Marriage or Mortgage (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Out of the Friendzone

Being engaged at 23 and 24,
up north, like, Boston, people look at you
like you have five heads.
In the South, it's not--
-Not a big deal.
-Not uncommon.
We definitely want our own place.
We live at our parents' house, separated.
I don't like being away from her.
And getting a good jump start
with a house is important.
You want a wedding.
I want a house.
I've had literally everything
planned to a T since I was a little kid.
-Pretty young to think about weddings.
- Every girl's like that.
I don't know what goes on
inside a girl's head.
- Knock, knock.
- What's going on?
-Sneak peeks of our client.
-Our appointment?
-Want to start with it?
-Emily and Braxton are coming.
- Oh, my. They're attractive.
-My goodness.
These young lovebirds
first met in high school.
Braxton was eternally stuck
in the "friend zone"…
…until Emily realized
that he was the one.
I have a PSA for all of you boys
out there in the friend zone.
To stay patient, and to stay kind.
But I promise if you're nice long enough,
and you don't quit,
you'll get out eventually.
I don't know when exactly,
like, the switch flipped,
but it was one of those moments
where I was like, he was always there,
always the one.
So, we've been engaged almost a year.
She's 23, and a personal trainer.
Really gettin' down
And you work it all around ♪
And he's 24,
and coaches basketball for a living.
We're living at our parents' home
to save money.
It's definitely weird to be engaged
and living at home with our parents.
It's really a big dream for me
to have one solid house that
me and Emily could start our family in.
So, a house is important.
Even though they're young,
both are ready to take the next big step.
I have dreamed of my wedding
since I was a kid.
From the time I was, like, probably ten.
That's pretty young
to be thinking about a wedding.
I come from a great,
traditional family.
My parents married young,
and had a big wedding,
so that feels right to me.
They're overwhelmed
with options before them,
so they've come to us.
We're super blessed.
Our parents are combining giving us
$30,000 for either a house or a wedding.
I've had a dream of having a wedding
since I was literally a child.
But using that 30K to get a home
and also start our life is, like,
very financially smart.
Ooh! Here we go.
-How are you?
Emily, nice to meet you.
-Hi, guys, I'm Nichole.
-Great to meet you.
It's a dilemma, that's why we're here.
Either we buy a house
and postpone the wedding,
or have a wedding
and live with parents.
-Your ring's beautiful.
-Yes, thank you.
- Great job.
- It's stunning.
-I love how she's like, "Ah!" I get it.
You guys are desperate
to live on your own.
That's it. Not that I don't like living
with my mom and stepdad, but it's…
I'm 24 years old, so it's--
Yeah, so I'm super excited
to show you places.
-So, let's go over some of these details.
The budget is 400-450.
How are you guys affording that?
My dad's playing a huge part in it.
So we've been pre-approved for 450,000
with 6% down.
-You guys are so lucky.
-Yeah, it's a blessing.
Our parents are contributing to either
the house or the wedding with the $30,000.
Two beds, two baths.
Athlete's steam shower.
The shower's huge.
I do want a shower
designed by God himself.
The shower is the most important place
in the bedroom for me.
I spend about 45 minutes in the shower.
I can think, and I stretch, get prepared
for my workouts in the shower--
He drinks protein shakes
in the shower.
-Like, it's serious stuff.
The water pressure's important.
Like a deep-tissue massage
when you shower.
Like a fire hose.
Oh, wow.
Everything else I'm cool with,
but the shower has to be on point.
All right. What are your wants
and needs in a house?
I would say the kitchen, living area.
We love to have family and friends over.
We're entertainers.
We do game night, movie night.
That's probably
the most important to me.
-Roger that. Okay.
- "Roger that."
So, with parents helping,
do they have to have a big say
in what you guys choose?
My mom was a real estate agent in Arizona
mostly for professional athletes.
So I am currently studying
for my real estate exam now.
If I had go-go Gadget arms,
I'd hug you right now.
This is all amazing.
So, house clearly is really important
to you guys, it's in the family blood.
We're torn 'cause a wedding,
to me, is super important.
Let's talk weddings.
I've heard enough about houses.
So, we've got your wedding budget
at $30,000, with 180 to 200 guests.
-Undetermined venue.
Theme is a Southern barn-style wedding.
- Our Southern roots.
- Simple, but beautiful.
What else is included in this budget?
So, we want a cake
for pictures of cutting the cake,
-things like that.
But we're not gonna eat the cake,
I don't think.
How fun is that?
