Marriage or Mortgage (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Nurses in Love

We've talked about being so torn between
paying for a wedding and paying
for the down payment of a home.
I mean, those are two huge investments.
-And life decisions.
-And life decisions.
But both of our personalities
are very chill.
We don't fight.
And that's why I am incredibly excited
to live the rest of my life with you.
-I love you.
-Why do you keep going on that side?
-What do you mean?
-You're trying to go there.
-Is there a side?
- Yes. I'm on this side already.
Oh. Mmm.
That was the extent of a fight.
Oh, hey!
- Look what time of day it is.
-It's champagne o'clock.
-It is.
-Girl, I don't care
what our clients say about you.
-You're all right.
-Oh, thanks, there.
-So sweet, cheers.
I am just going over our next couple.
Alex and Whitney.
Look how pretty they are.
- Gorgeous.
- Both ER Trauma nurses.
They not only live together,
they work at the same hospital
and spend all of their free time together.
-Eager to get out of these scrubs.
I haven't been able to kiss you all day
for 12 hours.
No, you snuck one here and there.
-They're not supposed to know that.
They've been together for almost two years
and got engaged recently.
From the very beginning,
it was a very serious relationship.
It was fast,
but when you know, you know.
-Got a cat and everything.
We had our unique way of proposing.
I had gotten a house that was kind of
like a glass cabin out in the woods,
and big marquee letters
that said, "Marry me."
I covered her eyes
and then got down on one knee.
I loved it.
When I proposed to her,
I had made, like, a teepee, like--
-Like a cabana, kinda.
-Cabana, that's a better word.
And I'd set it up with a bonfire
and a bunch of pillows, and…
And she said, "Yes."
We have been out and proud
for quite some time,
and the appeal of having a wedding
is to show that we are in love.
It'd mean the world to us.
Say, "Hello."
Buying a house is also important
to them and their cat named Georgie.
They spoil her rotten.
Looks like a little nugget.
There are pressures to buying a home now.
Every time I see a baby, I'm like,
"I feel my ovaries pounding."
If you want a family,
gotta start the process now.
I'm tired of paying rent.
Especially in Nashville.
-It's expensive.
-Crazy expensive.
We want our dream wedding,
but we also want a home.
So, we can't have both at the same time.
We have $25,000
for the down payment of a home
or the wedding.
-Have to allocate funds to one of them.
-They lead stressful lives…
…but love the excitement
of not knowing what's next.
Good they do it together.
-Yeah ♪
-You ready?
-Let's go.
Hi, ladies! How are you?
I don't know what kind of home
we'd even qualify for.
You know, or even what kind of options
there are for a wedding on our budget.
Nice to meet you, come on in.
And so that's why we need
Nichole and Sarah to help us.
We need to think long and hard about
what we won't regret in the future.
We're so excited.
-Yes, we are.
-Good. So, tell us your story.
We want to hear about you two.
You're around each other
all the time, right?
They finish each other's sentences.
- You clearly want a wedding.
- Yes.
You also want to buy a house,
so we're in a predicament.
-Yes, both are huge decisions.
- Absolutely.
-We could start planning today.
- Oh, yeah.
-Top of my budget is $25,000, right?
- Yeah.
- How many people?
- 25 people. Family and friends.
- Yes.
I just feel like it would be
more us, more our style
to have the actual ceremony and vows
to be more intimate, smaller setting.
- Absolutely.
-Love that. How many for the reception?
One-twenty to 130.
- That's the party.
-Band, open bar, all that good stuff.
Is there a theme?
We have a vision of, you know,
simplistic, but very pretty.
I like pink roses,
and I like grays and green and white.
Clean and simple, but still has, like--
-A uniqueness to it.
What about dresses?
-We both wanna wear a dress.
-Will you shop together?
- We'd love to.
-She's got an edgy side to her.
-I'm a little bit more traditional.
-Traditional. Yeah.
-Are your dresses included in that budget?
- Yes.
- Like a very--
What about a photographer?
You had a photographer
for your engagement photos, right?
We liked the pictures and the product.
