Maradona: Blessed Dream (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

South American

Help me!
Jump! Please help me!
Help me!
Finally, after many months
of negotiations,
today, the man of the hour
will be joining FC Barcelona,
Diego Armando Maradona.
Diego Armando Maradona
signed with FC Barcelona
and arrived to a crowd waiting for him
at El Prat Airport this week.
Is it hard to win the Libertadores?
- How are you, sir?
- Fine. How was your trip?
Diego Armando Maradona is a show.
More than 40 journalists came
from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Photographers didn't leave him alone
for a second.
What's it like to be in Spain?
I've only seen the airport.
All airports look the same.
Well, Diego, you can see the madness
your arrival has triggered,
what you've stirred up.
All these people expect you to repay
the money we've paid for you with titles.
- You're putting pressure on me.
- Well.
No, no, forget about them.
No, we've set up
a press conference at the club.
Diego, you came to a team
going through a losing streak,
that hasn't won a major title in years,
is that extra pressure?
What? Nuñez told me this was
the most successful team in Europe.
Jorge, get a plane, let's go back to Boca.
- Who is this?
- Is Gonzalo.
A cameraman we brought with us.
We're filming Maradona's documentary.
Okay, Jorge, no, this is not Argentina.
Barcelona isn't Boca.
You can't do whatever you want here.
There are procedures to follow.
For example, statements for the media
can't be improvised.
There's a press office
that decides where and when.
So, if we want to get along,
we should start off on the right foot.
Asking that of Diego Maradona
would be contradictory.
Better to start with the left.
There was a lot of expectation
for the World Cup,
but Argentina went out unceremoniously.
Are you afraid that might happen
You had to be Argentinian.
Of course.
In my country,
journalists did a lot of damage.
They said we were winning the war,
while in the Falklands, kids were dying.
I'm done with the Argentinian press.
- No more questions.
- About the Falklands
- Is this the house you rented for us?
- Yes.
- What do you think?
- I love it.
- What, Morsa?
- Wait.
Let me see this. I can't believe
the place you've got here.
Mari, ask Kitty for the camera!
Mari, give Kitty the camera
so she can take a picture!
Wait, the van's waiting for you
to leave with the club.
Come, take a picture for my folks.
- These South Americans are so uncivilized.
- Yes.
Mariano, honk the horn.
Yes! Yes!
Let's go!
Remember when I told you
I thought Nuñez was an asshole?
- Yes.
- It's now confirmed.
Columbus conquered America,
but we'll conquer Europe, my friend.
You know where I come from.
Do you know how many times I hurt my foot
from playing barefoot?
You're here because you deserve it.
- It's a miracle.
- No, it's not a miracle.
It's a reward
for your effort and talent.
It's thanks to you.
Don't get mushy, they're watching us.
I don't give a shit.
All right, gentlemen,
let's get going, the coach is waiting
in the locker room.
Your teammates.
- Urruti, the goalkeeper.
- Nice to meet you.
- Welcome, Diego.
- Thanks.
- José Manuel Martínez Toral.
- Pleasure.
And this is the other foreigner
on the team, Bernd Schuster.
The German Nibelung.
- What's up, Bernie?
- I'm great, Diego.
What does he eat?
Steel? Look at his size.
- Gerardo.
- Pleasure.
Sánchez, the captain.
- Hi.
- Hello.
And this is our great strategist,
he's German like Bernd.
The coach, Udo Lattek.
Udo Lattek. Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
- Let me.
It's a pleasure, Diego
To have What was it?
- To have.
- You do it.
It's a pleasure to have you here.
I hope we will get along well.
We will, as long
as the translator is here.
If you're a pro and you work hard,
you'll have no problems
adapting to my team.
That won't be a problem.
I have a question.
Who shouts out instructions during a game,
you or the translator?
No one shouts.
He doesn't shout because his players
know exactly what to do.
Okay, all right. Nice to meet you.
Tactical order.
Athletic ability.
Collective discipline.
That's the identity he wants
for FC Barcelona.
He knows you're tired,
You have to be,
otherwise you're doing it wrong.
You're here because you were chosen
for being the best.
The best are still at
If you came here thinking
you'd actually play soccer, forget it.
We didn't even touch a ball.
