Maradona: Blessed Dream (2021) s01e07 Episode Script


Careful. If you touch his nerves,
he'll end up walking backwards.
I'll have to take all his wife's bitching.
Suction here.
Excuse me, Professor,
there's an emergency in Radiology.
Carmela, can't you see I'm operating?
What is it? A fire? Earthquake?
It's someone who can't wait.
Cauterize, Sibilo.
Are you crazy?
Who can be such a pain in the ass?
Diego Armando Maradona.
What the fuck do I care?
Who's Diego Armando Maradona?
I'm in my home.
And he wants me to come out?
I'm doing surgery. Panunzio, you close.
- Shouldn't you finish?
- What for?
It's a lost case. You close it.
I don't get it.
How can he be so important?
Diego Armando Maradona.
Who the fuck does he think he is?
I'm not interested in who he is.
I'm performing a very difficult surgery
and Diego Armando Maradona comes in.
I'm not interested in him.
Who the hell is
Diego Armando Maradona?
"The day Maradona stopped being Pelusa,"
wrote Suárez.
He can suck my dick.
He's a nobody.
Only six months before the 1986 World Cup,
in just two minutes,
a devastating earthquake
shook Mexico City,
killing more than 10,000 people.
Jorge Cyterszpiler was there,
and he survived.
But his life was shook differently.
The unexpected ending of his partnership
with his friend Pelusa.
Diego Maradona's decision to remove Jorge
from his career and his life
would have consequences
that are still visible today.
It is impossible to know for sure,
but it's certain that Jorge's departure
and the arrival of Guillermo Coppola
as his replacement
caused a dramatic turn.
From the irreverent and insolent brat
who had the purest soccer talent,
- remained the ability and talent.
- Diego!
But the spirit of the neighborhood kid
gave way to the temptation
of belonging in the same crowd
as his new manager.
Jorge Cyterszpiler, before being
Diego's manager, was his friend.
Come on, Diego!
Would he have had such an unstable
and turbulent sports career,
had he kept Cyterszpiler as his manager?
- Where's the money you stole from Diego?
- I didn't steal anything from Diego.
A couple of investments went wrong.
You know I love him like a brother.
Leave Naples now.
Guillermo Coppola,
before being Diego's manager,
handled more than
150 soccer players' finances.
- It was totally out.
- Come on!
In 1985, he found Maradona at his peak,
awaiting his global breakthrough.
Skillful and intuitive in business,
Coppola arrived to the soccer business
from a simple bank teller position,
making connections with players that
would approach him to get
financial advice from the bank.
The word of mouth of his first clients
opened a way to a new career.
And soon, he became
a celebrity of Buenos Aires' nightlife,
due to his glamour,
his ability to traffic drugs,
and his playboy and party boy fame.
Diego and Guillermo's
was love at first sight.
It was born the day Maradona signed
his transfer to Boca Juniors,
and they craved each other
from that moment on.
With Coppola,
Diego left behind Pelusa,
from Villa Fiorito.
For Coppola, winning Diego's heart
was like touching the sky.
He became the man
behind the God of soccer.
For Maradona, Guillermo was the key
to access a social circle
that until then, revered him as a player,
but still rejected him
because of his origins.
The new manager soon won the approval
of Diego's social environment.
How did I get on the magazine covers?
Do you really want to know?
Thanks to my twins.
Coppola quickly solved
the financial crisis,
Maradona's contract with Napoli,
wiping off the map the people
who had accompanied Diego
in his European adventure,
and neutralized
any potential conflict with Claudia.
Not only did he conquer her
with his charisma and likeability,
he also placed her father Coco
and Don Chitoro in charge
of Darma's offices in Buenos Aires.
They were simple men and easy to control.
What came after that
is already known by all.
The tree overshadowed the forest
and Diego became a God.
And, amidst all the drama and emotion,
it was impossible
to notice that Pelusa,
from Villa Fiorito, was long gone.
