Maradona: Blessed Dream (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


- Wait here, please.
- Hello.
Will you let the doctor know
we've brought Coppola in?
So, what you're saying is,
that at the time
of Mr. Maradona's decompensation,
only you and the owner of the house
were present,
- and no one else.
- Exactly, Your Honor.
Claudia Villafañe,
Mr. Maradona's wife, was not there.
Well, yes, she was.
She was asleep with the girls
in the main house.
Because Diego and his wife are,
let's say, separated.
Well, they're still together,
but separated.
She was there
because they decided to spend
the holidays as a family.
Let's see, Mr. Coppola.
A witness testified
that there was a third person
in the guest house.
A male, between 45 and 50 years old,
black hair, brown eyes, 5'6".
A third person?
Sorry, Your Honor, with all due respect.
I don't know who your witness is,
but it sounds like they might've had
one too many on New Year's Eve.
Something tells me
that if we look in the magazines
for photos of Mr. Maradona's last stay,
we'll find this third person.
And that the witness will recognize him.
Save me the paperwork.
Carlos Ferro Viera.
And why did you omit
his presence in your statement?
Because Ferro is a friend of Diego's
who, let's say
he's not very well thought of,
to avoid a media scandal.
Sure. But this is the law.
Where do Mr. Ferro Viera
and Mr. Maradona know each other from?
I introduced them.
I met Ferro when
I was arrested in my country.
On a made-up, bogus charge.
For the record,
I was declared completely innocent
by justice system in my country.
We could say that Mr. Ferro Viera is
the one who provides cocaine
to your client here in Uruguay.
I don't know.
I thank God
I'm not at all involved with drugs
and, as everyone knows,
Diego's in the process of recovery.
Is Ferro Viera still here
in Punta del Este?
I have no idea, Your Honor.
I haven't been in the house
since Diego was hospitalized,
not even to change my clothes.
I've been with Diego and his family.
With all due respect, Your Honor,
I'd like to wrap this up.
These are crucial moments and I need
to be by my friend's side at the hospital.
I have a question.
I'm trying to figure out who this is.
I can't place him.
- Who is he?
- I don't know.
- I have no idea.
- No?
Do you know this guy?
- You do?
- So do you.
- No, I have no idea who this is.
- Yes, you do.
Imagine him without glasses
and shorter hair.
You almost have it.
Put some gray in his beard.
What an idiot! I couldn't saw it.
You can tell it's Ricardo.
You'll see a lot of photos
of them from that time.
When Maradona played in Europe,
Ricardo was his press officer.
I didn't know they had a relationship.
He was cold when he broke the news.
They ended on really bad terms.
Nobody knows what really happened,
but as much as I love Diego,
I can tell you one thing.
No friend, press agent, or manager
has lasted more than five years with him.
Right. Well, thank you very much.
- Can I have it?
- Okay.
Thank you.
I don't know any Maradona.
Maradona doesn't exist here.
Because you don't know
anything about soccer.
We've won three World Cups.
And you? Just one.
That was fixed by the military.
Watch what you say, Brazilian.
The 1978 champions are friends of mine.
If you make me mad
and I'll get out of the cab.
Get out here in the favela and shout,
"Argentina is better than Brazil.
Brazilians don't know
anything about soccer."
They'll come down from the hill
and turn you into a girl.
What did he say?
If you get out here and shout
that we're better than Brazil in a favela,
they'll turn you into a girl.
I take it back, I'm not getting out.
We're here to do a special edition
for a sports magazine,
because Diego's
the best player in Argentina.
They say he'll be bigger than Pelé.
Bigger than Pelé?
So, Maradona is from another planet?
How much is it?
- An autograph?
- Yes, of course.
Gentlemen, welcome. Please, come with me.
Maybe he's taking a nap?
Come, wait here quietly.
- Please.
- Gentlemen.
- Hello.
- What a pleasure.
Thank you so much for having us.
There's no need for introductions.
Diego, how are you?
Nice to meet you.
What are you doing?
Just making sure I'm not dreaming, sir.
I've been following Diego
since he started,
but I've never seen him this excited.
Not even when he won
the Youth Championship.
It's been two years since I retired.
I miss the fans.
The buzz and the smell of the grass.
