Marriage or Mortgage (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

New to Nashville

Evan, you can just say
you want our wedding to be
the best anyone's been to.
-I do.
-Just say it. Just let it out.
I want our wedding to be the best
-of all the ones we've been to.
But average costs of weddings,
it's kind of crazy.
We want a house.
That's the smart decision to make.
And I was always raised
in terms of, if you rent,
you're throwing money away.
A house or a wedding…
She doesn't want to make
the wrong decision.
Right. And I feel like I was misled
in all of my rom-com experience.
-You know?
Our love is here to stay ♪
How are you?
You just get off Broadway
from your singing gig?
a little Dolly inspiration today.
Like she says, it takes a lot of money
-to look this cheap.
-Goodness gracious.
Have a good weekend?
-I did.
-Ready? Liz and Evan are coming.
-Want to start? Go for it.
Liz and Evan both love country music.
They met at a concert.
Country kissing ♪
Count-country kissing, yeah ♪
And in their first year of dating
attended 20 concerts together.
The night that I met Liz,
we were on the dance floor,
and this little 5'3"
bundle of Colombian joy
comes wobbling into my life,
a Miller Lite in her hand.
-I saw him, and I went for it.
-Courage. You did.
I just went for it.
In the middle of the Wobble,
chugged the beer, and…
-Wobble, wobble.
Living in Naples, Florida.
Quiet area.
Naples is--
Slow. They call Naples
"Heaven's Waiting Room" because
the population is just a little bit older.
And basically people retire
and go there to…
We came up here one time as a couple
and basically fell in love with the city.
We loved the music scene,
the vibe, the big-city feel.
We got engaged here.
So, I just got a job
in downtown Nashville,
and they've given me 30 days
in a hotel to find housing.
But when she saw the rent prices,
she goes, "Absolutely not."
I know, I mean, that's a mortgage payment.
For a house.
Here's where you come in.
At the same time, they are the last
of their friends to get engaged.
Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
She's ready.
-It's officially wedding number 15?
- Maybe 16?
-Since we started dating.
Hopefully ours will be the next one.
I know that if we buy a house now,
it could be years before we can afford
the wedding we've always wanted.
I don't want to wait any longer.
But it's just a lot of money for one day.
We have this budget of $35,000
and a great opportunity
to have this amazing wedding.
Or an amazing opportunity to get a house.
But not both at the same time.
So, we're in a bit of a pickle.
Liz admits
she's the most indecisive person ever.
So their marriage or mortgage dilemma
is not gonna be solved easily.
-Where we at, buddy? Are we here?
-Where are we?
Hey, guys.
- Hi.
- Oh, my goodness!
This is Franklin.
Now our life is changing
-so much, it's… really overwhelming.
-Trying to…
- Look at that face.
-He's a big part of everything we do.
- Team House or Team Wedding?
-He's probably Team House.
- Team House.
- I know.
We live in a third-floor condo.
He goes up and down
to go to the bathroom.
Come here, bubba.
How are those three flights of stairs
just to pee, huh?
-Do you want to go upstairs, Franklin?
What is it you do?
I am a director of catering.
-Oh, wow.
-I am in the wedding world.
-Point for me.
-Yep. That's the world I live in.
So, tell me your wish list for a home.
You know, we'd like to stick to being
at or under $450,000.
- Okay.
-Like to be there.
Probably three, four-bedroom,
three-bathroom. And close to downtown.
We want a big backyard,
obviously, for Franklin.
-That's important.
- That's super important.
We struggle with storage space
now in our condo, so,
in my ideal world,
my home will have a huge master closet,
maybe a nice little crystal chandelier.
A little place to sit. In my ideal world.
I like that.
I don't know
where my stuff would go, but--
Tell 'em about the man cave, babe.
They call it a man cave, but it's more
-of a shared space between the two of us.
You know, I'm a big sports fan, movie fan.
Video game fan.
Have you heard
of a Golden Tee machine?
-I have. It's one of my favorite games.
-Oh, yeah.
In his dream man cave,
it has to have a Golden Tee machine.
- Yes.
We want something turnkey, too.
Don't want to move, start new jobs,
renovate something.
Do renovations.
-We don't want that.