Once, on the banks of the Paraná,
when he still had the essence
of the boy who dreamed of a World Cup,
Diego confessed to me
that he was not a "happiness machine."
But he couldn't restrain himself.
He gave happiness
until his heart said, "Enough" and
Son of a bitch.
They put together
a special edition in case I died?
I screwed them up.
I really did screw them.
Who called me? Did Menotti call?
Did the President call?
Did Pelé say anything?
Everyone called.
Those who love you, those who don't.
Those who you hate, those who hate you.
Still the center of the world,
don't worry.
Those who hate me
wanted to make sure I died.
Or rather, they wanted to know
if I became retarded.
And I didn't.
That brunette is hot.
You always liked blondes.
What a waste of luxury.
With all the money the Vatican has,
they could fight world hunger.
You should have told the Pope,
but you shut your mouth when you saw him.
Why do you contradict me so much, Clau?
Why should I be mad?
I don't know.
I don't remember a damn thing.
- Maybe we had a fight.
- Most likely.
Let's do something.
Because of the fear I have of being
left alone with the girls forever,
let's pretend that
I also had a mental blackout.
I don't remember anything.
Come on, bruja.
You remember the reason, I know you.
I never forget anything, Maradona.
Gianni. My love.
My little princess, you see I'm fine?
You see I'm fine?
Dalmi. Come here, sweetie,
I can't stretch. Everything hurts.
What's wrong?
I'm scared.
Scared of what?
I'm scared you're going to die.
No, I'm not going to die, my love.
Look, I would love to give you
a severance payment,
but the thing is that Jorge
left me broke, you know?
I still have to pay
the debts he left me with.
Yes, I know.
I know it perfectly well.
Anyway, the truth is
that these years
of working together were great.
I appreciate them, I have fond memories
of so many moments.
Let's not start with this funeral,
because in two-three days, you will
call me to do an article for a newspaper,
and when you're on the other side,
don't forget we're friends.
I wish it was that fast.
No, it's not easy to get a job.
It's very difficult.
I have two children and
I had an idea, let's see what you think.
I want to write your biography.
A book about my life?
How much do I make?
What? From the book?
You're telling me
it's a book about my life.
I've taken care of living my life,
half the job's done.
Sure, but if we have to share the profits,
I'll be left with nothing.
And if you don't share the profits,
I'm left with nothing.
People have been eating
out of my pockets for years.
That's over.
I don't know,
I thought of it as a compensation
for that severance pay
that you said you couldn't give me,
which hurt you so much.
It was just an idea.
I'd rather not.
I'd rather not.
Something will come up for you.
They don't live in the hotel anymore,
now they are in a house.
The sister, María, lives downstairs,
and Diego, upstairs with his girlfriend.
So, who will be my boss, Claudia or María?
Claudia comes and goes
to Naples all the time.
But when she's there, she's in charge.
She doesn't like María
or Tota to interfere.
Mrs. Tota? Does she live downstairs, too?
Sure. When she visits,
she also comes and goes.
Any weird situations that you experience
in the house, you talk to me.
I work directly with Mr. Coppola.
Diego, coffee? Water?
- No, thanks. Is Gonzalo at the office?
- Yes.
Tomorrow, they're going to the Vatican
to meet the Pope.
How nice.
- Gonzalito.
- You made it.
I'll close the door.
Let's not make a fuss.
It won't be easy with me
like with Ricardo.
You won't throw me out
on the street without money, okay?
All right, but listen, Gonzalo,
you talked to Jorge, they said
they were going to make a movie,
and, if I want to buy tickets for it,
where is it? There's no movie.
No. Listen, I shot the film,
so, it's not my fault if there's no film.
Okay, but you have to talk
to Jorge about it.
I have nothing to do with it.
This is beyond me.
You're firing me.
You'll have to pay me, son of a bitch.
- Don't talk about Tota.