-I won't. It's for show.
-So I can do something fun.
Okay, good.
There's gotta be something
that stands out.
A "wow" factor.
It's about the unique,
standout details. Let me do research.
What about rings?
You have a beautiful thing
already on her finger.
Right? Yeah.
Thought about that?
We've not done much thinking
on my ring at all.
Rings are important because
they symbolize our union before God.
This is, like, gonna be a one-time thing
between me and Emily.
Divorce is not an option for us.
So, a wedding is super important.
I am gonna give you something
people want to take pictures in front of,
something Instagram-worthy.
-I can have fun with this.
-I'm confident.
I will show you a shower somewhat like
the one you're talking about.
-Good luck.
-Might be in a professional gym, but--
I love their vibe together,
I love that they're super competitive
and very sarcastic with each other,
'cause that's how I am with Emily.
So, I'm super excited.
We're definitely ready.
Like, it's time to take the next step.
With their help.
-We gotta make a decision.
-We do.
Bye, guys.
-Are you taking a grab?
-I need a cold glass of water.
Maybe something
stiffer than that.
-Abso-- You…
Move faster, move farther
Try and catch me if you can ♪
- We're super excited.
-Yeah, we are. This is
our first time ever touring houses.
-Yeah. We look online all the time.
Right. I don't want to give too much away,
but I think you guys are gonna love
what I have come up with.
Show 'em what you got ♪
So, right now Emily and Braxton
are living at their parents' homes,
so you know that they are itching
-to get a house together.
I've done my homework
and we'll look at three properties.
All are within their budget of $450,000,
all have plenty of space for entertaining,
and all have good-sized master baths.
-Your first house ever!
- Ooh!
-I love this.
- Yeah.
So, this is a really nice-size house.
It's three beds, two and a half bath,
it's priced at 435,
which is under the budget,
and it checks all the boxes
off of your wishlist.
-What do you think about the kitchen?
-I like the gray in here.
-I do like the open window.
-These are larger than average windows.
- The master bedroom, right?
- Yeah.
- Nice.
- Okay.
I really do like the windows.
-I'm huge with windows.
- She is.
I'm big on space,
-and it is pretty spacious.
- Now we're talking.
-Yeah. The shower is updated.
Wow. It's got two shower heads.
There's light right there to come in.
I like natural light.
-I mean, this is good.
But I wouldn't be able to lay down
or put a bench in there.
Yeah, the shower is a little small for me.
I can't really get my stretches.
- Do you have any say-so?
-I shower like a normal person.
I don't need 45 minutes
in the shower. But you do.
I'm sensing Emily and Braxton
don't love this house,
but I'm gonna have to show them
how fun a house can be
that has a great backyard
and a trampoline.
Would Sarah get her little,
scrawny butt out here doing this?
"Little, scrawny--" I have no idea, but…
-I don't know, but I have to video this.
-I'm scared… Yeah.
-This is--
-This'll be Instagrammable!
-Well, this is for more liability issues.
Oh, no. What is she doing?
Hang on, let me warm up.
Oh, my goodness, she's full go!
-Oh, my!
-I hope I don't pee on myself!
Oh… If today didn't prove to them
the lengths I will go
to get them in a house…
- What is she doing? Oh!
- Oh!
…I swear, nothing will.
-What in the world?
- I'm barely in one piece today.
I'm just thankful you're here,
to be honest with you.
-Very impressive.
-I'm impressed.
Record player's spinnin' '90s
Knock your head right round ♪
You may know houses,
but I know the way to people's hearts.
I'll show them
some amazing wedding activities
to get them to choose me.
Are you guys excited about today?
-Very excited.
Emily and Braxton have $30,000 to spend
on a Southern barn-style wedding
with a color scheme of whites and greens.
Big-ticket items like the venue,
catering, drinks, and attire
will eat up the bulk of their budget,
so I only have about $5,000 to play with.
I'm gonna have to guide them
to make smart choices.
-You ready?
- Yeah.
- Head on up this way.
- Whoo!
-Oh, my gosh.
- Ooh!
- Recognize these two?
-How are you?
-Great to see you. Thanks for having us.
-Nice to meet you.
You want the whole wedding
-to be memorable, right?
So, this is something
that's really popular in weddings,
it's something that
you can completely customize.
It can serve as a focal point,
as a bar, and guests can drink from it.
Is this something that you think is
your style, or that you would incorporate?
It could possibly be.
I don't really know, I was--
I see that face, like, "eh."