I feel like we're asking for a lot.
-But it's our dream home.
- No.
- Yeah.
-You want to make it right, not rush in.
That's a lot.
You have a crazy list to accommodate.
I do, it is a lot. But I'm not scared.
All right, let's talk about weddings.
When you go to a lot of weddings
and you work in the industry,
the pressure's on.
-You want a good wedding.
- Mmm-hmm.
-Budget-wise, about 35,000 is what we're--
- Yeah.
Eighty to 85 people.
We have a vision.
It's classy, elegant.
-Elegant rager, is what it is. Yeah.
But classy,
'cause my parents are gonna be there.
You have something in mind?
I like dark green, dark navy. Blush.
We like farmhouse tables.
So, mixing in a little bit rustic
Nashville style with a lot of elegant.
And we want our reception venue downtown.
No one lives here,
so we want 'em to experience
the thrills of Nashville
-and be close to downtown.
- Sure.
I'm so excited
about the possibility of having
a destination Nashville wedding
for our family and friends.
Transportation of guests
is super important to us.
We've been to weddings
where transportation
-became an issue for guests.
-We want it as easy as possible.
One of our big things is a dedicated
-cocktail hour space, and reception space.
- Mmm-hmm.
-We kind of want an element of surprise.
We want a big, grand reveal
to our guests into--
Reception, party dinner areas.
- Yes.
One of the other things that we saw
at a wedding that we really liked
was a food truck.
Definitely just
a fun end-of-the-night snack.
Yeah. This is awesome.
I love the personalized touch.
The dog is Franklin,
I can get you a home in Franklin.
Tell me about the time frame,
when you need to be here.
-I have temporary housing for 30 days.
- Okay. Got it.
And rushing into a home
would probably not be smart.
Unless you have
a real estate agent like me,
and then it's quite all right.
-A lot of boxes to check.
-Thanks for playing.
I'm gonna have to work
really hard for this,
because they're moving here
from out of state.
Rental prices in downtown Nashville
are more than mortgage payments,
so they could easily waste
their nest egg just on rental prices.
I've got to get them in a home fast.
- Good boy.
- Can he stay here with us today?
That's why they really need
to have a wedding.
This is the right moment
for them to start the next chapter
in their relationship with a wedding.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Got the sweetest girl
Sitting right beside me ♪
- Come in.
- What's up?
-How are you?
Liz and Evan have $35,000 to spend
on an elegant, rustic wedding.
The venue, transportation, and food
are all big-ticket items
that I need their input on,
so today, I'm going to show them
some cool options of each.
- What's in store for us?
I'm very excited.
-Okay, I'm nervous, too.
-It is a big day, so…
What was that?
I know transportation
for your wedding is important,
so I set up a surprise. Ready?
- Let's do it.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
-My goodness. Is that a trolley?
That's amazing.
Ever been in one?
- No.
- Yes. Good.
-Good. How are you? Good to see you.
-Look at the little flicking lights.
- Awesome.
Like some champagne?
- Whoo!
We've never seen Nashville this way.
Transportation's a pet peeve
of mine. It should be comfortable, easy.
-This one seats 25 people.
- Okay.
And you can have alcohol, over 21.
It's a super engaging memorable experience
for guests.
-They can move, have fun, there's music.
-Can see the city.
Our goal would be to have the shuttle
pick our guests up at the wedding hotel,
take them to the church,
from the church to the reception,
then from the reception to the hotel.
-Everything all night. Making it easy.
-Making it easy.
This trolley would be $525 for one hour.
So, to add on additional hours,
it would be about 250 per hour.
So, you're looking at
almost $1,000 for the whole night.
-This is cool.
-I just think of, like, the budget.
Transportation's a big wedding cost.
-The trolley's awesome and fun,
but it gives me so much anxiety
just to think of
hair, makeup, food, alcohol, servers.
Why don't you drink up,
and we'll talk about numbers later.
-Let's have some fun.
It's a brewery.
He loves breweries.
Not just a brewery,
a wedding venue also.
Is it?
Come on in.
-Thank you.
- How are you?
-Good to see you.
These are my clients, Liz and Evan.
-Nice to meet you.
-Hi. Evan.
-Good to meet you.
