my control.
All the agencies are handling things their own ways.
- FBI, Homeland Security - NSA.
I've heard rumors from the highest levels of an official registry coming into play.
You gotta be kidding.
We're entitled to the same civil rights as everyone else.
But no one wants to pull the trigger on that yet.
So nice of them.
This couldn't come at a worse time.
Once the passengers hear about this, there's no telling what they'll do.
Instead of us working together, Vance, it could tear us apart.
Grace is downstairs.
She posted bail.
You're free to go.
Stay out of trouble, and I'll update you when I know more.
Do you guys still use the same fabric softener? My sheets were so comfy last time I was here.
Heard things went south for an 828er last night.
Never imagined it was Boy Scout Benny Boy.
But why are you on your way outta Holy hell.
Are you kidding me right now? Is that Mister "You've all been missing, presumed dead for 5 1/2 years"? You really are with the NSA.
I was right this whole time.
- It's not what it looks like.
- No? And that's not Robert Vance holding your hand? Escorting you like it's prom night? And you're getting special treatment?! This is all your fault! I should have never trusted you, Ben! None of us should have! And believe me we never will again.
Hey! So, I just talked to my parents.
They're headed home now.
My dad said the Callings could be affecting a lot of other passengers.
I think it's okay if we tell him about you, too.
Well, that you're here to help.
Oh, Cal, I'm telling you, they won't want to help me.
But if my dad knows you have the Calling, then he'll have to What's wrong? How did you get that burn? I-I-I don't know.
I didn't do anything.
You've been touched by the Almighty.
- Hmm? - "And they left their gods there, and David gave command, and they were burned".
This is a warning, Cal.
Wait, like like my trial by fire? See? You were right.
We are connected by the Callings.
God has chosen you to fulfill this Calling, and it's my responsibility to help you.
So you're saying we can tell my parents about everything now? This is your mission.
You were the one marked.
Do you really think your parents will hand the reins over to you? But you are gonna help me, right? You're the one who said the Callings wanted me here.
I think this is why to be the Aaron to your Moses.
I'm gonna help you follow God's mission.
You'll never guess this one.
Or you can just tell me.
Your boy Eagan just waived his phone call.
Said the person he wants to speak to is right here.
I strongly suggest you do not waste your one phone call Why was your brother set free, but I'm still stuck in here? Huh? Don't all us passengers deserve the same treatment from New York's finest? Ben posted bail.
Anything else you're reading into it is in your imagination.
Then, what? Robert Vance is just a friend? - Nice friends to have.
- It's not like that.
Everything boils down to your brother and you only looking out for yourselves, and not for the passengers.
- First Eureka, now here.
- That's not true.
Ben of all people has nearly ruined his life for the passengers.
Ben's in up to his dad jeans with the NSA, and as for you, tell me What does it feel like being a passenger rounding up passengers? You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
I know everything I need to know.
If the passengers are gonna survive this clampdown, if they're gonna survive these intensifying Callings, they're going to need a leader that's gonna look out for them.
And you're looking at him.
You stand in my way? Not gonna end well for you.
Are you threatening me? Phone call's over.
Bye, now.
Just be cool.
You have to stop testing right now.
I'm surprised to see you back from your vacation so quickly.
What vacation? Why else would you abruptly head off to upstate New York? Surely it couldn't have been to steal a priceless artifact and try and trick everyone here into believing they destroyed it? Where is the Ark piece now? You're really interested in testing the boundaries of our relationship, aren't you? Testing on the Ark was causing the earthquake we felt here in the city.
If a piece with sapphire that small, Vance, could cause so much chaos, imagine what something the size of the Tailfin could do.
The consequences could have been astronomical.
That earthquake could have been devastating.
There were dozens of earthquakes today all over the world, just like every day.
Did the Ark piece cause them? I am so sick of you arguing causation over correlation.
You're just bending the reality that you see to match the reality that you want.
And you're not doing the exact same thing? Just stop it, Vance! Stop the testing right now.
It is vital.
Please! You want to stop testing on the Tailfin? Bring back the Ark piece.
I had to.
I dropped it into the fissure upstate.
It is gone.
Which is why the volcanic activity stopped.
Saanvi, you and I have been through a lot, but make no mistake.
I am an intelligence officer first and foremost.
My duty is to my country.
If I've given you the impression otherwise, that's my fault.
I think it's best if you leave.
Are you firing me? You're lucky that's all I'm doing.
Okay, you have the perimeter of your home in which you can move around.
Anything beyond your mailbox will set off the alarm.
How were you able to post bail? Took a second mortgage on the house.
And I pulled my deposit on the restaurant.
Grace, I Ben, let's not.
Not now.
Hey, bud.
I know this is weird and scary, but come on down.
You don't need to be up there alone.
Maybe I can help.
- Help how? - Ben.
Maybe I can solve the Calling on my own this time.