I'm revealing who I am
And I'm being who I can be
I throw myself into the world
Walking everywhere
And by the natural law of encounters
I give and take a little bit more
I use my eyes, naked or spectacled
Past, present
I participate by being
A mystery of this planet
I like you very much, Dieguito. Look.
Look, Dieguito.
- May I ask for your autograph?
- Of course.
Take care of yourself
and always stay away from bad company.
Healthy mind and body.
Thank you, King.
- Shall we take a picture?
- Sure.
This manual is in Portuguese.
What did you expect, Arabic?
I bought it in Brazil, dummy.
I heard you can't watch it for long,
because it ruins your sight.
If we keep going like this,
we won't see any.
Out the way. Leave it to me.
- Thank God you play soccer.
- Go ahead.
How does it look?
They haven't installed the antenna yet.
Tell me something nice
about your trip to Brazil.
Besides Pelé, what else did you see?
The beaches have white sand
and warm water.
And the women all wear these tiny bikinis.
Fat women cover themselves up here.
But there, they're all half-naked,
showing their asses.
All of them.
Tall ones, thin ones,
- short ones.
- Disgusting.
- I said something nice, not that filth.
- I think it's nice.
Is that so?
You wouldn't mind me walking around
in nothing but a string?
Are you crazy, Mom?
Tell Morsa about where Pelé lives.
He lives in a mansion.
Yes, a huge house.
About 30 times bigger than this one.
And there were girls
sunbathing in the pool.
His girlfriend is a beautiful blonde.
- A real blonde.
- So you prefer blondes over brunettes?
No, are you crazy? No way.
I like brunettes,
with straight hair and bangs.
That's it. Okay, Chitoro.
Move the antenna.
- There?
- Like that, Chitoro! That's it!
Don't touch anything else.
What? What are you looking at?
Look at the colors.
Wait till they see you
in a Boca jersey, kid.
- With the blue and gold.
- Okay.
I'm throwing the ball to him.
My boy'd never miss a chance
to head the ball.
You always call him that? "My boy"?
And he's about to turn 40.
But time
is different for him.
Forty years of his life is
I don't know how many lives
for an ordinary person.
The trips around the world
that my boy took.
And so many trips inside his head.
Because it's not easy to be in his shoes.
He held on
and he held on.
And I'm sure he'll keep holding on.
My children, Lalo and Huguito,
already knew that when they were little.
It's on film.
As Diego's brothers,
they were interviewed once.
The reporter asked Huguito,
"When you grow up, you'll be like Diego?"
And he said, very innocently,
"I don't think I'll ever be like him.
Because my brother is a Martian.
There's no question about it."
And that statement
has always been true.
As if Huguito had had a vision.
Many have already
given my son up for dead.
But I have faith in him.
Because he's a Martian.
There's no question about it.
Excuse me.
Wake up, son.
You have a game today, did you forget?
- No, I need to sleep a little more.
- Good morning, handsome.
Wake up.
Hello, honey.
- Hello.
- Claudia brought you the paper.
You can read
what they say about the game.
No kiss for mommy? Good morning.
What does it say? Look.
Gatti is so rude.
How can he say this?
What did he do?
He's just mean.
- He says I'm chubby.
- No, honey. You're not chubby.
You need to eat.
Daddy will be upset,
because he loves El Loco.
What a fucking old asshole.
Your daddy?
No, Ma. Gatti.
I don't get why he criticizes you.
You were teammates on the national team.
Who does he think he is?
He never stops giving away stupid goals.
You shouldn't have brought him this.
Look at the bad mood
he's in now because of you.
Let's go.
Let him have his breakfast in peace.
- Come on.
- Okay.
I won't score just one goal
against this asshole.
I'm gonna score four. Four.
We'll see who's chubby.
What did he say?
He's gonna score four.
Don't look at me like that.
The press loves to stir things up.
Why would I say that?
I'll get four past you today.
I promised my folks.
Four against me, kid?
And they called me crazy.
A penalty for Argentinos Juniors,
there goes Diego, goal!
Free kick for Argentinos Juniors,
Diego hit it Super goal!
Boca's ahead 3-2,
Argentinos looks to tie.
Pasculi to Diego, goal!
Don't tell me you're scoring again.
There goes Diego, goal!
Watch it, asshole.
Lucky you.
