Marriage or Mortgage (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Waiting for Marriage

Andrew's the nicer,
smarter, prettier version of me.
That's not true.
We're similar, but he's one elevated
standard up higher than I am.
Except I'm funnier.
-Yes, that's… Absolutely funnier.
You got it on lock.
-I'll take that one.
-We wanna invest
in our future as a couple,
and I feel like a house
is the best way to do that.
But, at the same time,
I wanna be married to you ASAP.
I don't know.
We'll find out.
Oh, when your heart is wanting more ♪
A kind of love worth fighting for ♪
- Thanks for the pretty breakfast.
-Anything for you, precious.
-Been going over Hayley and Andrew.
-I'll give you a few little teasers.
They met through friends
and instantly hit it off.
We got engaged
a bit over a year ago.
I reached out to some of her friends.
I was like, "Hey, so you guys should
totally act like you're gonna have
a girls' day at the vineyard."
And so I figured, why not surprise her?
And I sneak up behind her and said,
"Hey, marry me, please."
That's not what he said, though.
It was the best proposal ever.
Their religious beliefs have also
helped them grow as a couple.
Both are active members of their church
and host peer groups weekly.
So here we are at men's small group
-in our apartment, um…
All crammed into the living room.
Hayley lives in an apartment
that Andrew shares
with his roommate, Tyler, and his dog.
One big, happy family.
Tyler's great, and we love
having him as a roommate.
But it'd be great to have our own space.
Not just for us,
-but to host our church groups.
Even though they live together,
they've chosen to abstain from sex.
So, the heat is literally on
to get hitched.
-They must get married immediately.
And then the night ends.
As a Christian couple,
and being leaders in our church,
we decided it was best
for the time being until we're married,
to be living the way that we were
-teaching others.
It's not always easy,
and I think the harder it is,
the bigger reward…
-…that we're going to experience
when that day comes
that we can be together again.
It's not easy.
-See you in the morning.
Okay. See you in the morning.
What do you picture for our wedding day?
Looking dope
in a navy blue three-piece suit.
Navy blue.
No navy!
- Navy blue.
If we choose house,
we can't afford a wedding.
- Hello!
-I'm Sarah.
-I'm Hayley.
We've saved $30,000 to put
towards a house or a wedding.
You come to a point where
you have to choose one.
Tell me about you guys!
Like, how did you guys meet?
We met in Nashville.
We both work in the music industry.
We kind of ran in the same circles.
Oh, my gosh.
You put it in the bios,
so we gotta ask.
- Okay.
-You aren't having sex.
- Celibate.
-Nice to meet you guys.
-This is how I roll.
-I told her to be the bad one.
- No, really…
You wouldn't put it in
if you didn't wanna discuss it.
Well, yeah, so we've been living together
since we started dating.
Our relationship was really fast.
We knew immediately,
and then we got engaged
and kinda just decided that we wanted
to make living together special
for when we got married.
Where do you sleep?
A two-bedroom apartment?
We have a two-bedroom…
I fortunately have some friends
that are letting me crash with them.
-I actually--
-Oh, wow.
We share a closet and a living space.
But we're not--
He leaves at bedtime.
-He leaves at bedtime.
Tell me about the dream house
you're looking for.
Our budget is $325,000.
Three bedroom, two bath.
So, how tied to your 325 budget are we?
Is there wiggle room to go up a bit?
Three hundred would be better.
Not the way I hoped this was going.
No, that is our max.
It has to be the perfect home.
We're looking at West Nashville,
different neighborhoods, areas.
-The location is our number one priority.
West Nashville is where our church is,
and we want it to feel like
we're in that community, almost.
-So, I just want more of a space…
-Of course.
…to fit the 20-plus people, if possible.
So, like an open living area.
I would love a yard.
If we could have a fire pit or something
just to hang out, you know?
You definitely want a single-family home
as opposed to a townhouse or a condo?
I'm not opposed to a townhouse or a condo,
but a single-family home would be a dream.
I'd love to have the kind of space
a single-family home has.
They need to sleep together.
That's on my mind right now.
-She's not wrong.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
-I am definitely not wrong.
-I mean…
So, what is important for a wedding?
Tell me about that.
The most important thing
about the wedding
is incorporating our community.
This day is to celebrate,
you know, us getting married,
but it's to celebrate all together.