Luckily, because he uses 20-pound balls.
To strengthen the legs.
That's all for today. You can go.
We'll see you tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.
here at the field, as usual.
You train at 7:00 a.m. every day?
Even on game days.
By the way, Jorge, I was told
it'd be better
if you didn't stay for practice.
I don't see the problem.
I was quiet the whole practice.
Yes, it's just a request from the coach.
I've been with Diego for 10 years,
- this has never happened to me.
- Yes.
I understand Mr. Lattek
doesn't want to favor any players.
Of course, don't worry.
- I won't come back.
- Okay.
What's up, Rengo?
It's nothing.
You look upset, why?
They don't want me at practice.
- He said that?
- No, relax, Diego, it's the coach.
Oh, him? Hey, Udo!
- This is on day one?
- Relax, Diego.
Don't make a fuss about this.
They've been kicking me
in the head from the get-go.
Relax, Pelusa.
It's not like I'm dying to see
guys doing push-ups.
The important thing is that you had
your debut practice with Barcelona.
I'm so proud. Give me a hug, man.
I'm very happy.
I'm sure Barcelona is heading to one
of the best periods in its history.
Towards winning the title
we've been fighting for a long time.
We can boast that we have
the best player in the world.
In a sold-out stadium,
Diego Armando Maradona makes
his debut wearing blue and red.
This afternoon is not only the start
of Maradona's destiny in Europe,
but also Josep Lluís Nuñez's future
as head of FC Barcelona is at stake.
A few moments before the game starts,
and Diego Maradona greets
his compatriot Mario Alberto Kempes,
Maradona's partner on the national team,
and and idol of Valencian fans.
The game starts
with Diego Armando Maradona.
It's the Argentinian's debut.
Maradona is being marked by Kempes,
a duel between compatriots.
Maradona keeps going, ball in the area.
The goal is unguarded.
It's wide open for Maradona,
it's a goal! Goal for Barcelona.
It's Diego Armando Maradona's first goal!
Watch out, Valencia attacks
with Tendillo. Goal!
Goal for Valencia! Tendillo. It's a tie!
Ball in the area, and it's Idigoras,
another goal!
Valencia beats Barcelona 2-1
on Diego Armando Maradona's debut.
Maradona is a great player,
there's no doubt about it.
But soccer is a sport of 11 against 11.
Come on. Jorge, will he be here all day?
He's even filming me taking a shit.
I've been thinking of bringing Galíndez
over to help me with the ankle thing.
This is Néstor.
He takes me for rides,
he drives me around,
- and he fucks lots of Galician girls.
- That's what they say.
Osvaldito and I were
in little league together. Look at him.
This is Morsa.
My brother-in-law.
No one knows how he got here,
or why he came, but
You can see that
My mom put him in a suitcase
to get him out of her way.
Yeah, sure, suck on this. Oh, sorry!
This is Rengo.
This is a very fancy neighborhood
with narrow streets. Very nice.
I put a Barcelona badge in the pool,
to honor the team.
I use this one when it's cloudy,
when the weather's bad.
When the day is nice and sunny,
I use this one, right?
But look at this one, look at this beauty.
It's 200 horsepower. Listen.
Some jealous people will say Maradona
wastes his money, and you know what?
They're right, because I earn my money,
I know how the world works.
If you're blond with blue eyes,
come from a good family,
you can do whatever.
But if you're dark like us,
you'll be criticized.
Right, guys? Let's tell it like it is.
I thought this was only in Argentina,
but then you come here,
and realize what's going on,
because they start saying
Maradona isn't classy,
the class Barcelona is used to.
And that Maradona
hangs out with ugly people.
Who the fuck do they think they are?
They want us here, in Europe,
for washing dishes and wiping their asses.
Otherwise, they don't want us at all.
Why don't you go fuck yourselves?
Stop breaking my balls, stop filming.
Stop filming! Cut!
Let's give a warm welcome
to Barcelona's amazing new player,
Diego Armando Maradona!
And now I am pleased to present
another Argentine talent,
with a voice to fall in love to
It's Lorena Gaumón!
It's a pleasure to be here
with you tonight.
