Maradona: Blessed Dream (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


Do me a favor, enjoy life.
And if someone offers you drugs,
just say no.
McEnroe is making ads for Rolex.
Didn't we come to conquer Europe, big guy?
McEnroe wasn't sidelined
by hepatitis for three months.
- You're blaming the hepatitis?
- And your shitty attitude.
No sponsor wants a guy
who fights with everyone.
Because McEnroe is Mother Teresa? Come on.
Why are you going on about him?
Why don't you hire his manager?
I might. At least,
he can walk like a normal person.
- He's more stupid than usual.
- Why are you so cranky?
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
How is it I make so much money,
but it always vanishes?
You make me do this bullshit.
Wait, it's not my fault your money's gone.
I've told you to reduce
your expenses, but you won't listen.
Do you know how much
you've spent on calls?
My family lives fucking miles away.
Your siblings recount
Chavo episodes over the phone.
What do you expect?
They don't carry it here.
It's an international call.
It costs a fortune.
I'm Diego Maradona.
If I can't call, something's wrong.
It's the phone, your millionaire habits,
the money you send to your parents,
and providing for those
ten bums living with you.
Don't mention my friends!
I'd be depressed without them.
Call a taxi.
- You get in.
- A taxi?
I'll pay, what's the problem?
- Go fuck yourself.
- You go fuck yourself.
No, you go fuck yourself.
Damn, he looks like a pederast
in that painting. Look at those lips.
I prefer his usual ass face.
Stop it, don't make me laugh.
He does look a bit like a degenerate,
you're right.
Let's get out of here.
No, you have to make peace with this man.
I've heard that his wife's nice.
I hope so,
or I'll be bored to death.
What a nice house.
- Yes, too fancy.
- Is that bad?
It smells like old people.
- Shut up, you're so critical.
- Yes.
Oh, no. They set the table for three.
I wasn't invited. This is embarrassing.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Diego, Claudia, darling.
- Hi.
- Thanks for coming.
- How are you?
I'm fine.
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
You were invited.
She saw three plates
and thought she wasn't invited.
Yes. It'll only be the three of us,
because my wife's feeling unwell.
What a shame.
Listen, I have an exquisite
Chambord Liqueur Royale.
Thank you.
Lord, bless this food
that we're about to eat
and grant that there may be
no hunger in the world.
- Amen.
- Amen.
They're oysters.
Enjoy your meal.
You could say that a big part of my temper
is due to my mother.
A cantankerous Biscayan.
I was born in Bilbao,
but I lived in the town of Baracaldo,
famous for its ladies' handball.
How interesting.
The shrimp is from Palamós.
You can use your hands.
- My hands?
- Yes, certainly.
Well, eventually, I disobeyed my father
who wanted me to be a lawyer.
Instead, I worked
in the construction business,
so I was able to dedicate myself
to my other great passion,
which is soccer.
You'll like that.
Football Club Barcelona is
not only a great showcase for soccer,
but it's also a model club
in terms of family values and behavior.
As the president,
I've been in the public eye for years.
And I've never had any scandals,
nor rumors of affairs with women
other than my wife.
I often see myself reflected
in your outbursts,
but, in public,
my reactions are different,
as I have to look after
the interests of the club.
But I listened to you,
and I fired Udo Lattek.
So, when you recover from hepatitis,
you'll feel comfortable.
- The papers say otherwise.
- Really? What?
They say Schuster called Lattek
a "fucking drunk,"
and Lattek told you to choose
between Schuster or him,
and you chose Schuster.
Well, the press twists everything.
You're telling me.
Your journalist friends are saying
I had What was it?
- Gonorrhea.
- Gonorrhea instead of hepatitis.
I admit that I've been wrong
about you sometimes, Diego.
But it's just that when I feel undermined,
I get carried away
by my Basque temperament.
Anyway, we have to start getting along.
That's why I decided to come tonight.
