Mapleworth Murders (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Killer Voices - Part 1

What the heck?
Well, I have good news.
You don't have any bats in the cave.
And, also, I have a surprise for you.
I made you some muesli.
Oh, all right.
It might be dog kibble
because I sat on my glasses
and I flattened them.
What time is it?
It's 5:00.
Why did you wake me up so early?
It's 5:00 in the afternoon.
Yeah. I usually wake up about 7.
Well, enough of the silliness.
Eat your breakfast-dinner.
Is this the surprise?
No. I'm taking you to a
concert tonight. Ooh.
- Who?
- You have to guess.
- Post Malone?
- Who?
- SZA?
- What?
- Dolly Parton.
- I wish.
- Lizzo.
- You do it and you'll clean it up.
I am taking you to see my
favorite family singing group.
Hold on to your ducking hat,
because we are going to see BBPS.
The Brothers BcBillan Plus Sisters.
And I even bought the tickets
on my fancy new cellular phone.
Yeah, you did, you baller.
Why don't we ask some of
your new school friends
to come with us tonight?
Nah. I just like hanging out, us time.
Who the hell is that?
This is my new handywoman-man.
Her name is Junie.
She's been here all day working
on my bush and knockers.
I spent the day trimming
her hydrangea bush
and polishing her door knockers.
And listen, when I come
back tomorrow, I'm gonna
Oh, my.
Oh, my earring.
Thank you, Junie.
This is dog kibble by the way.
You know this place used to
be called the Money Shot,
and they had a great commercial.
Where the whores are tricky ♪
And the floors are sticky ♪
Money shot ♪
Oh, look at this.
It's my agent, Jerry.
He just always calls at the
most inopportune times.
I love him, but he's a pain in my ass.
Hello, Abigail.
Jerry, you're FaceTiming
me and not a profile pic.
You look well.
- How's the new book coming?
- Poor connection.
You know, because you're off the clock.
Hi, what do I have to get you?
I would like a perky red,
and I'll have a ream of shrimp
and a beret, medium rare.
I'll have the salad and
Skittles and a soda.
I'm so excited about this group.
Have you ever seen them before?
No. But I have seen beaver
crap roll off a car hood, so:
[CLICKS TONGUE] same diff.
Well, I hope they play all my favorites.
And I hope they drive
their tour bus into a gulch.
People in this town really
don't hold back, and I like it.
So, what sort of music is this?
ABIGAIL: It's like a gospel cult-pop.
They've been touring as
a family since childhood,
and they're as inseparable
as their harmonies.
Oh, that sounds nice.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't an only child.
Well, your father is pretty foxy,
so I'm sure there are others out there.
- What?
- MAN: Abigail.
Hey, Abigail.
- Oh, great.
- Abigail.
Gilbert's here.
- Smile like you're glad to see him.
- Hi!
Wow, I've never seen him
without his cop uniform.
He's really leaning into
that turtleneck-vest combo.
He looks very hot.
Temperature-wise, obviously.
- Here's your shit.
- Oh.
Thank you.
You know, I aspired to be
a professional singer.
When I was in my 20s, I sang
with the local philharmonic.
And when I was on my final note,
a moth flew into my windpipe,
and I coughed for nearly an hour.
Since then, I've been
terrified to sing in public.
But that moth came out three
days later in my stool,
and it was still alive.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the stage
the Brothers BcBillan Plus Sisters.
There's a feeling when it's right ♪
When you're reeling and it's tight ♪
It's that sweet spot ♪
It's that cute cot ♪
We call it family ♪
We're a wham bam family ♪
We're attached at the hip-hop ♪
Making music that won't stop ♪
- It's that perfect note ♪
- Perfect note ♪
- It's that billy goat ♪
- Billy goat ♪
We call it family ♪
We're a wham bam family ♪
We're a wham bam family ♪
ABIGAIL: They sound so good.
Am I high and forgot?
I'm high on BBPS.
Hey, you know, Bran, you're the
best brother a guy could beg for.
Thanks, pal. I love you so much
it's hurts like a coronary event.
- Hey, what about your sisters?
- Hey, what about your sisters?
SISTER 1: You boys are the cutest.
We wished we weren't related.
Yeah, things would be so different
because you're so cute.
They love each other
to death. It's so cute.
- You're stealing the show.
- You piece of shit.
- You ate my fucking sandwich.
- Go to hell, piece of shit.
- Hey, no family is perfect, right?
- True.
We came out of the same mama tunnel ♪
We came out of the same daddy dream ♪
Raving like puppies ♪
That's a-yippin' and a-yappin' ♪
Fighting over church and dolls ♪
And sweet ice cream ♪
It's just sibling ♪
Sibling jive-alry ♪
- Go, Brody! ♪
- Go, Brody! ♪
Go, Brody! Go, Brody! Go, Brody! ♪
Go, Brody! Go, Brody! ♪
Go, Brody! ♪
Go, Broda! Go, Broda! ♪
Go, Broda! Go, Broda! ♪
Go, Broda! Go, Broda! ♪
Go, Broda! Go, Broda! ♪
Go, Brenda! Go, Brenda! Go, Brenda! ♪
BRODY: Who's Brenda? Who's Brenda? ♪
- Go, Brenda! ♪
- Oh, Brenda! ♪
Go, Brenda! Go, Brenda! Go, Brenda! ♪
Go, Brenda! Go, Brenda! Go, Brenda! ♪
Go, Bran! Go, Bran! ♪
Go, Bran! Go, Bran! ♪
Go, Bran! Go, Bran! Go, Bran! ♪
- Whoa, oh, no, Bran ♪
- Get it.
- Get it.
- Stop, Bran.
Sibling jive-alry ♪
Oh, my God.
Come on, Bran.
BRODY: Come on, Bran.
Come on, Bran. Get up, man.
Bran, come on.
- BRODA: What's he What's he doing?
- BRODY: Bran?
He's dead!
Oh, no!
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