If I'd been on a diet, I'd have scored 8.
Diego, how are you?
What can you say after this great victory
for Argentinos Juniors?
It was a good game,
with lots of goals and I hope
that the Argentinos fans enjoyed it
as much as the Boca fans.
Hear that?
They're giving you a standing ovation.
You don't hear that often
for a rival player.
Diego! Diego!
My dad's a Boca fan.
And he must be sad
that they were eliminated,
but this will make him feel better.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Diego.
That was Diego Armando Maradona,
captain of the Argentinos Juniors.
- And for the first time in history
- There he is.
a contract signing
- is broadcast live on television.
- So cute in his suit.
Apart from Maradona
and the other players involved,
Jorge Cyterszpiler,
Diego's agent, is here,
and Guillermo Coppola,
manager of the Boca players
who will now go
to Argentinos Juniors as part of the deal.
What would you like to say, Diego?
I'm very happy.
I'll be forever grateful
to the Argentinos fans
and I'll carry them in my heart.
And to the Boca fans,
especially to my old man,
I hope I won't disappoint you.
- He mentioned me.
- Bye, Argentinos. Hello, Boca.
He mentioned me.
How does it feel to sign
a $4 million contract
when the country's going through
an unprecedented economic crisis?
I don't handle the numbers, guys.
Talk to Rengo about that.
My business is soccer,
and giving joy to the people
that really need it right now.
When you're poor,
sometimes your only joy
is when your team wins on Sunday.
Don't forget that's where I come from.
We used to have so many leaks
that it rained inside.
To hire you, Boca traded six players,
who didn't want to leave, to Argentinos.
Aren't you worried that the Boca team
will hold you responsible
and might not welcome you?
Look, I think
that we're all professionals
and the agreement is the clubs' business.
The economic crisis is my fault now?
No, what makes them angry
is that Maradona came out of poverty.
I've needed to pee for two hours.
Can you believe
that when we were
about to sign the contract, Diego,
I was holding my piss in so much
I thought I'd shit myself.
Well, it makes sense, doesn't it?
Down there,
it's all connected.
Journalists are real ball-busters, huh?
They're always breaking your balls.
What do they want? They never let up.
But they're right
about one thing, aren't they?
Your players didn't want to leave Boca.
If the club had been interested
in keeping them,
they wouldn't have traded them.
In fact, it's an elegant way
to get rid of them
but keep the boys working.
Don't worry about it, Dieguito.
on top of the world.
People see you
as if you were just a goal machine.
And they're not seeing
the boy.
There's a party today
at a friend's nightclub.
Why don't you come?
Good vibes. Girls.
One, four.
You know, the girls often ask me,
"When are you gonna bring Dieguito?"
- Really? They do?
- Of course they do.
So something's going to happen there.
If you come,
we'll celebrate, Dieguito.
Let's celebrate the contract.
Hello, darling. Hi, honey.
- Guille!
- Darling.
My love.
You remember the girls?
Look at the girls, how lovely.
Dieguito! I'm so glad you came.
This is great. I'm so glad.
Jorgito, how are you?
- Fine.
- Great to see you, boys.
- Nice.
- Dieguito, my love!
Monica has been dying to meet you.
I'm a huge Boca Juniors fan.
My two oldest sisters are fans of yours.
Tell them to come to the theater,
I'll get them tickets.
You don't know
what this woman is capable of.
With the feathers in her costume,
she's a neutron bomb.
I thought you were blond.
No, honey. I'm not blond.
Did you think that I was a dumb blond?
Honey, don't underestimate me.
I can do so many things.
Tota, is everything okay?
Pelusa didn't tell me
he was staying over, dear.
You should tell him that he has a family.
He needs to hurry or we'll miss practice.
I'm sorry,
but my dad doesn't let him stay over.
I thought he was home.
- I don't know what to tell you.
- No.
He stayed over at a teammate's then.
I remember Chitoro said something,
but I was half asleep,
so it didn't register.
Well, excuse me, dear.
Tell your family I said hi.
Thanks, have a good day.
No kiss for Daddy?
Good morning, darling.
Don't look like that.
He probably stayed at a friend's house.
Maybe they went out for a drink.
It's better that he stays there
and doesn't drive home like that.
He was going to bed early
because he had practice.