-I brought you here because
this is one of the best
wedding venues in Nashville.
-Plus, it's a brewery, right?
-Evan loves beer.
-Who doesn't love beer?
All right. This is great, this is so cute.
This is cute.
It's an amazing space
for cocktail hour, is it not?
Guests could pull right up
to this area, walk right up the ramp.
- All right.
- Music playing, open bar, flowers.
Yeah, it's a super cool space.
I like the feel.
This is a very "us" space.
And just imagine walking
from cocktail hour out here,
they could enter in
through the garage doors,
so, like, music still going,
all of a sudden, like, you walk in--
Oh, my God. Wow.
This is beautiful.
This is some great space.
Fat Bottom is just perfect.
It's great. It's romantic.
Totally different than Naples-style.
Sarah is doing a great job.
It's crazy that
this is actually a possibility.
- Love this.
I wanted to set this up
so you'd see
how intimate and how pretty
this space really could be.
It's still elegant, it's super
romantic with the candles, love that.
- Let's practice.
-Feel good?
- Yep.
It's crazy.
This could be, like, our head table.
Is it our time?
-This place is pretty cool.
- Fantastic.
Everything is all-inclusive.
It costs $6,000 to rent this venue.
It includes the chairs and the tables.
You have to meet
a food and drink minimum.
-That'd be awesome.
- I like that.
We're hoping to surprise everyone.
That's why we like the two
separate spaces and a big reveal.
So, in terms of covering the garage
glass doors, how could we do that?
We could pipe and drape this entire wall,
and then for the big reveal,
we pull the drape back
and then open up the garage doors.
Is that expensive?
About $1,500 for draping.
Oh, my gosh.
But that's a huge wall.
It's a lot for one day.
Knowing what a drape can cost
is kind of crazy.
That's so much money that you can do
so much with. It's overwhelming.
I get it.
It's one day and it's a lot of money.
It is a lot of money.
But you have to understand,
a wedding is one of the biggest moments
you can celebrate together in your life.
It's all those memories
your family and friends spend here.
-Or a house welcome party.
-Oh, my… I know.
I have another surprise,
but now I don't think I should--
-Another surprise? Okay.
-Yeah, let's go.
I have one little surprise
just left for you.
A food truck.
I know a late-night snack
was important.
- Yeah.
So, Loveless Cafe
is like a staple here in Nashville.
Now I'm gonna get you to try
some sweet banana pudding.
- There it is.
- Yes.
Their pork sliders are mouth-watering,
to die for.
-It's horrible.
I love the idea of this,
and in my dream wedding world,
this is something we would have,
but I'm just worried about the price.
As soon as the bowl's empty--
-How much is this banana pudding?
Budget's important, but let's talk
to Kelsey about it from Loveless.
-Super important.
- Absolutely.
Appetizers range
from one to two dollars per person.
Wow. Okay.
So, minimum is 1,500.
Listen, $1,500 minimum
divided by 80 people…
-It's about $18 per person.
- Yeah. Roughly.
-You're pretty good at math.
-Evan, $18 a person?
-I don't know.
You wanna stand out
from weddings you've been to.
- We do.
I'm still seeing the price,
but I'm seeing the vision.
I'm not loveless, I'm love-ful.
You're love-ful? Okay.
-The surprises have been awesome.
-What was that?
It's a party bus. Go on.
- It's like Austin Powers threw up.
You wanted a classy rager.
This is the rager.
-I mean, we… There's a DJ in the bus.
-There is a DJ.
Yeah. You guys liked the trolley,
but I wanted to give you another option.
-This can hold 40 people. Forty.
-Oh, wow.
-That sounds a lot better than 25.
Play a song, DJ.
-Oh, my God!
When you give Liz a little liquid courage,
the freak-a-leek comes out.
The freak-a-leek?
When you feel good,
you have to dance it out.
It brings you back to that night we met.
They do a three-hour minimum,
around $925.
Each additional hour after that is $225.
A lot of money.
It's 900, plus 225.
More expensive than the trolley.
-It fits more people.
- Fits more people.
Ready to see
another wedding venue?
Since this would be
a destination wedding for Liz and Evan,
I showed them an all-inclusive venue.
But Liz was overwhelmed
-with the price tag.
