Marriage or Mortgage (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Eight Years in the Making

Our struggle's real.
We want a picture-perfect wedding.
We've been together eight years,
so we think it's time.
But we also need a house,
and we need space.
You know, we have two boys.
They're crazy. They're boys.
-They're always doing something.
-They are.
Minute we take our eyes off them,
our house might catch on fire.
Hey, girl, what's going on?
Well, we've got our clients coming in.
Ooh, which ones today?
-You know Raven and Antonio.
-I just got the details on them.
Raven and Antonio fell in love.
Within six months of knowing each other,
got pregnant with their first baby, Aidan.
They had their second baby,
Carter, three years later.
- Aw.
- Look at the kiddos!
The boys are wild.
- Put it down.
And we've been to the ER so many times.
More than enough.
More than enough,
when we go there,
they know Carter and Aidan.
They're boys.
As a happy couple
and a busy family of four,
they're ready to take the next big step,
but time is precious,
and money is tight.
Our life is so busy, we haven't had time
to look at homes or even plan a wedding.
-Now this is the time for us to do it.
We can afford it,
and we want to incorporate the boys
in everything that we do.
Eight years in a small apartment
is long enough.
The boys share a room now.
They going at each other's throat.
- Don't touch.
- I want pretzels, not chicken.
I'm pretty sure our bottom neighbor
hates us because they're so loud.
No! No! No!
No! No!
A backyard would be perfect
for the boys to, kind of,
burn off some steam every now and then.
We have $20,000,
and we can either use that
for a down payment on a house
or a wedding.
-How you think the boys'll feel?
-Honestly, I think
Aidan would wanna be a part
of the wedding.
He's more fun
and wants to be a part of a party.
I think Carter wants his own house
'cause he's such a homebody anyway.
- Hello! Hey!
- Hi, guys! How are you?
I'm Sarah.
The dilemma is crazy
because we just don't know.
It's a toss-up.
What brought you two together?
We went to Tennessee State.
-We met there.
He was so persistent, let me tell you.
I was with another guy,
and he pulled up a chair next to us.
He was so bold.
I said, "Hey."
He's like, "Wanna get something to eat?"
I think, "You don't know
if this guy I'm dating…"
And then
I was with him every single day.
-No way.
-Well, what happened to the other guy?
-Don't know.
And that's how it should be!
-What guy?
- Exactly!
So, after school,
you had your first little baby, right?
We was in school, and I was still
playing football in college.
With Aidan, I had to take care of him,
kinda bring him to meetings with me.
-I had to make sacrifices.
- My gosh.
It's hard work, but, you know,
anything that you do, hard work pays off.
Cheers to that.
You've been together for eight years.
Like, why now?
Like, why all of a sudden have a wedding?
For, like, Aidan, he's, like, at the age
where he's asking more questions.
And I wanted to give him
a solid foundation.
I wanna build, like,
a legacy that he can, kind of,
look back on and pass it on down.
You're a great dad.
Anybody can throw a party,
but going through so much to be together,
we want to celebrate our love.
-And that's the day we get to do that.
So, tell me
what you're looking for in a wedding.
We have a budget of $20,000.
What's the guest count?
We're about 150.
He has a huge family.
Have you found a venue you love yet?
We found a venue we liked,
we're not in love with it.
It just falls within the budget.
Let me do some research.
Something modern and clean
with natural lighting.
Are we thinking indoor?
Yeah, indoor.
-Maybe a cocktail hour outside.
- Maybe it's outside?
So you want something indoor,
but possibly an outdoor mix with it.
Yeah. I want something
that has a dance floor.
-We like to party.
We'll definitely incorporate the boys.
It's important to you.
He wants Aidan to be his best man.
And then Carter is gonna be
the ring bearer.
Will they dress up?
I want them to be sharper than me,
you know? To look better than me.
Oh, I love that.
Because the kids will be there,
we were thinking about kid-friendly
party favors for our guests.
-Candy bags with personalized candy.
-I love incorporating that.
My budget also includes my dress.
