Marriage or Mortgage (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

A Little Bit Classy and Trashy

Getting a house would be important.
It's pretty tempting because
it's that financial investment
that could really pay off in the long run.
Plus, it's just another stepping stone
into our future.
But a wedding is important.
I think just having that day,
like, that special memory.
I anticipate it to get pretty rowdy.
We know how to freakin' party.
-We're not, like, redneck trashy, are we?
-What's wrong with that?
Hey, hey.
-What are you doin'?
-Making coffee, what are you doin'?
I just got the details on our next client.
-Sarah and Eli?
Oh, my gosh,
look at their smiles. Aw.
We're a little bit classy,
a little bit trashy.
One evening, I took her out
to go see The Nutcracker,
-and we dressed up…
-We did.
…and we enjoyed The Nutcracker,
and then we walked right onto Broadway,
and I was completely wasted.
-I was feeling good.
-You were there but don't remember.
Turned trashy real quick.
- Yeah.
-I love it.
He's studying aviation mechanics at MTSU.
She's a professional singer
and frequently performs
in the Nashville music scene.
But to play amongst the stars
You've gotta be ♪
Out here in Nashville, Tennessee ♪
Eli's a war vet
who lost his leg in Afghanistan.
March 2010, I deployed to southern
Afghanistan, Helmand Province.
Our squad decided
to hold up in this compound,
and as we entered it,
the entrance was booby-trapped
with a pressure plate IED.
I immediately knew
that I had got hit by an IED,
and I looked down and I saw one boot.
It blew my right leg off, my right thumb,
and a lot of other shrapnel injuries.
I spent two years
at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
I had to do surgeries every other day.
So, it was a lot.
They got me a prosthetic leg.
I was retired from the Marine Corps
from there. And--
-He found me.
-Yup. Pretty much.
He loves to work with his hands,
tinkering with his
and Sarah's motorcycles,
or working on helicopters
at the local airport.
In my recovery, I knew
I needed to make a next step in my life.
She is… everything.
She's able to just
make my life that much better than
I even thought was possible.
We've been engaged
for a year so far.
A wedding is important because
we're super sentimental people.
Just having everyone be together
in that moment is pretty important to us.
I've been through a lot,
so I'll invite all my Marine brothers
and have a big freaking party.
They're also really looking to buy a house
since they live in a small,
second-floor apartment,
not easy-accessible.
I can see how it's hard.
What are you gonna get?
I'm gonna get my iPad.
When I don't use my prosthetic,
I get around on crutches.
We annoy the neighbors,
when he's hoppin' around
to get from place to place.
People think we're slamming cabinets,
and I'm like,
"He's just trying to get
from one place to the next."
I foresee a house bringing,
hopefully, babies and maybe a dog.
That'll be nice.
Let's do this, babe!
- Come on in!
I'm more nervous to make
the wrong decision than anything else.
That's true, yeah.
We don't wanna mess up
-and leave a bunch of awesome--
-We went the wrong fork!
This is gonna be a fun process.
Where are your thoughts?
More wedding than house?
Or are you guys kind of 50/50 on it?
Or what are your thoughts?
We're pretty 50/50.
-We're 50/50.
-We want to have a wedding at some point.
- Great.
We have a budget around $25,000.
Do we have wiggle room there?
-Maybe a little, but not much.
-A little?
Okay. What's your guest count at?
We're trying to keep it
to 160, technically.
-Have you looked at venues?
- No, but
I want it to just be, like,
rustic and simple.
- Southern, down home feel.
- Yeah.
A venue will probably be
$4,000 of your budget.
Okay. We wanna do barbecue.
Like, it's our wedding day, we wanna--
Like, I wanna have the tastiest meal
I've ever had in my life.
Open bar is probably a must.
And, like, instead of a champagne toast,
-we wanna do moonshine…
- Oh, how fun. That's great.
…toast. 'Cause that's really, like,
what got everything started.
The moonshine did?
Yeah. That first Saturday we hung out,
we went to George Jones Museum
- for moonshine tasting.
-Of my favorite places.
What else is important to you all?
So, for, like, entrance and, like, exit--
-A proper send-off would be--
Yeah. Like a cool car
or truck or something.
We'll think of fun ideas.
We're more, like, sentimental than bougie.
That's where
"classy and a little trashy" comes in.
-It's a classy barn wedding.
