Marianne (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Too Young to Handle It

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES "In my tortured ears there sounds unceasingly a nightmare whirring and flapping, and a faint, distant baying as of some gigantic hound.
Tonight we caught the cursed one.
Marianne Basselin.
[bell tolls.]
Marked with the Holy Cross, buried five feet under.
"FEBRUARY 17, 1617" "A TUESDAY" And with her, without any mistakes, will her covenant with the devil be burned until naught is left.
Jesus, God, Mary, all of you, by my faith protect me.
Jesus, God, Mary, all of you, by my faith protect me.
Jesus, God - [Marianne.]
Baptiste! - [gasps.]
Come on.
[bone cracks.]
Come on.
- My God, come on.
- [bones cracking.]
By the whore Mary Magdalene! [yells.]
[crow cawing.]
- [man 1.]
Has it burned? - Yes, Father.
- [man 2.]
To the very ashes? - Yes, Your Excellency.
Then will her soul be freed, removed from the devil's reach, pardoned before God.
[dog barks.]
[Ronan, distorted.]
She will become you.
One by one.
And one by one, you will all die.
Like me.
- [Sébastien.]
No! - Don't! [lighthouse lens creaking.]
Samuel, why did you do that? [sobbing.]
Good God, he's moving! Is she doing this? [gasping.]
[soft roaring.]
She's coming out! [screaming.]
[owl hooting.]
[all shouting.]
- Run! - [growling.]
- To the lighthouse! - [barks.]
[growls, barks.]
Emma! - [Emma.]
Nono! - No! Watch out! [panting.]
[dog growling.]
[growling continues.]
[owl hooting.]
[all shouting.]
- [barking.]
- [all shouting.]
Watch out! The doorway.
[both panting.]
No tickling! What is this thing? You are so pretty.
You are so pretty.
What is this? - Lucie's favorite toy.
- One of you will die.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't listen.
Your child is simply delicious, Séby.
[baby cries on speaker.]
- My God.
- Delicious.
My God.
Don't listen.
It isn't true.
I'm biting him.
I'm eating him.
Feet and head and nose.
Each bite in his flesh, in his feet and his little eyes.
Ripped, chewed, his tongue Séby, it's over.
[rock music playing over headphones.]
- Still listening to this kind of music? - Yes.
Did you see that? [both gasp.]
- [Lucie laughing.]
- [feet scampering.]
It's her.
[feet scampering.]
Nana? Nana, is that you? Can I come with? Can I? - No.
- [Lucie.]
Why not? Liar.
It's not you.
You say this because you don't remember me.
You've forgotten me.
Of course not.
If Emma writes before Tuesday you will find your baby, Séby.
I promise.
What? Where is he? - Where is he? - [Lucie, distorted.]
Real close.
I just played with him.
- Don't listen to her, she's lying.
- [Lucie.]
Emma is lying.
Why do you always defend her? I'm your sister.
You're not.
Because I'm dead? Because of Emma? It's always because of Emma.
She was there.
She saw.
- What? - Emma was there when I hid.
No one was there.
- Yes, she was.
But she left me.
- No, no, no.
She let me suffocate and choke.
Just ask her.
- Let me in.
- Never! [Lucie laughing.]
[lighthouse lens creaking.]
Why is she doing this? - [whispers.]
For fun.
- [screams, gasping.]
Emma! I'm glad you're [gasps.]
- What are you doing? - Aurore, are you Marianne? - Are you insane? - Answer me! Are you Marianne? No! No! And you, Séby? Are you Marianne? No.
Of course not.
And you, Emma? Are you Marianne? No.
I'm Emma.
You killed the dog.
No, I didn't.
Where's Nono? [banging on door.]
Run! [dog barking.]
Watch out! [lighthouse lens creaking.]
[Arnaud shouting.]
Who are you? What do you want? You're dead! [Tonio.]
I came to warn you.
Little brother, I lost you? Not yet.
I'm a prisoner.
Where? - Because of her? - She's busy right now.
She's harming elsewhere.
You've escaped? Will you be back? I can't.
She has to write me.
Then I can escape.
Emma can't do that.
Why not? Because things get worse when she writes.
Things are ugly.
Look at you.
You missed me only after I was gone.