Right. And budget?
-30K, when all is said and done.
-Okay. Is there wiggle room in that?
-Thirty would be--
-You told me no, tell her no.
-No, that's not right.
- Yeah.
We have 150 guests,
175 max is what I read?
-One-fifty, 175 is pretty ideal.
- Okay.
-Preferred venue is Green Door Gourmet.
- Yeah.
Great. What is included in our budget?
Venue, food, alcohol, decor.
I have always envisioned
an outdoor
- Mm-hmm.
Earthy, bohemian.
Like, I like a lot of greenery.
The flowers themselves I'm stuck,
I have no idea
what our wedding colors will be.
So, we haven't looked into that yet.
We've looked into it.
-These faces.
- What's this?
It's a, um…
-It's a disagreement.
- Oh.
He really wants navy,
but I have just always pictured
Andrew in a black suit.
-Okay. That's classically beautiful.
-Not a tux, a suit. Simple--
-I can help.
-I can't decide bridesmaids' dresses…
-I'll help out with that.
-…or flowers until this is sorted.
-We need to go shopping.
Let's talk about food.
We're thinking maybe a kind of tie-in
being in the South and--
- Nashville hot chicken.
-Hot sauce on every table?
That would be adorable.
-That's very us. Well, it's me.
-Show 'em what's in your purse.
- I love you. The big one.
- Stop. Not even a tiny one.
You saw it, I'm gonna put it away now.
- Oh, I'm so embarrassed.
Don't be embarrassed. We have to tie that
into your wedding somehow.
Community and family
is very important to you guys.
Yes. We want everyone to be
as involved in the day as possible.
That's stuff we haven't thought about.
-Little details are important.
But we do wanna thank our guests
and then include them,
make them a part of it.
I've gotcha. We'll have some fun.
Community's super important for them.
What better way to show their love than
bringing them together with a wedding?
-You're gonna have a hard time.
Three twenty-five?
I think this is gonna be tough for you.
West Nashville's becoming
the most popular area.
Everybody wants to move there.
It is, but I can work my magic.
We'll see.
Yes, we will.
We'll come up with some fun things
to show you.
I will rise to the top
I will never stop ♪
I don't ever give up ♪
We have some fun stuff to do today.
I want you to walk into these places
and have fun.
Hayley and Andrew have
$30,000 to spend on a dream wedding.
And they want it to be this outdoorsy,
boho-chic Nashville event.
The big-ticket items,
like venue, food, alcohol,
will eat up about 75% of their budget,
leaving me about $7,500
for little touches that'll make
guests and community feel special.
That's what we'll focus on today.
First I'll take them to see
some custom wardrobe options,
'cause they are stuck
on their wedding colors.
Here we are!
[upbeat pop music playing
-Hi! I'm Olia. Good to meet you.
-I'm Hayley. Nice to meet you.
-Hi. I'm Andrew.
She's a fashion designer
in Nashville.
She works with the best
and does a ton of celebrities.
I've feel like heard your name.
-Thank you.
- I'm sure.
-You're in the right hands.
-We have a little dilemma with colors.
- Suit color.
Yeah, I wanna be in, like, a navy and…
I don't know what to do with navy
with bridesmaids. I'm stuck.
-My job is to make everybody happy.
-Make it fit,
assemble the puzzle.
Hayley has issues deciding what the colors
and decor will be for her wedding.
If I can help her decide what these
bridesmaids' dresses will look like,
and the color scheme,
it'll seal the deal for the wedding side.
With the silk crepe,
it will drape really nicely.
It'll go really well with dark navy.
This has a bit more of a taupe-y--
-I like that one.
- It flows.
- On a long dress, gorgeous.
Let's see what we've got.
We started on neutrals,
and then we threw in a little navy.
I know navy wasn't
your first choice for Andrew,
but when you mix in the blushes
and the champagnes and the navy…
-Looks like it could work.
-Really pretty.
I love hearing that.
Yeah. Seeing them laid out like that,
it does change things.
-You know, I had this vision in my head,
and it wasn't navy, but now seeing it,
it absolutely could work.
Being here right now
is Sarah's way of bringing
what Andrew wants and what I want together
and seeing it come to life
and that it's possible.
- To solving wedding colors.
Everything she's doing
is just making everything make sense.