I suppose you're happy to have
a coach to your liking, like Menotti.
I'm sure he'll let you sleep in
on game days.
He knows me well.
- Well, then, let's toast.
- Sure.
To a season full of success.
- Okay, cheers.
- Cheers.
How are you? How do you feel?
- Dying to play.
- Of course.
But I'm also worried,
because hepatitis took its toll on me.
I'm afraid I won't get back to my level.
Don't worry, I brought you the best.
Professor, I need you for a minute.
Professor Signorini is a rarity in soccer.
He looks more like a university professor
than a physical trainer.
I want to introduce you to a new kid.
Nice to meet you.
Explain to him
your research on biorhythms.
Yes, there's a very interesting theory
that says that we have
rhythmic biological cycles.
And they affect us in different ways.
Emotionally, physically.
I want to see what your body has to say
and work on that.
Your body has a lot to say.
I hope that my body speaks better
than I do.
Every time I open my mouth,
I get into all kinds of trouble.
- Thank you.
- Please, excuse me.
While you're getting ready, Diego,
I need your help with the team.
It's like they're afraid to play.
They have no confidence.
I want them to get the ball,
to keep it, to play.
- Help me with that.
- Of course, César, I will.
Just be patient. Lattek was training
- soldiers instead of players.
- Yes.
Barcelona is taking the field
for this latest game.
They're up against Real Betis.
Diego's doing his warm-up exercises
before the start of the game.
Lots support in the stands.
Both club presidents are in the box,
and César Luis Menotti
makes his debut with Barcelona.
After being sidelined for so long,
stepping onto the field is
like living again,
but my legs weigh a hundred pounds.
I barely touch two balls
and already regret being there.
I can't handle the contact.
I'm as predictable as the next player.
Menotti kept me in out of respect.
I should have gone after five.
I've never experienced that before.
The crowd started to whistle at me.
Be patient. What does Menotti say?
He says that the magic will come back,
that I shouldn't worry,
but it's only to encourage me.
Why would he? Trust him, son.
I can go back to the mill.
Dad, just because I'm having
a hard time doesn't mean
we'll go back to Fiorito,
and you'll go back to work at the mill.
Will you stop training?
Professor Signorini told you
not to overdo it.
Look at you, all sweaty. Let go!
Stop it. Come on.
What's all this?
You didn't ask Claudia?
We're going hunting 200 miles from here.
If we leave now, we'll get there tonight
and be back tomorrow.
No, it's fine. Go.
Go. It'll be good for you
to have some fun.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Don't forget to shower.
- Okay.
Galindez, why are you all dressed up?
It's the nightclub's anniversary.
Are you going for a jog or something?
You set this whole sham up
to go to a nightclub?
The shotguns, the coolers,
the outfits, everything.
All a show to fool me?
How can you be such an asshole, Diego?
Why are you dressed like that, Galindez?
Don't you remember
we were going hunting today?
Oh, that was today.
No, there's no need. That's it.
I may look like I'm stupid, but I'm not.
Hold on a sec, honey.
Did you arrange all this bullshit
to drag me into a nightclub? You know me.
You're such an asshole, Galindez.
I'm gonna kick your ass
back to Buenos Aires.
Where's your little foot?
- Are you waiting for a client?
- No.
Don't answer.
Carlos, stop being paranoid.
They're looking for me.
Who? It's better to lose you
than to find you.
Cut me a line.
Want me to paint your nails
or cut you a line?
Give me that.
Be patient.
Here, here, here.
I'll go see.
Who is it?
Mauricio Mendez, journalist
from the Primicias newspaper.
I'm looking for Carlos Ferro Viera.
No, you have the wrong address.
I don't know anyone by that name.
You're Marilú, aren't you?
I'm a friend of Valverde's,
Tano Valverde, from Caix.
How did Carlos screw up this time?
Well, I'd like to know that, too.
