Maradona: Blessed Dream (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


They're going to kill us.
Them or the Neapolitans?
Whoever gets here first.
Whoever gets here first will.
Come on, come on.
It's hot, right? Want a refreshment?
No, thanks.
So, who died?
We had a bit of a hiccup.
For Maradona's transfer to Napoli,
Barcelona wants $600,000.
Either that or the deal is off.
Wait a minute, are you blackmailing me?
Is this an extorsion attempt?
It's Nuñez, Mayor.
He acts like he is a good guy,
then comes up with these shenanigans.
What's it called in Barcelona?
That's what it is,
pure and simple extorsion.
He went back on his words.
If Maradona doesn't get to Napoli,
you'll be hanged by your feet
in Plebiscito Square. You know, right?
And not by Carmine or one of his men,
but the Neapolitans themselves.
You'll agree with me, that's bad.
That cannot happen, Vincenzo.
Corrado, you are an idiot.
Now, go, I'll see what I can do.
And please,
keep your mouth shut.
My bowel's bursting, I need to pee.
You mean your bladder.
If it's your bowel, it's shit.
I know the difference between pee
and shit, asshole, I need to pee.
You look very excited.
How are you feeling?
Meeting the King is a dream come true.
I really want to explain what happened
in the field with Bilbao.
I want to make clear
that I didn't start with this mess,
but I believe
He deserves an explanation,
and I want to publicly apologize
to this country that's treated me so well.
Even though I have one foot in Napoli,
I don't want to have problems
with this country that I love,
- and that has welcomed me.
- No more questions.
This way, please.
So luxurious, Pelusa, look at this place.
Come in.
- His Highness will be here shortly.
- Thanks.
So nice!
- I can't take it anymore, Rengo.
- Hold it in.
Hold it? I'll go look for a restroom.
- Where are you going?
- The restroom.
- No, the King is coming.
- He'll have to wait.
Good morning. How are you?
How are you, Your Majesty?
I am Jorge Cyterszpiler.
- Manager and friend.
- Great.
- Yes.
- Where is he?
He's here.
But he had a retention problem
since he left the airport.
He's taking a piss.
Kings say "take a piss."
- Or taking a shit?
- Really?
I keep making a fool of myself
in front of you.
The whole etiquette
None of that. Not for you.
My pleasure, Your Majesty. Your Highness?
Your Majesty, at first, when we become
a bit more acquainted, Juan Carlos.
Your the first king I meet.
A while ago, I met Pelé.
He calls himself a King,
but he's less royal than me.
Your restroom is beautiful,
a shame I had to use it.
- Don't worry. Sit down, man.
- Excuse me.
Sit down and stop talking nonsense.
With Diego Armando Maradona
as the center
Everything revolves around Diego Maradona.
Diego Armando Maradona,
controversial Argentine player
who said he wants
to leave Barcelona to go to Napoli.
Many have said
I was not a good fit for Barcelona.
There's the possibility
of going to Napoli.
But for a price, $7 million.
Hard to find that type of money.
With the news that Maradona's
move to Napoli was falling apart,
hundreds of Neapolitans went out
to do stupid ceremonies.
There were also prayer chains,
money fundraisers,
and people threatening to commit suicide
if Diego did not arrive.
Maradona will be transferred to Napoli
for $8 million.
Diego Armando Maradona's move
seems to become a reality in a few days.
Don't ask where the money came from,
or you might get shot.
Definitely and as of today, Maradona
is no longer playing at Barcelona.
While you were keeping
your promises and praying,
we in Barcelona were doing the same, so
that Diego would never come back.
The struggling Italian city, with more
than half of its population unemployed,
has paid 1.2 billion pesetas
to see the legendary Argentine footballer
play on alternate Sundays.
I told you we were lost.
And we have no gas.
Stop it, honey, you need to get lost
to really get to know a city.
Look where I brought you.
We'll cross Riachuelo,
take Camino Negro and go to Fiorito.
It's similar.
At least it doesn't look like Europe.
Relax. Listen to the music.
A shot!
It flew off.
Diego Armando Maradona is here!
I can't believe it.