Andrew, do you want to look into options
to get something made for you,
or off the rack?
If we went the custom route,
what would those prices look like for me?
Depending on the fabric,
you could start at about $950 to 1,200.
-This is average, I would say,
and then we can help pick
which fabric you'd like.
-I brought a jacket for you.
- Okay.
Let's see.
-Looks good.
- It's clean, I like it.
-With this color, see how nice this looks.
- What do you think?
-I was leaning towards custom,
but it's a little too pricey.
I don't need it.
-Budgets for days.
- Budgets. I know.
Let me see what I can do.
The wedding side is the good side.
The wedding side is looking clear.
- Good.
That's for sure.
I know we're not alone ♪
Hey, yeah, yeah ♪
And we're not too far from home ♪
You may notice that we are heading in
the opposite direction
of where you wanted to go.
- We're heading to Brentwood.
Hayley and Andrew
need a house in a bad way.
They're sharing a two-bedroom apartment
with a roommate.
-They need a place of their own.
-Give that to you.
But they only have $325,000.
I'm gonna show them three options,
and I'm confident they'll like them.
The first house we're going to see
is 20 minutes south, in Brentwood,
because they can get
so much space for their money.
It's way, way, way under your budget.
- He likes that.
-I'm listening.
But maximizes on space.
I'm hoping that the good things about this
make up for the fact
that it's not in your desired location.
So, this is the living space.
-This is a great size living area.
You have a lot of space
and a lot of storage in this townhouse.
It is 2,250 square feet, three bedroom,
two and a half bath.
-It is priced at 264.5.
-Oh, wow.
Well below budget.
-Music to his ears.
-Save that moolah.
There's a lot of good things about it,
though not in the desired location.
- Cool.
A spacious kitchen.
This is a good-sized kitchen.
Lots of counter space, island.
Do you think maybe
I could learn to cook in this kitchen?
-The better cook can definitely teach you.
-I'll get slapped later.
This kitchen makes me
wanna learn how to cook.
There you go.
-This is a great size master.
-Isn't this huge?
Yeah, lots of space.
Not super sold on the master bathroom.
Where's the other sink?
-This needs to be upgraded.
- A bit silly.
But with the money we're saving,
-we can redo the sink and get a new one.
-You're right, not wrong.
But we're in Brentwood.
But we're in Brentwood. Yeah?
-Let's keep looking.
-Okay. That's what I like to hear.
Here is your spare.
-Great size second bedroom.
- In case you guys miss Tyler.
The thing I was thinking, I've been
blessed to have somewhere to stay
during this time
before we're married, like…
This could be a space
to pay that same type of thing forward.
Friends from church could crash here.
How do you feel about having
other horny men in this bedroom?
Let's check out the view.
That was good. That was good.
Way to go.
-This is great.
- Ooh.
Nice and private out here.
-Would they allow a fire pit here?
- No.
Is there any yard?
I'm not really seeing much.
-There isn't a yard.
- Okay.
-Is that something you're willing to give?
For 100 grand under budget?
That's a big chunk of change
to be saving…
And this is another storage room.
-It could be a movie room.
- Kind of getting, like, a…
Kind of getting a prison vibe
from the cinder blocks.
-You don't like?
- Yeah, a little creepy.
I get murder vibes.
That's where somebody chops up bodies
and puts them in a freezer
and hides 'em from the world.
It's not really a bonus room.
We're not really
adding any value with that.
If you're entertaining, you do have
room for your small groups from church.
There's no natural light,
there's no windows.
If this couch wasn't here, I'd walk out.
Sectional does a lot
to make it comfortable.
-The sectional helps.
-Warms it up a bit.
The one home that I wanted to show them
outside of their preferred area
-was a big bomb.
So, that one's a no.
So, let's go to West Nashville.
-Let's go!
So, the place
that we're gonna go to specializes
-in all-local Tennessee gifts.
-I love that.
Hayley and Andrew really wanna give
each one of their guests a unique favor,
but I have to be super careful because
each item can take away a lot
of our budget.
Oh, yes.
-Look at this.
We're here to incorporate
something from you both and Nashville
as a wedding favor
we can put together for your guests.
This is where we met
and we'll start our lives.
We're planting roots here, and we want
them to take a bit of our home with them.