He has an arrest warrant out
for the Maradona case.
- I have no idea where he is.
- Okay.
Look, I'm going to give you my number,
in case he gets in touch.
It's for an interview,
so he can tell us what happened
to Diego before his hospitalization.
To be clear, there's no risk involved.
Will you pay for it?
People charge for stories now.
It depends on what Carlos has to say.
If he gets in touch,
not that I think he will,
I'll tell him about this.
Okay. All right.
I'll come with you.
A new round in this Spanish league.
Barcelona Football Club is
on the field and there is Diego.
El Flaco Menotti is on the bench,
waiting for everything
to unravel just as planned.
A pass to Maradona,
and it's a goal for Barcelona.
Diego Maradona.
Maradona lines it up, he aims,
he kicks the ball into the goal.
Goal for Barca at the start of the game.
The ball is up, Maradona has it,
and excellent kick by Maradona,
great skill from the Argentine.
Maradona enters the area
and kicks the ball to the goal.
Goal for Barcelona.
He lines up for the kick.
Diego Maradona shoots,
and the ball bounces off the post.
A pass to the goal area and a header.
It's Maradona and goal.
Goal for Barca, Diego Armando Maradona.
Maradona shoots, evading two,
a double dribble, a pass to Carrasco,
and Maradona shoots,
goal for Barcelona, Maradona.
If we have learned anything from Diego,
it's that together we are invincible.
Therefore, in FC Barcelona, we are all,
players and managers, after the same goal,
to win the Copa del Rey.
Diego, isn't it risky, a few days
before a final against Real Madrid,
for you and Schuster to go to Germany
to play a exhibition game?
It is a commitment
that we made a while ago,
and we are proud to participate
in a tribute to a great player
like Paul Breitner.
Fans are worried.
They shouldn't worry
because in games like this,
there are no injuries
or physical wear and tear.
Fans can feel reassured, I mean,
the board of directors has just ruled
against giving the players permission
to attend this event.
Why, boss?
A few days ago, you said we could go.
I know, Diego,
but it's the board's decision.
I can't go over their heads.
Núñez, don't be ridiculous,
everybody knows you choose
the brand of toilet paper at the stadium.
Well, the board doesn't need
to be involved in that kind of decision.
President, what's the decision?
Maradona said he'd be
at Paul Breitner's farewell and he will.
Thank you very much.
Should I pass it to you or Schuster?
Come on, more rhythm, guys.
Can I ask you a question?
Did you borrow money from Flaco Menotti?
Where did you get that from?
I read it in a gossip magazine.
Is it true?
It's not a loan.
Flaco is a long-time friend. He offered.
It's an investment to finish the film.
How are the numbers going?
Diego is worried.
- Did he send you to ask me?
- No, not at all.
Doesn't Diego trust me?
Claudia, you know me,
I'd never steal from Diego.
Of course not, no one is saying that.
Diego didn't say anything.
I'm worried. I'm just asking, that's all.
Streaks are like that, you know?
Sometimes they're good investments,
but not always.
It's important not to put
all your eggs in the same basket.
Are you hungry?
- Run! Run!
- Hey!
- Son of a bitch.
- Fucking money-grabber!
- What are you doing?
- Barca pays you!
Go to Germany and you're dead!
Son of a bitch!
- Diego, no!
- Come here, I'll kill you!
No, Diego, come back!
Watch out!
Motherfuckers and where is security?
- Son of a
- This was set up by Núñez.
Núñez did this,
so I don't go to Breitner's farewell.
Maybe we should cancel everything.
Let's not get into a war
with the club over this.
Núñez started this, what do you mean?
Buy the tickets and let's go.
- Well, it's not that easy.
- What isn't?
- We buy two tickets and go.
- The club has your passport.
The club has your passport, Diego.
Will be received in the museum, which
- You can't go in.
- Back off.
Núñez, where's my passport?
Excuse me.
