Manifest (2018) s03e13 Episode Script

Mayday (2)

1 Man: Well, folks, we're about three hours from New York, but there's some turbulence up ahead, so please, stow any loose baggage back into the overhead compartments and return to your seats.
Adrian: Come on, man, I don't have all day.
Angelina: You sorta do.
I like to think of these moments as life pushing the pause button to give us a chance to reflect.
I don't want to reflect.
I want to get back to my seat.
We could talk.
Have you heard the Good News? Adrian: This blessed angel tried to show me The Light, but I wasn't ready.
I was just making conversation.
It was because of you that I found The Truth.
And now it is our job to pass that Truth on to you.
We were chosen by God.
But if we abuse His favor, it could mean doom.
Not just for the passengers, but for all of mankind.
It's not just a watchlist.
That NSA facility's been monitoring everything we do.
They're making it out like we're the enemy.
We gotta expose their lies and the people who are telling them, starting with that guy in charge, Robert Vance, and Ben and Michaela Stone.
It's time to take action.
Man: Stop.
We're on the move.
Grace: Cal has to be okay.
He's okay.
He said he would see me soon.
He will.
We'll get him back.
This is your fault.
He told you to stop testing on the Tailfin.
Now look what happened! Mr.
Stone, I know this is difficult to see right now, but in a sense, the experiment was successful.
We learned something.
Oh, my God.
Just like with the Ark fragment, we've shown that the temporal effect can be accessed by Dark Lightning.
And now that we know it's repeatable, we can use it to try Listen to yourself.
You're guessing.
We're analyzing the data.
The data is my son! That thing has to go back in the ocean.
Cal had a Calling.
That's why he was here! That's the way to bring him back.
That we cannot do.
Cal knew you wouldn't understand.
He knew you wouldn't understand! That's what he was trying to show you! Why won't you listen?! Mrs.
Stone, if we lose this Tailfin, we lose any chance of bringing your son back.
The science is clear.
We just need to ide But I don't give a damn about the science! It's my son! Please.
I have told you over and over again.
There are some things science can't explain.
Some things, you have to go on faith.
Don't bother.
What does she know about faith? When my grandmother was on her deathbed, she told me she was going to go live among the stars.
I built a telescope because I wanted to see her.
But I couldn't, because that's not how it works.
I'm sorry.
What does any of that have to do with our son? I'm trying to tell you I understand your desperation.
But you are clinging to faith when science is what will bring Cal home.
Tell me you reached someone who can put a stop to this.
You've gotta shut this down, Vance.
The NSA is aware of Cal's disappearance.
They want us to continue testing.
I thought you were the director.
W-What happened to full autonomy? If you're not in charge here, who is? Ben, I tried.
Yeah, just let me know.
Thanks, Drea.
No luck? Apparently, Adrian and Eagan went off the grid as soon as they got out.
I have called a dozen passengers, but no one's called me back.
Wish in your Calling I'd gotten a clearer sense of what they're up to.
I mean, I don't know if Adrian wants to kill someone or if something he does is gonna get someone killed.
Or something he says.
He and Eagan are recruiting 828ers, telling them that the passenger registry is Ben's fault, my fault.
They're radicalizing people using our names, and now someone might die because of it.
We gotta stop them.
Bad news, guys.
System says I can't sell to you today.
What? We're We're in here all the time? I know.
Wish it was up to me, but the computer says you're on some 828 watchlist.
Tony, the feds have it in for us.
What? Now you're on their side? I'm not on anyone's side here, Randy.
You know how it is.
It could mean my license.
How long do we have to wait? I'm not waiting.
Ben: Really appreciate you standing up for us back there.
What happened to having a plan, doing things your way? Or is that what you had in mind? Toeing the party line? You done? Took you long enough to march in here.
Ben, you run headlong into every problem you see.
It makes you a great dad, but sometimes you could use a little finesse.
Is that what that was? Finesse? Because from where I'm standing, it looked like surrendering.
I've been on 828 since the beginning.
I've seen what Cal can do.
Hell, I nearly got blown up because of it.
You think I'm gonna give up now? I already said I'm with you, but I'm not about to announce to Gupta I'm going to ignore an order from the Pentagon.
This place would be wall-to-wall federal troops.
You're going to ignore the Pentagon? I covered up a murder to protect you and the passengers.
Forget about the Callings.
If my kids went missing, I'd burn down the castle to get them back.
I made some calls.
I think I can backchannel a Coast Guard transport, but once we get that thing out of here, it's gonna feel like the whole world's against us.