We're going to make our guests
feel welcome to Nashville.
So far, Sarah's pretty spot-on with
what is important to us at our wedding.
Let's have some fun.
-This is what I'm talking about.
-This would fit in my purse.
-This would.
What about hot levels. You don't have
taste buds now, so it doesn't matter.
Garlic habanero, that would work for me.
It could be something fun
'cause while you're here,
you could do specific gifts
for your ladies and men.
And then we could pick
something smaller for your guests.
This candle here says,
"Love heals everybody."
-That's really cute. For each of my girls.
- Awesome.
Oh, that's nice.
-Charcoal face scrub.
-Good pick.
Smells of bourbon cedar.
-Mmm! Smells great!
Deodorant so you don't stink
on the day.
-Honestly, put it in the bag.
Also budget…
Christmas ornaments?
Let's kind of see
where we're at with budget.
For your guests, we love the beer glass
and, of course, the hot sauce.
For the ladies,
we've got a candle and bath soaps.
For the guys, we've got
a deodorant and a face scrub.
All right, so with everything here,
the total comes out to about $5,500.
-Getting hot over there?
-It's not the hot sauce.
That's not the amount
we had in our minds,
-but it's important, everyone'll love it.
So, we just might have to take money
from another area to accommodate for this.
-Right. I know that's important to you.
We'll head out.
I'll be back to get candles.
And deodorant for my husband,
that too.
- Yeah.
-So, so fun.
Come on in.
-Oh, wow.
-Oh, my goodness.
- This is beautiful.
- This house has a lot of space.
It's 2,550 square feet.
It's three bedrooms
and two and a half baths,
and it is over your budget at 340.
But it's been on the market
for 20-some-odd days,
and the owners no longer live here,
so that all tells me there'll be
some wiggle room in the price.
Let's take a look and see if we like it.
- Great.
This kitchen!
Great kitchen.
I don't see anything
we'd need to touch here.
-This is ready to go.
The island here
isn't as big as the Brentwood one,
-but we're not in Brentwood, so…
If I learned anything from that tour…
-All right!
-Oh, my goodness.
- Giant Jenga.
- Where is he going?
This will be so cute for our friends.
What a fun game room.
This is exactly what I envisioned
for you and your church groups,
what you could do here.
That's why I had it staged like this.
-Look at you guys!
-Table tennis champions!
- Point!
- You're competitive.
-You're competitive.
We can just make sure
if we're gaming in the great room,
we'll do it when small group is there
so there's people to--
Break up fights.
Can you guys envision having
the church group here in this space?
A hundred percent.
It'd be a lot for us by ourselves,
but we're not looking
to buy a house just for ourselves.
We want to open it up to our community,
and this is perfect for that.
Let's go to the master bedroom.
-I'm feeling led to the bed… room.
Oh, wow.
Wow! Wow! Wow!
It's a lot of space.
-I can, like, twirl around in here.
This place is huge.
This room is so big
it makes the bed look small.
-I feel small in this…
-Tiny. A tiny--
-Swinging his little feet. Look.
-…cavern of a room.
Get up.
I can't look at you.
There's so much room in the house
that we could live here
and not even see each other.
That's my point, people.
See what I can do?
- What's happening?
-It's 340, so if we get this house,
we could have friends from church over,
-but they'd be standing--
-They could bring their own chairs.
-Everyone, BYOC.
- Yeah.
Feel free to donate
any furniture you want.
Don't have to furnish all
at once. It can be a fun, ongoing project.
I mean, if we choose house, we're putting
all of our money into this house,
then we have to save up for furniture.
That's a lot of money, starting from zero.
-We'll buy lottery tickets after this.
So, clearly Andrew is gonna need a space
-to lead his men's group.
So, this could happen right out here.
-This is a great deck and yard.
-That's a yard.
It's already fenced in.
Which is good.
For 340, I'm glad there's a fence.
Nichole'll have to work wonders
to hopefully get it down a little bit,
so that we have, you know, some money
to furnish a home with, 'cause I'm not…
We want our people to be there,
but not sitting on the floor.
-This, it does check a ton of boxes.
-Yeah, it's great.
I certainly don't want you guys
to overextend yourselves by any means,
and I wouldn't have brought you here
if I didn't think I can work some magic,
and get it within
a reasonable budget for you.