Why are you wearing that jersey?
Number ten's mine.
You're awesome, Diego!
This one's mine. Bye, guys.
- Coppola, you're out.
- Goal!
My dear lawyer.
I'm so glad to see you.
Excuse me.
They opened a drug case against you.
Don't worry, you can leave Uruguay
without any problems.
Okay, thanks.
If he gets caught,
your friend Ferro will be in trouble.
Of course, because of my statement.
Someone had to take the bullet.
- You should praise Graziano.
- I should fire Graziano.
No one asked him to do this.
I don't care if you agree or not,
I want that picture
in tomorrow's front page.
Okay, you no longer have
an editor-in-chief.
You're saying you'll loose a job
you had for many years
to cover for a guy
who screwed you like Maradona did?
I don't give a fuck about Maradona,
I'd do it for anyone.
- This isn't journalism.
- It's a picture!
It's a picture of someone dying.
No one asked permission
to take that picture.
This picture will be published.
Do you give the order or do I?
You give it. I quit.
Hot dogs.
- Give him a hot dog.
- Hot dogs.
We've got hot dogs.
Hot dogs!
What's that?
- What?
- That's sausage smell, can't you smell it?
Where's it coming from?
Look at the grill.
My nose won't fail me, even if I'm asleep.
Diego, I'm telling you this sincerely,
you're the greatest player in the world
and you'll change
the history of this city.
- I'm very happy.
- Good.
But remember
everyone needs a patron saint.
If you protect Naples,
Naples will protect you.
- I don't understand much now.
- You will. You will.
Diego! Diego!
- What's up, man?
- What's up, Diego?
So nice to see you.
Same to you.
With a "U."
I'm very happy.
I'm very happy.
You are beautiful, too beautiful.
Good luck, Diego!
For fuck's sake.
See? You're here.
I don't always fuck up.
I imagined the Neapolitan people
would welcome me,
but I never imagined this, a full stadium,
as if it were a final.
Diego, we know Juventus wanted you
and so did many European football clubs.
Why did you choose Napoli?
Because my mother's family is from Naples,
and when I came to the stadium,
I saw the streets,
the houses and the humble people,
and it reminded me of where I was born.
Napoli will have to fight
to avoid a division downgrade.
How do you feel about it?
With Maradona, Napoli won't be relegated,
and will fight for the first position.
We see you're happy to see
Daniel Bertoni again.
Is it reassuring having another Argentine?
Dani is a world champion,
and a person I really cherish,
and admire, so I'm very happy.
They say Camorra has paid a lot of money
for your transfer.
Do you know anything about that?
This question will be answered
by president Corrado Ferlaino.
Your question
offends the honor of our club.
I demand that you leave! Get out!
Get out!
- I only asked him one question.
- Yes, yes, one question.
Yes, you asked a question,
"does Maradona work for the Camorra?"
I don't understand what happened.
I'll explain on the way to the airport.
Let's go.
- To the airport?
- Yes, shut up. Let's go.
- Hop in the car.
- What for?
I'll explain on the way.
Where are you going?
- In the trunk.
- What?
Get in. Come on, come on!
Okay, okay.
Relax, please move.
Move! Move!
Okay, move, move, that's it.
These people are crazy, Pelusa.
Get off the car.
We use that as a defense mechanism,
everything had to be understood.
We had to become
a unique example of organized crime.
Following a single boss
in a pyramid structure.
This is the way we do things
Why are you still here?
You'll get wrinkly like a raisin.
Hey. What's going on?
I'm weak at the knees, Claudia.
Did you see these people?
They're insane.
I had to close the curtains,
they were climbing over the balcony.
Get out of the water, we'll eat something.
Spaghetti I understand that.
We can order that. Trancio di pesc
Italian is not for me.
Insalata That's a salad, obviously.
Giuliano's case is at the heart
of an old internal affair in the city.
What worries you so much?
This happens ever since you were in Boca.
I'll take care of you.
You're always in Buenos Aires, Claudia.
Well, I'm open to offers.
FIFA hasn't made any declarations
regarding this huge scandal.
FIFA has remained on the sidelines,
concerning Maradona.