-He does a lot--
-Very talented.
And he does a lot of photographs
of gay couples.
But his personality was
a little pushy for my taste.
What I'm getting from you guys is
the relationship with a photographer
is important to you.
Yeah, I mean, ideally we would love
to get to know the photographer,
see if the vibe is what we want,
and their aesthetic matches ours,
that'd be amazing.
What else is important to you all?
We've discussed having
a different kind of altar.
We're not sure exactly
what it would look like.
But we know we want something that's
gonna frame us, two brides up front.
Beautiful. I love that.
You know what'd
frame you guys beautifully?
-A home.
-Here we go.
-How about framing a home.
What a segue.
Thank you. I was waiting to jump in.
What I heard is
you want to have children soon.
You don't want to do that
in a rental property.
-Ideally not, no.
I'm 33. Being that I'm the older one,
my clock is ticking,
so we ideally would wanna have a baby--
-Fairly soon.
-You want to be the one to carry a child?
-We'll both carry one.
-Oh, my gosh. Really?
Mmm-hmm. With kids, comes--
Obviously, we need a home.
-What's your budget?
-Three-twenty to 400.
Great, and I saw two bed, two bath?
Are you okay in a condo, townhome,
or do you specifically want
a single-family home?
I think we would lean more towards
a single-family home or a townhome
-over a condo.
We want something that we can walk into
and not put a lot of work into.
-We want an open floor plan, ideally.
Clean lines.
Simple. Nothing, like, ornate or anything.
-Okay. I've got a vision now.
- Yeah.
- That sounds nice.
-We do just about everything
in our bedroom.
I mean, not just the obvious things
that people do in the bedroom.
You pointed it out, not me.
I didn't even have to go there.
You cocoon in.
-Yes, so we want a master suite.
-I get it. Okay.
No bath, no home.
Gotta have a bathtub.
She spends two and a half
to three hours in it.
And she'll come and sit with me in there,
on the mat with Georgie.
-Hang out, talk. Or whatever.
Georgie is part of the family.
Definitely a centerpiece
of our house.
-She is.
Can she come with us
on the house tours?
-She'll be part of the home as well.
She's gotta check out sunny,
bright spots to curl up in.
I'm excited to get looking for you guys.
-I'm excited to see what you come up with.
Alex and Whitney want to start a family.
They're already practicing with Georgie.
So, I'm gonna find their dream house.
And if I have to,
I'll be friendly with a kitty.
-Bring your A game.
-You got it. Gauntlet thrown down.
They're out and proud,
and I'm proud of them.
I want them to have an amazing wedding
in front of friends and family.
So, game on.
- Oh, my God.
That was loud.
Oh, snap
Is she serious? ♪
Is she a good girl? ♪
Or is she devious? ♪
I'll let you get in the front seat.
Oh, my God. Okay.
She's actually coming with us.
She is.
-Georgie! Nice to meet you!
- It's sideways.
This is preparing us for children.
-You know?
-Oh, yes. Absolutely.
Come here.
-Well, hello.
-There we go.
Georgie. They love that cat.
Alex actually had Georgie
-before she met Whitney.
But you're acting like it's a child,
like she birthed it.
Pretty sure she thinks she did birth her.
-That's why
I'm getting on kitty's good side.
- Georgie.
- Got her?
-This is gonna be so fun.
-We shall see how it goes.
I've got three great houses
to show Alex, Whitney, and Georgie.
Each one of them
has a nice, open floor plan,
is turnkey, and, of course, has a bathtub,
within their budget of 320 to 400,000.
And I've set up something special
for each of them.
All right, Georgie. We need
your honest opinion right meow.
It's beautiful.
- This is cute.
- This is amazing.
This house is 399,9,
1,984 square feet.
It's three bed and three bath.
It's a horizontal property regime.
You just share one common wall,
is all that means.
The good thing about sharing that wall
is that you also will share a tax bill.
Remember where that money goes
when you talk with Sarah
about wedding stuff.
-Open floor plan like you were asking for.
-Did you want to check out the kitchen?
-That's my domain.