- Yeah.
-What do you think?
I mean,
I'm definitely considering it.
Like, this is a hard house to say no to.
-For sure.
So cool!
- Awesome.
- It's so beautiful.
-How're you?
- Good to see ya.
-I'm Hayley. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you. Taylor.
So, I brought you here today because
Taylor does all these custom flowers
-and has a cute truck named Gertie, right?
Oh, my goodness.
Her specialty's flower crowns,
but she can do anything.
Flower crowns are a new trend.
We can curate any crown that you want,
for you, just for the guests…
And interactive.
-So cool.
-They can choose flowers from the wall.
We make it there. They love it
'cause they feel like they're part of it.
I feel like this really goes
with your boho theme.
-Yeah. So cute.
Flower crowns in the industry are unique.
I think it really depends on
the feel and the theme of your wedding.
It goes with more of that
boho, kind of, chic vibe.
Exactly what Hayley's looking for.
An interactive part was important.
For your guests to do something.
This is killing two birds with one stone.
I'm just picturing either bridesmaids
or my little flower girl.
Do you do bouquets?
We do bouquets
that match the flowers in the crown.
- Amazing.
-Guys can have something sweet.
-Guys can do stuff too.
I like this one.
I can't see what I'm doing.
Looks so good.
Want me to help?
I mean, only Andrew could look good with
a man bun, a beard
-and a flower crown.
-I can get down with it.
I can be strong and wear a flower crown.
-Let's go!
-I love it. The flower crown and the bun.
-Oh, God…
-They go together.
I like Taylor's and Andrew's,
but I want to try one on.
- Let's try this one.
-Oh, yeah.
- Hotness.
She'd be beautiful walking the aisle
-with a flower crown. Right?
-Absolutely, she would.
-My gosh, I feel like a princess.
-Good, that's how you should feel.
The moment Hayley put on
a flower crown,
she looked like a bride,
and the feeling of the wedding came true.
-But it's so cool. I mean--
- It is.
It's a one-of-a-kind experience.
It really is.
Question is, where do we foresee this?
I think this would be amazing
during our cocktail hour.
-We want something interactive for guests.
-To keep them occupied.
Yeah, and when, like… If I'm wearing one
at the reception, they can, too,
-and that's pretty big for me.
So on the high end, we can rent the truck
for about $4,500 for the whole day.
Or $300 per hour
for about two hours.
-You're looking at about 600.
-It's a good option.
-It is.
After experiencing
Taylor and her truck and the crowns,
we really fell in love
with having a wedding.
The truck itself was awesome.
Gertie's dope.
But that's a huge part of our budget.
If we had to lean towards one way
or the other, what are your thoughts?
I think we'll go
with the lower option.
So the truck can still be there, and
definitely flowers for me and my girls,
and definitely the boutonnieres.
This was amazing. Taylor, I love you.
This is so fun.
Thank you. I'm driving.
You guys hop in back?
We'll see you later.
- Bye!
-No! We're driving Gertie!
The second house was almost too big,
so I'm gonna show them
a slightly more modest house.
I think this one is really
gonna sway them to my side for sure.
Let's see your new house.
-Come on in.
-I like the entry.
The house is
a bit over 1,600 square feet.
Three bed, two bath.
This is actually priced at 325.
This house literally
just came back on the market.
It was under contract,
and then it fell out today.
-Okay. Wow.
- I knew it was hitting
every point that you guys want,
so we had to get in here today to see it.
-This would be the living area…
…where you'd be hosting your friends.
This could fit our people.
Can you see hosting groups here?
A hundred percent.
-Small group would fit in here.
Well, teal really isn't my color.
It is bright.
-Thank God for paint.
- I'd like something like this.
-Yeah. A breakfast nook type thing.
A lot of counter space,
not much work needs to be done.
The nice opening so you can see
when you're entertaining.
I like that.
Here's your master.
-And they do love the color blue.
-Yes. Nice size.
- Holy teal, Batman.
We can change the color.
- Easy fix.
-Size is good. No need to change.
The only thing that isn't perfect
about this house is the paint.
Besides that, I have got this in the bag.
Just the paint?
That is it. Literally it.
And paint's cheap.
This is about double the size
of what we have right now.
A little improvement,
So Andrew will get about like this sliver,
and I can definitely
make the rest of it work.