- Tota can suck my dick.
- Yeah? What's wrong with you?
- Stop, man!
Piece of shit!
This is a unique situation.
I'll kill you!
This doesn't normally happen, okay?
He's a very caring person, Diego.
You wouldn't mind
signing the contract now?
If you want to read it, that's fine.
- Is everything okay?
- Fucker!
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
- The body of Christ.
- Amen.
To be Maradona,
you need high moral principles.
Every great athlete has been a messenger
of peace and friendship,
so, they were chosen by Jesus
to show his brothers
the right path.
Diego, I bless you
so that you can keep being that model.
Thank you, Your Holiness.
I want to give you a present.
Yours is special, Diego.
They all look the same to me.
It was blessed by the Pope.
One question.
Is this ceiling made of gold?
I think so, yes.
Well, what's up, boys?
What's up, guys?
You're all butt naked.
Have you trained already? What's this?
Sure, pretend you don't understand.
You speak more Spanish than I do,
and learn to speak, too.
Bunch of assholes.
How are you, professor?
Sons of bitches, you're exposing me.
Professor, to be honest, I only came here
because we agreed to meet up,
I mean, with my achy knee
and my girlfriend snoozing at home,
I felt like staying.
When are we going to talk to Oliva?
I don't know if I should have surgery.
Ask him how I should train.
Why don't you guys take a shower?
Go take a shower.
Go on, girls, go take a shower.
Don't touch each other,
you might get pregnant.
Come on!
Why would I talk to Oliva
if I'm almost out?
Almost out?
- Your new secretary called. Cecilia.
- Cecilia, yes.
She said this was my last month.
How could it be your last month?
The World Cup is coming up,
how could we kick you out?
Are you crazy? We're a team.
No, don't worry.
You promised I was going to get there
looking like a bull, so?
See? You don't trust me.
We can't work like that.
- I've never meddled in your private life.
- Yeah.
But if we're going to work together,
I need you to trust me.
- Yes, of course.
- Tell the truth.
Are you using cocaine?
No. How could you ask me
a question like that? Of course not.
Maybe a little bump at a party, one night.
But no. I've got it all under control.
Besides, I wouldn't be able
to perform if I did that. No, please.
Maradona between two defense players
from Roma.
Scissor kick, incredible, out. Amazing.
Here, with his head, Maradona,
almost goal, the Argentinian came in late.
Maradona with the right foot,
kick saved!
Maradona, Maradona moves forward,
Maradona, Maradona,
ball on the right foot,
to the middle, Bruscolotti, goal!
Goal by Bruscolotti.
The Roma goalkeeper could not stop it.
They hug and celebrate
in front of the Olympic athletic track.
A foul on Maradona that
Maradona moves forward, Maradona
Goal. Goal, goal, goal, incredible.
Maradona, Maradona, the man.
Who of his rivals can take the ball
away from him? Corner shot, and goal.
Head shot by Bruscolotti.
He scores and they hug tightly.
A massive hug between the two teammates.
With the captain.
Maradona, Maradona, Maradona, goal.
Goal, goal, goal, with his corner shot.
Napoli climbs to the top
of the league table,
thanks to the exploits
of its young captain,
Diego Armando Maradona.
Diego, Diego, Diego, Diego, Diego!
No, no, don't leave, stay.
- Come on, you can't fall asleep.
- I can.
- Wake up.
- No.
We said it was a quickie
and then you'd go training.
- No.
- Come on, do you want breakfast in bed?
- Well, lunch, because it's 12:00.
- Tell Juana to bring it.
Juana isn't here, we're alone.
- We're alone and I have to train?
- Yes.
- Clau, stop fucking around.
- You have to go. Come on.
Come on, Diego, wake up.
Don't fall asleep.
- That's cute, Mom.
- I love this one.
That's what you'll wear?
Your husband will think
you're a slut and leave you.
Don't be mean, Mom.