-Your domain. Perfect.
- I like that it's not cramped.
-Right. Got a beautiful gas cook top.
I saw that. I like that a lot.
The open windows creating natural light
in the kitchen, I like that a lot.
-Great for Georgie.
She'll find those sun streams
and lay right in them on the warm floor.
You're getting to know her very well.
There is one room
that just gets so much beautiful light.
Check it out.
I created a Georgie sanctuary.
It really is.
- Right?
Look at all your toys!
So many cool things for you.
-The little teepee, love that.
Who has a house with a room
designated for a cat? You guys can.
-Dedicated to a cat.
Let's check out the window.
See what's going on
in the neighborhood today.
I love Nichole.
I can tell that she is
out for our best interests.
There's a lot that I never knew existed
for a cat, and that's pretty great.
Not to mention, there's that big window
with the little ledge there.
Obviously, she loves that.
Shall we leave her here
and see the rest of the house?
Good idea.
Wow, it's pretty big.
- California king?
- It is.
So, I mean, it fits really well in this,
and without overwhelming the room.
-And then the bathroom's right here?
-It is. Feel free.
- Whoa.
How's this bath situation?
- Gotta try it.
-I'm gonna get in.
You have to see if you fit.
-She's so teeny, she can fit.
-Calling me fat?
-Not at all! A serious necessity for you.
-Yes, it is.
-It's nice.
-I think it's cute.
A bit of space back here
for get-togethers.
And this is perfect for that.
Does Georgie ever get to go outside,
like free range?
Usually, we have our coffee,
and she'll sit with us.
-She'd probably be fine here.
-It's a good spot for that.
-Georgie! Oh, my God!
- Look at her.
- She really is relaxed.
Seems like a good fit to me, moms.
I love this house,
but having a shared wall,
if they're loud, is it gonna
transfer over to our house?
Generally, the builders do
a really good job of insulating that wall,
but I can't speak to
what they're gonna do over there.
- Of course.
- For sure. Fur sure!
- Fur sure.
- Wow.
-I'm not giving up ♪
I'm not giving up ♪
Georgie loves the house.
I'm sure she does,
but they need to celebrate their love.
And moving their relationship forward
is really important.
- You need to have a wedding.
Don't need a house.
Is that your stance on that?
Oh, my gosh. We're gonna have fun today.
-I'm excited.
-We're excited.
Alex and Whitney have a budget of $25,000.
They want an intimate
and feminine ceremony
with soft pink flowers and greenery.
They have a venue in mind,
but other big-ticket items
like a photographer, decor,
and dresses haven't been decided.
So, today, I'm gonna show them
some pretty amazing things
that will steer them towards a wedding.
At our consultation, you said photography
was at the top of the list.
So, I've planned a special morning.
A test shoot
with a photographer in Nashville.
Little scary, but we're up for anything.
Normally, a couple meets
with a photographer,
look at their packages,
and go through their portfolio.
But they had a bad experience
with their previous photographer.
So, I'm gonna introduce them
to one of my amazing photographers.
I think it's really important this time
that they get to vibe with one first,
and then do a test shoot.
Here we go!
Are you excited or intimidated?
- Hey.
-How ya doin'?
-I brought these lovely ladies.
-How ya doin'?
-My name's Alex.
-Good to meet you.
-All right, let's have some fun.
-All right!
-Oh, my gosh!
-You look so beautiful!
-Thank you!
-All right, take your champagne.
David's gonna give you direction,
but have fun.
It's awkward at first,
but just interact like no one's here.
-Look here, smile. Who's the funny one?
Cocky, wow.
You owned that immediately.
- Awesome.
- So beautiful.
- Love it.
Jumping into it.
Must be the champagne.
Feel free to grab roses.
You guys can throw them at each other.
-Three, two, one.
I love David's bedside manner.
We couldn't have asked for better.
No, yeah. That's the thing.
I wanna feel very comfortable
for somebody to capture
our personalities and what--
-Candid moments.
A little kiss on the head.
His pictures are fantastic.
That really captured
exactly how I was feeling.
