Manifest (2018) s03e12 Episode Script

Mayday (1)

Previously on "Manifest"Are you hearing things, Randall? You are so consumed with the Callings and the Lifeboat.
Where is he?! Effective immediately, NYPD is to report all 828 passenger cases to the FBI.
Looks like they're coming after all of us, doesn't it? You fell off the radar after that nightclub fire.
Adrian: We are returned from the dead to be agents of the apocalypse.
I killed the Major.
You have a responsibility.
Michaela: I can no longer rely on the system.
Did you just get fired? I quit.
I got you.
It's us against the world.
Look, Angelina.
This can't hap What the hell is going on?! Grace: Olive knew there was something off about her.
If you ever need a place to go, there's a key under the creepy garden gnome by the front door.
Ben: The Calling, it's escalating.
Testing on the Ark was causing the earthquake we felt here in the city.
Imagine what something the size of the Tailfin could do.
God has chosen you to fulfill this Calling.
Angelina: When that mission is fulfilled, you'll be healed.
We have to do more than just stop Eureka from testing.
We have to destroy the Tailfin.
Michaela: How the hell do you suggest that we pull that off? My name is Cal Stone.
I'm here to see the Tailfin.
You guys okay? Cal, hey! Ben, look at me! Bethany.
Bethany! Ben, please tell me what's happening.
Ben, please Saanvi.
Saanvi, look! Saanvi! Zeke: Mick? Mick? Mick! Aah! Are you okay? That was, uh Terrifying.
You wouldn't stop shaking.
I've never seen you have a Calling that powerful before.
We were back on 828.
There was blood coming down the walls.
Sounds like a horror movie.
There was so much blood.
There was so much blood.
You think a passenger's gonna get hurt? Not if I can help it.
Okay, the best chance they'll have to get in is through the south gate.
Why there? Less security.
If Mick creates a diversion, Saanvi has an idea of how to destroy the Tailfin.
I'm kinda glad you have to sit this one out, even if it is for the wrong reasons.
I'm sorry.
I can't believe what happened with Angelina.
I-I-I should've been here for you.
You don't have to apologize.
I can't believe I didn't see what was going on under my own roof.
I feel terrible for not trusting you.
We're good, Mom.
Hey, what's up? Michaela: Please tell me you saw that? You had a Calling? Ben, the walls of the plane were bleeding.
Someone is gonna get hurt or or worse.
I need to look into it.
No, no.
You need to go to Eureka.
Maybe that's what the Calling's about.
Uh, Ben, her Calling could be about anything.
You, Cal.
It's not about Eureka, and it's not about Ben or Cal.
Why do you say that? I saw Bethany.
She could hear me in the Calling, but you, Cal, Saanvi You didn't even flinch.
I don't know.
Maybe she knows something that could help.
Okay, let me know.
It's a temporary setback.
And you'll only get one shot at Eureka.
A little extra time to plan it out is not a bad thing.
I know.
I know.
I just wish I could do it on my own.
Well, I've never seen one of those up close before.
It's pretty badass.
No, it's not.
I'm embarrassed you and Cal have to see it.
Where isCal, anyway? Oh, he crashed early.
He was lights out by the time I put Eden down.
Cal: What are you waiting for?! Hold on.
Does anyone know you're here? No.
I didn't tell anybody I was coming because they'd tell me I couldn't.
And this is important.
Like I told that lady who doesn't smile, this Tailfin cannot be here anymore! You're growing up to be a lot like your dad.
Thank you.
Wasn't a compliment.
Unless you're closing down Eureka, now's not the best time.
Well, that makes two of us.
I have something that belongs to you.
Grace: What's he doing there?! I have no idea.
Vance said he just showed up on his own.
We gotta get him out.
Wait, Dad, what are you doing? Breaking out of jail.
Ben, you take that off, you will be arrested again, charged with another crime.
Let mego.
I don't trust that place.
I'm not gonna let you go alone.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Let me try.
Ben, please.
It's amazing what you can find on the Internet.
Honey, you can't just There.
Now they'll think you're home.
No, Ol, you can't.
Dad, I don't know how much longer this magic trick is gonna work, so just go get Cal.
I got Eden.
No luck with the flight attendant? I left her two voicemails, a dozen texts.
I'm starting to feel like a stalker.
It's been months since you last talked to her.
Maybe she's out of town.
She had the Calling.
I know it.
Everywhere I looked, there was blood streaming down the walls, Zeke.