So, they wanna choose house.
Uh… I'm not worried about it at all.
-All right.
-It's a nice outdoor space.
It is.
It's called Wilburn Street Studio.
-In East Nashville.
My favorite part about this venue is
you have a separation here.
-It's nice.
So, your guests enter
into your cocktail hour,
not knowing really what's next.
Then everyone goes inside
for the reception.
Does this come with any,
like, cocktail tables, or any--
-This venue does not.
This is a blank canvas.
This is a place where you and I
would work together through the process.
It feels kind of stressful.
You don't have to decide anything yet.
Let's see the inside.
-Thank you. Come on in.
Cool space.
-It's so cool.
-It's really cool.
-Love the contrast of colors.
- Textures.
The reason I brought you here
is it's completely opposite
from Fat Bottom.
Here you choose whatever you want,
and you get the element of surprise
that was really important to you.
-The decisions overwhelm me.
- I think it's just hard to see it.
-So, dance floor in the center.
I would typically do
your sweetheart table back in this area.
I'd mix in your rounds, long farm tables,
scattered out throughout.
-We'd have to rent tables.
- Right.
Where does this kind of fall
with the other venue, Fat Bottom?
So, as you know, Fat Bottom is $6,000,
For this place,
$2,250 is the venue rental,
plus food, alcohol,
and rentals on top of that.
You can customize this however
you want, but it's not all-inclusive.
That's the drawback here.
The more decisions I feel I have to make,
like I said, the more it's gonna cost me.
That's what scared you.
- Time to make some decisions.
Let's start with transportation.
Do you want the trolley or the party bus?
-We like the trolley.
-The trolley.
You made a decision!
If we pick the wedding,
we have made one aspect decision.
- One decision.
Let's talk venues.
Are you leaning more towards
Fat Bottom Brewery or Wilburn Studios?
If we had to pick one now… You ready?
Want to do our jam?
One, two, three.
Fat Bottom.
Oh, awesome. That's a great decision.
And you guys loved the food truck.
To include that,
it's another $1,500 minimum.
I love the idea of a food truck,
but I am a little worried
about the cost of everything.
We can make the food truck work
if you'll compromise on something else.
I'd rather spend the $1,500
on some of the more big-ticket items.
I think foregoing the food truck
is best for us.
I'll crunch the numbers,
but, really, we had so much fun.
-Liz made decisions.
-I'm more proud of that than anything.
It's groundbreaking.
After my day with them,
I'm feeling really good.
This is in the bag.
You can tell
they're so ready to have a wedding.
Really? Well, if I had $35,000 saved up,
I'd be so ready to put it
on a down payment for a house.
Ready to go house-hunting?
Hundred percent. I'm excited.
Good. I am, too.
Liz and Evan want something
that's turnkey, is close to his work,
and has a lot of closet space.
So, today I'm showing them
three homes that fit the bill.
That's three chances to prove
that while a wedding would be fun,
they should be putting down roots
in Nashville
since they'll be moving here soon.
So, the house that we're headed to
is in East Nashville.
Sometimes I can show a couple three homes,
-and they know exactly what they want.
Then sometimes I can show couples 300,
and they'll still never figure it out.
I'm hoping Liz and Evan are the former.
Come on in, Franklin.
- Come on.
-Welcome home, buddy.
This house is priced at $445,000.
It's four bedrooms,
three and a half baths,
it's over 2,000 square feet,
and it has everything you're looking for.
High ceilings in the living area,
the dark floors are nice.
Window-to-window with that neighbor.
-They're very close.
- Yes.
I don't know if fences can be higher.
Florida has a fence height law.
Okay. Right, yeah.
Evan wants to walk around naked
and not have his neighbors see him.
-Evan and your nakedness.
-Just Wednesdays.
On Wednesdays, all right.
In Naples, houses are pretty far apart.
-So you can't see anybody, which is nice.
- Yeah.
We wanted that same feeling
because we're used to it.
It's all brand-new.
That was big for us.
I like
the stainless steel appliances.
It has more cabinets
than our current place.
This house has
a ton of storage space.
That's good. We need it.
-We need lots of storage space.
-Good closets.
-The best part.
- I know, right?
That's the best part.