Do you want something to eat?
I don't understand.
If we're staying here forever,
I'll ask for this menu to be translated.
It's only for a while.
It doesn't bother me.
I don't cook, clean, iron.
I'm doing this because I want to.
I have already told you.
Claudia, if I win, it'll be okay,
but what if I lose?
They'll kill me, Claudia.
This sounds like a real opportunity
to start again
Don't worry, you won't lose.
Guys, I'm not asking you to stop working,
if Diego was awake, he'd love
- for you to make money.
- Diego! Go, Diego!
- Diego! Diego!
- Yes!
- What's up, Guillote?
- Listen to me.
I'm saying the room is filled
with a sausage smell.
Diego's family is asking me to ask you
to move the grill
a few meters that way, okay?
Guillote, tell me, you can sell drugs
and we can't sell sandwiches?
- Who told you that?
- Relax, it's what we heard.
- What are you saying?
- Stop, I don't want trouble.
- We'll move.
- Can you?
- Yes.
- Thanks, Napoli.
That looks really good.
- Top of the line.
- How much is it?
- It's 200.
- Two hundred?
- Yes.
- Okay.
I have 150, okay?
- One with everything?
- Yes and ketchup.
As I told you,
you can take Diego wherever you see fit,
but in his condition,
he shouldn't transfer to Buenos Aires.
I don't know if you spoke
to other institutions.
We trust you completely.
Hi. How are you?
I assure you
we are taking the right steps.
Doctor, tell me, honestly,
do you think my husband will wake up?
We can't guarantee that.
It smells like barbecue.
Bring me a steak, Guillote.
- Do you have a dwarf in here?
- Is it heavy?
And they ask why I'm broke.
Those are requests from your family,
I didn't buy anything.
- You like the house, right?
- Yeah.
Then, hurry back, because I miss you.
I miss you too.
- And behave yourself.
- I always do.
What do you want to say?
I want to eat ravioli.
Voglio is like giving an order.
"I want to eat ravioli!"
Italians don't like orders.
Vorrei, is you'd like to.
It's more polite.
"I would like to eat ravioli."
It's hard.
But in Barcelona they spoke Catalan
and I didn't understand a damn thing.
You'll understand here.
It's different, it's easier.
You'll learn fast here.
Or do what my dad does when he visits,
and add a "E" at the end of every word.
Waitere, please bringe me raviole.
Let's try with Bruscolotti.
Hey, captaine! Captaine of the teame.
How many minutes to reache Verone?
What are you saying?
Calm down, man, calm down.
- He told you to fuck off.
- I noticed.
Hey, you are a sheep!
- Did I say it right?
- Yes.
Looks like a Boca versus River match.
You're wrong, Diego.
In Argentina, it is folklore.
This is racism.
People from the north
treat people from the south like animals.
Welcome to Sport TV.
Welcome to Verona. To Verona Stadium.
Today we'll have a derby match,
North against South.
Verona, Napoli,
where young Maradona is making his debut.
Diego Armando Maradona.
Corner shot for Verona.
Headbutt from Briegel and goal. Goal!
Verona advances, one nil.
Verona one, Napoli nil.
He scores on minute 26 of the first half.
Maradona fights Briegel
over that goes to the sideline.
Verona moves forward. Let's see.
There, Galderisi. Galderisi Goal!
Galderisi scores the second goal
on the 33rd minute of the first half.
Verona two, Napoli nil.
Foul. Foul on Maradona.
We see Maradona on his own,
moving forward to the center.
against three Verona players
who tackle him,
but he quickly gets up.
He runs through the midfield.
He shoots. He calculates the height
and the angle and goal, goal.
Goal by Di Gennaro.
On the 75th minute of the second half.
Di Gennaro.
Three to one, thus ends the match.
Verona three, Napoli one.
One might say this is a bitter debut
for the young Argentine,
playing his first match for Napoli.
Excuse me, Salvatore?
Salvatore! Someone's come to see you.
- Hi, Jorge!
- How are you?
- I'm good. You, Jorge?
- It's all good.
What are you doing here?
If you'd called,
I would have sent for you.