The whole world isagainst us.
That's why we have each other, and we are gonna need all hands on deck.
Let's go save your boy.
Grace: Okay.
A boat is a good start.
But then what? You can't just throw the Tailfin in the East River.
They'll just fish it right back out again.
Saanvi put the Ark piece in that fissure upstate.
We just need to figure out where the Tailfin needs to go.
How? How do we do that? I don't know.
What if What if Gupta's right? What if the Tailfin is the only way No, no.
This is not the time to start doubting ourselves.
Or the Callings.
Just because we don't have the answer, it doesn't mean we stop believing that one exists.
I know there's an answer.
I just I don't understand how I'm supposed to find it.
Look at me.
When you first came back, I couldn't understand why this was happening to you, not to somebody else.
But now I see.
The Callings don't happen to you.
You happen to them, Ben.
Every time you reach another passenger, every time one of Cal's drawings comes tr Comes true.
Where's his sketchbook? Uh, I guess he He didn't bring it.
I need to find it.
I need to go home.
Grace, no, I need you here.
Cal needs you here.
If he comes back If Cal comes back, then everything's fine.
But if his sketchbook can tell us where to put the Tailfin, then I am of more use looking for it than I am hanging around here.
Trust me.
I love you.
Always and forever.
Drea: Erika Burness.
Patrol picked her up after she held up a gun store with her boyfriend, Randall Barr.
"Shotgun" Randall? Yeah.
Uh, he stuck a gun in Ben's face last year.
Hey, so, I sent a car by Randall's last-known address, but there's no sign of No.
We talked about this.
Jared, I had a Calling.
You know what, Mick? That's it.
I-I can't do this anymore.
I can't just throw away the rulebook every time you decide to get a Calling.
Come on, man.
Look, I know you're mad at her.
Maybe you're mad at me, but This has nothing to do with us.
Do you understand? This is about her lying to my face and expecting me to go along with it.
Lying about what? What's going on with Saanvi? Why did you bring her in here the day you decided to quit, Mick? Now I just found out the Major kept tapes of her sessions.
Mick, I knew about the therapy con, but this is more than that, isn't it? A whole lot of nothing, just as I expected.
You know what, guys? You You do whatever you're gonna do 'cause you're gonna do it anyways.
Leave me the hell out of it.
He'll come around.
No, I don't think this time he will.
Let's get to it.
Let's start over.
Tell me about the Ammo Store.
Where's Erika? I don't know.
We split up when we heard the cops.
Adrian: Did you try calling her? We ditched our phones, like you said! She'll be fine.
You did good.
You gotta stop getting people worked up, especially Randall.
He's a loose cannon.
I'm glad he's worked up.
Why aren't you? We should be trying to prevent the demise of humanity, not work out personal grievances.
Ben Stone will be our demise.
You said it yourself.
"Without the shedding of blood, there can be no remission of sins.
" Violence needs to be our last resort! Stop! Are we just gonna fight each other, or are we gonna figure out how to save ourselves like we're supposed to? She's right.
If Erika was picked up by the cops, how long do you think until she talks? We should go.
And you gotta put this plan of yours on hold until the smoke clears.
Nothing gets put on hold.
This is our opportunity.
Cooper: Every time Gupta runs a test, there's another earthquake.
Director, you have to get her to stop.
Vance: Trust me.
I tried.
We've pivoted to Plan B.
Okay, last time, there was a fault line where I could take the Ark fragment.
Is there any other place that could've opened up? There's seismic activity offshore, but it's all over the place.
I'd need a sonar scan of the ocean floor.
It would take days.
We don't have that kind of time.
But there should be new data from the latest tests.
Let me go check.
This isn't on you, Erika.
Adrian and Eagan are using you to do their dirty work.
Adrian and Eagan are trying to save the world.
It's Ben and Michaela Stone who want to destroy it.
Anything? What you see is what you get.
She believes everything she's saying.
Okay, we got to get something.
Otherwise, Jared's gonna have a field day.
Who cares what Jared thinks? We're trying to stop Adrian from getting someone killed.
I know.
It's just S-Sorry.
Look, I get it.
He was your partner, your fiancé.
Not being able to explain this all to him, that can't be easy.
Just what I need.
A husband who can read my mind.
Drea: It's just the government doing what it always does when people freak out.
We're not the enemy.
It's not fair.
It's tyranny.
Drea: And they've been getting away with it generation after generation.
Do you have any idea what they did to my grandparents during World War II? You are the latest in a long line of people who have been mistreated because the world doesn't understand who they are.