Maybe it's like a warning.
Like it's a punishment for something.
T-The two of you have done more than enough for the Callings.
There's nothing to be punished for.
There is, Mom.
- Honey - It's like It's as if, like, the Callings were angry at us.
Yeah, maybe so.
Angry that some of the passengers are poking holes in the Lifeboat.
Which is why I need to find a way around this, Grace so I can solve this Calling.
Really? That officer probably hasn't even reached his car yet.
I can do it.
I can do it on my own.
You're not gonna do anything on your own, Cal.
And you're not doing anything, either.
Just let Michaela take the lead on this one.
You're not listening! No.
Come on, Cal! I I'm gonna have to solve this Calling eventually.
Of course you are, but just not yet.
I mean, l-look at you.
Ben, you are so consumed with the Callings and the Lifeboat that you have pushed our son to believing that he needs to solve this all on his own.
What do you want from me, Grace? We don't have a choice.
We have t Alright.
I don't want to do this anymore.
That Calling was worse than the ones before.
I think I know what I have to do.
Cal? Cal? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay, Mom! Can I come in? We don't lock doors in this house.
You know that.
Mom, there's just a lot going on right now with with Dad and the Calling.
I-I just need some privacy.
I'll come check on you later.
What are you drawing? The answer to the Calling.
Hey, guys.
I, um, just came to check on him.
How's he doing? He's in the garage.
That bad, huh? I can't go on like this.
Yes, you can.
You're gonna go on like this for the next three years, and sometimes, yes, it will be hell, like it is right now.
But before you know it, the Death Date is gonna be there, and the man who's putting you through hell he's gonna live.
And once you're on the other side, everything is gonna change.
And it'll never be hell again.
And I know that you are going to go on like this because the man who put me through hell is on the other side, and I can't wait to be there with him.
In the meantime, how can I help? You just did.
Otherwise, I'll get back to you when I know more.
Okay, thanks.
So much for taking it slow.
I've gotten over 20 e-mails, about a dozen voicemails from passengers.
We all had the same Calling, Mick.
Every single one of us.
- Ben, just stop.
- We have to solve this.
If so many of us had it, it could be the most important - Calling we've had so far.
- I'm not saying not to solve it, but just lean on me a little bit.
Take a beat.
You, too? I'm on house arrest.
Not bed rest, Mick.
We have no way to control the Lifeboat, and now, with this, I I don't even have the freedom to solve one Calling! - If I could just fi - Ben, just stop.
You're in here right now trying to save the world, but out there, Grace feels like hers is falling apart.
She lost the restaurant, Mick.
Because of me.
Yeah, well, she's more concerned with losing you.
Come on.
Show me what you got.
Well, we were all on fire.
The Dark Cloud returned.
And the Silent Screams.
There's gotta be a common denominator.
You're right.
There must.
I gotta go.
I'll call you later, okay? Saanvi? I gotta follow through with this.
Well I'm not gonna say I'm okay with it, because I'm not.
I'm not asking for your permission.
I'm a member of the Lifeboat, too, and I need to decide what I think is best.
You told me the way I was handling the Lifeboat was wrong.
Hell, I've got an ankle bracelet proving you right.
But, Mick, I'm saying the same to you now.
You know, you might not think I'm a good passenger, but I'm a good cop, okay? And this is what good cops do.
It's time to tell my dad about these burns.
They're starting to really hurt.
Did you fall on a hot stove? Spill boiling water on yourself? Exactly.
These burns aren't manmade, so man can't heal them.
This is how you get rid of those burns.
You were tasked with a mission, and when that mission is fulfilled, you'll be healed.
Aaron helped Moses realize how special he is.
I'm here to do the same.
Okay, we'll do this together.
I'm ready to confess.
I'm not gonna turn my back on that, but I need you to promise me one thing.
- What's that? - That you're gonna stop Vance from continuing tests on the Tailfin.
I destroyed the driftwood.
That's where I've been.
It's causing real-world damage.
The Tailfin is gonna do the same thing, only much worse.
Ben and I have been getting Callings all day.
It must have been warning us about what you discovered.
Everyone is so desperate to know what happened to us, yet they won't listen to us.
Even Vance admits that he can't stop what's already been put into motion.
The biggest asset I could've been at Eureka was as a passenger.
Instead, they used that information to dismiss me, not to empower me.
Only we can save ourselves.
Not as scientists, not as cops, but as 828ers.
Ride or die.
Promise me you'll stop him.
Okay, I'm ready.
Um, take a seat.
I'm gonna go set the table with my Captain.
Captain, I have someone that I need to I'm glad you're here.
Henry Kim.
The name ring a bell? Uh, sounds familiar.
Why? Mr.
Kim was a passenger from Singapore who had been detained.
What about him? He was executed this afternoon.
I thought I'd let you know before the story breaks.