Are you having fun?
-Yeah, you?
You thinking
more and more about wedding?
-Right now, we are.
That was a good one.
- Perfect.
- Let's talk about prices.
I know there's always gonna be
different tiers with photographers and--
I do have packages.
The low one is at 38, for eight hours.
And then the highest,
4,200 for a ten-hour package.
Ten hours would be more realistic
for what we're looking for.
-So, we're feeling good?
I don't think Alex and Whitney
were loving that shared wall.
But I'm pretty sure this next house
is going to check all of the boxes.
They have a few dogs.
- More than a few. That's a lot.
- A few is four.
Anyway, it's beautiful inside.
- Let's go inside!
- Yeah.
Come on, Miss Georgie.
This is at $369,900.
And it's a little over 1,800 square feet.
It is three bed and two bath,
but it's completely redone.
Very pretty!
Love the kitchen. I love it, love it.
-It's very modern and clean.
- Mmm-hmm.
I like these countertops
more than the others.
This is a quartz,
-and the other was a natural granite.
I like the way
this kitchen flows.
-Good! Oh, my gosh. So far, so good.
- Yeah.
We can leave Georgie here
if you want.
-A master en suite.
-Wow! It echoes, it's so big.
-This is awesome.
- So big.
-And the ceilings! I'm blown away.
- This is incredible.
We got room for the big-ass TV.
-Maybe a little mini-fridge?
Are we ever gonna leave the bedroom?
-You're setting it up.
-No, why would we?
It's a special moment when you see
your clients walking through a space,
picturing their life there,
placing furniture.
I'm feeling very confident.
-Come on, they haven't chosen mortgage.
-They're gonna.
-This hits all the points, I think.
-It does. Yeah.
Sarah who?
-What's a wedding? I don't know.
Oh, my gosh!
-Look at it.
-Whoa! Oh, my goodness.
This is the dream.
I think I might become a bath person now.
Because of this one.
I had you in mind…
-I can see that.
-…so this is all for you.
- You have no idea how excited I am.
-She's, like, glowing. She's giddy.
Listen, take a sippy-sippy.
-This is your spa, your area.
-Think I'll climb right in.
- Yeah.
- Please do!
Do I look pretty?
-You look like a pretty goober.
-It's beautiful.
So how 'bout I just snap a photo?
Got it! All right, Miss Sarah,
we'll see how you like this.
Hashtag S-O-L-D. Send.
Thus far, this whole entire day's
been absolutely amazing.
- She'll love it.
Yes, she will.
I'm scared for what we're gonna see.
No. I mean, it's a great deck.
With the background noise
of a pound.
Oh, my gosh!
Look at it this way,
if anybody's prowling or snooping around,
you have your own built-in alarm system.
I don't even know if we can come out here
safely with all that going on.
Okay, well, aside from that
monstrosity of a noise--
Old medical equipment
sitting out here.
Have you guys been missing
any medical equipment from the hospital?
-'Cause here it is.
- That's where it went.
All right, enough about that.
-Get inside.
- Good riddance!
-Oh, my goodness.
-Wow! It's beautiful.
That is so great.
- Shocked?
- It's amazing.
That's perfect. Look at that.
During the consultation, you both told me
that an altar is very important to you.
So, I was up all night last night
in my friend's studio,
putting this together.
-Like it? Really?
- I love it!
-Spot on.
The geometric shape
has a wow factor.
And the flowers.
Falling off.
- Very pretty.
I love it.
You did a great job.
-Okay. Give me your hands.
-Yeah, right?
-You may kiss the bride.
-I was about to say.
It feels so real.
Sarah nailed it.
In the right setting, the right venue
- It'd be perfect.
-It would be beautiful.
-You both want an intimate ceremony?
- Yes.
So, budget is very important, I know, so,
the ring with the flowers
and the greenery, it's about $2,500.
If you take out the flowers,
it goes down to about $1,800.
-We like those expensive flowers.
-You do.
-Yeah, expensive taste.
Is this something that you guys would want
to put a bit more money into?