So much space.
You're so gracious.
Check this out, guys.
This is so nice.
So, could you host
your church groups out here?
- Small group'd be perfect here.
-We can fit all of our church.
Wouldn't it be awesome? You could
even do a fire pit if you wanted.
A hammock.
-I could put my hammock there.
- Yeah.
In our apartment right now,
we spend all our time on our porch.
I think if we pick this place,
we'd spend a lot of time out here.
Well, if you guys are thinking
seriously about this one,
like I mentioned earlier,
it was off the market
and it recently fell out, today.
So if you love it, it's something
you need to think about and--
Pressure's on.
And I hate to do that, but there is
some pressure. I'm not going to lie.
-And honestly, that's Nashville.
- It is.
That's what's going on here now,
so we understand.
So, if you choose house,
would this be the one?
You got so much space.
Go check it out. Go.
It's like your own personal park
back here.
And when you guys do get hitched,
couldn't you maybe
have the ceremony back here
and save so much money in the future?
How does it look?
Are you ordained?
Can you do it now?
Give me ten minutes,
-I'll get the Internet.
You'll make the most
beautiful bride and groom
-in your backyard…
…after you buy this house,
and tell Sarah you don't want
that huge, over-the-top wedding.
This is a very nice first home.
Team House looks good.
Wow. What a day, huh?
-What a day.
-I know.
House shopping is exhausting.
-Oh, tell me about it.
-I need a nap.
I'm feeling very confident.
Hayley and Andrew loved
the prime property in West Nashville.
But the house
just went back on the market,
and it won't last long.
I'll have to work some serious magic
to help them choose
mortgage over marriage.
After my day with them,
I'm feeling incredible.
I showed them how to celebrate their love
and community at the same time.
They clearly made budget-friendly choices
throughout the day.
If they had it within their budget,
they would have splurged on certain items.
So, I'm gonna wave my wand to make
choosing this wedding a no-brainer.
We'll see.
I'm not worried.
Some things go wrong
But life carries on ♪
Yeah, we'll be just fine ♪
I'm so torn. I'm so torn.
-What comes first, chicken or the egg?
-Why can't we choose both?
This is it.
Okay, squeeze my hand once
if you want marriage,
squeeze my hand twice
if you want mortgage.
- Hi, guys!
-My gosh, you look adorable.
-So good to see you.
No one asked about prints.
-Good to see you.
I am feeling so confident going into this.
I have found them
the most perfect house for $325,000.
I'm feeling pretty good myself.
I'm gonna make that $7,500 budget stretch.
You'll need to. Jump on
that broom of yours
-while you're at it.
- You should ride along.
- How we feel?
-We're feeling all of the things.
-All of the emotions.
- All the feels.
-We're excited, we're nervous…
We're happy.
-We're sad that this is almost over.
-I know.
Not over completely.
Just over for one of us.
-Who's it gonna be?
Let's begin with the wedding.
Seeing all the beautiful things we saw,
some things I know you had
to scale back on for budgetary reasons,
but it's important for me
to give you your dream wedding.
That's why I'm here.
So I want to sweeten the pot.
- No.
- Okay.
Guest favors
are a really important part for you,
to incorporate your guests.
- Mm-hmm.
-I talked to Made in Tennessee.
And since we are spending a good amount
of money on the guest favors,
they would love to comp
your bridal party gifts for you.
Oh, my goodness.
The ladies would get
their bath salts and their candle,
and the guys would just smell really good.
That's so nice.
-My goodness.
-Don't have to worry about it.
The flower crowns.
Originally, we decided on having Gertie,
the flower truck,
just for the cocktail hour.
I talked with Taylor.
Since you guys already
are spending money with Taylor'd Crowns,
she'd love to give you Gertie
for the entire night…
and also provide any guest who wants one
a custom flower crown.
-Oh, my goodness.
-Everybody gets a flower crown.
-You get a flower crown!
-You get a flower crown!
-We won't stop there.
With Olia at the Fabric Shop,
Andrew also fell in love
with this navy custom suit.
I spoke with Olia.
She would love to give you a 50% discount.
Oh, my goodness.
-Custom! Completely! Yes.
- What?
-That's a huge expense taken care of.
-A lot of money saved.
- Wow.
- Oh, my goodness.