-Elegant barn wedding.
-Yeah. But ready to party, you know?
-That's great.
It's like a mullet.
Business in the front, party in the back.
I will also look for a house
that's business up front
-with room to party in the back.
-Party in the back!
Yeah, see?
Obviously, they're also here because
buying a house intrigues you.
And the budget is $260,000,
and you can use the 25,000 that you saved
for a wedding on a down payment instead.
Tell me more of what you need in a house
that you're looking for.
We're thinking three bedroom, two bath.
We're on the second-floor apartment,
so I'm walking up stairs
just as well as anybody else can.
-But it's also not ideal.
As few steps as possible. Okay.
So, what else
is important to you guys in a home?
We have a garage,
but it's busting at the seams.
We're storing a motorcycle, so…
Two motorcycles.
-A two-car garage for more tinkering.
- Do some DIY.
It's also very important
for me to have a space
where I can dedicate time
for physical therapy and physical fitness
and working towards my mobility.
Not having a garage
would be a deal breaker.
- Got it.
-A passion of mine is cooking.
-He's a good cook.
I would love to have a gas range.
I just think they're--
Well, you are the chef!
He's bougie about kitchens.
See? There you go.
There's where the classy comes in.
-I love it.
Okay. And you guys
are looking in Nashville.
-So, that's the other thing.
I wanna be closer
to downtown for my career.
But he's got
a year and a half left of school,
so I wanna be conscientious of that.
So, we may not find something
that hits all of those marks,
but I'll do my best
to get as close as we can.
We know the Nashville market
is not super easy.
It makes my life interesting.
I am humbled,
and there isn't
enough gratitude in the world
to thank Eli for what he's been through
and done for our country.
Totally agree.
After meeting them
and hearing their story,
it just compels me further
to find that perfect house for them.
It's not gonna be easy with their budget--
Do you think you can do it?
I mean, I know I can, yeah.
-But we also really wanna get married.
-I know.
Show us what you got!
I'm so excited to start planning for them.
I get to show them
some amazing things to win them over.
Sarah and Eli are such a sweet couple.
It's time for them to celebrate.
I want this wedding more than anything.
-All right.
-Thank you, guys.
Have a good one!
- Thanks so much.
- You guys excited for today?
I know you wanna go back down
memory lane. That is all about today.
With a $25,000 budget, Sarah and Eli
want a country-style wedding.
The venue and decor will eat up
about a third of their budget,
which leaves me about $16,000 for food,
drinks and a proper send-off.
We'll start with the fun stuff first.
- Could be here all day?
- We could be.
- Ooh!
That's awesome.
- Good spot?
- Yeah.
-How's it going?
-Hey. I'm doing fine.
-Nice meeting you.
-Thanks for having us.
So, we have them here today because
we want some liquor at our wedding.
-All righty.
-They have a background in moonshine.
-A background in moonshine?
-That was our first date.
We're trying to be
true to who we are as a couple.
Instead of doing champagne,
moonshine represents the story of us.
Literally, the first shot
that Sarah and I shared was…
Apple pie moonshine.
We definitely wanna try some of that.
This is actually the very first flavor
we made here at Ole Smoky.
Ooh, it smells good!
Does it?
I was gonna say, that'll get guests
having a real good time.
There's absolutely no burn to it.
That's very good.
That's dangerous.
Blackberry moonshine.
-All right.
So, it does taste
a lot like a blackberry wine.
Smells good.
I forgot to smell that one.
-Not my favorite, gotta tell ya.
- I could tell.
I'll keep drinking it,
but not my favorite.
- Warming up in here.
-Take that coat off. So, no on that one.
Doesn't represent us well.
Okay. Well, this is Blue Flame.
Hundred and twenty-eight proof.
-The big one.
-I can smell that.
-Y'all, dang, boy.
I'm gonna warn you guys,
take this one like a tequila shot.
- You got it.
-Making me nervous.
- That was a lot.
-My gosh.
-We should get right onto the next.
-Yep. Mountain Java.
-Where's the apple pie?
How you gonna chase moonshine
-with moonshine?
-That one tastes better!
He did say, "Take it like a tequila shot."
Don't trust the bartender at a distillery.
I was always taught
to follow instructions.
We got a little trashy. And we weren't,
maybe, prepared for it.
Sorry, Mom.