Maybe the boy needed to relax.
All these commitments must stifle him.
As his partner,
you should be understanding.
Over time,
you'll get used to what men are like.
You give me such hope, Dad.
You come from a good family.
You don't give yourself away easily.
If he disappears from time to time
for a couple of hours,
it's his right.
Men have different needs than women.
We need to unload.
- Coco.
- Well, we get pain in the
Dad, you're disgusting!
Mom, are you listening to him?
- I'm used to it.
- You know what I'm talking about.
She knows me, that's why I love her.
Look, if she wasn't mine already,
I'd buy her.
What do you think you're doing?
Did you forget we have guests?
Go outside.
You stay there.
Nobody teach you
how to behave like a lady?
Okay. Thank you.
We can do it some other day.
When Giménez finishes, we'll go.
Cheer up, it's great!
It's your birthday!
I'm not scared.
But if my folks find out
Your folks already know we're here.
Who's next?
I was told it's the birthday boy's turn.
Will you come with me?
Happy Birthday!
Pelusa isn't here. He's out.
I wanted to give him a gift.
When he gets back, he'll go to bed
because he has practice.
I'll give it to him.
Listen, forget about Pelusa, okay?
He has to focus on soccer.
Diego says he likes being with me.
What I say matters, not Diego's words.
Are you sure about this, Diego?
Your debut can wait a week.
No, Silvio, what are you talking about?
Listen to that.
The place is packed.
They'll understand.
They know you're injured.
No, don't worry.
I've been getting injections
since I was 10 years old.
Go ahead, Doc.
Hey, Doc.
You know them well.
Are these guys always such assholes
with newcomers, or just with me?
They blame me for the trade, don't they?
Don't worry, they'll forget soon enough.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the moment we've been waiting for.
Maradona's here.
Boca's here.
Diego Armando Maradona is here.
Number 10 is making his debut today,
wearing the Boca jersey.
- His family is happy.
- I love you, Diego!
His parents are full of joy.
The Bombonera has been
waiting for this.
It's Boca versus Talleres de Córdoba.
There goes Maradona.
A penalty. Maradona shoots! Goal!
Goal by Boca!
Diego scores. Maradona scores.
For Diego's debut,
it's Boca, four, Talleres, one.
Are you awake
or did you fall asleep, honey?
No, Moni, how could I fall asleep?
I'm here.
You know what my present will be
for the goals you scored?
All this for two penalties?
And when I win the World Cup?
This is insane.
This is ridiculous.
I promise you
that this will be a media scandal!
What am I saying, media scandal?
A diplomatic one!
Do you understand
that I'm a public figure?
Look at me!
Diego Armando Maradona,
you son of a bitch.
Let's go, let's go up the Celeste.
This is a video for Dalma and Giannina
from Diego Armando Maradona,
but watch out,
don't let Mom know,
because it's a surprise.
- Good morning.
- Get out.
Come on, wake up!
I have a surprise for you.
Do you want to know what it is? Come here.
There it is!
- A pony!
- Do you like it?
Dad, you're the
- Girls, I brought you something to eat.
- Okay.
And we set up the mirror,
and we put makeup on her.
What are you doing?
- Mommy!
- What are the police doing?
What do you mean?
Fucking pigs, you're wrecking the house!
If you touch that million-dollar vase,
I'll kill you.
- I swear I'll
- Hello.
- Are you in charge of the raid?
- Yes.
Claudia Villafañe Maradona.
I'm here for my daughters.
They're minors, they shouldn't see this.
- No one can leave the house, ma'am.
- My daughters can.
- Ma'am.
- I'm getting my daughters.
- They are minors. Pablo, where are they?
- Sorry.
I'm getting them. Where are the girls?
- They're fine.
- Send them down.
We have to go downstairs.
Shall we? That's it.
- Are you okay?
- Grandma!
Don't lie to us.
- Dad's dead?
- For God's sake, don't say that.
I'm sick of being treated
like everyone else!
I know Dad's dead.
- That's why the police is here.
- No, that's not true.
It's something else.
I'd never hide something
like that from you.
Dad is not dead, Dad is alive.
He's in bad shape, but he'll recover
because he's a strong man, you know?
A lot of people are helping him,
so he'll be fine.
- Stay calm, okay?
- Okay.