Your original budget was $30,000.
If you choose wedding, your budget…
-…is only
-about $1,000 over.
-That's a beautiful thing.
- Right?
-$1,000 is $1,000. That's a lot.
Yeah, it's $1,000 over,
but for everything you've shown us,
-Good feeling?
-Yeah. Very much.
-You could have it all. Unique experience…
-We could have it all.
- We could.
- We couldn't do it on our own.
-You made this decision difficult.
-Still at budget. Still at budget.
I know a wedding is important.
It's always important for young,
beautiful people in love. I get it.
But this is such an amazing house.
In your preferred location, right
around the corner from your church,
-and that amazing backyard.
- Yeah.
The kitchen was a interesting color
choice, but you could see through that.
So, if you can recall,
the house is at the top of the budget,
-at 325.
The only reason the house is on the market
is because it had a contract fall through.
-The sellers are getting ready to move.
So, we know that they are in a tight spot.
I've spoken with the listing agent, and
I have negotiated the house price down…
to $318,000.
-We might be able to get some furniture.
-We might.
-And some paint. Furniture and paint.
-Yeah. Oh, my goodness.
- Oh, my goodness.
-That's a big deal.
-That's huge.
Not finished.
The seller is willing to contribute…
the closing costs.
That's thousands of dollars, generally,
like, 2% of the purchase price,
is what closing costs are.
With those savings,
you can afford to have your dream home.
-Are you okay?
- Oh, my goodness.
- Aw.
-Lot to think about.
- A lot to think about.
Give you a minute.
With Sarah, we compromised
on what we wanted versus
what we could afford.
And I just wasn't expecting Sarah
to come back and be able to do everything.
I just can see the dream wedding
that I've always envisioned.
- You pulled out all the stops.
-And right at budget.
Everybody gets a flower crown.
-House is pretty.
-It's great for them.
Now that, you know,
the price came down to 318.
-From 325. You're welcome.
-Oh, gosh.
But that house.
I mean,
that's everything that we want in a home.
I just think about the dinner parties
and just, you know, the--
-Having small group.
-Yeah, and the Sunday night hangouts.
It's our home opened up to others.
I can just see that there.
So torn.
Do we have a decision?
-I think so.
- Yes? Okay.
- Whoo-hoo.
- You'll break one of our hearts.
-I know.
-First off, we wanted to thank you guys
for all of the time
that you've taken listening to us--
Absolutely. Both of you
have worked so hard,
-for us.
We're appreciative of it.
-Been our pleasure.
-Oh, goodness.
-There was a moment for us
when it became clear
what we were going to do.
We have to choose house.
- Congrats.
- Thanks. Congratulations!
-You guys are amazing.
-You both deserve it.
Some people call it fate.
I like to call it a God thing.
This house comes along
that was under contract,
then it fell out of contract.
-It checked every single box.
-Everything that we wanted.
That is what I call a God thing.
- You're making it-- Whoo!
Our wedding can come in eight months,
a year, a year and a half.
Once we save up money again.
But this house was gonna leave.
It's the perfect space
to have our community gather.
-It's a home for everyone. Not just us.
So, cheers to you two. Choosing a home,
but I could not be more happy.
- Thank you. Cheers.
-Cheers! To a new home.
Goodness, this is heavy.
Oh! Do you want help, honey?
We moved into our house a month ago.
We painted everything
and got some furniture.
Still far to go,
but it's the best feeling. It's our home.
-But we're not married yet.
-We are still totally abstinent.
Luckily, I have a girlfriend
from church who lives
-four minutes down the road.
-We lucked out.
So, I'm gonna be doing that until
we get married or she kicks me out.
- Hi!
- Hi! Welcome.
Come in.
It's our first night
hosting small groups,
which is, like, the entire motivation
for getting a house.
Thank you for coming. I love you.
We're living in the moment that
we've been praying for for months.
You've walked through this with me,
from Andrew and I not even knowing
if we can afford a house
to looking at houses, now being in it.
So, to look around and see you guys
on my couch in my home is really surreal,
and if I don't stop,
I'll start crying, fine.
- Aw.
We're so excited for this home
to be a place to foster community.
I mean, community has been
so integral to our lives,
and we're excited
to have that happen here.
This is just the beginning
of your journey.
-Love you, bro.
-Love you.
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