Don't worry.
I brought you some sfogliadolo.
- Sfogliadolo? Sfogliatelle.
- Yes, sfogliatelle.
It's scrumptious.
Take a good look at him.
He is a serious man.
We have to thank him.
He's the one who brought us Maradona.
We have a problem here.
The merch that you are selling
with Maradona's name is illegal.
To sell this stuff,
there needs to be a contract between us.
You cannot do it just like that.
"You cannot do it just like that".
Take the cakes with you,
I don't like those.
Gigino will take you to the car.
Start it up and go. I've got things to do.
Go on.
No, it's not fair, though.
Diego is giving everything for this town,
he deserves his part.
Well, you've said your piece. Now, go.
Where are you going?
Leave the sfogliatelle!
What did the cripple want?
A share of the profits.
A share of the profits?
What did you tell him?
I told him to fuck off.
No, that's not right.
Maradona is a friend.
Listen, call Guccino.
Have him bring a nice gift.
And apologize too.
Are you sharing the profits?
Share the profits?
Are you dumb? Share the profits?
- Go and do as I say.
- All right.
Clau, honey, sorry I'm late.
Don't worry.
I heard on the radio Diego is coming
for the playoffs.
He'll spend the month travelling,
poor thing.
- The league's still going in Italy.
- I hope he's inspired.
- Bilardo scares me.
- They'll qualify.
God willing. Shall we do the usual?
Think about it.
Welcome, Daniel.
How's the team for the qualifying round?
Good. I'm happy and proud
to wear the national team jersey.
I'm confident, we have great players.
Years wearing the captain's armband,
and now you're a player.
It's the coach's decision,
- and I respect that.
- Do you get along with Maradona?
Bilardo confirmed Maradona as the starter
- and the rest have to fight for a spot.
- Well
I'll have to fight, then.
- He's coming.
- Thanks.
Diego, is that fox fur?
From Greenland.
- Is it warm?
- No.
Fox uses it because it's soft,
but of course, man,
it's freezing in the North Pole.
You flew from Italy with Passarella.
It's strange you showed up separately.
I stayed behind signing autographs
for the flight attendants.
You flew together?
No, because both Passarella and I
like the window seat.
You both like the captain's armband, too?
Guys, don't try to start a fight.
Look for another subject
for tomorrow's front page.
Go easy about the fox fur.
Please, as a favor for me.
Since you're a queen,
I brought you a palace.
- What's that?
- The Colosseum.
- We missed you, Pelusa.
- Me too, Dad.
I have gifts for you too.
In the bag, look.
- Nice.
- Will you wear it?
Of course!
Look at Dad, so handsome.
- Like a movie star.
- Diego.
- A girl's looking for you.
- A girl?
You don't like it?
From now on, the tactical scheme
will be three, five, two.
Did it hurt? No.
It's easy. This is easy.
It looks difficult, but it's easy.
We're going to practice everything.
These are the flying fullbacks.
Either fullback or midfield.
"Carrilero" in Spain, I don't like it.
He runs along a lane,
back and forth, like the freeway.
If he leaves, do we fine him?
No. When they attack, yes.
When we attack, you can move
to the middle, like this one.
Or you can attack,
like Berecauster does in Belgium,
like Conti does in Italy,
Berthold in Germany.
We're going to practice everything.
We score a goal, we all run up? No.
The forwards celebrate among themselves.
The midfielders, too.
The ones at the back, with the goalkeeper.
No joke. You get short of breath,
get tired and vomit.
I don't want to confuse you.
Let's start with this.
Let's go, let's do it.
Let's go!
Keep going, keep going.
- Let's go!
- Come on!
Go with him, Checho, come on.
Take it easy. Daniel.
- Take it easy.
- I am.
We have a month of training, in Mexico,
at high altitude, with the national team,
plus what you have at your clubs.
Sex is important. Is it allowed?
Of course it is.
But you can't pump, pump.
"I'll take her over there, pump, pump."
No. The woman does all the work.
You lie down,
with your hands back here.
She's on top, she knows what to do.
We're done for today. One more thing.
Diego, Daniel, what the fuck is going on?
