Maradona: Blessed Dream (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


Maradó! Maradó!
Diego! Diego! Diego!
Maradó! Maradó! Maradó!
Where is my Pelusa?
You're the greatest player in the world.
Maradona is not a machine
of happiness.
- You are where you deserve to be, Pelusa.
- Goal!
I'm scared.
Just die and leave us alone!
- You did something you shouldn't have.
- Argentina!
Are you sure you can handle it?
Were you with another woman?
Diego! Diego! Diego!
Maradona's the only one
who makes decisions about him.
I wish the earth swallowed me up.
We need to win! Fuck, yeah!
You won't lose.
Well done, kid.
You did great. Where are you from?
From Villa Fiorito.
Far away from here. Across the river.
Do you want to play for Cebollitas?
You know this is serious?
Many people who play
in the first division started here.
You have to train very hard,
be a good teammate
and don't hog the ball.
- I can do all that, sir.
- You can do all that?
Congratulations, you're now in Cebollitas.
- What's your name?
- Gregorio Carrizo.
- Goyo.
- Goyo. You go now with coach Yayo.
Fill out the forms. Okay?
- One question, sir.
- What?
Are you still signing?
I got a friend who plays better than me.
And why didn't he come today?
He doesn't have money for the bus.
Give him this
and tell him to come tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Make sure you give it to him.
Gregorio Carrizo. Can you sign him up?
- Hi, Pelusa.
- Hi.
- Leave it. I'll carry it.
- Thank you.
Wow, you're a strong boy, Pelu.
Thank you.
Pelusa, pop into the shop later.
That's it, Pelu! Come on! Yes!
Well done, boy, well done.
Wow. This kid is a genius.
Did you see, Juana, what he can do?
Here. Thank you very much.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- You're welcome.
Juana, I'll be right back.
I forgot the meat.
I wasn't impressed.
But your mom was and she's got the money.
Here. For you. Practice.
What are you doing?
Get the hell out.
- I came to help you, sir.
- Get away from here!
Little slum punks like you need
to be kicked out of here.
- You scared me.
- What are you up to?
Pelusa, damn you to hell!
Hey, pass it, come on!
Hey, damn asshole!
Get him, come on!
Pass it on.
Where did you get this, Pelusa?
Thank you, Pelusa.
Let's start from scratch. Thanks, Pelusa.
- Come on!
- See you later!
- Who is it?
- It's me, Mom!
Bring me a bucket of water, son.
- Ma!
- Cut it out.
- Daddy's sleeping.
- My hair. Ma!
Deal with it,
that's because your head looks like a zoo.
Look what Hugo did!
What's this mess?
- I'll do it.
- No, you'll get hurt.
- Is Dad in pain again?
- Mm-hmm.
Do you want me to take over?
You're being very sweet.
Hey, sit down.
Why are you being so nice, so helpful?
We weren't born yesterday.
- What are you after?
- You won't let me.
Look at this bill, it's for the trip.
It's my dream. Please, I beg you.
Pelusita, speak slowly, dear,
so we can understand.
Goyo'll play for the Cebollitas.
And the coach sent money
for me to try out.
Please, Mom, I promise to behave.
I won't fight the others.
What do you mean, "the others"?
They're your sisters.
I'll fix the chicken coop fence
and I won't run away from school.
You run away from school?
No. Well, just once.
Please, it's my dream!
Let me try out for the team.
It's up to you, honey.
What's the kid's name?
- Diego, they call me Pelusa.
- I'm Jorge.
I may not be on the team,
but I'm the number one fan.
Go over there, Russian.
Don't bother, leave us alone.
Tell us the truth, kid,
how old are you, 13, 14?
We've never seen
a nine-year-old play like that.
- You left them all standing.
- But I'm nine!
I'll ask you some questions.
Answer without thinking.
- Okay.
- When were you born?
- 1960.
- What grade are you in?
- Fifth.
- Fifth?
- Where do you go to school?
- State school 79.
What are they teaching you?
Didn't I tell you?
If he likes soccer this much,
he shouldn't bother with school.
Pelusa, if you're really nine,
you're in Cebollitas.
Thank you.
Perfect, bring me your ID card tomorrow.
To see his age.
To see if he is real.
That's for you, dummy.
I'm in!
Bye, Goyo!
Through the national radio,
broadcasting and television network,
and on behalf of the Justicialist Party,
- a statement will be made
- Perón died.
by the second vice-president.
a true father of the country
has passed into history.
Behind him lies his vision,
based on social justice
and popular democracy.
His unprecedented government work,
oriented towards the greatness
and well-being of the country
and a burning torch that burned
until the last minutes of his life,
so that with its light,
all Argentines will illuminate forever
the path of reconstruction
and national liberation.
Peronists, for us,
his disciples and his soldiers,
Perón has not died,
he will never die.
Perón will remain alive in the people,
in that people
who have collected their flags
to carry them to triumph founded
on the unity of the nation.
In this hour of dramatic adversity,
Peronists, their shirtless,
their children and youth,
their workers,
their women, and men of all ages,
must swear to achieve
the union and organization
that, in time, will make great
the whole of Perón's struggle.
This oath today is
the best tribute we can give him.
Long live Perón.
A CHAMPION is born!
What a goal!
"Cebollitas are the champions
thanks to a genius child.
Those who see him,
testify to a stunning performance.
What's wrong with you, dirty boy?
Don't you have a shower in the slum?
"Cebollitas, champions again.
They are called Cebollitas
and they won more than 100 games.
A star is born, Diego Caradona."
Come, I'll ask you some questions
so that people can get to know you.
I was told that in a few years
you'll be better than Pelé.
I don't think so. Pelé is the king.
Forget about me and talk to the camera.
Thousands of people watch
this show all over the country.
You'll be famous.
The Sábados Circulares team came
all the way to Villa Fiorito
to meet who they say
is the great hope of Argentine soccer.
Your name?
Diego Armando Maradona.
Tell us, Dieguito, what is your dream?
I have two dreams.
My first dream is
to play in the World Cup,
and the second is to be champions
in the quarterfinals
and what follows with Cebollitas.
The Sábados Circulares team
came all the way to Villa Fiorito
to meet, as they say,
Argentina's soccer rising star.
Tell us, Dieguito, what is your dream?
I dream of playing in the World Cup,
and also to be the champions.
What's the matter, are you happy?
I didn't say that.
Then who was that kid talking there?
It was me,
but they took out the Cebollitas part.
Either they get my name wrong
or they change my dream.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Dieguito
Happy birthday to you
What a boy, huh?
You really beat me, man.
Mr. Francis, if it weren't for you
Thanks again.
What happened?
Poor thing.
Hey. What's she doing kissing my son
in front of everyone?
You said it, it's your son.
- Yes, he's my son.
- You're jealous of him like a girlfriend.
- Hey, the birthday boy!
- Say thank you.
- Thank you.
- Behave yourself.
What did he do?
There he goes playing the fool.
What's wrong with you?
No! What are you doing, kid?
What's wrong with you, man?
- Are you crazy?
- He was making faces at Gladys.
So what, you'll stab him for that?
Are you stupid?
How would he know?
He doesn't live around here.
See what I told you, Mr. Francis.
In this neighborhood, when they grow up,
they take the wrong road.
Go get the cake.
Come here. Shake his hand.
That's it. Hold this.
It's done.
Well done, sir.
That's it, can you wait outside?
See, it was no big deal.
The treatment is working,
but it must be extended
for at least six more months.
Didn't you see his leg?
Let's give him a break.
- I feel sorry for him.
- Sorry?
I felt sorry
when you first brought him here.
I always ask myself the same question,
are you his manager?
You're dedicated non-stop
to this kid.
Well, he needs me.
His parents are very humble.
Have them sign a contract,
a power of attorney, something formal.
They trust me, I trust them.
That's enough.
Diego, what's going on?
Diego, wake up, what's wrong?
Come here, something's wrong with Diego.
Ferro, come here!
Help me, come quickly!
Yes. Here, slowly. That's it.
Go get the blood pressure monitor up front
while I call a doctor.
You'll be fine, man. You'll be fine.
Hello? Yes. Emergencies?
I need a doctor.
- Hi.
- This way, Doctor.
Thank you for coming. Please, go ahead.
Sir, can you hear me?
I'm sure his blood pressure is up,
because of the parties.
Lots of drinking, lots of food.
You know how many times I told him,
"Diego, slow down a bit, stop eating?"
If you tell him to do something,
he will do exactly the opposite.
He's Maradona.
What did he take besides alcohol?
What do you mean?
He has a very high heart rate
- and his blood pressure is 180/140.
- Diegui.
No, don't touch him, please.
What are you doing?
I'm calling a code red.
We need an ambulance urgently.
No, forget it. Nobody is coming here.
The patient's critical.
Kid, let's see if you understand,
it's Maradona.
You call an ambulance and,
in five minutes, it's packed with press.
Forget it. We'll take him, huh?
Come on.
It's okay, no one has Diego's stamina.
What about the press?
Come on, Diegui. Come on, let's go.
Let's go, buddy.
Don't worry. It'll be all right.
Turn around like this.
That's it. Come on. That's it.
- The leg.
- That's it.
- Wait, my hand's stuck.
- It's all right, that's it.
Listen Ferrito,
check the house from top to bottom.
Clean it up. If the police come,
we'll end up in jail again.
- Got it.
- Loosen your face up a little bit.
- Yeah, okay.
- Listen to me.
Tell Claudia,
but don't tell her everything.
Tell her that Diego felt unwell,
that we took him to the hospital.
Take it easy, buddy.
Call me and let me know how it goes.
Can't we go any faster?
If we get pulled over by the police
for speeding, it'll be worse.
Why don't you calm down, kid?
You're passing your nerves
on to the patient.
It's my first day today.
More reason to calm down.
Try to remember your cardiology lessons,
because if Maradona dies on you,
you screw up your whole career.
Shit! I don't believe it!
- What is it?
- The gas tank is empty.
We won't make it to the hospital.
Easy, Diego.
- Hey, come on!
- Hi, how are you?
I'll fill up, and a coffee, please.
Thanks. I'll fill up in the meantime.
- Hurry up, please!
- Yes.
Here we go.
Keep the change, thanks.
- Please, he's dying!
- Yes. Ready!
- Hurry up!
- Let's go, Diego.
Yes, I've got it.
- Let me, I'll take him.
- Yes.
Hi, how are you? My name is Marcos.
I'm the doctor who attended Maradona.
He fainted, Doctor.
Here we are, champ.
Attention everyone.
I just received a call
from Punta del Este.
It seems that Diego Maradona is dead.
Holy shit, it can't be.
I'm going to need a team to go over there.
Capazo, not you. You have three kids
and this might be long.
That's why he wants to go.
He has three kids, he wants to bail out.
Farina, prepare an obituary for Diego.
Have it ready for me.
Graziano, pack your bags, you're going.
- Laura.
- Yes?
Laura, get a selection
of photos of Diego, will you?
- We're going to run a special edition.
- Great.
Back to work.
Nineteen eighty-two.
Nineteen eighty-six.
Argentinos Juniors.
Nineteen ninety. Maradona.
You have to understand
that I'm only 20 years old.
I'm often criticized,
but I am in charge of my life
and my life's what it is,
and I'm famous, I thank God.
Yes, of course.
We were determined to win, and we did it.
Victory is always reassuring
and makes the team feel good.
I have ambition.
I have a very big ambition.
Argentinos Juniors is part of my life.
You can't go on
like that on your own, come on.
Give me the ball, you little shit.
What's wrong with you, black punk?
Suck this.
You know where you'll play, punk?
You'll be the ballboy.
- Don't fuck with me, blondie.
- Get lost.
You touched the kid?
You touched Diego Maradona!
Kiss your hand.
You don't even know
how to use it anyway, asshole.
Relax, Pelusa.
You'll play and score a shitload of goals.
The stadium announces
that Huracán, in Parque de los Patricios,
are tied 0-0 with Racing.
In San Martin,
Chacarita is losing to San Lorenzo
at the end of the first 45 minutes 2 to 1.
This was a stadium announcement.
He has to debut
in first division.
The minors are too small for him.
You're the president, say what you want,
but he's not ready. Trust me.
He's better
than any of these 22 idiots on the pitch.
He's not ready, we'll mess it up.
It's going to mess up his head.
This is not a suggestion, Francis.
The general is demanding
that his man make his debut.
My commitment is not to that man,
but to Diego and Diego's parents.
They trust me to guide his career
and to protect him from everything.
Don't worry about the parents.
Maradona is going to first division,
it's decided.
I'm sorry, Francis.
Olé, olé, olé, olé, Diego, Diego!
Olé, olé, olé, olé, Diego, Diego!
Olé, olé, olé, olé
Pops, did you hear
the fans cheering for me today?
Of course.
You'd have to be deaf not to hear.
Do you think I'll ever be able
to play for Boca?
Of course. All the clubs will want you.
You'll be able to play wherever you like,
except for River.
Listen, look at me.
If you play for them,
I'll give you up for adoption.
What if River pays me double?
It doesn't matter.
The rich are River fans.
No matter how much they pay you,
you are from Villa Fiorito,
so if you play for River, it's treason.
In Fiorito there are
a bunch of River fans.
They're all poor.
If I ever get to earn
some serious money with soccer,
you won't work anymore.
And we'll find that foreman
who's got you by the balls
and we'll kick his ass.
No need to be resentful, son.
Dad, the military.
Keep your mouth shut, don't get smart
and don't say we're Peronists.
Everybody, out of the vehicle!
Go, go, go!
Come on.
Hurry up.
I want everyone with their ID in hand!
- I said I want to see your ID!
- I don't have it, sir.
Why don't you have your ID?
You can't move around
without identification!
Forgive me, sir,
I left home in a hurry and forgot.
I went to the match
and I'm going back home, to Villa Fiorito,
like everyone else.
So, everyone is going to the slum?
- We're working people, sir.
- You work with your hair like that?
- Corporal, take him, background check.
- No, please.
- Hey! Why you taking him away?
- Diego.
He didn't do anything.
Just because he's poor?
- Is this rude boy your son?
- Yes, sir.
I'm sorry, officer.
I'm a soccer player.
I play in Argentinos Juniors second team.
We're back from a game.
We weren't doing anything.
What do you think, Corporal?
I think he looks like a bum,
a bum and a Peronist.
If you are a player, play!
People came to see you, Maradona.
Five minutes, eh?
I have two more trucks waiting to unload.
Is Pelusa okay?
He's fine.
We wanted to talk about something else.
The president tells me
that you agreed with him
that Diego should make his debut.
Yes, he said something.
And you authorized it?
Diego's dying to play
and he's really determined,
- I can't stop him.
- Yes, but we had a verbal agreement.
- We handle Diego's career, you understand?
- Yes.
- Are you messing with us?
- No, sir. Look, I respect you very much.
We're very grateful
for everything you've done.
But you've made a decision
without consulting us.
We don't have a signed contract,
but we invested a lot of time in Diego.
Diego paid you back with goals.
- He did a lot for Cebollitas.
- Maradona.
Time's up, get back to work.
Excuse me.
Kid, will you replace Giacometti?
I need more action in the middle.
- Come on, move it!
- Go, Diego!
Warm up, come on!
- Buddy, what's wrong?
- Goyito.
Score some fucking goals
as you know how.
- We should go in together.
- I'll get my chance.
Enjoy it, then tell me how it feels.
Diego! Come on, play like you know how to.
Stadium announcement.
Change in Argentinos Juniors.
Rubén Giacometti comes off
and number 16, Diego Armando Maradona,
makes his debut.
A young man
with the innocence of a teenager.
His story is still a child's dream.
And Argentine soccer needs dreams.
Let's meet the young talent,
Diego Armando Maradona.
Where were you born?
In Lanús.
And do you have any idols?
Yes, Bochini.
Tell us, what future do you foresee?
Will you continue in Argentinos Juniors,
move to a bigger club,
- get to the national team?
- Let the kid enjoy his debut.
We can talk about his future later.
First of all, Diego will sign a contract
that meets both the needs of the club
and his personal goals.
- Sorry, who would you be?
- Jorge Cyterszpiller.
Diego's friend.
And his manager.
I could tell you were having a hard time.
You have to learn to speak
for the press, Pelusa.
Here we are, gentlemen.
If you don't, they'll walk all over you.
Imagine Tota's face
when she reads in the newspaper
that you're my agent.
Forget it, that won't come out.
- How are you, Juancito?
- Very well, and you?
- I've got a bet for you.
- Go on.
I'll bet you $10 pesos I can take
more punches than you.
- Ten pesos? Fine.
- Tell me when you want me to stop.
- Ready?
- Come on.
One, two,
three, four,
- five Shall I go on?
- Go on.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
- Okay, that's enough.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- He's got stamina.
Your turn, come on.
Let's go.
What are you doing? You're an animal.
I'm a cripple, you're crazy. No, take it.
Take it, done.
- Next time, I'll bet more.
- Okay. A big mozzarella.
Did you see how cheap it was
to beat the shit out of him?
- You're terrible.
- No.
Now, Rengo.
You should be my manager for real.
- I drink but you get drunk? How come?
- What are you laughing at?
I mean it.
You're kind of a showman, fatty.
Come on.
You're good with numbers.
Do you know the story of Puss In Boots?
When a poor peasant dies,
his children share the inheritance
and there's only a cat left
for the youngest one.
The poor kid thinks
that he'll die of hunger
and even thinks about eating it,
but the cat is very smart.
He puts on his elegant boots
and with his cunning manages
to deceive the whole kingdom saying
that his owner is
an important and very rich marquis.
So he manages to meet the king
and his daughter.
Thanks to his cat,
the peasant's son marries the princess
and becomes a prince.
Okay, but I'd be the cat in cleats.
No, dummy.
In this story, the cat is me.
You have to play
and I work taking care of your interests,
ensuring that they always respect you,
making them believe
that you're at your best moment,
that you are wanted by all the clubs
and that if they don't make an good offer,
we'll refuse it.
- You better make me score a lot of goals.
- Yes.
He runs past one guy.
Maradona is number 10,
and goal!
- Did you see that?
- Goal!
He's Jorge, not just a manager,
but a friend of Maradona.
- Will Diego sign for Argentinos?
- I don't have a crystal ball,
but it's hard to decide
with so many proposals here and abroad.
Excuse me. Thank you very much.
The word here from Jorge Cyterszpiller.
Diego, how do you see your future?
Will you stay, do you have other offers?
If the directors make an effort,
Maradona stays.
Argentinos always was
and will be his home.
- Thank you, Diego.
- No, thank you.
Maradona thrashes Boca Juniors
Look at them surprised
and say,
"It'd be a great honor, but for now,
I'm thinking about the game on Sunday."
There're rumors
that if you keep like this,
you'll play for the national team.
It'd be an great honor,
but I'm thinking about the game on Sunday.
DIEGO, a kite's dream
Yes, this is my office number.
No. Diego is out of town.
I'll check his schedule.
Ten days or so. Sure, great. Goodbye.
- And?
- Perfect!
Any knishes left?
Maradona is looking for it, look out!
Maradona, goal! Goal for Argentinos!
Experts say that Diego is one of the best
Argentine players of the last ten years.
They fell short, Diego is number one.
Hello, Claudia, this is Ricardo Suárez.
- Hi, Ricardo, happy new year.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry to speak to you
at such a sensitive time,
but we received some very confusing news
and I wanted to know
what happened to Diego.
In Buenos Aires,
there's a lot of buzz about it.
What are you talking about?
Don't listen to me.
It must be fake news.
Ricardo, we've known each other
for so long, don't play dumb with me.
What's going on?
I'll call you later.
Diego's parents just got here.
- What happened?
- Tota, dear.
- Chitoro.
- Guillermo.
- Any change?
- It's serious.
His body is very worn out.
But he'll pull through.
I have tremendous faith.