Hey, Connor, if we like the apple pie,
what would be a good specialty drink?
- Okay, keep it simple.
- Mm-hmm.
A little apple pie, about two ounces,
fill the rest up, ginger ale.
Apple pie and ginger ale
work really well together.
Can we try that? All right.
-Yeah, okay.
- Yeah.
Right on up for you.
- Cheers.
-See what it tastes like.
Oh, I could drink that.
Let's narrow this down quick.
They've got about 160 guests.
So, how many cases would we need to buy
if we wanted to serve guests a shot?
-You're looking at four to five cases.
So, anywhere between 700 and 800.
All right.
So, you might have to double that
for the specialty drink.
Not for both.
That would just be liquor that we were
doubling, not adding on ginger ale--
Or glassware.
I think it would come down to what
our budget is, because that's delicious.
I can see that
as a drink at our wedding.
Connor, you're the best.
That's not apple pie.
-That's not apple pie.
Sarah hit the head on the nail and--
-Nail on the head?
She delivered. She listened to us.
She did.
-He's had a lot of moonshine.
-Keep drinking.
Including our story with our wedding day
is pretty important to us,
because we don't want it to be
another wedding where--
Cookie-cutter wedding. Plus,
we can relive our memories and stuff.
Yeah. That'll be nice.
- I love it.
- Cheers!
I know how important food is to you guys,
so the next spot that
we're gonna go to is all about the food.
-All right.
This looks fancy.
That looks nice. Oh!
Hi, I'm Sarah!
I'm Sami. It's so nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
-Thanks for having us.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks.
-Thank you so much.
Barbecue is something you said
you really wanted
-at your wedding.
-Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Let's try some main course options
and figure out your menu.
- You ready?
- My goodness.
This is brisket.
We smoke everything in house.
This is our homemade barbecue sauce.
- Looks delicious.
- I personally love brisket.
- Dig in. Get some first.
- Goodness.
-Okay. Thank you.
You said you love it.
- Really good.
- This is daggone good.
Yes. That's what I wanna hear.
Our short rib,
with an apple cider demi-glace…
-It ain't that short.
-…and shiitake mushrooms.
Oh, my goodness.
Your presentation is amazing.
Yes. Really good.
Oh, goodness.
The food just keeps on rollin' in.
This is pulled pork
-with a peach barbecue sauce.
- Uh-huh.
Peach? Actually, I'd like to try that.
That's delicious, though. Delicious.
Our quartered chicken
with some honey on the side.
-Try the chicken.
What piece would you like? I'll help.
-A big ol' thigh or a wing?
- A leg.
Swallow your food.
-Are you okay?
- You okay?
So, at some point during this tasting,
-things started to unravel a bit.
I don't drink moonshine on a daily basis,
but apparently
moonshine hits you really…
-…really hard.
I didn't know tastings could be so funny.
-How was the barbecue tasting? Good?
You don't remember?
I was feeling so good
I don't remember.
Oh, my goodness.
So, let's talk a little bit
about what our top of our list is.
What were you thinking?
For me, it was the frickin' brisket.
Like, I've never tasted
brisket like that in my life.
- All right?
And then I was thinking
pulled pork and chicken.
-Loved that chicken.
- Me, too.
-With the honey on it? Awesome.
-Oh, yeah.
All right. So, three good meats, okay?
Brisket is $28 a plate, chicken is
$20 a plate, pulled pork is $22 a plate.
So for 160 guests, you're looking
at a little over $11,000 for all three.
I think the brisket might be more
expensive than what we can afford.
But the thing is, like,
if you want it, I don't wanna…
-I don't wanna feel like I'm keeping it--
-It's up to us.
-It is up to you guys.
You could also choose two meats
with sides, and that's
about $6,700.
You don't have to decide now.
We're looking for Tennessee on a budget.
You're getting that Nashville, Southern
flair. All your guests from out of town
can taste a bit about
what you guys love about this place.
-That sounds really good.
-That's perfect.
-Let's do it.
-Cheers to meat.
-Cheers to meat!
Cheers to the meat!
Remember we talked
at the consultation
-about your grand exit?
So, I wanted to bring you out
to this amazing airport
just to show you what really can happen.
Check it out! Right on.
- Yes!
Are you excited?
-Let's go, hon.
Good job, Sarah. Good job.
-How's it going?
-How are you? Donovan.