How are you?
How are you, guys?
Just came by to say hi.
And to encourage you
for tomorrow's game!
You have to beat River.
There's no other way.
We all agree on that, don't we?
What's your problem with Maradona?
The kid runs around the entire game,
and you don't give him the ball!
- What the fuck did we buy him for?
- Calm down.
What happens on the field is our business.
Cut the crap, José.
You can't storm in like this.
Boca is my home
so I'll come and go as I please.
Don't worry.
We didn't come here
to tell you how to play.
We're here because some of you
are playing the fool
- about paying the fee.
- What fee are you talking about?
See why Perotti is an idiot on the field?
Because he's an idiot off the field too!
You want money.
I'm not going to give you a penny.
- Does anyone else have a problem?
- I do!
Who do you think you are?
What about you?
You say you're Boca fans
and you come and threaten us
12 hours before a derby?
Anyone can be tough holding an iron bar.
This has nothing to do with you.
You're wrong.
If you mess with my teammates,
you mess with me.
Got it?
You're standing up for these shits,
who've been terrible teammates to you?
You get a pass,
because I like people with balls.
- You're wrong, Diego.
- Bunch of wusses.
Buddy, you don't come from Boca.
Come on, Boca. We must win!
La Plata derby is coming up.
We'll see about that later.
It's a party here at La Bombonera.
Boca's beating its rival, River, 2-0.
Diego wants a goal.
Here goes Córdoba, pulling out the center.
Diego drops it.
Pato Fillol leaves him scrambling.
He hits it! Goal!
Goal for Boca!
Wonderful. Classic move from Diego.
Boca, 3, River, 0.
It's his first year in Boca.
Diego Armando Maradona's
on the front page of every newspaper.
Not just in Argentina,
but the entire world.
Everyone praises Diego.
Boca's the champion.
Boca team, lead by Silvio Marzolini,
has great stars.
And this was key in decisive games.
Against Ferro, they won 1-0
with a goal by Perotti.
There goes Diego.
There goes Maradona, goal for Boca!
Diego Armando Maradona.
Great expectations,
Boca's going for the championship.
Penalty for Boca. He moves, he shoots
Goal for Boca!
La Bombonera is about to explode.
Boca wins!
They win the 1981 championship.
Come on! We are the champions!
Go, champion!
Go, champion!
If it happens again,
we'll run some tests, okay?
But it doesn't look serious,
just a drop in pressure.
Don't get upset, Tota.
People talk out of jealousy.
Thank you.
You heard him, Mommy.
You need to stop worrying.
- You need to relax.
- Yes, son.
"It's 55 feet wide and 160 deep,
has a garden and a swimming pool,
four en-suite bedrooms
and a garage for three vehicles,
where Diego keeps his two Mercedes Benzes
and a Fiat 125, his first car,
which he keeps
even though he no longer uses it."
They forgot about the sauna
and the size of the living room.
Listen. "Now in their mansion,
the Maradona family
from Villa Fiorito is gone.
In their old neighborhood,
the neighbors say
that Doña Tota only remembers them
when she's looking for a maid."
It makes me so mad.
Mom shouldn't suffer
because of these assholes.
Honey, don't listen to the press.
People love you.
Look at all the letters you receive.
What's this?
I order them by topic.
These are from people who need some help.
I answer them sooner.
An apartment?
He is asking me
to give him an apartment?
Sure, apartments, houses,
medicine, clothes.
What the hell is wrong with them?
They're crazy!
Calm down, honey.
What the press says doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
There it is.
I've got it.
Come on. Here, hold it. Firmly.
With both hands.
You need patience to reel it in.
That's how you lose a dorado.
Higher up, here. Hold it.
I'm sure they're bitching about me.
Especially Menotti.
Why didn't you talk to him?
He could give you some good advice.
Sometimes I want to disappear
off the face of the earth.
I don't know what people want from me.
It's like I have to apologize
for everything I have.
You've sacrificed a lot.
- When we were
- Hello.
What the fuck are you doing here, Ricardo?
Sorry, Diego.
I know I'm interrupting your vacation,
but people are getting crazy.
They want to know if you're retiring,
what you're up to.
You're out of your mind.
Come on, let's talk for a minute.
- No way.
- I brought you the paper.
They all mention you, look.