My love
Don't worry, I won't bother you
My luck was out, I know
And I know there's a storm
Running through your mind
My love
Our encounter was just by chance
Same time, same boulevard
Don't be afraid, don't worry
I don't blame you for the past
You see, life is like that
You'll leave and I'll stay here
It will rain
And I will no longer be yours
I'll be the cat in the rain
And I will meow for you
My love
I know, don't say anything
If you see any tears, I'm sorry
I know you didn't want to make
A wounded cat cry
My love
If we ever see each other
Buy me a coffee and make love to me
And if I never see you again
I hope you're lucky
You see, life is like that
You'll leave and I'll stay here
It will rain
And I will no longer be yours
I'll be the cat in the rain
And I will meow
For you
And I will meow for you
Yes, come in.
Look who it is.
My guest of honor.
Diego Armando Maradona.
- Nice to meet you, Diego.
- Pleasure.
- Did you like the show?
- Yes, it was great.
You know
We have a lot in common.
How do you know? We just met.
We're Argentinians,
we both came to conquer Europe.
You like boleros,
- and I like you.
- No, no.
I didn't come to conquer.
I just came to enjoy
what I do. That's all.
I did.
Want to go out?
An ambiguous question.
You mean go out someday?
Or get out of here right now?
Nice building.
Must be beautiful inside.
Don't even think about it.
- Why not?
- You can't.
- Not even for a cup of coffee?
- No coffee for you.
Don't look at me like that.
You have practice
and coffee will keep you up.
You better go to sleep.
You barely know me
and you're taking care of me.
I'm not. I'm taking care of myself.
- Thanks for the lift.
- You're welcome.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
You're terrible.
You'll have to wait for more.
- See you.
- Bye.
Roll down the window.
What's up, guys?
Can't you leave me alone for one night?
Which paper are you from?
Do you want money?
- Give me the film, I'll pay.
- Diego, we're not reporters.
I know you.
I saw you at the club.
We work for Nuñez.
He sent you to follow me?
Son of a bitch.
Tell me something.
Do the other players have
two assholes following them?
Just you.
- Look at that ass, baby.
- Don't talk to her like that.
- They were with Maradona earlier.
- Those guys?
Fucking South Americans,
stealing our girls.
Throw some ice at that asshole.
Let's toast to you not being rude.
What the fuck is going on here?
- Fine.
- Relax. He's drunk. Let him be.
- All right.
- Go back to your country,
South American scum.
This This
Did he call me South American scum?
- Wait.
- Fucking asshole.
- Relax.
- Are you He's talking to me.
Come on, man.
Why don't you get your mom
to teach you how to drink, huh?
You're late.
Only 10 minutes, boss.
Do you think I paid seven million dollars
for you to go out partying?
I wasn't partying.
- I was only there for two hours.
- It says you were in a fight.
That's a lie. I wasn't in the fight.
You can ask your spies.
Do you have a problem with me?
It's not personal.
I'm looking out for the club's interests.
South American players aren't known
for their good behavior off the field.
- That's why I'm keeping an eye on you.
- Let's do this.
From now on,
whatever you have to say to me,
say it to my manager.
Fucker, what are you doing? I'll kill you!
Stop, Diego! It's me, don't hit me, man!
What are you doing here?
- Jorge didn't tell you?
- He didn't. I'm so glad you're here.
It's so nice to see you.
How are you? Okay?
What are you wearing?
I didn't know it'd be cold.
- Let's have some mates.
- No.
Come on. Nice house, huh?
- Yes.
- Did you have a nice trip?
- Kind of. Yes. It was fine.
- Are you hungry?
Maradona and Schuster wanted to sleep in.
They'll be here later
for the technical talk.
Tell them to stop running
- and to start with the exercises.
- Yes.
Stop running and stretch.
Diego Maradona.
I don't know what you're saying,
but you're mad
because Bernie and I slept in, right?
Mr. Lattek is upset
about your and Mr. Schuster's absence
from morning training.
Let me explain you something.
I'll talk on behalf of Bernie,
as he agrees with me.
On game days, we need the extra sleep.
If we're tired,
we won't play well, understand?
I already told you, but you won't give in.
This is the last time because
it's stressing me out. I need to sleep.
Stressing you out?
Yes, I'll keep on thinking about it.
- I'll be mad because of it.
- Thanks.
Now's not the time to sleep,
it's time to train.