I didn't know who Michaela Stone was.
She scared the hell out of me.
But I can promise you, if anyone's gonna save the world, it's Michaela.
Everything she does is for the passengers, not herself.
Does that sound like Adrian and Eagan to you? Or are they just trying to get more power? I'm on your side, Erika.
Where are these guys? There's a warehouse on Staten Island.
Olive: I knew something was wrong.
I could feel it all morning, but What are you looking for?! His sketchbook or anything we can use to Thank God.
Where are the rest of the pages? Sometimes he rips them out after he draws them.
Here! This is it.
This is what? Ben: Some sort of puzzle.
Saanvi: Of what, a map? It looks like his picture of the Tailfin but from higher up.
Are the light parts land or unfinished drawing? Well, if these are islands, I don't recognize any of them.
We have a boat and security personnel to get us there.
How are we doing on destination? Working on it.
Last round of tests caused three more earthquakes.
Now there are electrical storms.
Dark lightning.
Okay, where do we focus? Because these storms are all over the place.
We got to narrow it down.
What the hell is going on here? Director Zimmer.
Vance: To what do we owe the pleasure? Why are personnel being diverted from the testing? Just contingency planning.
Don't handle me, Bob.
I told you to stand down.
Whatever you have up your sleeve here, it's over.
NYPD! Looks like they left in a hurry.
Passenger contact list.
Explains how Eagan got in touch with people so fast.
This is Ben's research.
Eagan must've stolen it.
Wonder if there's anything else they left behind.
Maybe it could tell us where they were headed.
Divide and conquer? I'll take the back, you guys see what more there is in here? Vance: We're pursuing an alternate theory that Cal Stone's disappearance is tied to seismic activity offshore.
And the Tailfin needs to go back in the ocean to stop it.
Are you out of your mind? You want to destroy the artifact? And this is what? A map? Yes.
Gupta: No, it's not.
Ma'am, this is a child's drawing which Mr.
Stone wants to believe is a map because he is desperate to save his son.
He's done this before.
Cal's drawings, they're they're special.
Stone, I'm aware of your son's abilities.
And I'm also a mother.
I want you to get your son back.
But it has to be Dr.
Gupta's research that makes it happen.
Director, I've been on this project since day one, and I would stake my career on the fact there's a message in those drawings.
Then what exactly is it a map of? We're not sure yet.
W-We're working on it.
My wife and daughter are, too.
If you're wrong about this, it's going to be bad for you.
If I'm wrong about this, it's going to be bad for all of us.
There's something underneath.
What? Cal must've ran out of paper.
He used this page twice.
It's some sort of symbol.
If I can just remove the top layer but leave the pigment underneath, I I might be able to restore the original drawing.
What? Last time we went through this, you were so young.
I'll always be your little girl, Mom.
Yeah, you will.
Now here.
In the middle.
You see? It's green.
Zimmer: You're kidding me.
A dragon? Doesn't Cal have a stuffed animal? Art? Yeah.
Maybe it is.
I've seen enough.
Pack up your desk.
I'm pulling the plug.
N-No, you're not.
Excuse me? According to Eureka directives, only the Secretary of Defense can relieve the project administrator without signoff from the CSO.
I don't give it.
Well, now I've heard everything.
You of all people think this is a message to Mr.
Stone from his son? No.
It's a message to me.
It's Pitamahi.
This is Sanskrit for "grandmother.
" This isn't your son's dragon.
It's It's a constellation.
It's where I used to look, hoping to see my grandmother in heaven.
Perhaps faith has a seat at the table after all.
Has everyone here lost their minds? You may as well both pack up.
When I get back to Washington, I'm going to have you both fired.
Vance: Then you'd better get a move on.
As of now, you have no authority here.
I want you out of my facility.
Back to work.
Uh, right.
Um, if the dots aren't islands but stars and the dragon goes here This time of year, those stars are on the eastern horizon.
Okay, right.
If we We draw a line from where we are now to the constellation Saanvi: That leads us right into the heart of an electrical storm.
Then that's where we're heading.
Guys, I got something.
Look, it's blueprints of a house.
And street maps.
Somewhere in Bronxville.
These aren't Ben's.
Well, then someone knows how to use the public records office.
This is an attack plan, you guys, with a target.
But whose house is it? 2012 Elmwood Drive.
The Internet doesn't recognize it.
Our database will.
Gupta: Hurry it up, people.
This needs to be on a boat within the hour.