-Nice to meet you, Donovan.
Nice to meet you.
-Thank you for your service.
- Thank you, sir.
This'd be
one of the most spectacular exits
-at any wedding you could think of.
-Uh, yes.
- Yeah.
Can it fit a dress?
-It can, very well.
-Thank you.
-He's on my team.
- Let's do it.
You have fun.
When you come back with that grin
on your face, tell me I won.
- Yay!
Put on our headsets?
-All right, you guys ready?
Here we go.
-God, this is so cool.
- Never gets old.
-Never gets old.
-Right? Never. Never at all.
There's Broadway. Flying right over.
-Oh, my gosh. Look, there's the Row! Oh!
- There's the Row!
-That's Rippy's, hon.
-Where it all began, babe.
We're up in the helicopter,
literally flying down Memory Lane.
First time Sarah and I met,
I'd never been to Nashville,
so I went to Broadway. She was singing.
I was like, "I'll marry that girl."
I guess I knew before I really knew.
There's a reason
my heart stayed in Nashville,
-so you could find it.
-That's right.
We get married, best day of our lives.
End with a helicopter ride.
Right? We can fly off into the sunset.
This is wedding goals right here, babe.
Wedding goals.
-You did good, Sarah. That was awesome.
I love it. You're so happy.
- It was awesome. Really cool.
-Good job.
-Getting in this for your exit?
You can fly around a bit,
spend time together
-after your wedding.
-It'd be cool.
- That'd be pretty darn cool.
-Be pretty nice, huh? Yeah.
All right, so just to let you guys know,
this is $1,000 per hour,
and you have to use it for three hours.
So $3,000.
- A lot.
- It is.
There are other options.
At the consultation,
we talked about a vintage car.
It could start around 250,
and they can go up to 500.
-You have two good options, though.
- Yes!
-I know you had fun.
I wanna hear more about it.
That was the coolest thing.
Really, Nichole is in the back of my mind.
-She's down low, I'm way up high.
- Literally.
- Up high.
I'm glad you guys had a blast today.
And I know we have to figure out
everything together as a whole.
The venue, decor,
open bar and entertainment
will eat up about
two-thirds of your budget.
Let's discuss what we did
and what's most important.
The bar, especially if you want to include
moonshine, that can get pricey.
- A specialty drink
is more than we need.
-So we choose shot, not a specialty drink.
- Yes.
I mean, obviously,
cost of food and everything
would be something we need to discuss.
Right. If you get brisket,
pulled pork, and chicken,
your budget will be blown
before we even factor in the helicopter.
I was kind of thinking two meats,
the pulled pork or the quartered chicken.
- Good.
I wanna be smart about it.
Now let's talk about the helicopter.
That would be the coolest thing ever,
but I don't know if there's too much room
-for a $3,000 increase.
- Yeah.
You'd be okay with a vintage car?
- Absolutely.
-For sure.
-You're gonna choose wedding?
-The helicopter ride was a great start.
-We'll see what Nichole's got tomorrow.
Let's see if she can get
a helicopter to tour houses or something.
-I highly doubt she'll do that.
We're excited for what you'll show us.
We're not sure what you'll show us,
'cause it's pretty tough out there
on the Nashville market now.
I'm so glad that you realize that.
I was able to find two houses that fit
into Sarah and Eli's budget of $260,000.
They're both further out,
but they check all the boxes.
They're single-story homes with
updated kitchens and big garages.
I'm hoping they keep an open mind.
All right.
-Got character, some uniqueness about it.
-It does.
So, this house is priced at $249,000.
It's close to 1,300 square feet, three
bedrooms, two baths, on a two-acre lot.
Floors are really cool.
-I like the way the fireplace is framed.
-Yeah, this is not a bad living room.
-Interesting paint job over there.
-I know.
All these masks.
You said you were okay
with some
-cosmetic updates.
-Oh, okay. How do you do this to a wall?
-This is all gonna need to be sanded down.
- It's a bit of a fixer-upper.
The alcoves are really cute.
There's something
we could do with that.
This kitchen…
This is about, I would say,
the size of our apartment.
-It might be a little bit smaller.
But I think it's something
that we could definitely make work.
We need to make
this whole thing the kitchen.
So, here's the master suite.
It is an en suite.
Good amount of space.
I think this is a bit bigger than
the master bedroom we have now.