Diego, this is not
the proper way, time, or place.
And you sending two assholes
to trash my car is proper?
I don't understand.
Don't play dumb. Where's my passport?
If I give it back,
you'll only use it to disobey me.
You cannot do that.
Diego, this is gonna cost you.
This is gonna cost you.
Where is my passport?
Trash the whole club,
you're not going to Germany.
I don't want to go to Germany,
but I want my passport.
You wouldn't dare.
Try me.
- Good morning, Raquel.
- Morning, Jorge.
- Who's that?
- Achaval, the accountant.
He's been waiting for you.
- Achaval?
- He's Claudia's relative.
- He's here on behalf of Diego.
- Thank you.
Patricio Achaval.
- Pleasure, Patricio, how are you?
- I'm good.
Ready to start.
Could you wait just a moment?
- I'll make a call and be right with you.
- Yes.
Hi, Pelusa.
Sorry to bother you, man, but I have
a Patricio Achaval at the office.
- Who?
- That's what I was wondering.
Patricio Achaval, an accountant.
Yes, he's my father-in-law's cousin.
I forgot to tell you.
He's great with numbers.
He does the accounting
for several companies here.
You could have warned me.
Yes, but I forgot, man. Don't worry,
he knows what he has to do.
Give him a desk and whatever he wants
and forget about it.
Take care, Rengo.
Take care.
We're always saying goodbye.
It'd be nice to have a normal boyfriend
who could take me to the airport.
Good luck in the final.
Score a goal for me.
And don't worry, if you have
problems with Jorge, let me know.
And you tell your stupid old man
to let you stay longer next time,
'cause I miss you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Bye.
- Have a good trip.
Let me get that for you.
- Bye, Claudia.
- Bye.
- Have a good trip.
- Thank you.
Buy me some flowers.
I'm going out tonight.
How I wish I could never see you again
And be brave
To tell you that I'm better off with him
He understands me
He has time to spare as I do
His blood burns like mine
With him I feel like new
So willing, so whole
A woman of flesh and blood
How I wish I could never see you again
How I wish I could never see you again
How I look forward to closing
This chapter in my life
Where you were a lie and nothing else
- Where shall I take you, miss?
- Fuck, Diego, I thought you left.
- Hello, sweetheart.
- Hi.
So familiar with the driver.
Your little hat looks so cute.
Don't move a fucking inch, man.
No, please don't hurt me.
What will Maradona pay for you?
Diego can't pay, we're broke.
With what Maradona earns,
I don't believe you, you piece of shit.
I swear, business is bad.
If Maradona won't pay
a fucking dime for you,
we'll shoot you and keep the car.
I'll give you the car,
but please don't kill me.
I'm sorry.
The look on his face
when he saw the water gun.
Hey, did he really say that I'm broke?
We were pointing a gun at him.
He was trying to get out of it.
Who are those people?
I don't know.
- Sorry to interrupt, Diego.
- Yes, professor.
Look, I'm part of a group
of Argentine expats, those guys.
Democracy is back in our country.
There's a presidential campaign,
so we are collecting signatures
to commit the candidates
to bring the militants to trial.
- They want to meet you. Are you willing?
- Hi.
Hi, Diego. How are you?
I want to apologize,
from the bottom of my heart,
because soccer can sometimes be a bubble.
I remember shaking hands with Videla
a while ago.
Gives me the creeps.
- Sign this, Diego.
- Thanks.
My brother Alejandro was taken away
coming out of the university,
- and we haven't heard from him.
- Thanks, Diego.
You're reading a book?
What's wrong with that?
I borrowed it from Professor Signorini.
This guy wasn't born poor,
but he died for the poor.
Besides wasting time reading,
you're going out a lot, aren't you?
- No.
- You're seeing a lot of shows.
- What?
- A lot of shows.
Concerts, that Argentine singer.
Lorena Gaumont.