Uh, be careful out there.
I, uh People are about you.
Um, as a colleague.
Thank you.
You're a good friend, Troy.
Saanvi: Okay, this is gonna work.
Ben: It has to.
Hope you're not the seasick types.
Vance: Storm warning offshore.
It could be dangerous.
Captain is not at all happy we're going out.
I should call Grace.
Hello? Vance: How's that sore throat? Fine.
Mom made soup before she went to work.
Doing your homework? Yep.
You do know I interrogate people for a living, right? Listen, I'm gonna be late, so, uh, when Tyson gets home from practice, you two order in.
Warren, I love you, son.
Love you, too.
Just stick to the plan.
There's a silent alarm and a patrol response time no more than six minutes.
Well, let's see if we can buy more time.
What, did you learn that in door frame repair school? Disarm enough IEDs, home security's a piece of cake.
Wife's at work, kids are at school.
We got run of the place.
Hello, gorgeous.
Files all gotta be encrypted.
What are you, new? Of course it's encrypted.
I know a guy.
Grab anything not bolted down.
Files, notepads, Post-Its, thumb drives.
Hey, Dad, you just said you were gonna be home late.
Don't shoot him! He's seen us! Can't let him go.
Hey, where's Mikami at? Uh, called in a while ago, looking for info on an address in Bronxville.
What's the address? Thanks.
You really don't mess around.
Friends in high places.
Hey, we're headed out now.
Ben, wait.
We know Eagan and Adrian's target.
They're headed to Vance's house.
Vance, Vance.
Is anyone home at your house right now? My son.
Why? He might be in danger.
There are some passengers after you.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
It's now or never.
Tide's heading out.
You had my back in Cuba.
It's my turn to have yours.
Follow their orders.
Director, I was ordered to take instruction only from you.
Well, now I'm saying they're calling the shots.
Take them wherever they want! Damn it.
Of course you can.
Just walk out the door and keep going! You're gonna get us all killed! Was that Eagan? What's going on? Girl, you need to get away from me.
But this is ourfight, Adrian.
No, blood is going to be shed.
I had a Calling.
And th-this is my fault.
You're not safe with me.
You need to run.
No, no.
You ca No, I have nowhere to go.
I mean, how am I supposed to survive? Have you heard the Good News? I may not be able to protect you, but God can.
I am sending an angel before you to guard you along the way.
" I think she may have already been sent.
What are you waiting for? Go to her.
Go to her.
Mick, what the hell are you thinking? Are you really trying to surveil the NSA? Thank goodness you're here.
They have Vance's son.
Dispatch, we got a 10-10 in progress.
2012 Elmwood, two suspects, at least one armed, holding a teenage male.
We're playing this by the book.
Drea: Got a car coming in hot.
What's going on? They have your son.
We're waiting for the negotiator to arrive.
No, we're not.
Director, we have clear protocols.
My son is in there.
Protocol is designed to protect the world from hotheaded cops who don't know what they're doing.
Luckily, I'm not a cop.
No, you don't.
Take this.
Let's go.
Right five degrees.
Take us out.
Dark clouds.
Just like in my Calling.
You see them, too? I'm not blind.
We've got to head into the storm.
Aye, aye.
All hands, all hands, clear the deck.
Brace yourselves.
Hey, Eagan! It's your old pal, Lieutenant Vasquez.
Damn it! We should've shot this kid and ran.
You want to die in prison? No one's getting shot.
Jared: If you want to talk, it's gonna be a whole lot easier before SWAT gets here.
Eagan's having second thoughts.
He doesn't trust Randall.
Of course you can do that.
Hey, they're not on the same page in there.
Could probably play them off one another.
We're about to find out.
Shut the door.
Take off your jacket.
You wanted to talk? Talk.
Jared: We talk in the room with the hostage.
I'm happy to hang outside and wait for the sharpshooters.
What is this? Jared: It's just a conversation.
Warren, I just spoke with your dad.
He says to stay calm.
Okay? You alright? Come one step closer, and he won't be.
Guys, what is this? What are you looking to get out of this? Proof.
Proof of what? That the NSA is trying to destroy 828ers! Turning the police against us, the media.
Don't look at me like I'm crazy! Sometimes conspiracies are more than just theories.
Is this it? I think so.
Full stop.
Prepare to reverse course.
What's happening? Why are we turning around? New orders came in.
It has to be.
Captain, we're already here.
I'm not steering this boat straight into an electrical storm.
Then for God's sake, stop.
W-We just need to drop the Tailfin.