You've got
a small walk-in closet.
Kind of a small closet. Even though
it's a walk-in, it's kind of tight.
I like the clouds. Nice touch.
The paint continues in here.
-This is a interesting shower for sure.
- All right.
Weird that it's cavey.
I haven't seen one like that.
- Built into the wall.
Looks like I could, you know,
transfer pretty easy…
Well, I wouldn't have that on, but…
Not too bad? Maybe?
-It's definitely a project house.
-Could come in…
So, this, really, is, like,
what it's all about out here.
-This amazing yard!
-Beautiful yard.
- Almost two acres.
- Nice!
You've got the hot tub.
Think of the bonfires you could have here.
That's true.
- Detached garage.
- That'll work.
I'm assuming
you wanna check inside and--
-Yeah! We do.
-Oh, dang!
Hell, yeah.
I may have had this
put here for you
because I know keeping up with
your physical therapy is important.
It's a legit setup.
-Let's start these gains early.
- Do it.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine,
-1,000. There we go.
-One thousand!
- Gonna be sore in the morning.
- This is a garage.
- It's a workshop.
-I love all the storage up there.
-This definitely offsets the house, too.
-That was the point.
-Makes the house more appealing.
-There's a house here?
There's a house?
The big backyard is awesome,
and the big garage is awesome.
I do see a lot of work with this house.
But I see a lot of potential.
Yep. Especially with
the gym equipment.
It's just the space we'd be
living in is a little underwhelming.
-It's a cool space.
- Isn't it?
You've done well.
Need to test this.
Oh, my gosh!
-I'm definitely winning them over,
'cause they can see investing
in a home they can make their own
is much better
than throwing it away on a wedding.
The last house wasn't perfect, but it's
a great option for a starter home.
This next house,
it checks off even more boxes.
All right.
Oh, wow.
So much space to do activities!
Right. Open layout. Love that.
- It's about 1,550 square feet…
- Okay.
…three bed, two bath, built in the '70s,
but it's completely been rehabbed.
So, the house is 257 and change,
so it is the top of your budget.
But I had to get you guys in here because
it's only been on the market one day,
and it's already
in a multiple-offer situation.
-Five offers, to be exact.
And I do just wanna prepare you,
it'll go above the list price. And so…
-How much above do you think?
'Cause that's the only thing.
Like, 260 is the top of our budget.
- And this is 257 and change.
There's other things that we can do.
We can write a letter to the sellers.
Let's just not even
freak out about that yet.
Let's keep looking.
You may not like the house.
I had you in mind when
I saw this kitchen for the first time.
- Yeah!
-That is a nice gas range. Great.
- There you go.
Real nice.
-Already trying to start a fire.
- Love that.
-Look at that! It's got a skillet thing.
-I have a skillet that'd fit perfectly.
Love it. Love it.
I'm not able to use that at the apartment
because it's the old coil oven.
Kitchen was made for you.
So, this is the master.
This is a good space.
- It is.
-Very nice.
Look at all the natural light we've got.
-This is the bathroom.
-Updated bath.
Double vanity's awesome.
-There's no door, I've noticed.
That's strange.
- That's interesting.
-Really? There's a door
to the water closet shower area.
Okay. This is cute, though.
I like the nice lighting.
- Yep.
- Is this the only closet space?
For the master, yes.
Okay. We've got a lot of clothes.
-Yeah, we got--
-And shoes and hats and--
We should probably cut that down anyway.
-Here is your garage!
- This is awesome.
- Two-car garage.
-Seems great. Plenty of room.
- A lot of space.
You got one half for motorcycles,
storage, you know, whatever.
The other half for a workshop.
Yep. I've always wanted
a tennis ball in my garage-- Oh!
-All right. Well, there you go.
That's why we can't have nice things.
-That's so funny.
- An easy fix.
It's just like
a little key ring.
See? Better than new.
Maybe we should go outside.
You can't break anything outside.
Check this out, hon.
-Look at this.
Look at how big this is!
I know, this is nice.
Let's check it out.
And, Eli, the shed stays.
The shed stays.
- Nice shed.
-Let's look at the shed.
Oh, my goodness!
- Nice!
- She's in.
It's her "she shed."
-That's right.
-"She shed!" No boys allowed.
Oh, look!
- House comes with a guitar.
- You're a giddy child out here.