-Have you found that yet?
-I've kind of found it.
Give me a number. Are we at a good one?
It's like $4,900.
-Shh… Whoo!
-Forty-nine hundred?
-It's so beautiful.
-Raven, you're killing me here.
-I know. It's so beautiful, I couldn't…
And the rest of your budget?
-We drop people from the list.
-It's now $15,000 for a wedding.
Five people at your wedding,
but you get that dress.
We need to maximize
your budget in a good way
that includes everything you guys want
into that $20,000 budget.
-I know I have no wiggle room.
-Time to talk about houses.
I'm so excited.
What are your wants, your deal breakers,
your hopes and dreams?
Our budget is $300,000.
Three bedroom, two bath.
We'd like it open.
-Modern feel, look.
-Open floor plan? Yeah.
We do cook a lot.
While we're cooking,
they're doing homework.
-We want a kitchen with an eating area.
It's just being able to see everything
that's kind of going on in the house.
For me, I really want my own space.
I mean--
-Mama needs relaxation.
- I do!
I need something incorporating me.
I told him,
"Our house is so masculine.
I'm surrounded consistently by boys."
Yes. Clearly you need
-a separate space.
I wanna kind of get them boys
into different sports.
If we had a yard,
we can do more of that.
- Sure.
-We can't do that on the patio.
Having a home is extremely important.
Having a foundation
is also something I want
for myself
and for my children for long term.
Because we wanna expand our family.
Going for a girl probably, right?
Definitely the girl.
-We can't wait to meet the boys.
Raven and Antonio make a beautiful couple.
They're tired of being on top
of each other in a cramped apartment.
And those boys,
they need a yard to run around in.
After eight years,
they need to get married.
I mean, it's their time to have a wedding.
But $20,000 for 150 people?
I've got my work cut out for me if I want
to make this dream wedding come true.
-So great.
I've gotta meet those kiddos!
All right, guys, you ready for a fun day?
We're gonna check out some places.
-For weddings.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
-It's my day.
-It is your day!
-It's your day!
Raven and Antonio have $20,000 to spend
on a wedding eight years in the making.
And with this budget,
I have to find wedding favors
and suits for Antonio and the boys.
And most important, a dream venue
to make their special day perfect.
-Carter, do you like candy?
-I like candy corn.
White chocolate.
-White chocolate? Yum.
- Mm-hm.
I made sure all the things
we're doing involve the kids.
And once Raven and Antonio see
how we can incorporate the boys
into their wedding day,
they'll choose
marriage over mortgage for sure.
All right,
I'll swing this open for ya.
-Oh, my God.
Do you smell it?
-Mike, how are you?
-How's it going?
-Raven and Antonio.
- Nice to meet you.
Carter and Aidan, can you say hi?
They're focused on the candy.
-I mean, yeah, I would be, too.
- I would be, too.
So, we wanted to incorporate the kids
to make our own custom party favors.
The candy clusters
are a Nashville staple.
They were invented here.
We'll learn how to make 'em.
Hopefully you can give them
to your guests.
-Isn't that sweet?
We have a class set up for you here.
- Look at all this! So yummy!
All right. So, today, we'll go ahead
and build our own candy bar.
-I wanna go crazy.
- You wanna go crazy.
Me too.
I need you to make something
really good that you think
all the family and friends
are gonna love at the wedding, okay?
I think the party favors
are really sentimental.
It's something that
they can actually make themselves.
Something they can make
for Mommy, Daddy and for them.
-Whatcha doin'?
-I put peanut butter on the bottom.
Brown chocolate on top.
We're on the same page.
I might eat yours.
What do you have?
- What is all that?
-It's pretzels!
Just like I thought,
the Goo Goos are a big hit.
Boys are having a blast,
and my strategy's working.
The more fun they have, the more
they are gonna choose wedding.
Yeah, well, your plan could backfire
because sugar highs
turn into sugar crashes.
Whatever creation they make,
we can name it after them.
We can call it The Aidan.