This is the downstairs master.
This is super pretty.
- Wow.
- I thought you'd like this.
-Is this the closet?
-That's not the only closet.
-Oh, okay.
- Good?
This one is definitely bigger.
-You can have that one.
-I get that one?
-Welcome to your backyard.
-Look at this. 
- What do you think, Franklin?
- Awesome.
- Isn't it great?
I just wanted to stage this for you guys
to show you what this could be like.
You can have a little fire pit out here.
This is awesome space
for Franklin, Ev. It's a nice size.
Go get that one!
Looks so happy.
- I know.
-Aw, he's a soccer star.
Oh, Franklin.
-He's christening it, it's okay.
-He's like, "This is where we belong."
-It means he's comfortable.
- That's all you, babe.
- Me?
Franklin loves the backyard.
Yeah. Nichole, she went all out.
It's awesome. You don't get
a backyard like this in Naples.
You weren't crazy about
neighbors in close proximity,
but at least you have this space.
I mean,
I think if you wanna be close to downtown
and you want the yard and everything,
this is probably
the best it's gonna get,
as turnkey as it is.
It's a great house. You did a good job.
Oh, thanks.
The next house that we'll see
is also in East Nashville.
-It is a smidge over budget.
- Define smidge.
- Maybe there's wiggle room.
-There is.
So, the last house was all about Franklin,
but this next house is nothing but Liz.
-Franklin, you ready?
- You wanna go first?
- You go ahead.
-Let's check it out.
It's four-bedroom, three-bath.
A brand-new build.
I know the top of your budget is 450,
but this house is listed at 495.
So, with that price point,
how far from downtown are we?
Eight minutes.
- Still close.
-Not bad.
-Open concept.
-I love the island.
- Yeah.
For sure. This is nice.
A lot of people call this
the keeping room in the South.
It's basically just built-ins
for your television.
How big of a TV can you put in here?
-You can fit a big TV.
-A really big one.
-A really big TV.
-Bigger than me.
-Great entertaining space here.
It's very quiet.
It is quiet.
-But that's not our house.
It's not.
I mean, we're, like, feet away
from the neighbor.
A fence'd be an extra cost
for a house at the top of your budget.
But we can talk to the current owners
that are trying to sell it
and see if they'd be willing
to put in a fence.
As part of an incentive.
-If it's doable.
-An option.
Yeah. Franklin, what do you think?
He likes a fence
so he can go off leash and run.
I think you're gonna be impressed.
- A good size.
- Yeah.
-Can definitely fit our king bed in here.
-Uh, yeah!
-And this is the closet?
- That's it.
- We got shoe storage here.
-Is that enough space for you, Evan?
You mean those little four cubbies,
-that's all I get?
-Might be able to make it work.
No, I think we could allow you
to have the entire closet.
- What?
-The entire closet?
Absolutely not.
Come with me.
Let me show you something.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, no.
- Wow.
I wanted you to be able to envision
your walk-in closet like you described.
And you got the chandelier.
- Like my own department store.
- It is.
Does this work for you?
I am giving Liz the closet
of her dreams,
and with every house, I'm getting closer
and closer and closer to Liz going house.
-Liz, house, happening, ding!
How does this make you feel
about the house now?
-This is great. It's nice.
-Definitely a strong contender.
Dude, Franklin is letting 'em go
back here.
You farting, Franklin?
-Oh, man.
He looks up and he's like, "Yes."
It is like a thick fog.
I know, it stinks, bro.
This is a cute little town.
-It's so cute.
- I know.
All these little historic homes.
I'm taking them to see
a house in Franklin,
which is a longer commute
for Evan to his job.
But once he sees what I set up,
he is not gonna mind
that commute at all.
-Franklin, what do you think?
Open floor plan like you wanted,
four bedrooms, three baths,
priced under your budget at 445.
I like the neighborhood feel.
Look, these windows don't look out--
-You don't see a neighbor?
-You see the roof of the neighbor.
Here in Franklin, you're going
to get a little more sprawling space,
larger rooms.
-How long has it been on the market?
-Fifty-some-odd days, so, yeah.
-That can give us room for negotiation.
-Absolutely it could, yep.
I'm not a huge fan of these cabinets.