Captain, please, I'm begging you.
I don't take orders from you.
I take orders from the US government.
You've got to negotiate.
You gotta show them you can be reasonable.
I want a live news feed and an admission on-camera that the 828 watchlist is an unlawful witch hunt.
Eagan's on the edge.
Well, let's push him over.
Turn him into a momentary distraction.
Jared, are you ready? Tell Randall this.
You gonna let this guy turn you into a national pariah? You really think this guy gives a damn about you? No one asked your opinion, Vasquez! You heard what he said in jail.
You were there.
This guy wants to control you.
He wants to be the leader of all the 828ers.
Who's in your ear?! Michaela?! You tell that traitor Let him go! All clear in here.
Of course.
Director Vance, covering his ass all over again.
We have no idea what he's gotten away with.
Look at me.
Are you hurt? Are you sure? Come on.
You want to do a ride with me, please? Kathryn Fitz is dead.
One of our agents found her body several months ago.
Vance: Okay, come on.
Come on.
Take him outside.
I don't know how to repay you.
How about the truth? Who's this guy? It's an old army buddy.
I bet he'd do anything for you, right? I need to check on my son.
Respectfully, Captain, you don't understand.
Lives are at stake.
I damn well understand.
There's 14 lives on this boat I'm responsible for, including yours.
But we're already here.
We We made it.
Please, Captain, if we don't drop that Tailfin, my son will die.
What does your son have to do with any of this? They weren't kidding.
You airplane people are just The hell'd she go? Saanvi! You're gonna get yourself killed! I'm the one who caused this! I have to fix it! Man: Hold on! No! Saanvi! You okay? I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Why was Saanvi at the precinct that day? Jared Okay, you know what? I'll tell you why.
She was there because her and Vance were involved in the murder of Sarah's mom.
Weren't they? Oh, my God.
The whole time I was working the case, and you just act as mystified as I was.
I was, Jared, I swear it.
Until recently.
So you you quit so you can cover up a murder? It wasn't a murder.
That's not your call.
Jared, I didn't have a choice, okay? Of course you did, Mick.
Yeah, you're right, I did.
If it got out that Saanvi was involved in the Major's death, that would've been game over for every single passenger.
So I did.
I made a choice to protect Saanvi, and I am okay with that, because when it comes down to it Enough! I don't care.
Mick, I'm tired of these damn Callings.
I don't care what they want.
I don't care what they said.
This isn't about you.
Yes, it is.
How do you not see that this directly affects my life? Now I have to go end it with Sarah.
What are you talking about? She finally got closure, Michaela.
What am I supposed to do? Just stay with her and and not tell her? Get married, have kids? Just have my whole life based on a lie? I'm sorry.
You know, I was, um I was just starting to finally get over you.
Please don't do this.
He was supposed to be gone, Mick.
I'm sorry, but he was supposed to be gone.
That's the only reason I stood there and watched him marry the love of my life.
We should talk.
Michaela: Adrian.
Why am I back here? I thought we stopped it.
What did you do? I-I-I only show the path.
The path to what? Killing? Your brother cannot be allowed to destroy the passengers.
No, no, no.
Eagan was lying.
Ben is trying to save us.
How can we be saved by a man who cannot see for himself? Your brother has lost his way, but you've known that for some time.
You You just didn't have the strength to stop him.
It's no longer detectable, sir.
The hell are you talking about? The Tailfin.
One minute I had it on sonar, and the next, it's gone.
As we swam back up, I kept looking back.
I was convinced Cal would reappear.
Maybe he will.
I'm trying.
But I don't understand.
Ben? Ben.
Am I here? You are.
But I stopped getting the Callings.
Does this mean that I'm Redeemed? It just might.
Cal! It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm here.
We did what you said.
The Tailfin, it's gone.
Then there's still a chance.
I-It's not over.
Mick? I thought I stopped the killing, b-but Look at me.
Look at me, Cal.
Where are you? I have to go.
Go? No.
Go where? Cal, please.
Whatever you're afraid of, how do we stop it? How do we stop it, my boy? This is the way it has to be.
Ben! I need my guardian angel.
No! Aah! Mom? Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Angelina: "For I know the plans I have for you, declared the Lord.
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.
Plans to give you hope and a future.
" Angelina: We're connected.
Oh, my God.
Olive: Mom! Mom! We need to go home.
Cal Cal! Cal! Cal? My sweet, sweet boy.
Take care of each other.
I love you, Mom.
It's okay.
I know what we need to do now.
Help me
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