You could wear it for Daddy.
Claudia. We've been waiting for you.
This is Cata Chris. She's my friend.
Cristiana, very nice to meet you.
Hi, how are you?
Not for sleeping, for going to bed.
Why don't you buy one, Claudia,
these are so nice.
I don't know.
How much is this one?
Thirty thousand lira.
No, thanks.
I can give you a little discount 27.
- She'll give you a discount.
- I don't need it, don't want it.
I'll make breakfast for Diego.
I thought we were alone.
I like this one.
- Which one, Lili?
- This one.
- Which one?
- This one.
- One, Mom.
- One each.
- One each.
- You can come to the house as you like
How much is that one?
Should I come back?
Not at all.
Are you sure?
- It's nothing.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
Did you get some sleep?
- No.
- Let's see.
Help me, so you're more stable.
You're strong, baby.
There, is that okay?
- Are you hungry?
- Very.
Good, I brought you something yummy.
I see.
Hey, baby,
when I get out of here,
we'll go partying.
We'll play tennis.
Racquet back, racquet forward. Smash.
As long as you get out
of here alive, sure.
The doctors don't know
if you'll make it yet.
Don't be mean.
Get me the remote, will you?
I'm tired of watching them
fuck and screw and copulate.
- I can't.
- Please.
I can't. Madam's orders. You know I can't.
You'll watch the news, what they say
about you and go crazy.
What do the say?
What stories
are these motherfuckers telling?
Everything. Lots of breaking news.
The latest is that they found out
you scored a goal against the English
with your hand.
No kidding. Really?
- Yes.
- No way.
- Hey.
- What?
I had a ring in this finger
that I always wear.
Do you know what happened?
The doctors take those off to examine you.
Will you check for me?
- Everything good?
- Yes.
- All good. Excuse me.
- Yes.
- Mom.
- My baby.
You won't guess who came to see you.
- It's a surprise.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I'll leave you.
- Thanks.
- Doctor.
Nice to see you.
- So nice to see you.
- How are you?
We're getting there. Nice hair color.
Do you like it?
- I'll eat your Jell-O.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you. To your health.
- Thanks.
How's Buenos Aires?
Full of people.
On the 31st, while
Everyone toasted,
for a better year,
I almost didn't live for two days.
He asked me to come back.
You saw the light at the end
of the tunnel and turned around,
in case it was a car coming at you.
Right? May I?
I neglected myself.
I didn't care for myself.
For Dalma and Giannina's sakes,
I don't want to die.
And that's great, Diego.
It's the most important thing. The kids.
Your children, the family.
Terrible, God, terrible.
Uruguayan soccer is terrible, Diego.
They start kicking when they're young.
It is terrible. Look at that.
Are you okay, Diego?
Look. Here, Reina cuts you off.
And forces you. Pass back.
Pass to the back. No, do you understand?
I want you to stand here.
I want you standing there.
I don't know,
I stand where the play asks me to.
No, dear.
The play doesn't ask you anything.
You ask for coffee, a croissant.
The play is put together.
When you are on defense, without the ball.
Look. I'll show you something.
I want to show you. Look. Here, let's see?
See? You're a magnet.
A natural magnet. Look. Four guys.
One, two, three, four.
Don't touch the screen,
you'll leave marks, Carlos.
Yes, you're right.
They're all over you. They caught on.
Why? They don't make a man-to-man mark.
One guy and four around.
Got it? What should we do?
Move without the ball.
Learn to move without the ball.
You'll do that with me.
Now, look.
Well, I'm going to bed.
Well, wait for me, I'm coming.
Don't fall asleep.
- I'll wait for you.
- Bye, baby.
I'll be there soon.
- I'm leaving.
- Okay, Claudia, thanks.
- Bye.
- Good night.
Bye. Good night, Claudia.
Look at that. There it is. Look.
There it is. What happened there?
You ran out of legs. You were running
for nothing. That's what I want.