They look like they've been maybe painted?
We're under the budget,
so new cabinets aren't completely--
A new kitchen light fixture.
This is the master?
-It is.
This is beautiful.
Big bedroom,
let's see if it's a big bathroom.
-Nice-sized master.
- Is it?
-This needs to be updated.
-Reworked a little. Updated.
- Got a jetted tub.
- A jetted tub.
That's not bad.
- Is this the closet?
- Yeah.
It gets a little tight with both sides
being used for clothes,
but this is a nice size
master closet for sure.
Oh, man.
This is what we're talking about.
Evan's dream home
would have a man cave,
so I had this house staged
with a Golden Tee machine
and a mini fridge.
I mean, wow. Pulling out all the stops
right now, aren't you?
Can't believe you have Golden Tee.
This is awesome.
This light doesn't go off,
'cause it's always open in here.
Unless beer runs out.
It's perfect.
It's everything that I'm looking for.
It is exactly what I wanted.
Being so far away from my job and knowing
that I have to commute every single day,
the distance,
it's causing some hesitation for sure.
But this is awesome.
This is where I wanna be.
Let me have this.
Well, guys,
I need you to narrow it down
from the houses you've seen today.
What say you?
It's tough.
I'm super indecisive, I'll be honest.
No. You don't say.
This is where you just
can't get Liz to make a decision.
-I'm running out of gas. What say you?
If I had to make a decision,
-of the three houses we saw today…
- Drum roll.
It would be the house
with the fenced backyard for Franklin.
Checks many boxes.
-Proximity to downtown, where you work.
The master suite
had two separate closets.
Really helps
with our storage situation
-and our current mess of a closet.
- It has a yard for Franklin.
- Right.
The reason Franklin's sleeping now
is 'cause of the time he spent
in that backyard.
The wedding day and the house day
were super informative.
A little overwhelming.
Super overwhelming.
They both did a great job.
You haven't agreed
to have a wedding just yet,
because a house is a better--
-Say it-- Yes, that's my girl.
- Hey. How are you?
- Hi, guys.
-Our two favorite people.
-It's so tropical.
It's like a Florida vibe.
Honestly, I think we'll both
have a tough time.
Because getting Liz to make any decision--
What's the saying, like squeezing blood
-from a turnip, right?
-Is that it? Something like that.
You feeling good?
- Good. Anxious.
- And super overwhelmed.
We know, traditionally,
you don't choose easily.
No. Anything.
-Where we go to dinner--
I still don't know if she said yes
to marrying me or not.
You're just telling me this now?
Okay, here we go.
You can't go to another wedding
-without being married.
I'm very, very, very confident
that I can get you your dream wedding
within your budget.
Within the budget.
-Transportation's the top priority.
- Yeah.
The trolley was so comfy,
it was so classy.
It was cute, romantic.
I called the trolley company,
and they would love to give you
two trolleys for the price of one.
You don't have to worry
about your guests waiting
-at all.
- Crazy.
-That's awesome. For sure.
-That's cool. Yeah--
-That's not all.
-There's more?
There's more. The big decision
of the day was the venue, right?
-And you guys decided on Fat Bottom.
- Yes.
-I was just proud you made a decision.
-I know.
Let's talk about the big reveal
into this big reception.
We couldn't have anybody sneaking a peek.
And the draping was expensive.
Yeah, it was pricey.
If you choose wedding,
Fat Bottom would love
to throw in the pipe and drape for free.
That's crazy.
Is that a good word?
-Love the word "free."
You do? I bet you do.
That frees up a lot of money.
The extra trolley
and the free pipe and drape--
- Thousands of dollars.
Now it can go elsewhere.
-Who can forget the food truck?
- The Loveless food truck.
Food truck you guys opted
not to choose because of budget,
now you can have that late-night snack.
- Wow.
Have your banana pudding
and eat it, too.
That's really not the best part
about all this.
-You gave me a budget of $35,000.
Check out this. Your total budget
is $30,180.
Is this for real?
-Yes. No sacrifices. Under budget.
-Can't believe you came under budget.
I can get a nicer suit.
I mean, that's amazing.
Smart decision.
-Choose wedding.
It is.
That's a tough act to follow.