You anger and humiliate her, while you've always known she loves you.
You pretended not to see.
You take advantage.
We're like that.
We can fix it with a little effort.
Emma won't bother to help her.
She must write.
By Tuesday.
If Emma doesn't write, she'll take Aurore next.
You want her to take Aurore? No.
I don't.
She has to write me.
Then I can come back.
Do you want me back? Yes.
Make her understand at all costs.
Will you do it? Yes.
You should go now.
And the dog? [gunshots.]
Where is Nono? [banging on door.]
- [gun clicks.]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where were you? [Arnaud.]
Uh - By the water.
- Are you Marianne? No.
She's none of us.
Can you drop this now? Sorry.
I had to be sure.
If he had said yes, what then? You'd have shot him? No.
- When you shot the dog - I didn't.
I had to be sure, Aurore.
She's here.
She'll toy with us.
I just saw my sister.
She told me things.
She's torturing us.
We must stick together.
Until the sun rises and the water recedes.
Okay? And after that? We can go home.
And what about my son? - She's got my son, Emma.
- I know.
I know.
Uh - We'll find a solution.
- What? - Emma? - Another one.
I don't know.
There's no real solution? Emma.
There's no solution?! What is that? That's her.
ONE OF YOU FOR ME WHO WILL IT BE? [Marianne laughs.]
[both screaming.]
[Aurore panting.]
- You didn't see her? - Where? - Who? - There! Why didn't you see her? - Why am I the only one? - She's coming for you.
Why are you saying this? Someone told me.
You're disgusting.
You're disgusting! - [shouts.]
- [glass breaking.]
[both gasping.]
[lighthouse lens creaking.]
Hold on, Aurore.
I'm coming.
Everything's okay.
I'm here.
Everything will be okay.
- Don't move.
It's over.
- [groaning softly.]
I'm here.
[lighthouse lens creaking.]
- [Aurore coughing.]
- [Emma.]
It's okay.
I'm here.
You must write, Emma.
I've got blood in my eyes.
- You must write.
- No.
I must not.
- She'll kill Aurore.
- I've got her.
There's no other way.
We've tried everything, all of us together.
We fought and it's gotten worse.
Say you'll write and she'll give my baby back.
And she'll take ten elsewhere.
She's destroying us one by one.
- We have to fight.
- We fought, and we lost.
Look at Aurore.
Look at Samuel.
If I write, far worse things will happen.
Worse things will happen to others! Things will happen to other people.
We're done paying! Look at us, damn it! I want Tonio back.
- You have to understand this.
- No.
You're wrong.
We have to resist.
We have to fight.
That's all.
It's unfair that's it has fallen to us, like a disease or a disaster.
It's up to us to fight.
No one else will.
You'll have to trust me.
We'll figure it out.
Where were you? When Lucie locked herself in? Huh? When Lucie suffocated? When she had the accident.
Were you there? Were you there? At the lighthouse? You were on the island? I was, but it's not my fault.
You knew what happened for 15 years - and you said nothing? - No one would have believed me.
- Because you locked her in? - I didn't lock her in.
Did Did you leave her? No.
Tell me it's not true.
Tell me you weren't there.
I couldn't find her.
I didn't see her.
I was looking I couldn't find her.
- So, it's true? - I searched.
I couldn't find her in time.
I should have found her faster.
I should have found her.
You were there? [crying.]
You left her.
I couldn't stay.
I was too young.
You understand? We were too young.
I'm sorry.
Please [sobbing.]
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- [sobbing.]
I'm sorry.
Please, forgive me.
Please, forgive me.
Please, forgive me.
I'm sorry.
You know it wasn't me.
You told me that you knew.
It's unforgivable, Emma.
People die because of you.
You're unforgivable.
Say you'll write.
I won't lose my son for you or anybody else.
So, you're going to write.
You have to cock it, Arnaud.
[shell casing clatters.]
I must convince you, Emma At any cost.
I promised my brother.
If you saw your brother tonight it wasn't him.
Say you will write.
Tell her.
- Tell her.
- No.
Nono, I'm sorry.
I won't write.
I'm sorry about Tonio.
I'm sorry about all this.
I've already tried to flee.
Look at what I've become.