Somebody might like
a morning cereal bar with chocolate
and candy and everything.
-You know?
So, if they do the custom ones,
they're a little bit more expensive.
Okay, but how much are we talking more?
Standard Goo Goos cost
around the two-dollar range per piece.
And then the custom ones typically do
about three ingredients per Goo Goo.
You're ranging about $1,500,
right around there.
Antonio, don't let the numbers scare you.
-You said this is very important.
-It is.
If we can talk about
your smart decisions on your budget,
this could fit in perfectly. You know?
Think on it. We have more to see.
-Candy bars are ready.
This one is yours.
Oh, my goodness.
Look how big that thing is.
- Crazy.
-That's yours.
Look, Aidan. Cheers.
Look how gooey that is!
- Oh!
- That's a Goo Goo cluster.
- Mmm.
Go worldwide
We don't stop ♪
From the bottom to the top
We don't stop ♪
From the 'burbs to the block
We don't stop ♪
You excited?
I'm excited to see this first house.
I'm excited to see it, too.
-Me, too!
- Me, too.
- Good!
-It's gonna wow us.
I'm trying to get you guys on Team House.
Not to be outdone, I had the boys
come with us, too, to go house shopping.
I was able to find really great options
close to their budget of $300,000.
They're single-family homes
with plenty of space to grow into.
I've also planned some surprises
for Raven, Antonio and the boys
to get 'em on my side.
Let's see. Open the door.
Let's check it out.
Wow, guys.
This is nice.
- Isn't it pretty?
-Really pretty.
-I like the dark hardwood.
-Look at this.
Little over 2,000 square feet,
four bedrooms, two baths,
priced at $300,000.
And it's been on the market a couple
of months, so I think there's wiggle room.
Oh, guys, do you wanna run outside?
All right, let's go.
What you guys see?
- Oh, wow!
- Oh, my goodness!
- This is beautiful.
- Isn't this great?
We got a Jacuzzi.
Love the fire pit.
So, I thought this would be
perfect for you guys to see the kids,
what it'd be like to have a party
and the bounce house for having fun,
playing cornhole--
- Game night here.
-You feel quite at home here.
Yeah. What area are we in?
-So, this is in Smyrna.
- Okay.
It is a different school district.
They'd have to change schools.
I mean, that's a big deal for us.
But we have so much to see
within this house.
I would like to look more.
Do we leave 'em here?
What do we do?
Yeah, we may wanna
leave them out here.
They're goin' in!
So, this is a really nice kitchen.
Love these cabinets.
It doesn't have an island,
but I'm okay with that.
We have a lot of space.
- I can look out, watch the boys.
- Right.
-This is a nice room.
-This a nice-sized master.
Oh, wow.
-Look at this bathroom.
- Okay, then.
I can deal with this.
My makeup will be from, like,
here on, but we're great.
I like what I'm hearing.
And then you've got
the boys' rooms right here.
- As big as the master.
- Really good size.
-It's a big enough room for them.
They need it.
-Got a little living space.
-An extra living room up here.
-This is beautiful.
Then you've even got
another bedroom up here.
- This is a great space!
- It really is.
Could definitely be a space for a nursery.
A nursery?
-Antonio, don't ignore us.
-A who?
- A nursery?
- Ah…
-Trying to tell him something?
- No.
- Darn!
-Not right now.
Come on, silly goose.
Give me your hand. I'm gonna get you.
You wanna see this next surprise?
Yes? Right here, guys.
Antonio wants the boys to look
better than him at the wedding.
I'm gonna have the boys try on
some cute little suit jackets,
so they can look their best
on the big day.
If their parents choose wedding.
And they will.
Come on in!
I love it.
How are y'all doing?
-I'm Raven.
-Antonio. How you doing?
-Nice to meet you.
We are at Richards Bespoke
to give you guys a unique look.
She wants to look good
in this $5,000 dress that we want, right?
-You have to look good, too.
-I gotta match that.
And we wanna incorporate the boys in this.
Let's fix you up first.
Then we'll talk about the boys.