Do you want to get injured? Be left out?
Are you stupid?
You're the team's leaders.
You're kicking each other
in front of your teammates.
- I'm a team leader?
- Yes, sir.
Team leader?
I don't have a place in the team.
I find out from the papers
I'm no longer captain.
- You have a problem with me, not him.
- Of course.
What's your problem with me?
The only two here with a World Cup
are me and Pato Fillol.
I won't travel 15 hours from Italy
to be benched.
I said you had to earn it,
not that you'd be a substitute.
- It's not the same.
- It is for me.
Decide what you'll do.
If you're leaving me out, I'll tell
the press I have a family problem.
No worries.
Sorry, Diego, I came a little strong.
The South American qualifying rounds.
Argentines have placed
all of their expectations
on Diego Armando Maradona.
On the road to Mexico 86.
Diego runs on the left side, he engages,
Maradona, number ten,
Maradona, foul.
Here comes Maradona.
Another foul on Diego.
Maradona insists, he engages,
number ten runs
Referee says it's a foul.
How long, Your Honor?
How much will they kick Diego?
One more foul on Argentina's captain.
Maradona starts up, Argentina is coming,
it shapes from within. Foul, foul, foul
Diego leaves the stadium.
That's how Diego leaves the field.
We have an exclusive,
with the arrival of the national team
at the Caracas' hotel.
Excuse me, exclusive for Argentina.
What's the purpose of
Diego Armando Maradona.
It's unbelievable.
Wait, wait!
Diego Maradona is hurt on the floor.
He's just been hurt.
There goes Diego Armando Maradona,
Goal for Argentina! Diego did it,
Maradona did it.
Argentina one, Venezuela nil.
Center shot from Burruchaga,
here comes Valdano, here comes Diego.
Goal for Argentina!
Diego Armando Maradona did it.
Here comes Diego.
What a shot! Is Diego all right?
Foul, ladies and gentlemen.
Free shot for the Argentine team.
Here comes Maradona. Foul on Diego.
He continues. How long, Your Honor?
How long will they kick Diego?
Maradona insists. Another foul.
He can't play like that. Impossible.
He continues.
Two on the way.
Again, now in the face.
Referee, please.
How long will they keep punishing him?
Hello? Yes.
Who's the source?
Is it confirmed?
Give me a minute.
Diego woke up.
Yes, dear Diego!
Thank you, Diego, dear!
You don't have to quit.
Maradona's awake, we won't publish
a photo of him in agony.
- We never had to publish it.
- Stay, don't be stupid.
We need you here.
It's hard out there.
Everything failed you.
Your liver, kidneys, your blood pressure.
Your heart failed, son.
The doctors say that
Well, anyway, the doctors
That's why I always tell you,
I don't want you to eat fatty things.
The udder, the chitlins, the sausages
And as if that wasn't enough,
everything you put inside you.
It's a miracle you're alive, son.
By miracle.
I prayed the Virgin
to take me instead of you.
- But she didn't take either of us.
- No, it's true.
God won't take you because
he doesn't want competition.
Okay, son, okay. Okay, rest.
- You rest. Okay.
- Yes.
The girls want to talk to you.
Which of my princesses
am I saying hello to?
You're both there?
I love you.
I love you with all my heart.
Don't worry,
Daddy's going to be all right.
Dalmita, baby, Dalmita.
Don't cry. Don't cry.
You'll make me cry.
Dalmita, sweetheart.
It's full of people down on the street.
They're celebrating. They must
have heard that you woke up.
This street will lead to mayhem.
I suggest we take a different one.
What happened?
No, they want to block the street.
Like always.
They think you're John Paul II,
but they want to take a longer road.
I don't give a shit!
Let's go, girls, let's go.
Good morning, everyone.
Welcome to today's Sports Sunday.
Napoli against Lazio, we are playing
at the San Paolo stadium in Neaples.
We see Napoli entering the field.
Napoli's fan are pumped today,
we'll see how the game goes today.
Today, these fascists
want to humiliate us.
They want to see us on our knees
in our own home.
- We won't allow it.
- No, no!
We'll fight for every ball.