Don't lie to me because I will kill you.
No, Rengo and I went to see a show
and they started talking nonsense.
Look, there are too much details
in this magazine to be a lie,
so tell me the truth, or I'll slap you.
We're just friends.
Okay, a little more than friends,
but you know what? I'm alone here.
When Claudia is in Argentina,
I need love too.
Shut up, stop trying
to justify what you can't.
So, you've been seeing Lorena.
And without introducing her
to your mother, who's a big fan.
I have all her records.
Invite her to Cali's first communion.
Let her come and eat with us.
I love you, Mommy.
Expectations are high at the Romareda
for this Copa del Rey final
between Barcelona and Real Madrid.
With Menotti on the bench
and Maradona recovering from hepatitis,
Barca seems to have revived their season
and has qualified
for the final against Real Madrid,
coached by Alfredo Di Stéfano.
We see both coaches here.
This is the Copa del Rey final.
Diego Maradona is unstoppable,
he keeps running
towards the goal area and he gets a foul.
Maradona tries to move
and he gets tackled again.
Schuster is running with the ball,
long pass, Maradona fetches the ball,
Maradona runs, cuts back
in the goal area, pass to Víctor
and it's a goal for Barca.
Goal for Barcelona, Víctor.
And Barcelona takes the lead
in this Copa del Rey final.
Barcelona starts with Gerardo,
Gerardo makes a mistake,
Santillana shoots, goal for Real Madrid.
Terrible mistake by Gerardo
and Santillana.
Diego Maradona groans,
but he immediately goes
to console Gerardo about the mistake.
The final allotted minute of the game,
the final pass and it's a goal by Marcos.
A header by Marcos, Barca scores again.
Barca are the Copa del Rey champions.
Núñez's tears, the Barcelona president
watching his team win this cup.
Sánchez, the captain,
is receiving the trophy
that gives FC Barcelona
the title of cup champion.
And Maradona is celebrating.
This is the first title he wins
with the Barcelona shirt.
As I am not
Engaged or married or anything
And you are not
Engaged or married or anything
Why don't we have a little chat?
So we don't feel so lonely
I am
Free, single in a hurry and unlucky
And you are
Free, single, graceful and alone
Why don't we take a little walk?
Under this beautiful sky
I am looking for a partner and I offer
What do you offer?
I mean, I don't know if you'll want
Go, Diego!
Sharing the things in my life
Together there will be no more loneliness
Engaged or married or anything
And you are not
Engaged or married or anything
Why don't we have a little chat?
So we don't feel
It's Claudia. I said you weren't here,
but she heard you.
Hi, baby.
- Hello, brujita.
- How are you?
What's with all that noise?
I'm singing with the family.
- Passing time before dinner.
- That sounds fun.
Well, Lorena, you were telling me
that you met Maradona
when he was playing for Barcelona.
He went to see you sing,
and that's when you fell in love, right?
No, Dalmita, no news about Daddy.
He's still the same.
I'm having lunch with Grandma.
No, honey, why would I go to jail?
No, not at all.
Turn off the TV, Dalmita.
I told you not to turn it on.
Don't watch it. Turn it off.
It wasn't something formal. We just
Go play with your sister.
I love you, honey. Bye, baby girl, bye.
I want to take them to the hospital
to see their father.
They're imagining all sorts of things.
I'd rather they just go.
I respect and admire her so much.
We all admire Claudia.
We love her very much.
But as a lover, how would you rate him?
- How long has that shit been on?
- No, just now.
Maradona, as a lover,
is he in charge of the play,
or does he stay on the sidelines
and watch everyone else play
and doesn't take part
and just joins in the celebration?
What is Diego like as a lover?
I'm going to ask for the bill.
I've lost my appetite.
They added sausage, no
Put it in a bun, Tota.
Make yourself a hot dog.
No, I don't want anything.
- My appetite is gone.
- Are you doing this because of me?