So, what are you thinking?
Like, what do you wanna wear?
-I have a teal color in mind, two-piece.
- Two-piece suit?
-Matching jacket, pants.
For a wedding,
we like solid colors.
-The fit, everything, custom-made for you.
And I really just wanna start
with the fabric selection of color.
-That's the color.
-That's really nice.
I'd say either of those,
can't go wrong.
That's sharp. That's a darker teal.
That pops, too.
-That's pretty.
-This one's like a blue,
Told you I'm getting you into the wedding.
I told you!
Don't you feel good in here?
We can match your lining on the inside
of your jacket with the boys' jackets too.
-Come here.
-Yes, sir.
I wanna get
a little fit preference here.
All right.
Lookin' sharp over there.
When I put on that jacket,
I really got to feeling myself, for sure.
I like that.
Looking good. I like this.
It was like I could actually see us
take that step and getting married.
You clean up nicely. It was cute.
Oh, look!
-Let's see you try these.
-Try it on.
Come on. Still checking 'em out.
- Got it?
- Oh.
You like that?
- Looks so sharp.
- Look at the left side.
- Ooh!
Let's look to the right side.
- Ninja.
- Superhero.
- We looking good.
- Ooh.
You are so cute.
- Aw.
-Let's talk.
- How much is a custom suit?
I think we could
round everything out under $1,500.
- Good.
- Great. It's the pocket square,
some ties.
If you wanted something
more of a higher-end fabric,
that's this,
you can feel it's a little bit softer.
-It's mixed with a bit more silk.
Little more durable.
This would be about $3,000.
-Not a little bit more.
Now, let's talk about this real quick.
We can get the same look,
same effect for this beautiful material
for half of the cost.
Or you could have this and you would
never know the difference in for $3,000.
It'll look different.
-Feel different.
-We got a lot to talk about.
- Well… We do.
For the boys, they wouldn't be
getting custom jackets.
We can rent suits for the boys
for about $150 total.
Which is fine.
They'll never wear it again,
but it'll be a great memory to have.
We can still do something
to customize it.
A pocket square for all of you with
the wedding date on it in a fun pattern.
-Pocket square?
-Pocket square could be fun.
The boys can have that, too.
He about to fall over.
You'll burn a hole
through the floor!
So, the house that we're
on our way to does have a large backyard.
-This a cute little neighborhood.
- Isn't it?
This one has some more square footage
than the last one we took a look at.
-This is a nice house.
-What do you think?
So, it was built in '88,
but it has recently been updated.
It's $314,900.
Um, the price,
it's above our budget. It's over the top.
-It's been on the market over 130 days.
- Yeah.
So, I know there's definitely
wiggle room on that.
It's a four-bedroom, three-bath,
and it's nearly 2,700 square feet.
And what's important is
that it is still in the school district
the kids are already in.
- Mm-hmm.
This is so pretty.
-I like this space. It's really beautiful.
-I like the fireplace.
You have an updated kitchen.
- I can see myself in this kitchen.
-This is really nice. I like this.
-Yeah, it is.
-That's the laundry room.
- I like it.
Good. Do you do a lot of laundry?
- It's true.
-He doesn't.
- He doesn't, Mommy does. I bet.
All right, guys.
Now this is more like it.
This is so nice.
Isn't it?
I like the patio.
I can see a grill area out here.
- I could see us here.
Yeah, we can sit on the porch
and watch them.
Right. I think they love it.
- Oh!
What did that tree do to you?
-What did it do to you?
This will get them out the house.
I can definitely see them here.
-This is a nice bedroom.
Oh, this would be a great room
for the boys to have, with two closets.
That's your closet?
You have your own closet.
- Okay.
Let's go see what's upstairs.
Oh, this is beautiful.
- Let me go--
- Okay.
What do you think?
- Now, this is your safe haven.
This is so me.
I think you can get used
to a spot like this?
I can.
I can see myself
drinking some wine up here.
Raven is surrounded by boys all day long.
So, there's nothing she needs more
than a quiet space to relax.