Everything about our wedding, I want it
to be a wow factor and I want it to trend.
But I have never thought about
having an ice sculpture at a wedding.
- It's definitely a little weird.
Show them how to drink from this.
So, you can have a luge,
or you pop in a funnel.
We can add a tube in.
Or you could do it private party style,
you put your luscious lips to the ice.
If it's martini style, we run a tube
into it, and it drops into a glass.
Wanna hold that and
we'll show them what we can do? Okay.
Again, maybe strawberry daiquiri,
something fun, already mixed,
this could turn into a specialty drink
for your guests,
-poured through your soul.
I'm just kidding.
Let's see if I can pour this
without spilling it.
Damn glasses are too big.
Braxton, go put your luscious lips
under this thing.
Go do it.
-Come on!
- Where's it come out?
- Here.
-Out her backside.
-Okay, ready?
- I can't get there.
- Oh, my God.
- There.
I'm gonna pour it fast,
here it comes.
-Here it comes.
It went from my back
-out my heart, to your butt.
-To my butt.
I would never in a million years
want to see guests at our wedding
standing by an ice sculpture
-with a luge coming from my butt.
So, I always
try to bring my A game.
But my A game turned
into a Z game really quick.
It was more like a B game
from the backside,
-and that's just as bad as a Z game.
Oh, I so have this!
They're so buying a house!
Let's talk a little about price.
On the lower budget,
about $350 for a block,
something similar to this.
And on the higher budget, if we want
to go bigger, about $1,200.
You could do something
more simple like this.
-We'd have to change the hashtag a bit.
-Why, whatcha thinkin'?
"Emily and Braxton's" a little basic.
There's so many options,
we could get there.
Right. Yeah.
We're gonna head out.
Wanna another shot?
-What? No, I'm all right.
Before we disembark,
I just want to let you know,
it won't be your aesthetic,
so keep an open mind.
-I will have an open mind.
-I appreciate that.
Nichole reminds me of my mom.
Not in like a, "She's old" way,
because, Mom, you're not old,
but she just has
a very motherly vibe to her.
Let's do it, kids.
Nice tall ceilings,
a beautiful fireplace.
This house is priced at $399,000.
It's a three-bedroom, two-bath,
it's 2,000 square feet,
and it was built in 1986.
It's big. It's, uh…
-This house has a 1800 vibe.
It's not the house, it's the decor that
I think you are letting sway you guys.
What is that?
That's a credenza.
A desk, actually, An antique desk.
- There's a fossil on it.
That where Ben Franklin did his thing?
- I think this exact one. Yeah.
-I can see that.
- Huge kitchen.
- Massive.
It is huge.
What is that… smell?
What's it smell like to you?
Like a grandma.
-Yeah, that's a fair assumption.
Nothing a candle can't fix.
-Bedroom one.
What is that?
Why do all these rooms
have smells in here?
That house smells like a funeral home.
She missed the mark.
She did. But it happens.
You know, Sarah had her butt luge.
-Everybody makes mistakes.
We all make mistakes, we're not perfect.
-Bathroom's big.
-Yeah, bathroom's nice.
Separate sinks,
we wouldn't have to share.
-That's nice.
This is a full squat to get down here.
This is short, everything's short here.
The shower is…
Oh, no.
- Bad?
- Thin water.
How do I get loose
when my muscles are sore
with thin water that barely hits my skin?
- Okay.
-So, that was a miss.
But a lot of times
when you're looking at houses,
you learn more
of what your clients don't want
than what they do.
I chalk it up to a "don't want,"
and we move on.
That's life right there.
Be positive about it.
So, we are gonna take you to go eat
some sweet, delicious bites of heaven
at Five Daughters Bakery.
-Yeah! Yeah.
-Oh! I've been hearing about this place.
Come in.
- Thank you! Oh, my goodness.
-Oh, my gosh.
-Hello, welcome to Five Daughters.
- How are you?
Hello. Hey, I'm Braxton.
-Hi, Braxton, Stephanie.
-Nice to meet you.
-Emily. Nice to meet you.
-Pleasure to meet you guys.
Well, I brought them here today because
they don't want no ordinary cake.
You want something unique
your guests will love.
So how about a giant donut wall?
Cool, isn't it?
-It's awesome.
-Can he dig in real quick?
-Take your time.
So… donuts in lieu of a cake?
Yes. Non-traditional desserts
for a wedding are a thing now.
I mean, from donut walls to cupcakes to,
you know,
maybe like an ice cream bar,
they're super in.
