Marriage or Mortgage (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Before Deployment

We do need to get a house.
I'm in the United States Army.
I'll be deployed in a year and a half,
and, um, I wanna make sure
that she's grounded and taken care of.
A wedding is very important to me.
It's, like, the one time
where you can be super extra,
and everyone celebrates your extra-ness.
Yeah, so, currently
we're pretty stuck in the decision.
It's like a wedding, house.
Wedding, house.
-Brittany's like, "Let's do it, go big."
-Wedding, house. Both. Let's do both.
Yeah, that's unfortunate
we can't do that, so…
I mean, we could. We could do both.
No, we can't.
All my ladies around the globe ♪
Live it up, live it up ♪
- What are you doing?
- Grabbing some water.
You look pretty in your flowing cape.
Very Stevie Nicks.
What are you doing?
I have the information
on our next couple, Brittany and Scott.
Brittany and Scott are a fun-loving couple
who met through mutual friends
but fell in love on the dance floor.
We met at a party.
I was getting my moves on, dancing,
things are going well, then,
the lights flashed on…
and she just walked away.
-I thought we were vibing.
-Apparently I was unaware of the vibe.
He had to text my friend's
friend's friend to get my number,
but you know what?
It worked out.
-Brittany is a self-proclaimed princess.
Scott is her Army prince who wants
to give her everything she wants,
within budgetary reasons.
I like nice things.
You gotta work for them,
-but you can get 'em if you work hard.
-It's true.
I love that he keeps me in check.
I mean, he's not cheap.
-He's in the Army.
-He's used to having just dirt and a mat.
I love you.
-I love you.
-We've been together for four years.
-Go back to sleep.
When he was deployed,
it was rough.
They literally go
to a different country to risk their life.
And then when he got back, it was like,
"Wow. He's my best friend."
I wanted to be with her
for the rest of my life.
Right now they live
in a tiny apartment near his base.
-We live in Clarksville, Tennessee.
-We live in a one-bedroom,
one-bathroom triplex.
The dungeon.
-It's not.
-There's only one window.
Not a dungeon. It's beautiful.
Wanna see my closet?
Wait, it's just a drawer.
You have a rolling suitcase
I got you so you can put stuff in--
Best Christmas present you ever got me.
Pretty good, actually.
I deserve a closet.
I've been deployed four times now,
and I should be deployed
in a year and a half.
So, it's important we get a house to know
that she's safe, she's near family.
I want a home so that I can have children.
We've saved enough
to afford a $475,000 house.
Though they want a forever home,
Brittany wants
a big wedding with tons of bling.
Scott wants a big party
on a huge dance floor.
I can deliver.
I want a wedding
because I will be leaving soon,
and I want her to,
number one, get all the benefits,
health care, dental care.
That's kind of important.
I really want to make sure
she's taken care of.
-Getting pumped?
-Nervous energy, I don't know what to do.
It is a difficult decision for us
'cause wedding,
we get to shout out to the world.
With a house, we have something
we can build on for the future.
- Hey!
-Hey! I'm Nichole.
-Nice to meet you.
It's a big purchase, a big deal.
- How are you?
- Excited. Nervous.
- Yeah.
- