Maradona: Blessed Dream (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


The military is as old as the universe.
It is found in the Bible,
which speaks of heavenly militias
summoned to fight evil.
Saint Michael the Archangel,
the Virgin of Mercy,
are mystical symbols of the military
in their purest form.
When we embrace the military career,
we don't just embrace a profession,
we permanently become
which imprints a personality
that'll be embedded for life.
Carlos Pellegrini said,
"The military man is armed.
He has the privilege of being armed"
I'll go with you today.
I already told you "no," it's dangerous.
I'll go with you.
It's us women who have to go,
because they think we're harmless.
They underestimate us.
- It runs beautifully.
- Yes.
- It smells so good.
- Yes.
Take a bow.
Take a bow.
You're such a pain in the ass!
Bloody hell, Pelusa!
Mrs. Tota!
So, what do you say?
It's beautiful, son! A brand-new car!
Well, it's almost brand-new, but
Tell the rest that we're going for a ride.
- What?
- Come on, guys!
- Come on.
- Look at that.
Look at that.
So? What do you say, shall we?
Careful with the upholstery.
- Don't break anything.
- I'll close it.
What's wrong with the butcher
that's looking at us like that?
- Do we owe him money?
- No, he says that we're dirty peasants,
that the neighborhood is too good for us.
Is that so?
Well, is everyone ready?
- Go on.
- Let's go!
The plane's leaving.
Watch out, you'll have to go home!
Excuse me, the dirty peasants don't know
how to drive!
He has extremely high blood pressure
and a ventricular arrhythmia
Diego Maradona started
the new millennium with excess
- Take my things to the car, please.
- Yes.
The first thing I want to ask you is
not to make up any ridiculous story.
In an effort to get
a front page or a scoop,
you release fake news
that puts the whole family on edge.
The only truth is
that Diego is being monitored.
He's in a special care unit
and he's recovering.
There are rumors
that Diego arrived in a coma,
the result of a cocaine overdose.
Where did you get that nonsense?
Diego spent a quiet New Year's Eve,
surrounded by his close friends,
in peace, in harmony,
more relaxed than ever.
Of course there was also room
for some fun,
but always surrounded by good friends,
people who want what's best for Diego.
He enjoyed his family.
The girls and Claudia
who, as you all know,
are his refuge, his safe haven.
Of course,
he probably ate a little bit too much.
- He overdid the food but, please
- Come on, bitches!
Who doesn't eat or drink
a little bit too much during the holidays?
Diego woke up a little uneasy.
He was out of breath
so he asked me to bring him here
to have a check-up, that's it.
Hey, Guillote, go easy on the coke!
- There are assholes everywhere.
- Share, don't take it all yourself!
But this happens
because of the nonsense you publish,
and you make idiots like that believe
that Diego is surrounded
by dealers, prostitutes, a crazy life.
Is it true that Diego's breakdown was
due to a FIFA ranking
that places him
as the fifth-best player in the world?
I don't answer bullshit like that.
Excuse me.
There are so many reporters here
that I can assure you if anything happens,
you'll find out before I do. Bye.
What's your problem with me, Tota?
Why did you tell me that?
Do you really think
I didn't take care of your son?
Diego's had this problem
for over 15 years,
and I've been taking care of him, alone.
Why didn't you speak up at the time
when this started
instead of covering it up?
But I never covered it up.
But you didn't call his family,
you left us out of it.
What could you have done?
Diego doesn't listen to anyone.
He listens to me, Claudia.
When someone wants to use,
they don't ask their mother's permission.
Diego took drugs for a long time,
as you say. It's true.
But he never took it this far.
That's because you left him alone.
Because you wanted to break up.
He didn't.
You forgot that you made
a promise for life, you forgot!
And now you want to leave him alone?
If my son dies, I'll never forgive you.
And if he doesn't, I still won't.
Come on, let's win today.
Our people have packed the stadium.
Everyone, pass the ball
to Diego, okay? Let's go!
Let's go!
Dear God, help me, please.
Goyo, what's wrong?
He got tackled pretty hard.
Come on, buddy, be strong.
Listen, do you think it's serious?
I think it's a torn ligament.
Call him tomorrow to see what he needs.
He should get treatment with Quintana.
Goyo can't afford Quintana.
Tell him I'll cover the expenses.
Poor Goyo, such bad luck.
Diego comes in,
surrounded by four Vélez players,
the left-footer's coming.
There goes Wonder Boy.
He goes to the middle of the field.
Three players behind him.
He'll shoot with the left foot,
the way he likes it.
Shoot it, Diego. It'll be a great goal!
Diego continues with his left foot,
he'll cross it.
Unbelievable. I can't believe it.
Argentinos Juniors missed
the magic left foot of Diego Maradona.
I go past the first defender.
Then I go past the second one.
When I leave the goalkeeper on his knees,
I hit the first post. That's the move.
Why didn't you do it with your hand?
You played a good match.
You'll see it in the papers tomorrow.
I don't care about that, fathead!
We could have won it.
I need to be stronger
for this kind of play.
I have to train harder.
That's a great goal.
- That?
- Yes.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, what do you want?
Cyterszpiller has it.
Cyterszpiller dribbles past the defender.
- Past the second one.
- You can't run.
- Maradona comes out, he shoots!
- Come on, I'm getting wet!
He did it, it's incredible!
Come on, Pelusa. Hit it!
One more.
With your left hand!
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven.
Get out!
Eighteen, nineteen!
Bicho's looking for a draw,
Rosario Central is winning 2-1.
It's all up to him.
The wicked left-footer goes into the area,
he perseveres.
It's now or never, Diego!
Diego, goal!
A goal for Argentinos Junior!
The one and only, Diego Maradona.
See? I told you that was the move!
"Diego Maradona,
16 years old, first division player."
Morning, Don Atilio.
- Diego, you're awesome!
- How's it going?
- What a crazy goal you scored!
- Did you like it?
I went to see you.
I have my voice like this because of you.
Hi, Claudia.
- Hi, Diego.
- How are you doing?
I'm fine, and you?
Very well.
You like fishing?
Yes, actually my dad really likes it.
- He loves fishing.
- Look at that.
So does my dad.
Yes, he loves fishing.
He's from
a little town in Corrientes,
and as soon as you are born, you know
they teach you how to fish.
- How about that. Nice.
- Yes.
- Are you going to the club party?
- If my dad lets me, I will.
Excuse me.
- Do you have a boyfriend?
- No.
I don't have a boyfriend, no.
Do you want one?
I have to go, I'm running late.
Can you give this to him?
You're leaving? Yes, I have to go.
See you later.
Careful, man!
Why did you let him come?
What if he gets hurt?
I told him, but he wouldn't listen.
What the fuck are you doing?
Easy, boys!
Calm down! It's just a soccer game.
- It's a game.
- You asshole!
What's wrong with you?
What the hell are you doing here?
This isn't for you anymore,
you're a pro now.
What if your career is over
because of a shitty game?
"Shitty game"?
Against the Sarandi assholes?
Fiorito's always been their rivals.
What do you mean?
You don't live here anymore.
You never leave Fiorito for good!
And there is
a truckload of money riding on this.
The loser pays the barbecue.
You laugh now.
You said that Pelusa didn't listen to you,
but you were the one who bet the most.
And I doubled my money.
Okay, so?
Did you came all the way to Fiorito
just to tell us off?
I came all this way to let you know
you've been called up to the youth team.
They want you to start on Monday.
I have to confirm your attendance.
I don't know if you're free on Monday.
Maybe you have
to come here for a rematch.
- Sorry, I know you're right.
- Congratulations, Pelusa!
What's up, Pelusa?
What's up, Goyo?
You're leaving.
Won't you stay for the barbecue?
- I have to get going.
- But I already invited all the boys.
And they must be nearly here.
Everyone's coming.
Coto, Gaita, Carucha,
Cuervo, do you remember?
Yes, of course. Maybe another day, okay?
I have so many things to do.
Say hello to them for me.
See you, Goyito.
Fame really goes
to some people's heads, huh?
Are you serious, Goyito?
Do you think that, if that was true,
I would've come here today?
You don't care about your friends.
I fucked up my leg
and you didn't even call.
- I told Jorge to do it.
- Why waste your time, right?
Sorry. It's not all about money, Pelusita.
He's drunk, let it go.
I got you the best physical therapist
in the country.
Wasn't it good enough?
I went a couple of times
and got fed up with it.
- Do you know how hard it is to go?
- I do.
- You can't imagine.
- Yes, I can!
But if you don't go, you'll never heal.
It's so easy for you now, isn't it?
You earn money, a lot of money.
The club gave you a house two blocks away.
You're talking crap, Goyo.
We'll talk some other time
when you're not drunk.
You never leave Fiorito, you know?
If it wasn't for me, you would be nothing!
And he told me
I had to be a good teammate,
- train hard, and he welcomed me.
- That's great, my friend!
Bottle man!
Did you ask if they'll still try?
No, the last chance was yesterday.
They won't be signing this year.
My folks wouldn't let me go anyway.
They say Cebollitas is too far away.
Thanks, Fatiga!
- Bye, boys!
- Thank you.
Count me in the next round, guys.
Ready, aim, fire!
Pelusa, want to play?
- I haven't had any water all afternoon.
- I won!
Here, Pelusa, take this.
I don't want to piss on it.
The coach sent it for you
so that you can try out tomorrow.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
Mom, I've got money!
After today's training,
you'll be playing soccer
with the national team.
The practice will be directed by Menotti,
so take advantage of that.
Few players have the opportunity
to prove themselves
before the coach of the national team.
Go easy to the ball.
If someone gets hurt, it's a problem.
A team is an idea, and I want my players
to interpret that idea.
To support that idea we'll choose a style
and, as we are the protagonists,
we must commit to this show.
That's what I want from my teams
and that's what I want for the World Cup.
Any more questions, guys?
One touch, always one touch.
Hi, Diego. Nice to meet you.
- The pleasure is mine, sir.
- Come.
I saw you against Talleres.
Actually, I went to see Hacha Ludeña,
but you came on.
What a disrespectful nutmeg
you pulled on Cabrera.
Yeah. My coach told me
to do it to get my nerves out of the way.
Very good advice.
Never forget what you learned
in the street, Diego.
Because that's what sets you apart,
the sandlot.
Yes, sir.
There, come back.
That's it, behind the ball line. Come on.
Well done, Mario.
Well done, Mario.
So well-defined, good.
We're coming out.
That's good, Diego.
Release it faster, Maradona,
or they'll kill you.
Go easy on the kid.
Daniel, it's a practice.
Then he shouldn't get cocky
with his dribble.
How did that feel, Diego?
Very good, sir.
For me it's a dream
to share the pitch with these stars.
Get used to it.
If you keep this up,
you'll play for the national team.
They came on strong
a couple of times, didn't they?
Yeah, just a little.
- Are you hurt?
- No. I'll find out tomorrow.
If we get a little organized,
we'll both pick up girls and blow out
the shock absorbers on the Fiat.
I just came across a moron
- who was making fun of you.
- Of me?
Yes, he came out of the bathroom
and I wanted to kill him.
I didn't want trouble, but
- Who?
- It makes me mad.
It makes me crazy.
He was laughing at your limp.
That one with the mustache.
- There he is, look.
- No, don't worry. I'll take care of it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, ladies.
Are you playing dumb?
You make fun of me 'cause I'm a cripple?
Maestro, can you play some romantic music?
I'm far better than you.
I could kick the shit out of all of you.
So, get the hell out of here. Get out.
May I have this dance, miss?
Don't tell me you did all that
just to dance with me.
Didn't you?
Can you hear me?
Actually, the question should be
how long has it been
since you could hear me?
Since you could see me?
You know what?
Even when you left with another woman I
I hated you,
but I loved you.
What does it matter if you cheated once
or a thousand times?
You gave me so much love.
Do you remember
when you got injured in Barcelona
and they left us lying there
and I told you, "The game is not over"?
Well, the game isn't over now either,
so wake up
because you'll get out of here alive.
Come on, Diego, wake up!
Wake up, please!
Wake up, please!
Wake up!
Hey! Come on, get up!
Come on, it's already six o'clock.
Six in the morning? Did something happen?
Go get me a newspaper.
Can you get me
a jersey signed by the team?
I can't promise you that.
I don't have a lot of sway.
- It's for my boy, do me a favor.
- Diego!
- I'll try.
- Come here, please.
Why are you up so early?
Are you nervous about the game?
No. It's a joke.
Carrasco sent you to get the paper.
Now he'll ask you to get
hot water for the mate.
I suppose I'm paying my dues.
He's the captain, you are the new guy.
Come, sit down.
If everything goes well,
I'll have you play for a few minutes.
It's a good opportunity for your debut,
locally and with a full stadium.
Chino, move. You'll go in!
Stadium announcement,
change in Argentina's team.
Number 11, Julio Ricardo Villa, is out
and number 15,
Jorge "El Chino" Benítez, takes his place.
Maradona, get moving, you'll go in.
Come on, Diego.
You'll replace Luque, play it cool.
Change for Argentina. Number nine,
Leopoldo Jacinto Luque, comes off,
and number 19,
Diego Armando Maradona, takes his place.
Diego Armando Maradona,
only 16 years and 4 months old.
When most boys his age are
in the lower divisions,
Diego makes his debut
in the Argentine National Team.
Tolo Gallego sees Diego,
asking Diego for it.
Diego crosses the halfway line.
He sees Houseman, pass to El Loco.
Could be a goal! Houseman missed it.
It'd have meant
the victory against Hungary.
Good pass from Maradona.
You can tell this kid is different.
Argentina wins, thrashing Hungary.
To be honest,
I'm not even thinking about the World Cup.
There's still a year to go and I think
there are players
with much more experience than me.
I want to go slowly
and enjoy this dream
of having played a little bit today.
Anyone special you want
to dedicate this debut to?
Yes, her name is Claudia.
Claudia Roxana.
Claudia Roxana?
I'm going to kill you!
- I didn't know you don't like it.
- Anyway, you know what?
I loved that you said
that you have a girlfriend.
Thank you for dedicating your debut to me.
You're very sweet.
Yes, but I don't know
if I did the right thing.
If my old lady heard that interview,
she'd kill me,
because I didn't dedicate it to her.
I didn't even mention her.
Don't be silly. Why should she get angry?
Obviously, you don't know her.
I should buy her some flowers, a gift,
something so she doesn't get upset.
Are you serious?
She gets jealous, Claudia.
I'm her favorite boy.
Well, now you're my favorite boy.
And the only one, I hope.
Get out, Dalmi!
Slow down, you're going to hurt her!
- Another one!
- Me? Mine?
Here, the only truth is
that Diego is being monitored.
He's in a special care unit.
Reportedly, Maradona arrived
at the clinic lucid
and in his four-by-four
because he was feeling sick.
Hi. Excuse me.
If all goes well, Diego
Hello, and who are you?
I'm the doctor who treated Maradona.
I had to take my car
and my blood pressure monitor.
- Can I look for it?
- Come in, go ahead.
For prevention, let's say.
Did you know that anti-narcotics is here?
Yes, I was informed that they were there.
I've seen them come and go, but so far
Guillermo Coppola was in charge
of denying some reports
Who are you?
My name is Marcos, I came to get my car
- and this.
- Are you a doctor?
- Yes.
- Do you know anything about my dad?
- No.
- You don't want to tell me either.
Never mind.
police were involved due
to an alleged overdose.
We'd like to confirm or rectify
Why don't you turn it off?
It's not true everything they say, okay?
Sometimes, they exaggerate.
I know that they exaggerate.
I'm Diego Maradona's daughter.
Hey, buddy, what are you doing?
Diego Armando Maradona had
severe hypertension
and a ventricular arrhythmia,
in a patient who already had
chronic arterial hypertension.
He was admitted to the ICU.
He underwent several tests
Take it easy, Diego.
- How was training?
- It sucked.
What is going on with Alonso?
They call him up a month
before the World Cup selection.
Alonso played fewer games than I did.
The guy's getting pressure from all sides.
He must've done it
so they don't bust his balls.
He's pushed by the press,
by the clubs,
by the opinion of the military.
Everybody is on his case.
Menotti likes him.
Look how he hugs him.
He only hugs his favorites like that.
Passarella, Kempes
He hugged me once, and never again.
Do you really think that this deadbeat,
Alonso, can steal your place?
He's no deadbeat.
He played for a big club, I haven't.
There's no way that Menotti won't take you
to the World Cup, at least for the bench.
Did you make my reservation?
Nine o'clock, two people.
- The table I asked for?
- The table you asked for.
- The white rose?
- What do you take me for?
- Well done!
- Tell me who your date is.
I know it's not Claudia,
because she can't go out at night
during the week.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be so secretive.
Who is it?
You know I'm a gentleman.
You, a gentleman, Pelusa?
Stop fucking around!
Tell me who the girl is, motherfucker!
Hi, I have a reservation.
- Good evening, is she here?
- Good evening.
- She's waiting for you over there.
- Excuse me.
You look lovely.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I couldn't leave practice sooner
and couldn't pick you up.
- Did you get here okay?
- Perfectly. I like traveling by cab.
If Dad hadn't beaten me to the punch,
I'd have married you myself.
Son, if every time you forget
to mention me in an interview
you bring me here,
you'd better not mention me anymore.
Shall we start?
Do they have bread pudding on the menu?
Not as good as yours.
First, I want to tell you
that this is a very difficult day for me.
I know that some of you will have
your hopes shattered.
The truth is that you all worked hard
to be at the World Cup.
I won't explain myself
to the ones who aren't on the list.
I have my reasons,
but there's nothing I can say
that will make you feel better.
But I want you to know
that this is not the end of the world.
Nobody has died here.
Soccer will always give you
a second chance. Always.
Valey, Filliol, and Lavolpe.
Defenders. Galván Luis, Killer, Olguín,
Oviedo, Pagnanini,
Tarantini, and Passarella.
Midfielders. Ardiles, Galván, Rubén,
La Rosa, Villa, Valencia,
Gallego, and Alonso.
Bertoni, Houseman,
Kempes, Luque and Ortíz.
- Come on.
- Come on, man!
Come on, kid, get it together.
What do I tell my father now?
After everything he did for me.
My dad broke his back so I could play.
Next year you'll play
at the World Youth Championship.
- You'll win easily!
- Yes, but this one is here.
My dad dreamed of seeing me play.
What are you doing out here in the cold?
I'm so mad that I could walk
naked through the Cordillera.
I'm sorry.
- I failed you.
- How could you fail me?
- I hope they're out in the first round.
- What are you saying?
And when the military shoot Menotti
in the Plaza de Mayo,
I'll sit in the first row to watch.
Don't say that.
We have to support Argentina all the same.
You can't play with a boy's dream.
That chickenshit.
If you played for Boca,
he wouldn't dare to kick you out.
But since you play for Argentinos Juniors
Your mother's right,
I'm too overbearing, don't listen to me.
We'll watch Argentina matches together.
The fight against subversion
Today is a day of happiness
for our country.
Two events
that are happening to this effect.
The beginning of a sporting event
on an international scale.
On the other hand,
the friendly visit
of thousands of men and women
who honor us with their presence.
I pray to God
for this sporting event to be truly
a contribution
to ensure peace.
Therefore, with this spirit
of friendship between our countries,
I officially open
the 11th Football World Cup 1978.
Don't touch her!
Kneel down.
Hi. You're mine today.
- Kneel down, fuck!
- Come on!
Kneel down. Good.
We have a pregnant new friend.
Hi, Mommy, don't be afraid.
Where are you going?
- Is this the daddy?
- Stay still.
Is this your daddy?
I told you to take off your clothes.
- Come on, take it all off!
- No!
- Hello?
- Mrs. Tota?
- Yes.
- How are you doing? It's Goyo.
Sorry to bother you at a time like this.
Goyo? Goyo Carrizo?
Yes, Goyo Carrizo
from Villa Fiorito, do you remember me?
Yes, of course I do, son.
How could I forget?
I wanted to tell you that today
- my wife and I had a baby.
- Yes.
- A little boy.
- Look at that.
You know what it's like with kids.
I thought that maybe Diego'd like to know
and make him feel better
that we named him Diego Armando.
His name is Diego Armando Carrizo,
in Pelusa's honor.
Because I still love him
very much, you see?
Yes, of course, son. Thank you very much.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
My name is Nelson Arancibia.
I'm the head
of the Maldonado Prosecutor's Office.
- Mr. Coppola.
- Yes.
I need you to come with me.
Come with you?
Yes, of course. Well, all right.
I hope that doesn't mean
that I'll be detained.
The judge wants to see you
- in the prosecutor's office.
- Fine.
Excuse me.
So, do we know anything else?
Is the fat, good-for-nothing dead or not?
We're waiting for some news.
Did Coppola answer?
I got his answering machine.
I left him about ten messages.
And what about the court case
that they opened?
The judge sealed it.
I'm trying to reach her too,
but she doesn't talk to the media.
She's never given a statement.
I talked to some witnesses off the record.
They all say the same thing.
That, the last few days,
Maradona was out of control.
He was seen at Macri's party,
unhinged, totally stoned.
What I find odd is that Claudia
and the girls were at the party.
Normally, he tries to behave
around the girls.
Something must've happened
to end up like that.
That's right.
- Laura, what do you have?
- Yes.
- I sorted these out.
- Okay. Good.
- I like this one.
- This one?
Yes. Not this one.
- That one for the front page.
- All right.
With this one winning
the junior World Cup in 1979.
Diego Armando Maradona leads
Argentina to win
its first junior world championship ever.
Menotti's team beats, two-nil,
the Soviet Union,
one of the toughest rivals
in the competition.
Argentina welcome the world champions
and even the president joins in.
They congratulate a few,
while they're murdering
thousands of people!
Where are our children?
They took them alive,
we want them back alive!
Bring them back to us!
Release all the missing detainees alive!
Stop using soccer to deceive us,
like opium for the people!
While they are murdering thousands
You can be
legitimately proud
of the triumph you have won
for the country.
Because you have given
an unequivocal proof
of order and discipline.
This means, without a doubt,
to recognize the principle of authority.
A pleasure to meet you, Maradona.
Congratulations for making us look
so good before the world.
Thank you very much, Mr. President.
Go, champions!
Go, champions!
The performance of the national youth team
at the World Cup was surprising.
Maradona received
the Ballon D'Or as the
best player of the Cup.
Goyo Carrizo never recovered from
his injury and gave up his sports career.
He still lives and is known as
"the Maradona who never was".
The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo demanded
the release of their children
abducted by the dictatorship, alive.
With meetings forbidden, they moved in
circles, thus avoiding infringing the ban.
Their white scarves,
pay homage to their missing children.
To this day they carry out
this ceremony every week.
He came back from school
and played soccer day and night.
He never stopped playing.
In his free time, he'd listen to music,
play with his siblings.
He was very affectionate.
My siblings have everything they ask for.
They have balls that I never had.
I don't blame my dad
because he was the best.
He was always good to me.
The goalkeeper forces him
to move to the side.
Argentina has a chance
and Maradona scores!
He scores a goal, two-nil!
Maradona the scorer,
which is why Maradona is called
the new Pelé!
This is why he's considered
one of the brightest stars in soccer.
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