It doesn't cross my mind
that Diego won't wake up.
- Where is he?
- Over there, go.
What did they do to you?
Your father and I barely know about it.
Who put you on that path? Who?
I remember as if it were yesterday,
when you were little
and happy, with the ball on your feet
and your legs in the mud.
You didn't look after him!
Where is my Pelusa, Chitoro?
My baby!
He's asleep, Tota.
The apple of my eye!
When I told him I want some days off
because my son's taking me to the beach,
the guy says,
"There's a lot of work here,
if you leave, don't come back."
What a son of a bitch.
You haven't taken a day off in 20 years.
You can't imagine the look on his face
when I said goodbye.
"I'm leaving, boss.
I'm not coming back."
"And what the hell will you do?"
"You Peronist scumbag."
He didn't say that but he wanted to.
- "My son doesn't want me to work anymore."
- Well said.
"What if they break his leg?"
That jealous son of a bitch.
Are you sure you can handle us all?
Your siblings eat a lot.
Throw those bugs away.
Let what is from here stay here.
Think about nice things.
Look at the sea.
Hugo! Watch what you're doing.
Watch at the cars passing by. Go on, Goyo.
Here, take this.
No. Tell the kids to behave, please.
It's good to live near the club, man.
Yes. When you'll sign,
you have to ask for something around here.
They offered something, but I said no.
The apartment was too small.
Did you get a good deal?
If I had, I wouldn't get the house
as part of the payment.
No, the club is broke.
Besides, if you tell
the military you want to go,
you're dead.
Come on, Russian, you son of a bitch!
Change that crap
and buy a real car, you fathead!
- At last.
- He's here!
Okay, man.
I'm broke, Pelusa.
When you make me a fortune, I'll buy two.
He's complaining!
- Let's go.
- Let's see.
Wow, look at this. So many stairs!
It's a mansion.
So, you don't say anything?
You like it or not?
How many doors do we have, son?
About 200, you'll see, Mom.
But if you want more,
we'll order some more.
Don't start, you'll make me cry.
Slowly, Goyo, you're killing me, man.
- You were late and full of hamburgers.
- I wasn't late.
You're not carrying anything
too heavy, are you? Come on.
Do you want me to start slapping them?
Ma, cut it out.
We look like we came out of the jungle.
Excuse me,
do you know where Lascano Street is?
Yes, this is it.
- This one?
- Yes.
So I live here.
You live here on the sidewalk?
Yes, would you like
to come in for a drink?
No, thank you,
I prefer houses with a roof.
Well, this roof you see here is mine.
Yes, but we need to
No, it's okay, don't worry.
I know I lost
any chance of winning you over.
If you have a broken appliance
and need to fix it, bring it to my dad.
He takes it apart and then puts it
in a box for about 15 years.
Wow, my dad does exactly the same thing.
He just keeps everything in bags
- instead of boxes.
- Where do you live?
Over there.
Are you a fan of Bicho?
- Argentinos?
- Yes, we are all Bicho's fans around here.
I play first team. Maradona.
I'm sure you know who I am.
No, I really have no idea.
- You don't?
- No.
If you don't know me,
you can't be that big a fan.
Maybe I've been such a fan
since I was a girl,
but you're not famous.
- Oh, yeah?
- What is it?
Well, now, you have help.
- Bye.
- Bye
whatever your name is.
My name is Claudia.
I'm Diego.
Yeah, I knew that.
- "I'm Diego."
- Shut up, fathead.
You shut up.
She's so beautiful.
In his first two seasons
with Argentinos Juniors,
Diego Armando Maradona was
a star player of his team.
He scored 21 goals and made 21 assists.
There are almost no film archives
from that time,
but those who saw him play claim
that it was
"The best version of Maradona."
Meanwhile, the military dictatorship
in Argentina perpetrated crimes
and disappeared thousands of people
in clandestine concentration camps.
Soccer would become
a smokescreen to cover up the genocide.
My first dream is to play
in the World Cup,
and the second is to become champions.
I live my life with intensity,
I don't have to feel sorry for anything,
or even regret something.
That is important.
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