Don't worry about me. I'm used to this.
What is Mrs. Tota like?
They say she's a great woman,
but with girlfriends,
lovers in this case
No, I'm done with this.
How do you take this off?
I'm out. You tricked me.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Do you know how many
of Maradona's lovers we have?
Bring me the one wearing animal print.
Come, sit down, my dear.
- I'm Wanda.
- Wanda, with the animal print.
In just a few minutes,
we'll be talking to other lovers,
many of Maradona's lovers
who will disclose everything.
We will be talking about Maradona
and his lovers
Should I ask for the bill?
Do you think I didn't know
Diego and Lorena were lovers?
That you welcomed Lorena with open arms
to your home in Spain
while I was in Buenos Aires?
That was a long time ago, Claudia.
Diego was young.
What about the mother of Diego's son?
You welcomed her with open arms too,
until her belly started showing,
and you all gave her the thumbs down.
And how many more were there?
Tell me. Thousands, right?
I'm disgusted by what they say on TV too,
but I'm more disgusted by what Diego does,
because what Diego does, he does,
not anyone else, he does it!
Can he hear us?
I'm sure he can.
Sleep, little boy
Your mom is in the fields
She's going to bring quails for you
She's going to bring many things for you
She's going to bring pork for you
She's going to bring many things for you
Barcelona coming onto the field
to play against Athletic Bilbao.
Menotti's facial expression.
Barcelona is playing with Maradona.
They can't take the ball from Maradona.
He tries to shoot to the middle. He fails.
Schuster passes to Maradona.
Another foul against Maradona.
He keeps the ball regardless.
The ball is stuck to number 10's
left foot. Maradona and a cutback.
Foul. Maradona. A pass from Maradona.
It goes to Perico Alonso. Barca scores.
Barca scores. Perico Alonso.
A magnificent pass from Diego Maradona.
Barcelona beats Athletic Bilbao 1-0.
Maradona in the goal area, attention,
Barca shows up and it's a goal.
Ball for Maradona, Maradona and a clash.
With Andoni Goikoetxea.
This might be an injury
for Diego Armando Maradona.
The impact from the Bilbao player.
Menotti looks worried.
Hey, Diego.
Get a stretcher over here!
Diego, can I help you?
Diego, it's okay.
Diego Maradona isn't getting up.
Let's see what the referee decides.
It's a yellow card for Andoni Goikoetxea,
who isn't even expelled from the field.
Meanwhile, Maradona
is writhing in pain on the ground
and help is being requested
from the paramedics
to carry the Argentine star off,
whose face reveals excruciating pain.
This may be a serious injury
for the Barcelona player,
the star of the team, who is now
making his way to the changing room.
He broke my leg, man.
He did it on purpose.
- Easy, Pelusa.
- It hurts so much.
You've been on the ground for 20 minutes.
Where's the ambulance?
- Why isn't the ambulance here?
- They did it on purpose.
The drama between President
Josep Lluís Núñez and Diego Maradona
got a new chapter this week,
when the Barcelona star
traveled to Argentina
to begin his rehabilitation there.
Maradona ignored warnings
from the club's leaders,
who wanted to have his injury
treated by the club's doctors.
They injured me.
The individual who has taken on
rehabilitating Diego in Argentina
is one Dr. Rubén Oliva,
famous for his unorthodox methods.
The doctors at Barcelona say
that Diego should keep the cast on
and not walk on it.
We're gonna do the exact opposite.
A fracture like this can't be fixed
by immobilizing it,
because the tissues will not regenerate.
It's time to walk on it.
The body has memory,
and you'll be able to recover your talent.
Okay, excuse me, Dieguito.
Come on, there you go.
- Let's go, come on.
- Careful, Carlos.
- Come on.
- Carlos, not like that!
- Carlos.
- Be strong, Diego.
The World Cup is coming up.
Let's eat! It's ready!