So you just want me to sit back and do nothing while they go after pas kill passengers? This isn't Singapore.
So, just business as usual, then? Just say it.
I heard from 1PP.
They're concerned about corners you've cut, inconsistencies.
- We've talked about this.
- I know.
But they're involved now.
They want you on desk duty for the near future, until this fully smooths out.
I'm sorry.
You know, I stood here months ago, and I committed to playing by the rules.
With each new case, I did everything to be a good cop.
Even if it felt wrong.
Even it meant going against my instincts.
A passenger has just been executed.
More are being brought in every single day.
My own brother is being targeted, and now my value to this force is being erased.
This is not what I committed to.
This was not our deal.
I'm appreciative of your commitment, but following the rules, playing by the rules, shouldn't have been an ask in the first place.
The thing is, the rules for the passengers are changing, and while the system could always rely on me, I can no longer rely on the system.
- I Should I - Wait outside, and don't say anything till we get in the car.
- Go.
- Hey.
- Just want to keep you in the loop.
- Mm.
You see who we just booked right now? You shouldn't be sharing that information with me anymore.
Okay, look, Mick, I know when I said it was us against the world, that was a bit heavy.
Okay, I just meant we're on the same side here.
No, we're not.
And I-I'm not allowed to hear about w-whatever or whoever you're dealing with anymore.
What are you talking about? Did you just get fired? Because I will not stand for that, Michaela.
I didn't I didn't get fired.
I I quit.
You're doing the right thing.
W-We're doing the right thing.
Listen, Cal, um, when we get there, - I'm not coming with you.
- What? But I-I thought we were supposed to do this together? We're connected, remember? You said that you were the Aaron to my Moses.
Aaron was called to help Moses, but he wasn't the leader his brother was.
God knows our hearts, and He puts us in situations He knows we can handle.
But I'm not a leader.
You are so much more than you think.
You figured all this out.
I just got you here.
Maybe that was my redemption.
Eden was supposed to protect me, and I'm supposed to protect you.
But this is yours, Cal.
It has been from the start.
I'll always believe that you're special.
Thank you for being the one person who wanted me to stay.
Oh, and if you ever need a place to go, there's a key under the creepy garden gnome by the front door.
Hey, Moses.
You got this.
I promise you, no more pushing things to the edge.
No more risking everything for the Lifeboat, for the Callings.
Risk everything.
Keep that damn Lifeboat afloat.
In three years, I want my son and my husband right here in my home next to me.
Just no more jail, okay? Yes, ma'am.
Me, again.
Hey, what are you doi Hi.
Oh, um, I'll give you guys some time.
I'm sorry for lying to you over and over and over again.
Come here.
You were right about Eureka.
I just got caught up in the scientific possibilities.
But I'm done harboring secrets.
It's good to have you back.
Weren't you gonna turn her in? Turns out there's greater forces at play than the justice system like a passenger clampdown or a Lifeboat sinking.
- Thanks to me.
- And me.
Alright, we can apologize all night long, but we should really figure out what the hell we're gonna do from here.
Whoa, lady, I'm gonna pull over if you're gonna puke.
No, keep driving.
Y-You still haven't told me where we're going.
Just keep driving.
Relentless, right? Feels like I've been on fire all day.
I'll be damned.
Turning into a real 828 reunion in here.
Looks like they're coming after all of us, doesn't it? Yes, it does.
Innocent bystanders, cult leaders.
Whatever you think you know about me, you don't.
Where've they been hiding you, anyway? You fell off the radar after that nightclub fire.
Fire pales compared to the fury of His wrath.
And His wrath is coming.
The Calling, it's escalating.
My guess is, we're all feeling it.
But what's it saying? Okay, well, the dark clouds led us to Eureka.
The burning and the screaming it felt like Cuba again, only worse.
The erupting volcano's making me think that they've started testing again.
- On the Tailfin? - Yeah.
That's the common denominator.
Okay, I have a question.
If the Tailfin caused so much damage, then why did it reappear in the first place? It wasn't supposed to.
My killing the Major triggered the Tailfin to disappear.
Then it resurfaced due to an earthquake.
Just like the driftwood, which caused an earthquake here, which almost caused a volcanic eruption.
Until you got rid of the driftwood.
Wait, I-I think we have to do more than just stop Eureka from testing.
I think we have to destroy the Tailfin.
Okay, but if you're right, how? You're on house arrest.
I just cut my ties with all of my resources.
You're on the outs at Eureka.
So how the hell do you suggest that we get in there, let alone pull that off? You were right.
The Tailfin's readings are significantly more powerful than the driftwood's.
But? But we haven't been able to channel that power accordingly.
We're missing something.
What are we missing? Dr.
We've got something you might want to see.
- Can it wait? - I don't think it can.
Can we help you, young man? My name is Cal Stone.
I'm here to see the Tailfin.

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