Get the ball back. Here. Watch this.
- The screen.
- Yes, the screen. Want to see the corners?
- Which ones?
- I have all of them.
No, I don't have them all.
Just the ones that are filmed.
Go on, go on.
The others.
There it goes. No. Diego. Diego.
No! Diego, come back.
- Where? Why?
- Come back!
Don't jump, dodge them.
Which way?
I don't care, whichever way you want.
Look this way, go that way.
Let me play ball!
- Look one way, go the other.
- Come on, man!
You have to drive them crazy.
No, don't Come here!
My mom used to say,
"If you want to play, play. But study."
I went to med school in the mornings,
trained in San Lorenzo in the afternoon,
and then, studied at night.
- What a sacrifice, Carlos.
- Yes.
I only failed pharmacology.
I'll never forget it. I studied.
Just one question.
The head of department.
He tells me, "I have a man in pain.
Hip operation. What dosage of morphine?"
I state the dosage, he says,
"Go away, you got an F."
"You only asked one question."
"You killed the patient.
No more questions."
And, well, I had to choose
between medicine and soccer.
I asked another doctor,
Chief of cardiology.
I was also doing an internship
in a hospital,
I said, "Doctor, what do I do?"
He said, "How much do you earn?"
"I make 1100 pesos."
"I make 900, carry on with the soccer".
He was right.
Can I ask you a question,
since you're a doctor?
There are a lot of rumors about Diego.
When you see him
Do you think
Do you think Diego is using cocaine?
- Don't listen to rumors, Claudia.
- I know.
People do harm. Don't
I know, but if I ask him, he'll say no.
No, of course, he's going to tell you no.
Look, for example. See? The bathroom.
The boys in the bathroom.
They are waiting.
Are they all going to pee? No.
See? One comes out.
And they all greet each other.
This one is as high as a kite.
- Exactly.
- It's my brother-in-law, Morsa.
No, not him. He may have a cold.
But the ones over there, I mean those.
No, not him. There he is, see?
They're having fun.
Healthy fun with the family.
- Dancing.
- I'll go pee.
Well. Maybe he's going to pee.
They're not all going for the same.
Now, this one coming out now, yes.
Look at his face.
There he goes.
Is he family, too?
- No.
- Okay.
Welcome to
the Delle Alpi stadium in Turin,
in this Sunday where Juventus plays
against Diego Maradona's Napoli,
while Juventus is
lead by Michele Platini.
The atmosphere is on fire.
Juventus doesn't want to let Napoli win
but we'll see,
Napoli is playing very well this year,
obviously led by
the incredible talent of the
young Argentinian Diego Armando Maradona,
its captain.
Napoli is getting warmed up,
we also see Diego Armando Maradona
on the field with his team.
We are about to start. Tip-off.
The game has started,
Napoli comes forward,
Maradona, Maradona
Maradona comes forward
he's kicked down on the penalty area
but there is no penalty.
Here, we see him,
incredible goal by Diego Armando Maradona
who's able to overcome the barrier.
The goal keeper couldn't stop it,
Tacconi almost crashed into the left pole
while trying.
Diego Armando Maradona.
The crowd is going crazy
at the Delle Alpi stadium,
in this freezing rainy day in Turin.
Here, we see Diego Armando Maradona,
moves away from two players,
he looks impossible to stop.
He goes down, down, penalty, penalty,
penalty, no.
He says no,
and Napoli's captain gets pretty upset
at the referee's choice to deny him
There is no sign of improvement.
It seems to be getting worse.
- Do you feel pain?
- Yes.
- Here?
- Yes.
We'll run more tests later.
let's ask Professor Giannini's opinion.
Doctor, are you feeling well?
- Good morning.
- Good morning, doctor.
So, doctor, can I still be saved?
Is he deaf?
Help me!
What's happening? Everything okay?
Is he crying?
The Professor really cares
about the health of his patients.