Let's eat, leave the ball alone.
Hit me.
I win.
How are you, Mr. Francis?
Do you remember me?
Hey, Pelusa!
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Hey, kid, how's it going?
Just hanging out. I got injured.
I need you to teach me how to kick.
Hit that asshole between the eyes,
so he remembers that this is a game.
When you hit it, don't pull away so fast.
The ball won't know what you want.
I don't want to hear noise, Pelusa.
Show me your shoe.
Kid, your ankle's changed.
It's a different ankle.
You have to bandage it differently.
Take it off.
Try it like this.
- Do you think this is going to work?
- God knows.
That's it!
You're going to be all right, kid!
The end of corruption!
The end of Argentina's helplessness
Democracy is coming to the country!
Hey, come on! Turn off the TV.
Stop being so miserable.
Come here, it's Diego's birthday.
It's basically about
seeing if it's possible for us
- Come on, Dad, come on.
- Honey!
Your attention, please.
Hey, I want to make a toast,
to democracy and to Alfonsín.
- Cheers!
- Cheers.
And also to Argentina
qualifying for the World Cup
and being world champions.
Argentina, Argentina!
Argentina, Argentina!
Argentina, Argentina!
Lorena, have you
been with other guys lately?
Why are you asking me that, Diego?
You're doing things in bed
that you didn't do before.
Of course, I have.
Are you saying I can't?
We're not a couple.
So, what are we?
I don't know, you tell me.
Every time the press asks you about me,
you pretend to be offended.
- I don't want to hurt Claudia.
- That's fine.
Because Claudia is your girlfriend,
isn't she?
Claudia is a good girl
who is willing to follow you everywhere,
to put up with your affairs.
I'm not.
You never asked me not to have affairs.
And I never will.
Because I want to have them too.
I won't give up anything for you.
I think it's best that we break this off.
Are you leaving now?
We are at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.
It's the '83-'84 Copa del Rey final,
FC Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao.
The Royal Family waves.
The game is about to begin.
There's Barcelona's president,
the Bilbao supporters.
The players are lined up.
I swear I didn't mean to hurt you.
When I heard about your fracture,
I called you several times to apologize.
Take your hand off me, idiot.
You shouldn't be here.
You should be in a zoo, donkey.
I'll make you eat grass.
You'll see, donkey.
Let it go, man.
There's César Luis Menotti on the bench,
the players posing for the press.
The champions, Athletic Bilbao,
and the game is about to start.
First whistle. They're playing
for the Copa del Rey at Bernabeu.
Maradona has the ball.
There goes Maradona. Foul from Liceranzu.
A pass to the goal area.
Endika and it's a goal for Bilbao.
They take the lead,
Athletic Bilbao with Endika.
Maradona, foul from Liceranzu.
Liceranzu against Maradona.
Another impact from Liceranzu
against Diego Maradona.
The Argentine star tries to shoot,
he gets a foul.
It's Maradona again.
Liceranzu is down, an impact.
Barcelona can't get through,
another foul from Liceranzu.
Schuster gets mad
and complains to the audience
and expresses all of his anger.
Barcelona is losing
in this Copa del Rey final.
It's Maradona,
and he's down, another impact.
It's Liceranzu again.
Maradona, angry and upset,
confronts his rival.
The referee splits them up,
and so ends the game.
Athletic Bilbao is
the new Copa del Rey champion,
and it ends with them coming to blows.
Maradona, out of control,
maybe remembering
that this was the team that forced him
off the field for several months.
Andoni Goikoetxea is part of the team.
This has become a boxing match
on the soccer field.
They're trying to split up
Diego Armando Maradona
and some of the injured ones.
Athletic Bilbao crowned champions
in an embarrassing Copa del Rey final.
I want Maradona out of Barca,
out of Catalonia and out of Spain!
Look, Jorge,
the club's board of directors,
after quite a few hours of discussion,
has unanimously decided
that Diego Armando Maradona's tenure
at Barcelona is over.