- How's it going, Chitoro?
- Careful.
Oh, shit.
Sorry. Look.
Don't get mad.
You're crazy.
You know how hard it was
for me to come?
"Come back, Maradona, we forgive you."
Forgive me for what?
I came here,
where my dad was born, to rest.
It's good that you're getting
some fresh air,
but the fans love you, Diego.
The World Cup's coming up.
They want you there.
They need to understand
that Maradona's not a happiness machine.
I'm just a person.
So now I'll go back to Buenos Aires,
I'll publish that I discovered
your secret place.
And what else do I say?
Give me a scoop, Diego, come on.
I'm tired of people saying
fake things about me.
"Maradona will return to train
for the World Cup in a few days."
I don't know what to tell you.
What are you gonna do?
Hunt and fish?
Give tours on your boat?
- I'll publish that.
- You're clever.
Maybe I could be a singer.
What's so funny?
I loved her, boys
And I love her
And I'll never forget her
I get it.
I get drunk because of her
And who knows what she will do?
You're great at playing soccer.
- A singer, go figure.
- What are you laughing at?
Where is Maradona?
Has he gone back to his family?
Who will you choose if he won't play?
César, do you know where he is?
Do you have a plan B
if Maradona doesn't come back?
Menotti, what do you know about Diego?
The mystery continues,
where is Maradona?
If I knew, I wouldn't buy this.
Will you play the World Cup
without Maradona?
As president of the nation,
I ask the English people
and its government
for restraint in your remarks
and restraint in your actions.
The Argentine government
and its people are
once again becoming enraged
and reporting the greatest offenses.
If they want to come, let them come.
We will bring the battle to them.
Margaret Thatcher
"Is Galtieri ready to sacrifice
40 thousand lives?" UK Prime Minister
National Radio Buenos Aires,
Argentine Republic,
jointly with LS 82, channel 7,
Argentina, color television,
and all the stations that are part of
One, two, number 32
That way, come on.
Diego, the president wants to talk to you.
I ask two things of you,
persistence of effort
and a spirit of sacrifice.
In the Falklands, we are winning a war,
but we also have to win
on another battlefield,
so that the world can see
that Argentina is a world power.
You are going to be our soldiers in Spain,
to bring joy
to all the Argentinean people.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Twenty-four hours
for the Argentine Falklands begins now.
Diego, thank you very much for being here.
Daniel, thank you very much
for being here.
The national team will donate
100 million pesos.
Having watched
this very moving show yesterday,
I believe that
if we were asked to give our lives,
we would certainly do it.
- Diego! Maradona!
- Maradona, give us a second.
- Diego!
- Diego!
- Diego!
- Maradona!
- Maradona!
- Diego!
- Diego.
- Maradona, one second, please.
Any thoughts about
human rights violations in Argentina?
Do you know that there are thousands
of people who have disappeared?
Argentine soldiers are being massacred
in the war.
Can you play the World Cup
while that's happening, Diego?
It's said that the donations
have never reached the Falklands.
- What do you know about it?
- Diego!
SPAIN - 1982
He shoots Goal!
Yeah, Diego!
Goal for Belgium! Unbelievable!
Belgium beats Argentina 1-0.
The Belgian forward suddenly appeared
to make the difference.
Argentina loses to Belgium, 1-0.
1982 World Cup: Argentina showed promise
with a champion team,
but won two games and lost three,
saying goodbye in the second phase
with Maradona sent off for a serious foul.
Donations collected during
"24 hours for the Falklands"
never reached their destination.
Many soldiers were sent to war without
training and weapons that didn't work.
After losing the match to Belgium,
Argentina surrendered to the English.
The war left more than
1200 Argentine soldiers wounded
and 649 killed in combat.
A similar number of veterans
committed suicide after the conflict.
The surrender precipitated
the fall of the Military Dictatorship
and the return to democracy.
On behalf of Diego Armando Maradona,
I give you this check.
Gentlemen, a check for 100 million pesos
for the "Argentine Falklands"
patriotic fund
signed by Diego Armando Maradona.
It's really difficult
to leave Argentinos Junior
because I keep it in my heart.
It's part of my life.
You travel to Spain on July 23rd?
Yes, I signed the contract for that date.
- Thank you, Diego, good luck.
- Thank you.
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