If we went this route,
I think it would definitely be something
that we would love to stand in front of.
Good, all right. Let's get going.
- Didn't like the dogs?
All right, moving on.
-And in we go!
- Whoo!
First thing I see.
-I like the floor.
So, this is priced at 375,
three bedroom, two and a half bath.
It is brand-spanking-new construction.
The kitchen is amazing.
- Does it feel like home?
-Oh, easily, yes.
-Favorite countertops.
- Aren't they beautiful?
-Just kidding. Love it.
- Aw.
-I can see myself cooking, easily.
-I agree.
-So far, so good, Georgie.
We're nailing it over here.
Come on, Georgie.
-This is perfect.
A little porch for Georgie.
-Fenced-in backyard, and the cover.
- Cool.
- It is cool.
So, rain or shine,
Georgie can hang out out here
-with you all while you're having coffee.
-Absolutely. I love it.
You hear that?
- There's no dogs!
Georgie is overly impressed.
You can tell. Look at her.
- She gives it two paws up.
The sun-soaked master bedroom.
-Isn't it beautiful?
It's a wall of windows.
-I know!
Imagine it, like, in the morning.
Seeing the sun set and rise.
You'll never leave.
-We never do where we live now.
-The room's big.
Nice size, isn't it?
- Double vanities.
- That's a plus.
I notice an issue. Uh-oh.
You do have a bath.
It's just not in this bathroom.
Love the countertops.
-I really like the tile there.
- Shower-tub combo.
My bathtub.
That's your bathtub.
Okay. All right.
It's still a good size.
It's a bath, so I'll take it.
I'll let you slide this time.
I appreciate that.
Overall, how are we feeling
about this house?
-I love it.
-Yeah, I do, too.
If you commit to Team House,
I will make sure that you get
the bathtub of her dreams.
-No matter what it takes.
Will you pinky-promise on that? Okay.
-You got it!
-It's amazing. A perfect home.
Boy, that turned our minds
completely around.
We might be swayed a little bit more
towards home at this point.
-Yeah, shocking.
Oh, wow.
They want the wedding
dresses to complement each other,
so I'm having Alex's mom come
to the wedding dress shopping.
I mean, to get them to choose wedding,
I need people that mean
the most to them to agree.
Let's have some fun, but before we do,
let's separate, so we don't take
a sneak peek of what we're choosing.
We'll do a reveal together.
That's exciting. I love it.
Does that one have pockets?
-No, I don't think so, but you know what--
-Hey, I'm Sarah!
-Hey, Sarah, I'm Susan.
-So nice to meet you.
-Thank you, I'm Alexandra's mom.
-Hey, honey.
-Hey, Mom.
I love my mom. I value her opinion.
But my mom is Southern, very Southern,
and she'll tell you like it is.
So, I'm just nervous
on how she's gonna behave.
-Y'all picked any dresses?
-We just started.
Well, good, I'm just in time!
- Is that for Alex?
-Probably for both.
-Well, there's two bodies, one dress.
-Either one.
That's really pretty.
Ooh, this one's pretty.
Look at the color of it.
Stars. Will you try it on?
We'll try this one on
for a fluff and puff.
-You're not supposed to see that!
-How can you not?
Let's take you back to your rooms.
Mom and I'll stay on the couch.
Alex. Whitney, you're back here.
I wanna see this one.
I think the star one's
gonna look really pretty.
-Oh, my goodness, beautiful.
-It's strapless.
The pattern!
-Isn't it pretty?
-I picked it.
- You did?
-I did.
A strapless,
which is not my typical look, but I--
- I love that appliqué.
-It's like a linen fabric.
Yeah. It's very, very pretty.
I think it's pretty, Alex.
-You have such a killer body.
-Look at her body.
Holy moly!
Do you like it?
It's different.
-Look at this.
-Alex, that is so sexy.
I'm not kidding. Beautiful.
-You look hot.
I like the deep V, and I like the waist.
And the open sides.
Other than that, I'm a little
Talk about unique.
It's a unique wedding dress.
- What, is it 'cause it's all this?
Yeah, it's a little extra.