I love you very much, Diego.
Do you want an autograph?
To my good friend
Okay, then, professor
Can I hug you?
Of course you can.
Help, help.
I'm the one who's in bad shape here!
Just my luck!
"Giannini was diagnosed
with an acute cardiac crisis.
And after 14 hours of hospitalization,
of recovery," it says,
"he was discharged."
The asshole was hospitalized!
Shall we make a toast? To Napoli
and the Neapolitans,
who are crazier than the Argentines.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Renato, another wine bottle.
Salvatore, bring them another.
You're ordering another one?
Renato, why is Maradona
in between those two?
Who the fuck knows them?
Are you kidding?
Don't you get who those people are?
They are from politics, finance, sport
But they are no match to me.
Sure, you want a wall all to yourself.
I'll cover all the walls if you bring
a championship to Napoli.
I cannot do it by myself, Renato.
I need that Ferlaino
to get some help for me.
We don't need Ferlaino. You are enough.
We don't need anyone else, Diego.
This idiot threatens with a championship.
I'll give him a championship.
Be careful, Diego.
Don't bust my balls, Claudia!
Can't you see that I'm having fun?
- Leave me alone!
- I told you to be careful. See how he is?
He doesn't look well.
He's not well and I understand.
There are a lot of changes for him.
He changed his agent, his club,
but he doesn't look well.
The girlfriend is always the same.
And he has the best one.
- Is he doing cocaine?
- Claudia.
Tell me the truth. Is that it?
Tell me, so I can help him.
No. No. Claudia.
I always saw you as a perfect girlfriend.
You're great, you don't pressure him.
You come to see him,
you stay a little while,
you go back to Buenos Aires
and leave him
In love. That's the way it should be.
What, you think it is
a tactic that I use?
He wants to be alone,
I don't want to leave.
For me For me, you two
Listen. You are made for each other.
When I see you two together, I see love.
True love.
You've been together
since you were very young.
And, perhaps,
at this moment, when Diego is
under so much pressure.
With a lot of demand,
because of what's expected of him,
he needs it to distract himself, to relax.
Don't look at me like that.
You know what I mean?
Yes, I understand, I have to play dumb,
so he can go and party.
It is not something
that Diego told me. It's my opinion.
But I think that when you go
to Buenos Aires, Diego is on his own,
he is less prone to injuries,
better at work, in a better mood.
He looks like a different guy.
- Shall we eat dessert?
- Another toast.
- What happened?
- Oh, no.
Hi, girl, how are you? Good? Good.
- How are you, good?
- How are you? Hi, Diego, hi.
Can we ask you for your autograph?
- Yes. Give it to me. Where do I sign?
- Here, Diego.
I'm Diego's manager.
All right.
- Don't you go and sell them.
- No.
My girlfriend is too miserly.
- You look gorgeous.
- Thanks.
She only cares about money.
Yes, a cheapskate,
but that's why we have savings.
- Do you work as models?
- Yes.
- Yeah, it looks like it.
- It was a pleasure. Let's go now, girls.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Here, my girlfriend.
- Yes.
- She's cheap and she saves
all the money that falls down,
she picks it up.
- Shut up!
- She has a fortune!
She didn't have a piggy bank,
she had a rhino bank.
- You lie!
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay, baby.
- Okay, what?
- I'll see you at home.
- Where are you going?
We have to meet up with
the Lamborghini people.
They want to see Diego to do business.
At this hour?
- To go for a drink.
- Crazy.
You didn't mention it.
- It's business, baby.
- Bye, Claudia.
Bye, I love you.
- Me, too.
- I'll be quick.
- You'll come early?
- Yes.
I'll wait up for you.
- Hurry back.
- Love you.
Why didn't you tell me?
It's business.