We will make it official immediately,
so that we can hear offers
from other clubs.
- There's no way to rectify this situation?
- There's no turning back.
Well, gentlemen, if that's all.
Cheers, cheers.
Oh, my God, they're crazy.
What's up? Are you enjoying the sausages?
Your girlfriend is beautiful,
Hey, how are you?
That looks so good.
The sausages are really good.
Hello, how are you? All good?
Waiter, over there.
Make sure no one's hungry.
Hi, thanks for coming.
Thanks for coming. Nice hair.
What's up, Rengo? Is that how you dance?
Be careful of Rengo,
because Rengo has a big one,
and he's horny as hell. Excuse me.
Come on, say a few words, Pelusa, come on.
Everyone wants to hear you
say a few words.
Speech, speech, speech, speech!
Well, friends, I invited you here today
to blow the roof off this place!
That's what we say
when we throw a great party,
and today we have to celebrate because
I was kicked off the Barcelona team.
It was a shitty time in my life, you know?
I had a bad time.
They gave me a hard time.
So everything from here on out
will be so much better.
I want to thank my friends,
my lifelong friends, who came with me.
I wouldn't be here without them.
We love you, Pelusa!
And especially
I want to thank Claudia, who
You are my love. I love you.
You are the love of my life.
But I don't want to bore you,
so enjoy and dance.
You're beautiful. I love you.
- Really?
- Yes.
Diego, stop.
- I need to pee.
- Yeah?
Yes, I'm about to burst.
Let's celebrate.
You two, what are you doing?
Take it easy, huh? Excuse me.
Hello, my dear.
Don't go too far.
Excuse me. Who's next for the bathroom?
I'll cut in, it's my house,
I'm not going to wait, guys, thanks.
Excuse me.
- I didn't know you were here.
- It's all right, don't worry.
Hey, tell me, is it true what they say?
If you do it once,
you become a drug addict forever?
If that were the case,
half the population of Spain
would be in rehab by now.
- Could I try some?
- Sure.
Really? Is this your first time?
Press on one side
and inhale with the other.
Don't blow out, or you'll waste it.
It stings a little, huh?
At Barcelona, Diego Maradona
played 58 games and scored 38 goals.
With him the club won the Copa del Rey,
the Copa de la Liga and Spain's Supercopa.
The final against Athletic Bilbao
that ended in a battlefield
hurried his departure from the club.
Josep Núñez was in charge
of the club for 22 years.
In 2011, he was accused
and sentenced to 6 years in prison
for bribery and tax evasion.
After injuring Maradona,
Goikoetxea earned the nickname,
"The Butcher of Bilbao."
He still keeps the shoes
he wore during that game.
Maradona, what does
César Menotti's Barcelona have
that Lattek's didn't?
There are other ways to see the future.
We all want to earn our place
because we know
we are in a hurry because
of the great players we have
off the field and that makes us
want to show Menotti that we can deliver.
I'm sad because I'd never been injured
in the six years
before I came to Barcelona,
playing in the first division.
I'd never been injured, never been sick,
and I came to Barcelona
with a great desire
to win many championships,
and I didn't even play a full one.
I feel so proud to have been chosen,
because, let's be clear,
I didn't teach Diego, he was a genius,
I took care of him
so that he could succeed.
What does this victory mean to you?
Personally, it means a lot,
because we weren't aiming for it.
We just got lucky.
Today, on the other hand,
we made an unlucky mistake
and Madrid drew without deserving it,
but in the end, I think that we did it,
and, thank God, we won the Copa del Rey.
I want to say to the people of Barcelona
that not all Argentines are bad.
We don't tear anybody down
and we know how to live.
We are not accountable
for those who came here to harm Barcelona,
but we're being made to pay for it.
A lot happened, I made mistakes,
but I was always upfront,
I never hid anything.
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