A lovely Jell-O mold, perhaps.
-How old are you?
It's non-traditional.
I'm speechless.
-For once.
- I love glazed donuts.
- Dig in.
- That's our classic vanilla cream.
- So good.
-That bacon?
Yeah, want some?
-That one's so good.
I love s'mores.
-This'll be your cheat day for months.
- It is.
I love sugar,
and so I love the taste of donuts.
Then after, my body's like,
"Hn, I hate you for that."
Is this something you guys
could visualize at your wedding?
-Yeah, so fun.
Let's talk about budget.
For 100 donuts with the wall,
-it's $1,600.
If we took the wall away and just did
about 100 mini donuts
displayed on a table,
very pretty,
you're looking more around 700.
We'd definitely want the wall.
It's much more intriguing
to go grab a donut off a wall
-than it is to grab one off the table.
-People would have fun taking pictures.
A donut photo booth.
You're starting a trend.
Wanna get a picture? Ready?
All right. Here we go.
-Isn't it cute?
- It is.
- Yes.
-So cute.
-It's open, I like that.
-I do, too.
So, this house
is just under $410,000.
It's three beds, two and a half baths,
built in 1992,
and it has been completely rehabbed.
-It's a really good starter home.
- Ah!
I like these hardwood floors a lot.
- Beautiful updated kitchen.
- So nice.
We're big kitchen people,
spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
-When you entertain, it's where people go.
- Right?
- It's amazing.
- Open. Light coming in.
Lot of space.
I really like this. Like, I can definitely
see me, you, future kiddo, future kiddo.
Just being that dad that,
you know, I always wanted to be.
I can see 'em
running out there playing, like…
Our little boy.
- Definitely.
-Must be a boy, huh?
-No, I don't… It doesn't matter.
-But, yeah, I want to be a young dad.
- Aw.
-Oh, wow.
-The master bedroom.
I love this.
Nice space.
So much space.
I love the windows.
-The moment of truth.
- Your master bath.
- Your shower.
- There's a bench.
You like to meditate in the shower.
That's right.
I took the liberty
of kind of setting this up.
Okay, sweet bench.
- He's lying down.
Enough space for you to stretch?
-Yep. We're good here.
-Do your calisthenics?
What's my other stretch?
We gotta get my hip.
We got some space, we're good.
Just have to check the water pressure.
All right.
-That's pretty great.
-Is it great or is it fire, Braxton?
No, it's… It's fire.
-It's fire.
-Yeah, it's fire.
-This is the entertainer's dream.
- Wow.
-It's perfect for entertaining.
Family's important to you guys,
to host.
Family, friends, game nights.
I'll definitely play Fortnite.
It's a battle royale.
Last person standing wins.
Then you have, like, a whole bunch
of dances in there when you kill people.
Or when you kill somebody
and you're kind of calling them a loser,
which, I don't condone,
we shouldn't do that, but then you do the…
-Oh, my gosh.
- Yeah.
-I am so doing that to Sarah.
Definitely do that.
-All right, so, a cowboy stance.
- That's it.
- Right. "L" on the head.
-That's it. Perfect.
- There you go.
-You got it.
-Look what I can do.
Oh, wow, it is huge.
- Massive room, isn't it?
Look at this.
- This is cute as can be.
- Really cute.
That is the cutest little girl's fan
I've ever seen.
It is.
-It is. For little Layla Grace.
- Layla Grace.
Is that the name you've chosen?
-That's beautiful.
Yeah, for our little girl.
-Do you have a boy's name?
-Yeah. Braxton Lee Bonds, Jr.
It's definitely a big dream for me
to have one solid house that
me and Emily could start our family in,
because growing up, I didn't have, like,
a father in the home.
I don't know how my mom
raised me and my brother by herself.
Looks like you're in the nursery,
rocking a little babes.
-See me rock the baby?
We moved constantly, all the time,
so a house is important.
Yeah, I can 100% see
our little sweet girl in here.
- Good light.
-Very good lighting.
This, uh… super short.
Why is this so low?
- It's a guest bath.
-I'm taller than this on my knees.
Check out
this gorgeous backyard.
-Oh, wow.
-A nice little deck.
-I love this.
-Now we're talking.
-You can grill everything.
-Right. Everything.
So, the backyard is partially fenced.
You'd have to finish the fencing
on the left side of the house.
This yard slaps.
Just being able to picture our kids
and him in the backyard, like,
throwing a football or playing baseball…
It makes it completely real.