See? It's like talking to a wall.
As soon as I got out,
my balls froze. It's cold.
Sleep, Bernie, sleep a little longer.
Today, it's Barca versus Valladolid
at the Camp Nou stadium.
The public is eager to see
Diego Armando Maradona in the lineup.
The players enter the field.
There goes Diego.
He goes over to Schuster
before the start of the game,
to encourage him.
We see the German coach, Udo Lattek,
whose responsibility is
to make the Barcelona team work.
There's Diego
with his supporters cheering him on.
Diego! Diego!
The game starts.
Barcelona and Valladolid at Camp Nou
with Diego Maradona.
He attacks on the left,
he shoots, and it's a goal!
Goal for Barca! By Marcos Alonso.
The score is 1-0.
Maradona is reaching the goal area.
The goalkeeper steps out,
and it's a penalty.
The referee has called
a penalty for Barcelona.
Maradona shoots Maradona scores!
Goal for Barcelona by penalty!
Barca beats Valladolid.
Final whistle. And Barcelona
has won at Camp Nou, of all places.
They have beaten Valladolid 3-0.
Diego Armando Maradona's team celebrates
with their fans,
who bow to the South American star.
The hug with Bernd Schuster,
and the brutal victory
over Valladolid, 3-0.
Olé, olé, Diego!
Our Diego, who art on Earth.
Our Diego, who art on Earth.
Hallowed be thy left foot.
Hallowed be thy left foot.
Let your magic come to us.
Let your magic come to us.
Let your goals be remembered
on Earth as they are in Heaven.
Let your goals be remembered
on Earth as they are in Heaven.
Give us today our daily joy.
Give us today our daily joy.
And forgive those journalists.
And forgive those journalists.
Just as we forgive the Neapolitan mafia.
Just as we forgive the Neapolitan mafia.
And lead us not into offside.
And lead us not into offside.
And deliver us from Pelé.
And deliver us from Pelé.
- Diego.
- Diego.
Mother of God! Mother of God!
Olé, olé, olé, olé
Claudia, Claudia
Olé, olé, olé, olé
Claudia, Claudia
Who are those guys?
Diego fans.
They made up a prayer for fun.
For fun? They're crying.
They're crying because Diego is sick,
that's why.
The Lord's Prayer hit them hard this time.
You can't get a word
out of that one without paying,
and I won't give Coppola a dime.
What do you know about the break-in?
They didn't find anything.
They're looking for a guy who took off.
- Ferro Viera.
- Yes, I know him.
If we catch him, it's a hell of a score.
Seems they were partying hard with Diego.
They say on the way to Punta,
they stopped at a hotel,
and knocked over a wall
to get a pool table in. Did you hear me?
May I?
- Have a nice day.
- Thanks.
Thanks, Paco.
Miss. Nurse.
Are you Maradona's nurse?
Are you Amalia Simonini?
- Yes. Who are you?
- Anibal Graziano.
Journalist at a big paper in Argentina.
What? You want a story?
I'm not allowed to talk.
No, I'm just wondering if you could take
a picture of Maradona in his room.
Think of it as a job.
Really, we have a lot of money
to pay for it. A lot of money.
Morning, handsome.
What? You couldn't sleep?
I had to wake up at this time.
You have practice, right?
You forgot Claudia is coming today.
You want me to leave?
You should.
Do you want to see her?
Do you miss her?
She's my girlfriend.
I don't know.
Claudia is the last person
I'd want to hurt in this world.
- Do you want to hurt me?
- No, but if I leave you,
you'd survive.
Claudia wouldn't.
- Jorgito!
- Ricardo, buddy!
It's so nice to have you here!
- How are you?
- I'm great. Come in.
- Hello.
- Come in. Girls.
- Hello, how are you?
- Come over here.
I want you to meet Ricardo Suárez,
- the best sports journalist in Argentina.
- No, he's lying.
Don't be modest. Come on, follow me.
- Excuse me.
- Welcome to our humble office.
- Do you like it?
- Yes. Is this floor yours?
Yes, all of it.
- Do you want some mate?
- Okay.
- All right.
- Are you making lunch?
Yes, sort of.
Well, it's not allowed.
The janitor always tells me,
but between us, I don't give a shit.