But you're moving up here from Naples
to a brand-new job,
you're looking
to start your life together,
so I really want you guys
to have a home in Nashville.
This is the home
-that you all decided on.
- Remember that?
Totally renovated,
top to bottom. Kitchen is turnkey.
It had that great master suite.
That was awesome.
I mean, think of Franklin.
That little cannonball with legs.
-He galloped across that yard.
He loved it.
He didn't want to leave.
Not to mention how close
that house is to your new job.
But one of the unfortunate things was that
when you walked in the front door,
you were like, "Hi, neighbor."
That was really the only dislike
-we had.
- House and backyard are amazing.
So, I would like to gift you guys
the hedges on both sides of the house.
-That's… awesome.
-Sarah said she'd plant 'em for you.
-That's nice.
And we can't forget…
the Golden Tee machine.
-In another house.
- Yep.
In my dreams,
I haven't stopped thinking about it.
If you choose home,
you get the Golden Tee machine thrown in,
and Franklin's dog house.
- For Franklin.
- Isn't it cute?
So cute.
-Did you steal that sign?
-No, I didn't steal that sign.
I'm still not done.
I know budget was a big priority.
At 445, the price of that house
was at the very top of your budget.
I'm happy to report,
since I have last spoken to you guys,
there's been a price drop.
The house is now 425.
-Big price drop.
-That is huge.
How fortuitous.
-A sign.
-Could be a sign.
-Yeah. Just say yes.
- Mmm-mmm.
We'll leave for a bit.
-Thank you so much.
Every single thing that we wanted,
Sarah got for us.
-She really checked all the boxes.
- Two trolleys for the price of one.
A food truck, that's kind of like a luxury
and a dream to have for your wedding.
-And plus, I really want to marry you.
- Aw.
- That house was cute.
- So cute.
What do you think they'll go with?
I was thinking, honestly,
wedding in the beginning,
but then you threw in the Golden Tee
machine and a cute Franklin sign
and hedges you said I'd plant--
You said you'd plant them.
No. I don't cook, I don't plant plants.
I mean, come on.
Even though the wedding came in
under budget,
$30,000 is still
a ton of money.
A house is a sound investment.
The values could just
keep going and going up.
-The price drop is kind of crazy.
-That is crazy.
Because the area's up-and-coming,
we'd be getting in--
At a good time.
It's tough, but I think we know
what the smart thing to do is, right?
It's a new chapter for us, no matter what.
E and E.
And F?
Definitely F.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
Here we go.
- Hey.
- Hi.
That's a nervous "hi."
We want to thank you both so much.
- Aw.
-Yes, it's been super eye-opening.
The decision… wasn't easy.
I think we gave you both
a pretty hard list.
-And you both brought your A game.
- Yeah.
There's just so much going on.
Our engagement, Evan getting a new job,
-deciding to move to a new city.
- Mmm-hmm.
It's all pretty overwhelming.
-With that--
-We're gonna go with…
One, two, three,
- Congrats, guys. It's exciting.
- Yay! That is nuts!
-Thank you both so much.
- We want to experience the city
and make an educated decision
before we buy anything.
The plan is, once my 30 days is up,
is to hopefully secure
an apartment close to work.
Reasonably priced.
Yep. Hopefully, on the first floor
for Franklin.
- Whoo!
I'm finally able
to start planning a wedding.
After all these years, it's a relief.
But $30,000 is so much money.
It's like a car.
-What's your favorite cheers?
-Here's to the top.
Here's to the middle,
here's to hoping we all get a little.
Hell, yes.
- Yeah!
- Yay!
I, Evan, take you, Elizabeth,
to be my wife.
I, Elizabeth, take you, Evan,
to be my husband.
I present to you now Mr. and Mrs…
Kiss the bride.
- We got married!
Our wedding is different
than we imagined originally.
We had to definitely downsize,
but I'm glad we did it.
- We felt it's our turn.
- It's time.
Actually beyond the time.
The trolley was awesome,
my dad and my mom loved it.
The reception space is gorgeous.
Sarah delivered.
- The food truck was a huge hit.
We are beyond happy
we chose wedding.
It was perfect.
-Everything I dreamed of.
-Super under budget.
Classy rager.
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