- All right. On to the next one.
I'm excited about one more.
But you were so happy
when they got engaged. Right?
Yeah, Well, I'm happy that they're happy,
but a house'd be nice
for them to settle down.
-I know.
-They've got a long road ahead of them.
-I hate to push which one.
-I know! It's hard.
-I know, it is hard.
It kind of became real
for them today a bit,
just seeing these things come to life.
It's a hard decision.
-You want your children to be happy.
-I know.
So I'm interested to see what they decide.
Oh, my goodness.
That's the V.
Oh, that's beautiful.
-I feel like a million dollars.
- So good in this.
-You look so pretty.
-It's pretty.
You look great.
You look stunning.
That dress fits you perfectly.
You need all the accessories.
Can't have the dress without a veil.
- Yeah?
What do you think?
-I'm blown away, speechless.
- So pretty.
- Y'all got me crying!
-Mercy me.
- Mercy.
- Oh, my God.
-Making me cry.
-This is the first time I've…
…ever seen me in a veil.
If you chose wedding,
would these be the dresses?
-One hundred percent.
- Really?
Can we talk about pricing
with the dresses that they have on?
They fell in love with these.
So, Whitney's dress is gonna be $2,650,
and her veil is about $500.
And then Alex's dress is gonna be $2,300,
veil around $400.
- Okay.
-That's a chunk of money.
We have to figure out where this could
fit in and where to take away.
- Okay?
-Work it in the budget.
-But it's a part of it.
-And we love it, so
Are both feet over the wedding line now?
- House or wedding?
Thanks for all y'all's help.
I'll wear the star as mother of the bride.
Jeez, no.
- This whole day was incredible.
-Was it?
We saw a lot of exciting things.
-Every girl dreams of a wedding dress.
- Yeah.
-And I think we got that today.
It really got us thinking
about actually getting married.
I think saving the dresses to the end
of the day was really a smart move,
because it cemented how important
a wedding would be for them.
They loved the dresses,
but because they also chose
the more expensive photo package
and the ring altar with all the flowers,
they're gonna be over budget.
I'm gonna have to pull
some serious strings with this one.
-But I feel good about it.
Well, I've got
a really good shot of winning.
On our day, we did have a lot of fun.
This house is a modern masterpiece.
It's brand-new.
It's gorgeous. They love it.
There isn't a master tub,
but I have a solution for that.
It's the perfect home for their fur baby
and their future children.
- Big day.
- It is!
Are my grays showing?
-You don't have any grays.
-I do.
- Hey!
-How are you?
-Good, and you? Nice to see you again.
So good to see you!
-Doing good?
-How are you?
- Excited?
- Yes, we're very excited.
Come on in.
-How ya feeling today?
- Anxious.
She's a bit more cool
and collected than I am.
I'm excited more than nervous.
Let's just begin with the weddings,
because it was an incredible day
with you both.
-It really was. Yeah.
I think everything
we touched on together that day
was super important for you both.
You tried on some amazing dresses,
and said these would be
the dresses if you chose wedding
Without a doubt.
I spoke with the bridal shop, and they are
willing to give you your two dream dresses
for 50% off.
-Wow! Half off?
- Really?
-Ding, ding, yes! Those dream dresses.
-That's a lot. Yeah.
Not just that, they're gonna throw in
both of your veils as well.
-Holy cow.
-Oh, my gosh. That's amazing.
One more thing, too.
You remember how you loved
the floral ring as the altar backdrop?
I stayed up all night
putting flowers together.
You did a great job.
It was the most important part
for your ceremony for you both,
But if you choose wedding,
I would love to replicate that
at no cost.
- Really?
You deserve that.
It was a special moment
for you both up there,
and to have all that together--
-It'll make the ceremony.
-It will.
With all of that said, you were
over budget. But you're now at $24,980.
- You're under.
-Oh, my gosh!
Wow, I'm kind of speechless, I really am.
-Should we just forget Nichole?
-You can never forget Nichole.
Nice try, Red.
- Oh, jeez.