Bethany saw more than me.
I'm stuck without her.
If I would've just left you alone, you would've had a chance to see what scared Bethany.
Hey, you had no idea what I was going through.
All I could do was feel your terror.
What's the point of surviving the Death Date and having these empathic vibes if I can't even help my own wife? You help me every single day.
And your empathy? I hope we all get it, because it's a gift.
Is it? You expecting company? Maybe it's Bethany.
Is everything okay? No.
It's not.
How can you just up and quit, Michaela? You didn't even tell your partner.
I'll tell her tomorrow.
Jared, do you know what time it is? I'm sorry.
Okay? You didn't text me back.
I literally just got off my shift.
What the hell's going on? I can't be at the NYPD and persecute passengers.
It's my job to protect them, not to hunt them down, and if I refuse, they'll come after me.
I would never let that happen.
Mick, I'd protect you.
J, I know you have my back, but this is different.
I I can't get into it.
Try me.
Look as much as you want to, you'll never be able to understand the weight of the Callings or the responsibility of living with them.
You just can't.
If you think you can help these people more as a civilian than an actual cop you're kidding yourself.
Good night, Jared.
You okay? I don't like not telling him the truth about Saanvi, but he can't ever know, 'cause otherwise, Saanvi's not the only one going to jail.
You owe him no apologies.
I've just never kept secrets from him before.
And he doesn't like not being the hero in your life anymore.
No, he's just upset.
Come on.
It doesn't take an empath to know he still has feelings for you.
Ben: There he is.
What exactly is going on? Like I told your husband on the phone, Cal showed up on his own.
We don't even know how he got here.
I took a cab.
You scared us, buddy.
I got a Calling.
I had to come.
Thought you were on house arrest.
What happened to your ankle monitor? Don't ask.
Let's go, Calamander.
Mom, I told you.
I got a You got a Calling.
I heard you.
Whatever it is, we will discuss it at home.
Please, let's go.
No, Mom, I need to stay.
The Tailfin's dangerous.
Something bad is gonna happen if we don't stop them.
Dangerous how? I don't know! I-It It just can't be here anymore! Where should it be? I Okay, no.
He is not talking to you.
He's not talking to anyone here.
Cal, please.
It is late.
Let's just go home.
We will figure this out together, okay? No Aah.
What's wrong? Cal, what is it? Oh, my God.
What happened? I told you.
I got a Calling.
We need to get him to New York Pres.
They have one of the best burn units in the city.
They won't understand.
Your son's right.
If this doesn't have a medical explanation, then it's just as probative for us to examine him as we did you.
Get Saanvi.
She no longer works here.
I don't care.
She's the only doctor who I will let near Cal.
Just get her here.
Or we're out.
You didn't warn me you were such an early riser.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Well, fresh coffee makes up for it.
Sorry I got in so late last night.
Thank you.
Everything okay? Thanks to you getting my mom's death certificate, the bank finally released her safety deposit box.
Courier dropped it off yesterday.
I haven't been able to bring myself to open it.
It's just too hard.
There's nothing you're gonna find in that box that's gonna change the way your mom felt for you.
I have to get ready for work.
I'll open it tonight.
You'll be here? I wouldn't be anywhere else.
Hey, it's me.
Cal's fine.
This is gonna be really cold, and it's gonna sting a little bit, but it's gonna prevent infection, and it's gonna help with healing, okay? Okay, I trust you.
So, any idea what this could be? I extracted a tissue sample.
Troy's running some tests, but look, in the meantime, I'm gonna start Cal on some I.
fluids to keep him hydrated, and I'm gonna give him pain medication.
I got him, Grace.
I know you do.
Thank you.
I talked to Mick.
Her Calling definitely didn't have any flames, and she doesn't have any burns.
This seems completely separate.
These wounds are really severe, Cal.
You said that they just appeared? Yeah, but they were much smaller at first.
The Callings are shifting.
They have been since the Tailfin surfaced.
So what? This is their way of telling us to stop testing on the Tailfin? That's what I've been saying this whole time! Except we already knew that.
And when we didn't listen, they sent us something we can't ignore.
Grace: But why punish Cal? It's not like he's in charge of anything.
Out of all of us, Cal's always had a deeper connection with the Callings.
He's somehow more sensitive to them.
Cal's skin tissue is covered in the same sapphire compound that we found on the Tailfin.
And on your hand.
How is that possible? He hasn't touched the Tailfin.