We will give everything
for the team mate by our side.
And for these people
who have given up everything.
Who left their homes to see us here today.
I want to see smoke
coming out of their ears.
Let's fucking win!
Fuck! Let's do it!
Here, we see the young Argentinian,
overhead kick,
and he outwits the goalkeeper.
Today, the Argentinian player
is playing like never before.
No player has managed
to take the ball away from him.
Here comes another opportunity.
Maradona, Maradona.
Ball to Maradona, center. Goal!
Goal by Diego Armando Maradona,
the young Argentinian player.
Goal. Napoli, one. Lazio, nil.
The whole San Paolo Stadium
stands up before the Argentinian.
The whole stadium
is shaking in celebration.
Here comes Maradona
and he moves forward once more.
He shoots and Goal! Goal! What a goal.
A hell of a goal
that he shoots right in the middle.
It will be impossible
for Lazio to catch up.
San Paolo cheers for the Argentinian.
Left-footed corner shot
by Diego Armando Maradona,
he shoots from the post,
centers it and goal.
A straight goal from a corner shot!
Incredible! Incredible!
And San Paolo screams.
Screams and celebrates.
Incredible consolidation
of the Argentinian talent.
Indisputable, all of Napoli
celebrates the victory.
- Legendary, Diego.
- Diego.
The captain's armband is yours.
No, you're crazy.
Take it.
And pay me back with a championship.
Diego, for RAI, for RAI,
Sports Sunday, just a moment.
Congratulations on your performance,
a great performance.
You are definitely
in the hearts of Napoli's fans now.
The Neapolitan supporters
are more important than the qualification.
If the heart is there,
the qualification will follow.
How do you find it here in Italy?
I am doing very well here.
What makes me sick is the racism here.
Racism in Italy?
I am not referring
to racism against people of color.
I am referring
to the racism against Neapolitans.
Against Neapolitans? What do you mean?
What's the matter?
You don't like me telling the truth?
Why are you making that face?
This is a very serious accusation.
It's a matter of respect.
If you are a serious journalist,
then I'm serious.
If you are a bullshitter,
then I'm bullshitting you.
Let me know.
Do you like it, sweetheart?
Do you like Naples?
Yes, yes!
"La Fontana:
I love my job, it is my passion.
A woman on her way up,
and a well-rounded artist,
appears on the Italian scene
on many shows".
Do you like it?
You are truly an artist.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
It's not true, you're lying to me.
I'm not lying. I never lie.
Then why can't we get together?
Because you're famous,
and I have a girlfriend.
A girlfriend who is never here.
That's why she's the perfect girlfriend.
Oh, come on.
Let's go out, I want to get some air.
- It's very cold.
- Wrap yourself up.
Come with me.
Come on, Diego.
Come with me. It's not that cold.
Are you up again?
Do you remember the day
you wanted to go bet on the horses
and asked me to help you
slip out of the house? Remember?
I lost a week's worth of money.
You did something you shouldn't have done.
And I helped you. I distracted Mom.
You did wrong.
You didn't think so at the time.
It's time for you to return the favor.
Your mother will kill me if she finds out.
That you lost your bet?
Argentina versus Peru
at Monumental Stadium.
Nerves are running high.
There goes Maradona.
It's incredible how Reyna
follows him everywhere.
He'll follow him to the changing rooms.
We've never seen this.
Here comes Maradona.
Diego engages, leaves Reyna behind,
then Pasculli appears, center pass
from Diego, Pasculli gets it, goal!
Goal for Argentina! Pasculli did it.
Argentina one, Peru nil.
Big Nose clings to his tie,
the Argentine coach is desperate.
Burruchaga has it, there he goes,
Passarella puts it in,
captain receives it, goal!
Goal for Argentina! Tigre did it.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
Argentina will be on another World Cup.
Passarella's play was genius.
Bilardo can't believe it.
The whole Monumental Stadium cheers.
Argentina goes to Mexico.
That hug between Diego
and the captain says it all.
The controversy is in the past.
Argentina is once more in a World Cup.
Mexico awaits us.
I can't find the handkerchief
with your initials that they gave you.
