Marianne (2019) s01e08 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES "They are in my ears still, his supreme surrender of the name and his tribute to my devotion.
" - [Emma grunts.]
- [speaking in Latin.]
[Emma grunting.]
[Xavier continues speaking in Latin.]
[Emma yells.]
- [blow lands.]
- [Emma yelps.]
[Xavier speaking in Latin.]
Oh, no.
No! My goodness.
You did what she wanted.
I can't tear her away from you.
[gun cocks.]
It's over.
I'll put a bullet through your nasty priest's head.
I know.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Why? Why did you come into my house, and why did you? Why did you hit me? I never touched you.
Go fuck yourself.
Blood's pouring out.
- It's water.
- What did you say? I've never hit anyone outside of a boxing ring.
It's the water that is hurting you.
I don't understand.
Emma You are her.
What? Who? - You know who.
- You're lying! I wish I were.
I wanted to help, tear her away from you.
But you did what she wanted.
- That's nonsense.
- You gave in to her will.
And it's Tuesday.
She is you now.
I'm going to shoot.
But first answer me.
Are you Marianne? Yes.
HELP ME Keep [inaudible dialogue.]
Keep it around your neck.
HELP ME [Emma crying.]
Burning what's left of her grave was my only hope.
Where's your grave, witch? [shouts.]
It wasn't me.
I know.
May I? Since childhood, I've waited for this fight.
In the end, I was useless.
Like everyone else.
I'm just an old priest.
She's taken everything from me.
Now she's taking me? She wants to live in you, speak with your voice, procreate with your womb.
Why me? What have I done, Father? I don't know.
Help me! - Bring me back! - I can't anymore.
You gave her what she wanted.
She needed to become stronger, have people dream of her.
And you wrote her.
It's too late now.
And it's Tuesday.
As in the nursery rhyme.
What nursery rhyme? You know it.
[children singing.]
Marianne born on a Tuesday Happy on a Wednesday Married on a Thursday Witch on a Friday Caught on a Saturday Judged on a Sunday Executed on Monday And buried on Tuesday [Marianne.]
You know I ate the dirt up to reach your ear.
My mouth is full of dust.
Can you help me? Come.
Lend me your ear.
Come closer.
Listen to me.
You will dream about me, often.
Dream about me all the time.
And one day, you'll wake me up.
One day.
For sure.
We are the children of Elden the great, great grandchildren of those who punished her.
She's only keeping her promise.
Emma, what are you doing? Where are you going? Emma! [coughs.]
[children singing.]
Happy on a Wednesday Caught on a Saturday Judged on a Sunday [Marianne.]
Help me.
You will help me? You've left me too long.
Give me your hand.
Further in.
I'm deeper down.
Even further.
Give me your hand.
I'm sorry.
I took a long time.
No need to apologize to me.
What are you doing? I'm resisting.
There's nothing wrong with it.
But willpower isn't involved.
It's not the right place for it.
- Come.
- I know what you're doing there.
You kill.
Death stays over there.
We don't talk of death here.
It's not our problem anymore.
Let's walk together near the black water.
The writer and the witch, it has been written for a long time.
We need to see the dark man.
- Your man? - There's my spouse, yes.
But there are others, too, kings of all who live and die.
They dance, eat and drink.
Come and see for yourself.
Shit! [shouts.]
One hundred ninety-six.
One hundred ninety-seven.
One hundred ninety-eight.
One hundred ninety-nine.
Two hundred thousand steps plus three.
Out of hell, here I am.
I see you, little man of God.
Don't come closer, witch.
Don't speak to me this way.
I'm only an emissary.
Others bigger and more ambitious than I await in the world's shadow at the edge of the black water.
But for you, Romain Xavier, there will only be me.
There will only be Marianne.
No! [screams.]
[doorbell rings.]
Emma? Is anybody home? Emma, I'm coming in.
Emma, did you go to the wreck last night? [Emma.]
Aurore? Emma? Is that you? Where are you? [Emma.]
I'm hiding.
Find me! Don't hesitate.
Take it.
Pick it up and find me.
Watch out, you're getting colder.