As important as a wedding is
for you guys
that money would be so much more
well-spent and invested in your future…
- Mmm-hmm. Look at it.
-…in this home.
That is your dream kitchen.
So much natural light,
and within the budget.
-You're welcome.
The one mark that we missed in this house
was that the master bath
did not have a tub for Alex.
-That was her must, right?
-The spare bath had one.
But I've spoken to the builder.
He will put a free-standing tub
that would look similar to this
in the spare bath at no extra charge.
-So, you could have your spa oasis…
…and you still have
your big space to grow the family…
-…at the same price.
Look at that tub, though.
She doesn't care about the rest,
just the tub.
- Right?
- Yeah. It's pretty deep.
Because we're new friends,
I'll make sure that he works with you
to customize the tile, if you'd like.
- Amazing.
-That's a great incentive.
-Yeah. Okay.
-My goodness. Wow.
-We're blown away by both of y'all.
-We are.
I mean, you guys have made it
so hard on us.
-Like, genuinely.
-That's the entire point.
That's true.
-Job well done.
- Thanks.
-Wow. Wow! Okay.
- Yeah.
-Should we give 'em a second?
No hurry, we're in the next room
if you need us.
That was a lot to take in.
Yeah, I agree.
Fifty percent of the wedding dresses,
that's huge.
And we get the veils.
And the veils, yes.
I'm torn.
I mean, the wedding is just
a chance for us to show the world our love
and celebrate it.
I'm gonna get teary-eyed, but
Seriously but I knew from that moment
you asked me to marry you
that I wanted to show the world
that we are normal,
we are in love,
like any other couple,
and I looked forward to that moment.
Let me just tell you,
that house is very pretty.
-I mean, brand-new,
-more clean and modern.
It's gorgeous.
When you showed
the picture of the altar
-The ring altar?
-The greenery was pretty, and the flowers.
-They're beautiful.
-They are really pretty.
I can't keep up with this.
I don't know what to think right now.
-And then you have the house. I mean--
You get your dream bathtub.
-I know.
You get to design it.
I know that's a huge deal for you.
Yeah, it just completes it.
The home means a life with you
and a child with you and
-Hopefully more than one child.
I could see it.
It was tangible to me.
Lot of times, when you plan
a wedding, it's not tangible.
With Nichole, it was like the after,
you know, of us being a couple
and building a family together.
That is just as emotional for me.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Hey. You ladies ready?
-Yeah, I think so.
Our hands are sweaty.
-Little clammy.
-Goodness, guys!
Yeah, we wanna make sure
that you know how grateful we are
-for everything that you've done.
We gave you a little seed of information,
and you've grown it into the dream.
We're incredibly appreciative.
We couldn't have had a better experience.
- You're more than welcome.
Are you ready?
-I guess so.
-I think we should do this, too.
-We're really nervous.
-We are choosing
-It felt like I was so there, too.
-You know what's crazy--
-You were.
-I walked in, and I thought I was losing.
-We realize we're giving up a great house.
-I mean, a dream home.
-That's why it was hard.
I'm so happy for you guys.
- Thank you.
I love this woman to death.
I love you.
- Whoa! Jeez.
We wanna celebrate
with family and our close friends.
It'll show our love.
I'm super excited, I'm pumped.
-The first gay wedding I go to is mine.
Now you know what to look forward to
when you look for houses.
-You're the first person we'll call.
- Purrfect!
- Cheers!
I cannot imagine ♪
A forever without you ♪
You look beautiful.
-Don't cry.
- I'm gonna cry.
-Are you ready?
-Let's do the damn thing.
I can't imagine ♪
Me without you ♪
I now pronounce you wife and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
- Yes!
I got married
to this beautiful woman.
We're so happy
we chose Sarah for the wedding.
She really understood our vision,
what we were going for.
The ring altar was beautiful.
It was simple, but very pretty.
Just was kind of the focal point
that we were wanting.
Mrs. and Mrs. Morgan!
We're thrilled we chose David
'cause he kinda just lets us be us.
There's no way I could have
anticipated it being this good.
It was the best moment of my life.
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