With all the mess here
It's impossible to find it.
My ring's missing.
Did they take it off
when you had the examination?
That's strange.
I'll ask later.
Here, Giannina brought this for you.
That balloon, too.
Dalmita learned to do a somersault.
You have no idea how she dives
into the pool, she's so funny.
The number of people who called me.
I changed my number, it was like carrying
a phone booth. Exhausting.
Did I tell you I dreamt about you?
We were at the Barça stadium,
the day I broke down.
You were telling me
that the game was still going on.
It wasn't over.
We had to keep playing.
I'll check if the ring is in the bathroom.
I'll take it.
- It's made for you. Great choice.
- Thanks.
Hi, I'm calling from Casa López.
To check on a card.
Villafañe, Claudia.
Four, seven, five, eight.
Eight, nine, four, five.
Four, one, three, two, six, seven, eight.
Is there a problem?
The card was cancelled.
- May I have your ID?
- Of course.
They say it has no balance.
- What? May I?
- Yes.
How come it doesn't have balance?
Excuse me, do you know
who's the account holder?
Watch out!
Let's go!
Outside! Let's go!
An earthquake measuring 8.1
on the Richter scale hit Mexico,
leaving the city in an unfortunate state.
Almost 50,000 families lost their homes.
Thousands of houses and buildings
collapsed in only minutes.
The epicenter initiated
in Mexico's Pacific Ocean,
next to mouth of the Balsas River,
in Michoacan's coast.
It is estimated that it released
an energy equivalent
to 1000 atomic bombs of 20 kilotons each.
The government hasn't announced
the number of victims
Four thousand dead and 10,000 injured
And the World Cup? What will happen to it?
Have some perspective,
we're worried about Jorge!
Ricardo. So?
Any news? Did he call?
No, I talked to some friends there,
but they don't know anything.
It's all chaos. Half the city is cut off.
Let me know if you hear anything.
If he gets hurt, I'll die.
- Hi, Diego.
- Hi, Jorgito.
I barely hear you,
did you hear what happened?
Yes, man, it's fucked up,
we're worried about you.
I'm fine.
Please, let my mom know.
- In case I can't reach her.
- Yes, don't worry.
It's a shame, because
I was making deals with brands.
It was going well, but
The meetings were cancelled.
They're thinking
of cancelling the World Cup.
- But don't worry
- Jorge, Jorgito, listen.
I have two important things to tell you.
The first is I'm so glad you're fine.
I love you like a brother.
Me too, Pelusa.
The second one is
Jorge, we have no credit cards here.
The accounts are in the red.
You fucked up, man.
I talked to the bank manager and he says
that checks are bouncing,
cards don't work, accounts are empty.
What the fuck.
I'll be back soon and we'll check
what the fuck happened.
No, I won't wait, Jorge, look
You fucked up a lot.
You know I love you,
and this hurts me, but
But I think we need to part ways and
This is it for us, man.
You're no longer my manager.
You won't work with me again.
During eight years as manager,
Cyterszpiler made profitable deals,
but also made bad decisions,
like investing in a casino.
Jorge Cyterszpiler kept working
in the soccer industry.
In 2017, he took his life by jumping
from the seventh floor of the Faena Hotel.
Determined to be neglect the
Argentine national team, nor the Napoli,
Maradona played both teams simultaneously.
Before the playoffs
for the 1986 World Cup,
he played five games in two weeks,
crossing the Atlantic by plane six times.
I am leaving full of nostalgia,
because I had signed a six-year contract.
I wasn't planning to leave,
but, of course,
since some of the managers
doubted Maradona
So, I'm leaving. I'm leaving.
Not as a loser.
I'm leaving happy because
Napoli noticed Maradona.
And happy because I wanted that, too.
Because they forced me to want this.
What's friendship to Maradona?
Well, I think it is crucial,
both in life and in soccer.
I mean, soccer has given me many friends.
I don't want to give names
I might forget one,
and they would complain about it.
I prefer to mention the friend
I have in my life, Jorge.
He really helps me when I'm down.
He always encourages me.
He gives me strength.
And I think he's the best friend I have.
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