-It's cute.
-I love this yard.
I was pretty sure you guys would love it.
Very good job.
But so do others.
-Good work on that one.
- Magical.
That house has
everything that we would need,
and I think that we could really
start the next chapter
of our life in there
and create beautiful memories.
What I'm hearing is, that is, like…
-We love it.
-…your dream house.
Without putting, like, the pressure on…
-…but also putting the pressure on,
we would have to put in an offer tonight.
I love this house.
And if there's
a possibility we can get it,
then house would win
over wedding for sure.
So, how much over asking do you think
would be a competitive offer?
'Cause top of our budget is 260.
The house is listed at 257.
-Should we just come in right at 260?
Three thousand dollars
over the original asking price,
that is stretching us thin.
-And honestly, for that house,
I would expect someone
to write an offer for $5,000 more.
Or even more. It's that nice of a house.
The expectation is that it's too nice
for us. It's too classy for us.
-Yeah. Exactly.
So, we're hoping for the best,
but we're pretty realistic about it.
Like I said before,
I think it's always a good idea
if you write a personal letter
to the homeowner.
Could definitely do that.
Again, my job
is about managing expectations.
I don't wanna get your hopes up,
but you know what? You don't know.
-Right. If we don't try.
- Right. Exactly.
And a little prayer never hurt, did it?
-I like that. Talk to the man upstairs.
Yesterday, Sarah and Eli liked
the second house I showed them so well
they put in an offer.
-I had them write a letter.
Well, I mean,
there were five other offers on it.
Time was of the essence.
We had to move fast.
And, generally, in this situation,
you would've heard whether they accepted
or countered within 24 hours.
It has been that amount of time,
and we haven't heard yet. So…
So, I've still got this.
All right. Are you ready?
I'm ready.
-Hi! How are you guys?
-Good to see you.
So good seeing you.
-Come sit.
-Up and at 'em.
Let's get comfy-comfy.
-Feeling good?
- Great.
- Are we sure?
- We're feeling good.
- Good.
- So,
-we did see two pretty fantastic homes.
- Yeah.
The one you landed on,
I do recall you saying
that was the dream home.
But, sadly, I haven't heard anything.
Doesn't sound promising.
So, in this case, I kind of feel like
no news is bad news.
-All right.
-That sucks.
But I didn't come
to this meeting today unprepared.
I know you liked
that garage house as well.
It sits on almost two acres.
And then that garage.
It was awesome.
Those textured walls were
an issue, but I talked to the sellers,
and because
it's been on the market a while
and they're eager
to get this thing moving,
they will skim coat it
and paint it the color of your choice.
-That's awesome.
-Yeah, no kidding.
That'd be hours we'd save.
Wouldn't it?
That makes it more appealing.
- It does.
And here's the thing I think
you're gonna be most excited about.
The purchase price
of the house is two forty-nine nine.
The seller is willing
to lower the price about $2,500.
-That is pretty sweet.
-That's cool!
So, guess what you can do now
with that 2,500?
Outfit the garage
with all of your PT equipment.
-That'd be helpful for sure.
-That'd be awesome.
I can see us living there
and getting our roots.
With the extra money,
we can renovate to the point
where it is our dream house.
Right. Came in under budget.
All right. So,
on our wedding activity day, you made
smart decisions, cutting things down.
- Yeah.
-I want you to have your dream wedding.
I wanna sweeten the pot a bit…
-…so, let's start off with the food.
We did your barbecue tasting.
You want good Southern food
for your wedding.
-You guys chose pulled pork and chicken.
You chose those instead of brisket.
I know you loved the brisket.
So, I went back to the caterer,
we did a little negotiating,
and they really want
to throw in the brisket
with the pulled pork and the chicken
all for the same price.
-Ooh! That's awesome.
The brisket was delicious.
And I know that you really wanted that.
-Now you have three choices.
- Awesome.
A lot of food.
But that's not it.
So, we went
for this incredible helicopter ride.
It was something you dreamed of
and never thought we'd do.
-Awesome experience.
The pilot loved your story.
Can't thank you enough for your service.
So, they wanted to comp
the helicopter ride.
Shut up. Really?
They wanted to give you
the exit of your dreams.
- Yeah.
-Is that not incredible?
-So awesome.
And how cool will we look taking off
into the sunset in that pretty helicopter.
So fun.