He thinks that the fence is only
A piece of metal
Something that can never stop
His longing to fly
Like the Sun at dawn
I am free as the sea
Like the bird that escaped from its prison
And can, at last, fly
Like the air that clouds my lamentation
And my sorrow
I walk unceasingly
Behind the truth
And at last I'll know what freedom is
Come on, man!
Nobody will believe what we lived tonight.
Come on!
You're so pretty.
Hey, come here.
Come here, come here.
Darling, how are you?
I'm going crazy.
Guille, I can't stop.
Long live Napoli!
Oh, Mom
Oh, Mom
You know why my heart beats?
Because I saw Maradona
I saw Maradona
Hey, Mom, I'm in love
Oh, Mom, Mom, Mom
You know why my heart beats?
Because I saw Maradona
I saw Maradona
Hey, Mom, I'm in love
Maradona, take one, it's hot.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Like the Sun at dawn
I am free as the sea
Like the bird that escaped from its prison
And can, at last, fly
Like the air that clouds my lamentation
And my sorrow
I walk unceasingly
Behind the truth
And at last I'll know what freedom is
- You think?
- Like a character
Stop. You could run back to Buenos Aires,
what are you running from?
Stop, stop.
They're all the same.
They never change.
They swear they're looking at your shoes.
But they're looking at your cleavage.
What matters
is that they always come home.
And one waits for them, how?
- With paradise served on a silver plate.
- I don't know.
Yes, that's the way to keep them.
Of course it is.
Claudia, we don't compete with lovers.
We compete with the mother.
Look at Guillermo,
for example, so charming,
all the time with everybody,
what can I do? Change him now?
No way. Forget it.
His secretary drives him crazy.
The office chairs cost a lot of money,
and she sits on his lap all day.
I'm hungry.
Shall we eat?
- Hi, Juana.
- Good morning, madam.
Give me a glass. Thanks.
Is Diego home?
Yes, madam, an hour ago.
Wake up.
You have to go to training.
You missed last week,
you can't miss it again.
Stop busting my balls, Claudia.
I'm a big boy. Leave me alone.
Hi, Juana.
Morning, sir.
Would you like coffee with milk?
Yes, more coffee than milk, please.
Where's Claudia?
She went out.
- Did she tell you where?
- To Argentina.
To Argentina?
She was mad
because you wouldn't wake up, sir.
She packed her bags while you slept,
and went back to Argentina.
What's wrong with her? It's 2:00 p.m.
It's Wednesday, sir.
Yes, you slept more than 24 hours.
I met Diego Maradona in prison,
when Guillermo Coppola was in jail,
when he had been planted with drugs,
with the vase and the dodgy judge stuff.
I helped Guillermo a lot inside,
and Diego went
to visit him often and, well,
that's when we became very good friends.
It was what I call love at first sniff.
I knew nothing about soccer. Nothing.
Don't even know the ball's shape.
I think Diego loved me for that.
I took him away from the soccer topic,
that had him so fed up.
The guy was sick of it all,
the best player in the world.
A great guy,
a wonderful father, the best father.
In Punta, we were in a mansion,
and there was a cabin at the back
where we would go to get high, so,
the girls wouldn't see us. Great father.
He and Claudia were separated.
She acted like a wife.
And what I don't understand is why
everyone was trying to convince Diego
that he was bankrupt.
Meanwhile, Claudia was saving
for the girls. But, you see,
Claudia is smart.
I have plenty of anecdotes.
One night,
after partying hard,
I heard Diego breathing heavily.
A dry, permanent cough,
I don't know, anyway.
We went in the van together
to a drugstore to buy medicine,
and that's when we screwed up
because I gave the bottle to Diego,
he took off the cap and down the hatch.
It was a big jar.
I think that was the final straw.
Wait, Ferro, stop.
Do you feel a little responsible
for what happened to Diego?
Not responsible,
because, I mean, we were both adults,
both of age and besides, you can't tell
Diego what to do, he'll do the opposite.
Of course.
And besides, honestly,
I couldn't take care of Diego
because sometimes,
I was in a worse state than him.