Well, not yet, but something's not right.
We have to stop them.
Michaela: I'm so sorry to show up so early like this, but you weren't answering your phone, so You're right.
I wasn't.
You shouldn't be here.
We just need a moment of your time.
This is my husband, Zeke.
I remember you, from the fire.
You helped us.
Bethany, I had a terrifying Calling last night.
You were there.
I know you had it, too.
Maybe I did.
But that doesn't mean I want to talk to you about it.
No, we need to.
This is what happened when Thomas needed our help.
We're supposed to figure this out together.
People are afraid.
Of us? Yes, of you.
Of everything.
Passengers being arrested and put in jail with no explanation.
I was put on a no-fly list.
I can't do my job anymore.
And guess what? Nobody wants to hire an unemployed 828er for anything! I am so sorry.
I'm not a cop anymore.
I quit because the passengers weren't being treated right.
But your brother I mean, the way he's been acting, threatening people Trust me, he has learned from his mistakes.
Bethany, you know Michaela.
Ever since your plane landed, she's done nothing but try to help you and all the passengers.
You're all in the same boat.
That is why I'm here.
The Calling warned me someone is gonna get hurt.
Or worse.
Help me stop it.
Randall: What about my freaking rights? I'm no sheep you can quietly take to slaughter.
Yeah, no one's gonna mistake you for anything quiet, pal.
This a joke to you? What about respect for God-fearing, tax-paying citizens? You work for us.
For the city.
And I bet it's been a minute since you paid any taxes.
When's "the city" planning to release us? We've been here since last night.
You'll be free to go as soon as you're done being processed.
" This is the biggest mockery of the rule of law I've ever seen.
Oh, yeah? Why don't you take it up with your attorney? Maybe you can hook me up with Ben Stone's attorney, Mr.
NSA himself.
You got no idea what you're talking about, do you? The hell I don't.
Ben Stone's got the NSA in his pocket.
He even hooked up that cancer doctor, Saanvi Bahl, with a cush gig at a secret NSA lab.
You mean that place up in White Plains? The one that looks like a suburban Death Star? Yeah.
Sheep to slaughter.
Glad someone's as pissed off as I am about this nonsense.
You from 828, also? Yep.
Same with this guy, but he's apparently taking a vow of silence.
Just saving my breath.
Nothing's gonna change.
You really been here since yesterday? Yep.
This is how it starts.
No-fly list, fingerprints.
They've got our DNA, too.
Next thing you know, they'll have us on a registry.
How's that even legal? We're talking about the same country that's keeping migrants in cages as we speak.
Legal means nothing when National Security's invoked.
All of this is beyond our control.
Like hell it is.
We're passengers in a journey far larger than ourselves.
The end of times is nearing.
I liked you better quiet.
What do you mean the end of times? Please, whatever you're doing to the Tailfin has to stop.
I mean, don't you see that's what's causing Cal's burns? Cal was miles away and had a vision of himself on fire.
How does that have anything to do with what's going on here at Eureka? Cal's burns are like the earthquake.
It is a warning that we need to listen.
There's not a shred of evidence to support that theory.
You of all people should know better.
You have to trust me.
It is all connected.
We are meddling with the divine here, Vance, and we need to stop.
Ben, you know how far above my pay grade this goes.
What are you so worried about? Being reprimanded? Fired? Come on.
You are a father, too.
Would you jeopardize your own son's life? We'll pause the testing temporarily.
You can't do that.
I can and I will.
There's a potential it could prove whether or not the testing had anything to do with Cal's burns.
Thank you.
Why don't you tell us exactly what you saw.
Any small detail might help us piece things together.
Well, we were all back on the plane, 828.
Turbulence hit, but that was no big deal.
But then there was blood everywhere.
Pouring down from the ceiling.
Blood on the walls.
It was as if the plane itself was bleeding.
Yeah, I saw that, too, and then I saw you rushing towards the back.
Bethany! Bethany: Yeah, I heard screaming.
I knew someone needed my help.
I see someone trying to open the emergency door.
Short guy.
I felt like he was gonna kill us all.
I'm sure Drea would've cleared your desk for you.
Actually, I came to talk to you.
Uh, well, Eagan.
I need you to get me into holding.
Well, this isn't a revolving door, Michaela.
You made your choice.
You don't work here anymore.
I'm not trying to get my shield back.
I just need a couple minutes to talk to him.
You're here to do whatever it is that you want to do.
Jared, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.
I had a Calling.