We need to improve Diego's relationship
with Catalan journalism
and counter
some dirty campaigns against us.
Who's running them?
Pelusa thinks it's Nuñez.
Barcelona's president.
They're screwing us over.
They say Diego parties every night,
and we are the Maradona gang,
and people believe the lies.
And it's because
we're South American.
Catalans are very difficult.
They feel superior, they're snobs.
I'm worried about Diego.
They say he's a party animal,
and Diego is a nice guy.
He goes to bed at 9 pm,
doesn't drink alcohol.
And the Maradona gang
We're just four guys
who screw up sometimes.
Once in a while.
I don't know what to say,
I'm a sports journalist.
I've never done press,
I don't know how to do it.
Just say yes.
Say yes, Ricardo.
I want you in charge of Maradona's press.
You're the only journalist Diego trusts.
Stop, Diego!
Claudia, come! In this house
you either fuck or get fucked!
- Come on!
- Don't grab me!
I miss you! Come, Claudia!
No, which way will you go?
- No.
- I miss you, Claudia!
- I missed you so much, brujita.
- Me too. Yes.
Slow down.
- I'm sorry.
- Why are you here? Didn't you leave?
- I came back. I was shitting myself.
- Gross, Galíndez.
You know I can't shit just anywhere.
Go, close the door.
No, wait, wait.
I don't want to fuck while Galíndez
is out there. Stop.
What's wrong? I'll fuck you.
Galíndez can massage you.
- I missed you, brujita.
- Me too.
Don't look at me like that.
I get embarrassed.
Were you with another woman?
Why would you ask me that?
Of course not, I wasn't with anyone.
I wasn't with anyone
because I respect you,
because I choose you,
because I want you to be
the mother of my children,
because I want us to grow old together,
like Tota and Chitoro.
Ah, you're funny?
You funny? Do you know
what I do to the funny ones?
I eat them all up.
- Yes?
- Hello, Claudia?
We're at a nightclub,
we're getting beaten up.
- Is Diego there? Put him on.
- Yes, yes.
Diego, wake up.
- What?
- It's Galíndez.
He's getting beaten up at a nightclub.
- Galíndez, what's wrong?
- Diego, come running.
You have to come.
We're at Up and Down. They're too many.
Yes, I'll be right there.
You're going?
Want me to leave them alone?
- What the hell is going on, Galíndez?
- Diego!
I got you here without Claudia knowing.
- Not bad, huh?
- Are you stupid?
I was sleeping!
I'm playing Madrid
the day after tomorrow, fucker.
Diego! Diego!
I hate this part.
Baby, I hate it too,
but your mom is there,
your dad, your life.
Yes, I know.
I wish I could split
and have two Claudias.
- Yes, baby, we can have a threesome.
- Diego!
Kidding! Are you jealous of yourself?
I promise there will be no more goodbyes,
we'll always be together.
- I love you.
- Me too.
Go, you'll be late.
- Bye.
- Have a good trip.
Don't cry, man.
- Have some respect, asshole.
- Hey!
So rude.
And sorry to insist,
but I was raised that way.
What a pain.
But it's true, the woman doesn't work,
but she's the one in charge.
She raises the kids,
organizes the house, she's the boss.
What's so special about being
the head of a family?
You say it as if it were a big prize.
Men and women are equal,
and all women should be happy
doing what we like to do,
whether it's working, taking care
of our kids, but by choice.
If my mom said she wanted
to go out and work,
my dad would have divorced her.
Same thing in my house.
Chitoro would break his back working
and Tota would ruin her throat dictating,
but she was in charge.
Man proposes, woman disposes.
Chitoro couldn't do that.
What a huge load of crap.
You guys are just sexist.
A woman can be a good mother
and go out to work.
- But that takes time.
- I don't think so.
I dream of having a family,
but I won't stop working.
On the contrary, work would put me
in a good mood to have a family,
a home, a relationship.
My career is my career.
Not even for Diego Armando Maradona?
For nobody, Jorgito.
I can't wait for Diego to propose to me
so that I can shove my job.
Only to women.
You wouldn't give
anything up for me?
What about you?
Would you stop playing for me?
I wouldn't.
See, darling?
Me neither.
Diego, your eyes look odd.
It's your fault, you drive me crazy.