Were you up when Guillermo
arrived with Pelusa?
Yes, they came back in the morning.
Did you see them go to bed together?
They were walking hugging each other,
so they wouldn't fall.
I don't want trouble.
I was told that Claudia was my employer.
Diego is your employer.
Come with me.
- Are you sure you don't want one?
- No.
- It's the last one.
- It's yours.
Claudia left,
this one arrived.
They're always together, like a couple.
If Pelusa is a faggot,
your father will die.
Mom, what are you saying?
Tell her what you saw the other day.
Mrs. Tota.
Tell her.
The other day, Mr. Diego and Mr. Guillermo
were with some friends and they kissed.
On the mouth.
I don't know, they were joking, I think.
Don't be ridiculous.
Diego is a soccer player.
Homosexuals don't play soccer.
Go and see them sleeping together.
Diego loves women. Too much.
Do you know who he asked me about
the other day? My Italian friend.
- Which one?
- The blond one.
The one that sells panties?
She's cute.
Mrs. Claudia.
- Can I talk to you for a second?
- Yes.
I did something I should've never done.
I feel bad.
It's horrible to take advantage
of someone who was helpless.
But I swear I didn't
I didn't think.
The doctors said he wasn't gonna make it.
So, I wanted to keep some of his things.
At the time,
I didn't feel like I was stealing.
But now, that he woke up,
I realize that I was.
Even if they were just things
that I wanted to keep as souvenirs.
I appreciate you telling me.
And that you gave them back.
But what you did is very wrong.
If you want to report me, I understand.
I will continue to admire you.
For your fortitude,
for how you support your family.
You are a very good person.
You are a great woman, Claudia.
Sorry, I forgot this one.
- Why are you here? Weren't you leaving?
- I am. Did the girl come?
- That's why you're hanging around here.
- I'm worried, honey.
Worry about me 10%
of what you worry about him.
You don't need me.
Did you introduce them?
No, she just arrived.
Look at your son, playing with a cork.
Don't worry, they'll meet today.
Let's eat!
Careful, you almost hurt me.
Sorry, I didn't see you.
But you were looking at me
in the photo.
Actually, I was looking at the frame.
It's crooked, look. It bothers me.
It's not crooked.
It's not crooked now. Before, it was.
I didn't notice.
You didn't notice, because you're crooked.
You are too drunk to see it,
but my eyes never fail.
Neither do mine.
I did your last name.
Gross, Morsa.
You like my friends, I can tell.
Yes. What's her story?
She's great, humble,
she's the hairdresser's daughter.
I met her because
her best friend is seeing Hugo.
Hugo's dating?
The kid's fast.
Shall I introduce you?
Can you do it alone?
Of course I can. Who do you think I am?
Don't play with the cork,
she doesn't care about soccer.
Go for it, goal scorer!
So? Did you find
any other crooked picture frames?
I started to drink water because
if I didn't, everything would go crooked.
Did you come with someone?
Do you have a boyfriend?
I'm Diego.
Diego Maradona.
Cristiana Sinagra.
In order to comply with the exclusivity
that Diego demanded of him
Guillermo Coppola had to give up
the management of more than 200 players.
Among them were world champions
and figures of international renown
such as Fillol, Gatti and Brindisi.
During his stay in Naples,
Maradona's brother-in-law,
Gabriel "Morsa" Esposito, acted
as a link between pickpockets
and Argentine tourists.
He demanded compensation
in exchange for passports.
Diego Armando Maradona,
even in his worst moments,
out of shape and overweight, stood out
for his extraordinary skill with the ball.
My strength is my legs,
but also being strong up top,
it's winning a challenge to get ahead.
I earn what my contract entails,
my soccer contract.
Then what I earn from
publicity and the rest,
I don't put it in the bank
because I like the fine life.
I like living good, buying nice cars,
I like giving my family
what they deserve
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