Of course you did.
The passengers are in danger, and you are literally the only person that can help me right now.
Why is his temperature going up? Fever means infection.
I mean, it's common with severe burns, but I'm gonna put some antibiotics into his I.
and try to nip it in the bud.
They stopped testing hours ago.
He's not getting better.
Maybe we need to do more.
Like what? Like put our Like our plan into play now.
Okay, do you really think destroying the Tailfin is gonna make him better? Maybe.
I know Gupta's itching to restart testing, and I don't know how much longer Vance is gonna hold her off.
Look, I can't be in two places at once.
I got to stay here and keep monitoring Cal's progress.
Then put me to work.
If the only way to save Cal is to get rid of the Tailfin, then that's what I'll do.
Just tell me how.
Make it quick.
I owe you.
Yeah, I'll just add it to your tab.
What are you doing here, Adrian? It's an 828 reunion.
Your NSA buddies didn't send you an invite? I was hoping we could talk.
Unlike you, I have no choice being here, but I don't have to talk.
Okay, I had a horrifying Calling last night.
We were all back on the plane.
Did anyone else get it, too? Nope.
I told Ben a long time ago.
I refuse to be a dark angel, lured by signs and wonders.
I don't think ignoring the Callings is a choice, Adrian.
You're wrong.
Once you give your body only enough sustenance to survive, leave everything behind, eventually the voices quiet.
You're telling me you don't get Callings anymore? Probably for the best.
Not exactly a barrel of laughs.
What? You don't get them, either? What if I did? Not much I can do in here, is there, Detective? I turned in my badge, okay? I chose my side.
I chose the passengers' side.
In other words, you're free but can't do smack to get us out.
If you're such an advocate for the passengers, why don't you help me solve this? 'Cause you know as well as I do, if we don't, someone's gonna die.
What about your brother? Where's Captain Planet when you need him? He didn't get the Calling.
Really? Are the Callings giving up on old Benny boy? You know, in the Calling, Eagan, you were the one opening the emergency door.
You were the one putting us all in danger, not my brother.
Put us in danger? I was trying to save us! And maybe the Callings didn't bother with Ben because he's a loose cannon.
Maybe you and I should be in charge, take things in a different direction.
Well, if you're such a leader, then lead.
Tell me what you saw.
Like I thought.
Your M.
isn't exactly putting other people's needs in front of your own.
There was blood everywhere.
I felt danger, so I went to open the door.
We had to get out.
Then I saw a small-beaked black bird.
Maybe a crow or a raven.
Anything else? Wind, turbulence, people screaming bloody murder, birds notorious for picking the remains of the dead.
What else do you need? I don't know.
The Calling was a crime scene.
Eagan, someone is gonna die, and we're all witnesses, but we're all seeing it from a different vantage point.
You should talk to anyone else who was out of their seats.
Why? No one seated was reacting to any of this.
The flight attendant, you, me People out of their seats were the only ones who had the Calling.
Did you see anyone else walking around? No one.
Although I counted 17 empty seats.
There was only 14 unoccupied seats on 828.
Flight crew use the jump seats.
But if you're right about the unbooked ones, someone besides the two of us must've been up.
You find that person, you find your eye witness.
Eagan, do you remember which seats were empty? Please.
A little respect.
Troy: Do you know how the simulator works? Ben: Saanvi says it powers up on the mainframe.
Which I can do from her station.
And I Adjust the radiation variable on the dial to maximum.
Instead of shooting dark lightning, it'll decimate whatever you point it at.
So I just aim it at the Tailfin and shoot like a video game? I'm more of a "Thrones of Britannia" guy, but that sounds right.
Gupta's in her meeting.
Her briefings with Washington end like clockwork.
We've got three minutes tops.
Come on.
After you activate, walk away.
You don't have to get caught up in this.
They'll see my log-in.
But it's okay.
I'll do anything for Saanvi.
Man: Sir, stop what you're doing now! Cal, what happened to you? I'm okay.
It was just a Calling.
What? Dad and I, we were We were underwater.
Oh, it was so dark.
We couldn't see the surface.
But we saw the Tailfin.
And I think I know why.
The drawing.
It's underwater.
The The bottom of the ocean.
What does that mean? Stone, what the hell? We don't need to destroy the Tailfin.
We need to return it.
Hey, Ol.
Nice anklet.
Any update from your folks on Cal? No.
Not yet.
What's up? We need to go over the passenger manifest.