Hey, what's that over there?
- See?
- What?
- That thing over there.
- Is it people?
It's two people.
- Yes, it's two people.
- Let's go.
Come, Ladilla, hurry, man!
They're drowning, let's go!
Go get some towels. Diego!
The towels, come on!
- Diego!
- Come on, you got this.
Be careful, Diego!
Get them up there.
- Over there.
- Osvaldo!
Okay, are you all right?
Are you okay?
It's okay.
Don't worry, we won't bite.
They thought we were cannibals.
Make her a chorizo sandwich.
- I'm on it.
- Make her one.
- Unbelievable.
- Okay.
Instead of publishing Maradona
saved two people from drowning,
they say I was on a yacht
with drugs, alcohol and naked chicks.
Easy, Diego.
I got the Germans, who are very grateful,
to tell the story on the news.
You were on a yacht
with friends, barbecue.
Why don't we put Diego on the air?
- The Germans will get emotional.
- Good idea.
Is this bullshit I'm paying you for?
Can't you see, once it's published,
people won't forget it so easily?
At least they didn't
mention Lorena, Diego.
I don't get what Nuñez gets
out of all of this.
I talked to my journalist friends,
and Diego is right, this is all Nuñez.
He wants the advertising deals
to fall through,
so Diego depends on his salary.
He wants us tied to him.
I don't care what that motherfucker wants.
I'll hit him where it hurts.
When is the friendly tour?
Friday the 15th.
Get one of those celebrity doctors,
the ones who like to perform,
so he can explain the after-effects
that Diego might have
if he survives all of this.
All right. I'll get on it.
Do you know a Ferro Viera?
He became friends with Coppola in jail.
Yes, he's been glued to Diego's ass
for a few years now.
Guillermo's secretary.
Diego's personal assistant.
- Yes.
- I'd publish something like this.
Okay, go. Let me know when you get it.
Go on.
Come on, man, let me go.
How much do you want?
My dad has lots of companies.
- Hey, move over.
- Easy, old man.
Man, I can't believe this.
Get the coke, let's do a few lines.
Come on, you've got the best stuff.
Quiet down.
Lower your voice.
Want to get your anal cavity checked
over a lousy joke?
You're awesome, Guille.
When I tell my folks,
they won't believe it.
What did you do to end up here?
Hide cocaine in a vase again, Guille?
- Come on, man.
- Lying son of a bitch.
Calm down, kids.
- You've never seen a guy like me?
- Relax, Guillote.
We're all friends here.
Tell us.
Is it true that you stopped for gas
while Diego was dying?
We really are friends.
For you, Diego's better dead than alive.
The fat man isn't bringing in money,
not even for his wife.
- Hey, don't get mad.
- Son of a bitch.
I can't believe my shitty luck.
Fucking assholes.
Urruti, sing a capella.
He started already.
Eight whiskeys, just in case.
Why haven't we taken the measures
to prevent this?
We can say Maradona
had a personal problem.
- A health problem. A relative died.
- No, Paco, don't be ridiculous.
We can't go to Paris without Maradona.
Who wants to watch a game
with these poor bastards?
The car is here.
Look, here he comes.
Where the fuck is Maradona?
- Maradona isn't coming.
- What?
He learned about an unfair
situation for his teammates
and won't accept it.
- What are you saying?
- In order to travel,
- Maradona has one condition.
- Condition?
He gets a bonus for every game won,
but none of his teammates do.
He wants everyone to get the same bonus
for a victory as he does.
He's lost it.
He can't make demands.
- That can't be allowed.
- Then he's not coming.
I don't know
if Maradona's decision is right,
I came here to tell you
his requirements.
You should if Barcelona
needs Maradona for these games or not.
Have I treated him badly?
Haven't I spent every penny on him?
All right, tell him to come,
we'll pay the whole team
the same bonus as him.
There is one more small detail.
- He wants everything in writing.
- Take care of this.
It's all here. You don't have
to do anything, just sign.
Diego, Diego!
Long live Barcelona!
The photos that have
appeared in the newspapers
were taken as part of a celebration
for the Barcelona's wins.
But they don't represent
the philosophy of our club,
so I'm going to have
a conversation with Maradona.
I can do what I want, when I want,
as long as it doesn't affect
my performance
it's no one's business.