Are you near? Can you hear? Warm! You're getting warmer.
Getting hot.
So, are you burning? [breathing shakily.]
I found you.
- [Emma.]
Really? - Yes.
And where am I? Behind the big curtain.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
You're certain it's me? I can hear you.
So, pull the curtain.
You'll see.
You win! [laughs.]
What did you do? Oh.
I know.
It's shameful.
You You're Marianne? Oh.
And What about Emma? [normal.]
She asked me to come.
Leave her alone.
No way.
I don't leave anything.
I take everything.
But it doesn't matter to you.
It's better without Emma, the one who never says she's sorry.
She deserves it all.
She deserves me.
- [distorted.]
That's what you're thinking.
- No.
- [normal.]
- No.
Yes, I know it.
I see it.
- Stop.
- All those years being angry at her.
Unforgivable Emma.
I'm sorry.
Too late.
Now kill her before she kills you.
- You're going to kill me? - Yes.
But I wanted to see you cry a bit before.
Emma? - Emma, is that you? - [screams.]
No! [gasps softly.]
How did you let my hand go? I don't know.
I've got this.
Where did you find it? My friend gave it to me.
- Emma? - I'll deal with her.
Get the hell out! LAST CHAPTER LETTER OF INTEN [school bell ringing.]
My name is Romain Xavier.
I am nine.
That's how it is for now.
I'm in Mrs.
Laborde's 4th grade class.
And I have three questions.
First question.
Do I really need to pass the GCSE to become a priest? Second question.
Could the name of the profession be changed? "Vicar" sounds like it has something to do with vice.
And third question.
If I spend my entire life serving God, do you think he'll let me have another one? [groans softly.]
But the real reason for this letter is not the questions.
The real reason is my intent.
So, here is my intent.
I want to join God.
Not by praying.
My mother says my hands are too dirty to pray.
They're a rascal's hands.
Hands only good for fighting.
If there's going to be fighting, I'd rather be on the good side.
- Because there will be a fight.
- [grunts.]
A fight against the devil, against bullies and baddies.
Mom says I have a strong grip.
I want to use it, for all those who don't have enough grip to defend themselves.
I'll use my fists to hit the bullies.
I will hit the evildoers.
I'll punch the devil, and I'll knock him out.
Let's not stop.
You must come with me.
- Where? - The city's over there.
- Which city? - The big city.
They're waiting for us.
Arnaud is there.
Your mother, Caroline, everyone's there.
- Dead? - No.
Much more than that.
Come along.
I won't go to the city.
Fuck! [Marianne.]
There's only one other way.
I know.
It's to die.
I know.
Goodbye, Marianne.
[shouts, grunting.]
Dying is lonely and cold.
I'm lonely here.
- I'm here.
- No, you're a liar.
I know what you do to my friends over there, and I came to stop you.
You'll sacrifice yourself for them? - I've done it before.
- And they never thanked you.
Friends are not meant to say thank you.
They're not meant to be there when you need them, when it's important.
Friends are the ones who stay despite everything.
I won't let you die.
No! [gasps.]
Then I'll hit you on the head.
With what? With this.
I will hit you on the head.
Let go of me! - You can't have this.
- I know.
But I invented it.
I wrote the book.
Leave the kids alone.
Farewell, Marianne.
I'm sorry, Aurore.
- No! - [gun cocks.]
Goddamn bully.
I'm sorry.
[both sobbing.]
- Aurore - Are you Marianne? No.
I want to hear you.
I'm no longer Marianne.
- And you? Are you Marianne? - [chuckles softly.]
I'm not Marianne.
Did she take something? Emma, Emma.
- She never leaves empty-handed.
- Emma.
She didn't leave this time.
She's dead.
I I shot you.
I'm sorry.
Listen to me, Larsimon.
Stop apologizing.
Okay? It's useless if you don't forgive yourself.
Come here.
We have to start living now.
- You have a lot to do.
- [both chuckling.]
Fuck you.
And my dad? He's all right.
He's at home.
What about Camille? [nurse.]
She hasn't spoken.
How do you mean? Since it happened, she stopped talking.
It's a psychological issue, likely temporary.