Like a mommy sanctuary. That's why
I had one staged for her in the house.
-I bet she loved it.
-She did.
And seeing her relaxing in that space,
I mean, it was everything.
It's just one step closer
to that entire family
stepping over to my side
and being Team Mortgage.
This is really perfect.
She deserves this space for herself
to get away from the boys.
'Cause she's always working and at school.
So, it'd be good for her
to get away to herself a little bit.
- Yeah.
For you to unwind up here.
I think you're playing dirty.
What did I do?
-Playing dirty, this is beautiful.
-I'm showing you what I can achieve.
This is so nice.
-I loved the mommy sanctuary house.
-What was so great about it?
Nichole pulled out all the stops.
It was in the area that we wanted.
It had places we can host guests.
That backyard was amazing.
-Come on.
-She made it very tough for you.
Okay, good.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Thank you, sir. So polite.
This is so nice.
- So, we're at 14TENN.
- Okay.
- Pretty new venue.
It's kinda got that Nashville rustic feel.
-Perfect time.
-Look at this.
-The sun is setting.
-Yeah, like, perfect time.
It's the time of day you'd get married.
-This is beautiful. I'm getting emotional.
-Oh, my gosh. Oh, don't!
I love it.
We wanted to create
a little space for you,
so you could envision
what could happen in this amazing,
grand area in the center.
- Yeah.
-Let's take a little walk down the aisle.
See if you can imagine yourself here.
So, 150 guests,
seated in this center area,
maybe even scattered a little bit around.
You could have this amazing center
and this backdrop of these
beautiful barn doors right behind you.
Take your altar for me.
- Oh. It's so nice.
I wanna show you the rest
so you can make sure you love everything,
not just this little bit,
'cause there's lots more.
I know when we talked about a venue,
outdoor space was a big deal for you.
So, this space is great because
it fits comfortably 150 people out here.
Your guests would enter
through the front doors we came in,
they would go in to your ceremony,
and then after your ceremony,
we would filter them outside to this area,
and we'd shut the doors
and flip the space.
-It's beautiful.
-It's so beautiful.
I would say that it is our dream venue.
The space is amazing.
It's so beautifully done.
Kinda like the whole layout.
Yeah, it fits the things
that we want in a wedding.
If you had to have
a picture-perfect wedding,
-checked off every single box for us.
I wanted to show you this
'cause I know
it's really important for you.
You guys have had eight years
of a beautiful love story,
and two beautiful boys.
But the only thing that's missing is this,
actually marrying each other.
Your guests would love
to see your love story.
Oh, my God.
This is a super throwback.
Look how young we were.
Lil' Aidan.
There's Carter.
- Yeah.
You are playin' so dirty.
All right, guys, let's talk about numbers.
So, this venue goes for $7,000.
Yeah, it's a lot.
Don't let that scare you.
We can really fit this into budget
because of all the stuff they include.
All these beautiful metal chairs,
wood tables, lighting and decor.
So if we go with this venue, and we have
to scale back a bit in certain areas,
especially maybe Antonio,
with your suit…
-…or even the Goo Goos,
is that still okay?
You know, the suit versus the venue,
I'd choose venue, like, all day.
-Weighing, the venue's up here?
I can go get a jacket and tailor it.
- Goo Goos over a venue,
I'd be fine with the factory-made Goo Goos
versus the custom Goo Goos.
-'Cause you get your venue.
-The venue of our dreams.
Awesome. I'll pull some numbers together,
see what we can do.
Are you guys leaning
more towards wedding?
Don't know.
We still have a big decision.
-I know.
- Crazy.
Seeing this makes me wanna get married.
And seeing a house,
we wanna get a good house.
I wanna put it all together,
get married and get a house, but…
Financially, we have to choose one.
I feel like we deserve either one.
-We've done so much, we've grown so much.
Both Sarah and Nichole made it
extremely difficult for us to decide.
We just don't know
what to do at this point.
Got a lot to talk about, for sure.
-Either way, it's life-changing for us.