I just saw us having 17 dogs back there
and all of our kids just running around
and playing sports
just like me and my brother did.
Come on this way. You know where you are.
- Yeah.
- We do.
- Oh, my God.
-How are you guys doing?
-I'm Maira, welcome.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
You haven't thought much
about a wedding band
and Emily still needs hers, so, I thought,
-wedding band shopping.
To find something important
you'll wear the rest of your life.
-Right. Yeah.
So, our wedding bands
are in this area.
You can just look around
and see if anything catches your eye,
and we can go from there.
You can try them on.
We haven't thought about
wedding bands yet, so I'm super excited.
When we exchange rings and vows
in front of all of our family and friends,
it's gonna solidify that
our commitment to each other is forever.
These are the tungsten bands,
so they're about $100 apiece.
-Too small for me.
- Too thin. You like gold.
- Now we're talking.
-Oh, here we go.
Kinda fire, huh?
- Looks good on you.  Really nice.
- Doesn't it?
So, that one is 14-karat white gold,
and it has two karats of diamonds in it.
Really nice.
This one with the diamonds is how much?
Forty-eight hundred.
-Sweet talk those diamonds.
-Yeah. Please, babe.
And what about you?
Overall, I like the simple bands.
Let's talk metal,
'cause there's so many different kinds.
I know she won't like anything gold.
He knows me well.
Yeah, I kind of like the size of these.
You like the two, but the bigger diamonds?
Try this one.
Yeah, for sure.
This one was…
That one's $1,900.
That would be $6,700
of your budget.
I only have $5,000 to play around with,
so that's already over.
-What are you thinking?
- I don't need a fancy ring.
It's more important
that Emily gets what she wants.
So, at this point in the ceremony,
this is where your vows and stuff come.
I think it's very important
for Emily and Braxton
to say their wedding vows
right now to each other,
because the more they express
their love and these feelings,
the more real a wedding is to them.
I'm gonna give you some privacy.
I honor my mama.
You know how much I love her,
and how well of a job she did on her own
raising me and my brother.
Growing up, I knew it was tough for her
not having my dad around and…
it left us with some things I wouldn't
want any kid to have to grow up with.
I will always keep that vow,
that our kids will always have both of us.
Baby girl…
Take your time, baby.
It's okay.
It's okay, sweetie.
Baby girl, I knew that there was just
always something missing in my life…
until I found you.
I love you.
I'm not going anywhere.
It's so special,
and it really needs to be.
-You're so cute.
This is why wedding planning
is the best job in the world,
and why Emily and Braxton
need to have a wedding.
So they can say their vows
in front of their friends and family
and start a strong foundation of marriage.
Well, yes, they can do that,
but they can do that years from now
after they've purchased a home
-and save up money again.
-Hopefully we'll be back. I will be.
-I'll be here.
-All right, see ya.
-All right. Thanks, guys.
Such a fun day.
I have homework to do, maybe
pull some more tricks out of my sleeve.
I'm feeling good.
I mean, they laughed at the donut wall,
they cried at the rings, which is
pretty amazing, but at the end of the day,
with the food and the venue cost,
they're gonna be over budget.
So, I'll have to crunch some numbers.
What about you?
Well, they loved the house
with the great shower,
but they didn't love the guest bath.
They've got a pretty healthy budget,
but a super-extensive wish list.
-So, we'll see.
Keep it easy
Keep it breezy ♪
Keep it light 'cause it's all right ♪
-How are you?
-You're gorgeous.
Good, how are you?
Good to see you.
-Hey, handsome.
-Hello, Miss Nichole.
How's everybody feeling?
Good. Excited. Nervous.
Oh, my gosh.
-What is happening?
Are you on the same page
about marriage or mortgage, too?
Mmm-mmm. No, ma'am.
We're torn.
No way!
-Yeah, we are.
- Like, truly 50/50?
- Truly. We had so much fun.
-We've been talking about your backflips.
-Oh. We applaud you for never giving up.
Perseverance is
a beautiful characteristic to have.
-I can't believe she didn't break a bone.
- Right?
- Ready for--
-The nitty gritty?
-Down to business.
Our day was so much fun.
Coming into this,
I only had $5,000 to play with,
since most of your $30,000 budget
is going towards big ticket items
like venue and decor.
And I really want
to provide this amazing wedding.
If you choose wedding,
I can do a couple things for you.
I know how important
that donut wall was to you.
Not just for the donuts…
- But those, too.
But for the epic moment
your guests will talk about.
- Yes. It was epic.