What are you guys trying to solve? I think a passenger might die, but I think I know how to stop it from happening.
Let me help.
Can't hurt.
What do you know about ravens? Uh, Noah sent a raven to look for dry land before sending the dove, but it never returned.
My dad sent me on a deep dive on flood myths.
Okay, dig up whatever you can on Noah's Ark, ravens, doves, a-anything.
On it.
Let's figure out who else had that Calling.
Ben: How much clearer can it be? It's been right in front of our faces all along.
The darkness.
It's the bottom of the sea, Vance.
Look! The Calling wants the Tailfin back in the ocean.
We're not doing that.
To say the least.
He was trying to use our own equipment to destroy the Tailfin.
He needs to be arrested.
We're not doing that, either.
The Tailfin is a prized possession of our government, of the world, and I'm finally getting results, but you want to throw it away? No.
Not away.
It doesn't belong to us.
He's certifiable.
I want him gone.
I can handle this.
You go see if there was any damage done to the Tailfin.
You gotta listen to me, Vance I did listen.
I put the testing on hold.
Have Cal's burns changed in the slightest? Not yet.
That's because we haven't completed the Calling.
Why would the Callings want us to find the Tailfin and not study it? Because it was never supposed to be found.
Cal's drawing that led us to Cuba was for us to return the Tailfin to where those fishermen found it.
The Calling still wants that.
I risked my life to get that Tailfin because of you.
I know.
And I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
What makes you so sure you're not wrong now? I have made my fair share of mistakes lately.
But I am more sure of this than I've been of anything in a long time, Vance.
Come on.
You gotta believe me.
It's not about me believing you.
It's about them believing me.
I so much as suggest tossing that Tailfin in the ocean, I get tossed out of here.
I'll never be able to help you or any of the passengers again.
Then we don't tell them.
We just do it.
We've done it before, we can do it again.
Vance! I would never ask you to risk anything I wouldn't risk myself.
For my boy, my son I'd risk my life.
We do this my way or not at all.
Yes, sir.
Adrian: "I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another.
Every one will be thrown down.
When there's lightning in the sky and earthquakes in various places, the end is soon to come.
" Anyone who tries to force you to follow the Callings, force you to do anything, has ulterior motives.
For they are the ones who will bring about the end of times.
Particularly Ben Stone.
Dude came to my house to tell me I should listen to the damn voices in my head.
Nearly shot him dead.
Should have blown his head off.
Then we wouldn't be in this mess.
What makes you say that? He's not on our side.
He betrayed us.
Ben Stone's working with that NSA guy who first interrogated us when we got back.
They've got 828 locked up in a secret facility, and they just got themselves a piece of Noah's Ark.
How's that possible? They're the feds.
Anything's possible.
They're trying to prove that 828 is related to Noah, and if they do, we'll be right next to the polar bears in the Bronx Zoo.
Ben has always fancied himself a modern day Noah.
Everything he does brings the apocalypse nearer.
Like this government round-up.
It's part of His prophecy.
"You will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all.
" Once we're out of here, the passengers have to work together to stop the government, which starts with stopping Ben Stone.
You in? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Mm, no one assigned.
Uh, 33C.
No one assigned.
Uh, 32E.
You think he's the one? No, according to Ben's notes, Chung moved to an aisle seat.
This is gonna be trickier than I thought.
Okay, I found something.
There are a bunch of Noah myths stemming from the "Epic of Gilgamesh.
" The what of what? Ancient Mesopotamian religious myth.
Anyway, a lot of the text describes Noah as the savior of the world.
Yeah, that's the story I grew up on.
Others see him as the destroyer.
What do you mean the destroyer? He built the ark, the saved the animals, he Yeah, in this version, Noah is disgusted with the evil in the world, and after he failed to convince people to do good, he asked God to bring on the flood.
So, Noah didn't save humanity from the flood.
He caused it? He was an agent of the apocalypse.
You're starting to sound a lot like Adrian.
He was obsessed with the passengers bringing on the apocalypse.
Adrian's in jail right now.
He told me that he can't get Callings anymore.
Got it.
He is lying.
Adrian was out of his seat.
We got to get back to the precinct.
Now you're putting in more hours now than when you worked here.
I need to talk to Adrian right away.
Didn't you talk to him already? No, he lied to me, and I think he can help us with this Calling.
Well, I wish I could help.
A person's life is at stake, Jared.
Can't help you see Adrian because he's gone.
We released all the passengers already.