I've already read the remarks
about his glassy eyes.
I'll ask Diego to explain.
Glassy eyes? What are you saying, man?
That I drink alcohol?
That I take drugs?
Come on, don't lie to people.
If he doesn't change his attitude,
he'll find another club.
Why did Nuñez hire me?
To play soccer or to persecute me?
That'll be all. No more comments.
Let's talk soccer, man.
Call me when you want to talk soccer.
I'm done. Excuse me.
At Camp Nou,
it's Barcelona versus Celta de Vigo.
The ball goes to Maradona,
he makes an attempt,
but the defender makes a strong entrance.
We see the pain
in the Argentine star's face.
Coach Lattek calls
for a substitution immediately.
Maradona is on the ground,
and he looks fed up.
What's with the long faces?
Who knows? I'm not in pain.
Are you pregnant?
Be serious, Rengo, come on.
How long do I have to live?
Blood tests reveal
acute type B viral hepatitis.
Hepatitis B's the mildest, right?
It's the most dangerous one.
Difficult to cure.
You'll have to get absolute rest.
The nutritionists at the club
will outline a diet,
and your muscles might suffer some kind
of atrophy due to lack of exercise.
So, we'll be looking at the need
for rehabilitation, okay?
- Okay.
- Thanks, Doc.
I am now.
Flaco is the best.
Lattek, you stupid asshole.
He can go back to Germany
and eat sausages.
Who's that?
Easy, Carlos, you'll hurt yourself.
It's very hot.
It was hard to find you, Diego.
You came all this way to meet me?
- Did you like me?
- Yes. Very much.
But I was sure I would.
I didn't just come to meet you.
To me, it's Maradona and 10 others.
The national team, I mean.
Maradona and 10 others.
What do you say?
Carlos, I won't lie.
I don't know if I'll get back
to the same level.
You won't.
You'll be even better.
And I'll help you.
I know your soccer taste is Menotti.
We're different.
We work differently,
but we agree on something.
We all want to win,
but we have to make a pact.
From my side, total freedom.
You're friends with whoever, I don't care.
You train, I'll help, you do you. But
You have to be loyal to me.
Why? The press wants Menotti,
they don't want me.
- They'll destroy us.
- Exactly, so, when it's needed,
I need the best player in the world
to defend me.
But I didn't just come to meet you,
I brought you something.
I brought you this.
You're my captain.
What do you say?
Yes, there you go.
How does it feel?
I feel like I'm wearing Superman's cape.
Yes, you are Superman.
Listen, let's take a walk,
I'll tell you about the project.
It's different.
At first, you won't understand,
but it will become clear to you.
Come on, let's walk for a while.
- What about Passarella?
- He's good.
Passarella is a great player,
but he's the former coach's captain.
You are my captain.
Hepatitis left Diego Maradona
inactive for three months.
The Catalan press harassed him,
spreading false rumors.
They claimed his eyes were yellowish
due to drug consumption,
that he had a venereal disease,
that he suffered from gonorrhea
and would never play soccer again.
Coaches Carlos Bilardo
and his predecessor, Cesar Menotti,
started a battle of styles
that continues to this day.
Menotti's supporters favor
an offensive and ostentatious game
while Bilardo's, strategy and sacrifice.
The end (victory) justifies the means.
Diego, at 21 years of age,
how does it feel to be constantly
surrounded by the public,
by fans, by police protection,
by so many people who want to touch you,
hug you, shake your hand?
First of all,
I don't need police protection
to walk down the street, I don't need
Anyone. People love me,
and I love people too.
In 1983, when I took charge
of the national team,
I went to Barcelona to see Maradona,
and told him he'd be captain.
And when I got here, I announced,
"The new headliner and captain
is Maradona."
I had to leave the country for 10 days.
They wanted to kill me.
I said he would be
one of the best players,
and people told me all kinds of things.
Remember, the captain
at that time was Passarella.
I recognize that.
Passarella, but Maradona
would be a good player.
Today we're celebrating
Diego's pre-birthday,
so it's Maradona Christmas Eve.
We'll wait until 12:00,
then we'll count up
from one to 10, to 12:00,
to celebrate Diego's birthday,
which is our Maradonian Christmas.
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