- Right? But that was $1,600.
I spoke with the owners of Five Daughters.
They would love to throw in…
the donut wall backdrop for you both,
as a wedding gift, for free.
That's amazing.
-That's awesome.
- Yeah. That's a savings of $900.
Everybody at the wedding's
gonna be sugar high.
So sweet of them.
-That's amazing.
-But that's not it.
- You got more?
-We got more.
Honestly, my favorite part of the day?
The wedding band shopping.
Seeing you emotional
when you were practicing your vows
was really touching.
- It was.
-I spoke with Maira.
She's going to give you your wedding bands
at 50% off.
Braxton, now you can have
your diamond ring, too.
-Get your diamonds.
-I get my diamonds?
You see that? Is that slap-worthy?
-Not how you say it.
- I'll slap her. Can I, please?
I might slap you. Don't.
With all that said, including
items like food, venue, attire,
-you did start off at a $30,000 budget.
We're now at $29,650. You're under.
-That's amazing.
-That's $350 under.
- You get your dream wedding.
-That's everything that we wanted.
- Perfect day.
How are you feeling?
Like a million damn dollars.
Okay, that's good.
-Well, guys, we had a big day, too.
- We did.
So, you picked the house with the shower.
God himself
did design that shower.
The water pressure, on point. Right.
- Right.
- That house, while amazing
-wasn't perfect.
- Yeah. Mmm-mmm.
I've talked to contractors.
One of them with whom I do
a lot of business would come in
and rip out those dated vanities
and put in new ones you pick out,
at no cost, as a favor to me.
-That's amazing. Yeah.
-That's awesome.
Did you imagine you would be
moving out of your parents' homes
-into this fabulous house?
Obviously, I want you all to be married.
I just think that
this is an opportunity for you to have
that chunk of change put down on a home.
-That's why I think it's important.
- We have a lot to think about.
-We'll give you guys a minute.
The whole idea of a wedding, it's--
-Start that strong foundation, and…
I love that.
It meant so much to me when
I put that wedding ring on your finger,
because I want everybody to know
how much I love you.
You could've told him
he won a million dollars,
and nothing would've excited him
more than the donut wall.
Or the diamond rings.
-You'd have me at diamond rings.
-I know I would.
I don't know.
-Showed a great house.
-I did.
-And him mom is a real estate agent.
The house might be important
at this part of his life.
You never know.
In that house, when we were sitting there
at that kitchen table, I really envisioned
me and you, our future kids,
and our dog playing out in the backyard.
I think it'd be an inspiration to people
that even being as young as we are,
-we were able to purchase our first home.
- Hello.
-How are you?
Have the pretty people made up their mind?
I think so.
-We both--
-Wanted to start by thanking you both.
It has been such a blessing
and an honor for us.
-The honor has been ours…
…to meet such a young, amazing couple.
Sarah, you taught us that love and unity
is something to be cherished,
and something
that's so important to express.
Nichole, you taught us
even when we get older,
we can still do backflips
on the trampoline.
But you also taught us how important
a real estate investment truly is,
and that's a good start to our lives.
With that being said…
We're gonna choose the wedding.
-So excited!
We are excited.
That's awesome.
Sarah got us literally everything
that she showed us.
Everything we wanted, she made it
reasonable for our budget.
I didn't have that firm foundation
growing up, and now I found Emily.
So we're ready to make our union official,
have a beautiful wedding with family
and friends, and then start a family.
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
You guys'll be gorgeous on the big day.
We'll be in our parents' house
-for a bit longer.
-We'll make it out of there someday.
-We'll make it out someday.
Willing to help when you're ready.
-Thank you.
- Absolutely excited.
-Yay, cheers to weddings, that's awesome.
- Cheers.
One last time ♪
Put your hand in mine… ♪
"Brax, I love you more
than you will ever know.
You are all that I prayed for and more.
You are my match made in heaven."
"We've waited so long for this day.
I thank God every day
that he chose you for me.
You make me want to be the man
I've always wanted to be."
- With this ring, I thee wed.
- With this ring, I thee wed.
Amen. You may kiss your bride.
- I'm so thankful we chose wedding.
Yes. The friend zone route
did pay off eventually.
The reception is beautiful.
Everybody is loving the donut wall.
The donut wall is fire.
Sarah absolutely killed it.
I like the ice sculpture. Duane
did a great job with the "E" and the "B."
- We love it.
Best day ever, getting to
express how much I love my best friend.
- I wouldn't want it any other way.
- Do it again!
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