Why? He was fingerprinted, photographed, and processed.
Can you not send a cruiser to go after No, no, no.
You quit the force, okay? You quit being a cop, which means you quit having me do your dirty work.
You can't have it both ways.
Not anymore.
Please, Mom! Tell her, Dad! I need to stay! Cal, all I care about is you getting better, which you are not.
Let's go, bud.
Okay, I've already called the hospital.
They know you guys are coming, and they're gonna take Cal straight into the burn unit.
There's an ambulance waiting for you outside.
I can't go without the Tailfin! Hey, hey.
I'm on this, buddy.
Trust me.
Come on.
What are you doing? I ordered a halt to all testing on the Tailfin.
You have no authority here.
Oh, but I do.
Director Zimmer overruled you.
Sarah: I couldn't have done this without you.
Thanks for being here.
Of course.
Take your time.
My medal from my first, and last, swim meet.
Third place.
I can't believe she kept this.
I know what all this stuff is, except this.
Bahl? I don't even know who are what that is.
I do.
Jared: I think you know Major General Katherine Fitz.
He even hooked up Dr.
Saanvi Bahl with a gig at a secret NSA lab.
Saanvi Bahl is a passenger on the plane.
Sarah, your mother was investigating her before she died.
My mom must have been investigating tons of people.
Why would this be in her personal effects? You think Saanvi Bahl had anything to do with my mom's death? I don't know.
But if she did, I'm gonna find out.
How about some hot tea for you, too? Calm those nerves.
Did I make a mistake? Quitting the force? No.
Don't do that to yourself.
Without Jared's help, I don't know how we're gonna find Adrian.
He's got to show up eventually.
Hard to believe he wouldn't come forward if he knew he could save a life.
What if he thought that the life didn't deserve to be saved? Like who? Like my brother.
Like me.
Mick! Eagan! Eagan! Adrian's here somewhere! We got to find him! Come on! Help me! Come on! Adrian, hey! I know you see this! Hey, Adrian, what do you know? Who is gonna die? This is a resistance.
We have to be united in our mission to fight this upcoming registry, to fight these injustices and to stand up for our rights.
- Yeah! - Always! But there are passengers who have chosen the other side, who have aligned with the government to stab us in the back.
Traitors! Damn right.
And none is more dangerous than Ben Stone.
He's a narcissistic, the self-appointed leader of the 828ers.
But I don't need anyone to tell me how to live my life.
- Yeah.
- You said it.
Adrian Shannon knows the Stones better than most.
Adrian His eyes were bleeding, and he he lied to me, but I don't know what about.
Mick, I felt him.
In my Calling? What did you feel? He was filled with guilt and shame, like he'd done something terrible.
Zeke, what if it's not about a passenger dying? What if it's about a passenger killing? You think Adrian's gonna murder someone? Like Noah's Ark before it, Flight 828 is a harbinger of the end of times, and Ben Stone is an agent of the apocalypse.
And he calls himself a leader, but like Noah, only plans to save his own family while the rest of us succumb to the flood.
Thought Noah saved the world? You sure about that? Dr.
Gupta, I order you to stop! I will not.
You're clearly compromised and no longer objective.
Because he's not putting his own ambition above the well-being of a young boy? Because he's abandoned his duty to our country.
Are you kidding me right now? Have you got no soul? Look at him.
Do you see what you are doing to my son?! Everyone here wants your son to get well, but we also have a mission to complete.
If we continue, perhaps we'll find a way to help your son and all the other passengers.
Save your sanctimonious garbage for someone else.
You don't give a rat's ass about my son or about curing him.
This is about you and your research and nothing more.
When people didn't believe Noah, he got angry.
And when men get angry, they become vengeful.
Noah called on God to bring about the destruction of all the wicked, and only saved himself and his own family.
These are not the actions of a savior.
These are the actions of an executioner.
These are the actions of Ben Stone.
"Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins.
" Gupta: I beg you to reconsider your decision, Mrs.
Our medical team here is top notch, and we have the ability Ben: To what? Treat Cal like a guinea pig? No way.
Not a chance.
Well, what are you saying, Doctor? Where are you going? They don't understand.
I have to show them.
Show them what, honey? Love you, Mom.
I'll see you soon.
Cal? Cal.
Cal! Cal, stop! Cal! Cal, no! No! Cal, stop! Cal, stop! Cal! Cal! Cal! Cal, no! Shut it off! Cal, no! No! No! No! No! No!
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