-My stomach a little bubbly.
-You nervous, huh?
This is a big decision.
-Yeah, it is.
-If your stomach ain't bubbling,
-something wrong with you.
-Nah, I'm good.
My goodness!
The day has arrived
that you guys have to make a decision.
Where are the boys today?
-They're at school today.
-In school today.
Aw, man! All right.
Should we tell her about
how much fun we had on our day?
-We saw some great properties.
-Yeah, we did.
But you guys decided
on the mom sanctuary house.
It's updated,
they have that amazing backyard,
and then, of course,
that beautiful sanctuary.
And it was really special.
It was a little out of your budget.
It's priced at $314,900,
but it has been on the market
for several months.
And the homeowners wanna get it sold,
so I did talk to the agent.
They are willing to come down in price
to about 300,
which would be within your budget.
-Yeah. Okay.
Don't lean back too far.
I'm not finished.
I know it was a concern
that it didn't actually have a fence.
If I forgo maybe a percent
on my commission,
that would afford you guys
the luxury of adding that fence.
-Okay. Damn.
- Okay, Nichole.
-We had faith in you, but, okay.
Hand it on over.
Okay, all right.
Let's reminisce about our day,
how about that?
On our wedding activity day,
you made smart decisions,
cutting a couple of things down
just 'cause of budget. Right?
But I'd love to give you
your dream wedding.
So, I have some tricks up my sleeve.
At the Goo Goo cluster store, you decided
on the factory-made Goo Goo clusters.
- Yeah.
- I talked to Goo Goo.
If you guys choose wedding,
they wanna give you the custom Goo Goos…
-…for the same price as the factory ones.
-That is really amazing.
-That's great. Like--
So, last stop we made was the venue.
At 14TENN.
It was higher on the budget, but included
the tables, chairs, and lighting.
-It's so beautiful.
-Really pretty, and in a great location.
I negotiated with the venue.
They'd like to discount your venue rental
from $7,000 to $5,000.
-That's a big difference.
It's a lot of money.
That $2,000 will now give you
that room to spend on your suits.
I really did want that suit. Like,
he did show me some good options.
With all that being said,
your original budget was $20,000.
But we got that budget to $19,650.
With everything included.
-That's awesome.
- You so deserve.
Eight years in the making.
-It's not fair. You guys came…
-We're not trying to make it easy on you.
- Right.
- Obviously not.
We'll excuse ourselves,
let you guys…
-Have a moment. Yes.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
The house is beautiful, not even
just the mom sanctuary. I love that.
But the boys could eventually
get their own room in that house,
and then we have extra space for guests.
-Yeah, she did get it knocked down 14,000.
That's a lot of money.
I know that I did my job,
and I got that amazing house
to their price range,
but just seeing how she lit up
-when you talked about the clothes…
I don't think
I've got a dog in this fight right now.
-You don't know yet.
-It's a great house.
They need to leave the two-bedroom.
-My goodness, absolutely.
They've been planning
a wedding for eight years.
They've been encramped for eight years.
They need space.
Oh, goodness.
I don't know.
She did really good incorporating the boys
and having their touch in the wedding.
She knocked some prices down, too.
-She worked some magic there.
-What do you think the boys would feel?
Whatever we decide definitely
has to be in their best interest.
It's tough.
All right, guys. Time's up.
Marriage or mortgage?
How ya feeling?
We're feeling pretty good.
And we really wanna thank you.
You guys have done
so much for us in this time,
and, you know, we've talked it over…
…and we have decided to go
-Thank you.
We're super excited
about having a wedding.
It's, like, overdue for us to get married.
It's what the boys want. It's time.
The venue's amazing.
Walking into that venue,
like, seeing her reaction--
For Sarah to do that for us,
I feel like I've had a dream come true.
It was a no-brainer.
- Whoo!
The boys share a room now.
They don't mind.
They sleep together
almost every night anyway.
We're okay with it for now. I mean,
-a house'll be the next step.
To a wedding that has been eight years
in the making, and your beautiful family.
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