A state of shock, or We don't know.
She'll get better.
Most likely.
She'll be coming out tomorrow.
At home, things should go back to normal.
It should improve.
[inaudible dialogue.]
I tried to do them like Mom, but No, it's tomatoes.
And they're stuffed.
What are you going to do? I think I'd like to write something lovely.
- Lovely? - Mm.
Your mother often said that horror was a passing phase, that you would write other things.
Really? [Philip.]
- She said that? - Mm-hmm.
Dad, I'm leaving tomorrow.
It's not that I want to leave, but I have to take Camille back.
- You'll come back? - No.
- Of course I will.
- Mm-hmm.
[foghorn blowing.]
Are you coming, Camille? Is everything okay? Are you comfortable? Are you in any pain? Are you too hot? Cold? You're cold? Okay.
I'll turn the heater on.
[controls clicking.]
We must have busted the heater.
I'll put music on instead.
We can sing.
[radio static.]
We busted the music as well.
The trip is going to take a while.
Sure you don't want to talk? For real.
No music, no heat, the trip might seem very long if we don't talk.
The doctor says you can but don't want to.
You don't want to talk to me? You're mad at me? Okay.
Let's go, then.
[engine starting.]
[engine stops.]
She took you there, too? Hmm? You went to the edge? You saw what's at the end of the road? The city? All right.
Let's go.
You'll talk to me soon.
[car starting.]
But first, I have one thing to do.
Two things, actually.
Two things to do.
He wasn't a bad guy.
He wasn't a nice guy, either.
I don't know if it was his job to be nice.
[engine starting.]
Let's go see a real nice guy.
I'll be two minutes.
[doorbell rings.]
Yes? Um, is Séby here? - What do you want? - To say goodbye.
It's rare that you bring good news.
It was high time.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Aurore told me.
- Is the baby okay? - Mm-hmm.
I just wanted to say goodbye because I'm leaving.
Goodbye, Larsimon.
Take care of yourself.
And I wanted you to know it made me feel better.
What? You're making me say it again.
I won't be any trouble, and I'm not asking for anything.
What are you talking about? You're a dumbass.
When you came in through my window and we made love What are you doing? Stop it! That's why I didn't want to say.
I won't tell anyone else.
I won't make trouble.
I just wanted to tell you that it was simple and lovely, as you wanted it.
- I don't want anything.
- I know.
- You just wanted to see me.
- When? Yeste The day before yesterday, when you came in through the window.
I never came in through the window.
Emma, look at me.
I never went into your room.
I went nowhere with you, and I never will.
Tell me you're messing with me.
Say we did it and it was nice - We didn't! - Before We didn't do anything, Emma.
We never will do anything.
I would never do that to Sophie.
I'm not that kind of person.
I'm not you.
Not me.
If it wasn't you, who was it? I don't care! I don't know what you're trying to break, but I won't let you.
Leave my family alone.
Now leave.
[door closes.]
Hell is near the ocean.
What? What? What did you say? Did you say something? Okay.
Well Let's go.
Enough already.
Everything's over now.
And everything's going to be okay.
ELDEN YOU WILL COME BACK [tires screech.]
All is calm here.
It's a rock, its softness surrounded by black water.
Where are you going? No, it's okay.
I'm feeling better now.
Lizzie has kept a piece of the darkness with her.
It is cold.
It is calm in her hands.
What is this? I can't be pregnant.
I haven't done anything in weeks, okay? I dreamed.
My stomach's upset.
It's just my father's tomatoes.
I'm just sick and crazy.
Okay? No.
Buckle up, Camille.
["Hey" by Pixies plays.]
Put your seat belt on.
Been trying to meet you [Emma.]
Lizzie can rest a bit.
We'll stay on the rock for a while.
And she will keep the piece of darkness with her.
She will warm it up within her.
In her lap, she will transform it.
- And after that? - [toilet flushing.]
After what? After, we shall see.
Come what may.
The ocean will say.
If you go, I will surely die We're chained We're chained We're chained We're chained Hey We're chained We're chained We're chained We're chained We're chained We're chained We're chained We're chained [closing theme playing.]