So, your original budget was $25,000.
-You guys actually came in at $25,450.
That is my dream come true.
You get the wedding of your dreams.
You checked off boxes
we didn't even know we had.
-I like to hear that.
- Right.
That's amazing. Hear that?
-No, I'm sorry.
-She's not listening.
-Yeah, I wasn't paying attention.
-Tough decision to make.
- Yes.
Should we give them a moment?
- Let's do it.
-Might need a few.
-I understand. I understand.
We told each other
not to get attached to the house
-when we found it and put in an offer--
-But you're attached.
I'm super attached.
-That's the way buying a house goes.
But, I mean, could you see ourselves
in that garage house?
-There was a lot of space in there.
-Two acres that we would own.
That's a solid investment,
having that land.
-For sure.
-And that they're willing to paint it
-and even it out?
That's a lot of work we'd avoid.
And, plus, the price drop?
There was a lot of potential there.
- What do you think?
-I mean,
they really loved that house
with the big extra garage,
but you laid it out there. I mean,
with all those strings that you pulled?
- It's tough.
On the wedding side,
we're getting all we wanted
and more at our budget.
For sure. We got our budget and brisket.
-And a helicopter. Budget and brisket!
-Budget and brisket.
I feel like my head and my heart
are going in two different directions.
Yeah, I feel… I feel that, too.
I'm a little bit more excited about
one option than the other, for sure.
I think so, too.
This never gets any easier,
waiting for these decisions.
-How you feeling?
-Pretty good.
-Are you?
Feeling good.
First and foremost,
we would like to thank both of you
for all the hard work and dedication
that you put into our decision.
You guys pulled off
some pretty incredible things.
But since we can't have our dream house…
we're gonna have our dream wedding.
-Yes! No way! Dream wedding!
- Yay! Dream wedding!
Feels good to choose wedding.
I thought we were in it for the house,
but the way Sarah presented
her ideas is pretty incredible.
Sarah's plan for our wedding
is surreal.
It'll be awesome to share the whole thing
with our family and friends.
We'll restructure
our finances a bit
and maybe in a few years
we can have our dream house.
Cheers to happy life
and marriage with you two.
- Cheers!
- Yay!
- How are you?
Hey, guys.
-What's up?
- Just in the neighborhood.
- Hi! What's going on?
- Wanted to stop by, say hi.
Oh, nothing much. Sorry to bombard you.
No, problem.
Hey, Eli! Come on out here.
We've got guests.
- Hey.
- Hi!
What's going on?
-This is a surprise.
-Quick hello.
-Want anything to drink?
-I'm good. Hey!
-Hey, Nichole. How are you?
-Good. Good.
So, you're probably wondering what
the heck we're doing at your house today.
You just chose a wedding, and here we are.
I felt I needed to follow up with you,
because we put in
an offer on that house
that was the long shot,
and there were multiple offers.
-They did not accept your offer.
But we got a counter back.
We offered $260,389.
The sellers countered back…
They countered back
lower than what we offered.
-No way.
-You guys got the house!
- Yay!
We're getting a house!
-Thank you so much.
-Is this real?
-This is real life. Can you believe it?
It was such a long shot.
I mean, truly, what an amazing story.
I mean,
the stars totally aligned for them.
You never see
anything like this happen in Nashville.
It was absolutely meant to be.
I agree. That's why I'll accept it.
It was the letter you wrote
that put them over the edge.
Good thinking, hon.
Yeah, telling your story
and what you guys have been through,
-the hardships, everything.
In all of my years of real estate,
you guys, this has never happened.
The last 24 hours
have been nuts, kind of. I just--
-Emotional roller coaster.
But we knew when we walked in there
that that was our home, and for it to
actually be able to be our home is huge.
- That is huge.
-Team House for the win!
- Congrats. It's amazing.
-Sorry, Sarah!
No! I am so happy for you guys. For sure.
-So happy for you.
-When you're ready for a wedding, call me.
We will. We will.
You can't turn this down.
-I can tell them you want the house?
-We accept.
-Yes! We accept the house!
If it means sacrificing a wedding, then--
-Momentarily, obviously.
-Momentarily, then that's okay.
We'll see what our finances look like,
but for now, I'm excited. Next chapter!
-Happily ever after.
-Happily ever after.
We'll have you all over.
-Oh, I can't wait.
- Yes.
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