I'm destroying myself.
She's destroying us.
That's what she does.
There's no church against her.
There's no God, no good.
There's only me.
And I won't give in anymore.
I will fight her.
I will fight her to the death.
Shoot me if you want to but I'm staying here.
I'll find a new way to hurt her.
[breathing heavily.]
I get it.
So, the witch has to be told she will have to take me next.
I can't bear seeing her hurt you.
Hurt you all.
I don't want her to hurt you, the only woman who loves me a bit.
How can you love me when you know me so well? And you nobody should hurt you anymore.
I'd rather she take me.
- [Marianne.]
So, I'm taking you.
- [Arnaud screaming.]
No! [screaming.]
[lighthouse lens creaking.]
- No.
- [lighthouse lens creaking.]
No! [Arnaud.]
Little brother.
He's not here anymore.
He's all wet.
He has drowned.
There's only me now.
[Arnaud screaming.]
Beloved reader CHAPTER 14 I WILL WRITE I've lost my way lately in a murky battle.
I got lost.
I hope you'll forgive me.
I'll make it up to you.
That's why you will find here the new adventures of Lizzie Larck.
They start right here.
And they start like this.
Riding a black wave, carried by nothingness, Lizzie and the witch swim, drowning in torments.
But suddenly Lizzie sees an island, a peak, a roof.
She clings to it, tears herself from the dark current.
All is calm here.
It's a rock, its softness surrounded by black water.
[inaudible dialogue.]
Sea spray sticks to the hair, sea spray sticks to the cheeks.
Lizzie kept a piece of the darkness with her.
It is cold.
It is calm in her hands.
She speaks to it.
There can be no horror without solace.
Nor fight without truce.
[baby crying.]
Lizzie can rest a bit.
We'll stay on the rock for a while.
She'll keep the piece of darkness with her.
She will warm it up within her.
In her lap, she will transform it.
Meanwhile, Marianne too is reborn.
Somewhere new in the world to procreate in, somewhere to inflict harm, to torment and destroy.
And after that? After what? After, we shall see.
The ocean will say.
Come what may.
[knocking on door.]
[knocking on door.]
[knocking on glass.]
He's such a dumbass.
You're a dumbass! When did I last climb up through here? You never did.
Can I come in? I don't know.
She gave my son back.
You did right.
How are you? Relieved and devastated.
- And Camille? - She's sleeping.
She won't wake up.
She just sleeps.
I said you were unforgivable.
Yes, and you're right.
Tonio and Nono, both brothers disappeared because of me.
They all do because of me.
You're not the black hole you think you are.
You'd like to be, but you're not.
I hate Sophie.
The feeling's mutual.
I don't actually hate her, but I You're jealous.
I know.
But even when you're jealous and nasty, you always shed some light.
A little haphazardly, a little scattershot, but still, a little.
Since childhood, I've seen it.
And I know I see it.
I told you so.
Yes, on the bus.
- No bus will take you away now.
- No.
We're in my room.
You're stuck here.
You're stuck in your life with Sophie, and here you are in my room.
I like your room.
Maybe you should have used this window sooner, no? It's just that I never really had a first time.
It was more like a second time.
It was overdue, controlled.
Maybe this is a whim.
I would have liked a little more clumsiness.
In the back seat of a car, or I don't know in a forbidden swimming pool.
All this really lacked clumsiness.
I've always been very clumsy.
I climbed through your window.
I'm going to kiss you.
May I kiss you? I'm warning you.
If you kiss me, I undress you on the spot.
Then I'll fall into the trap.
[chuckles softly.]
What about Sophie? It has to be simple and beautiful.
It will be one time.
As if we were 15.
Is that possible? Maybe.
You won't resent me? It's simple.
I'm very simple.
I promise.
[man singing in French on soundtrack.]
[music fades.]
Mine! [doorbell rings.]
[bird cawing outside.]
[doorbell ringing.]
- [doorbell ringing.]
- Okay! Cool it.
Father, what are you doing here? [speaking in Latin.]
- [Emma.]
Are you crazy? - [incantation continues.]
Are you out of your mind? Let go of this, you sicko! - [grunts.]
- [muffled soundscape.]
[continues speaking in Latin.]
[closing theme playing.]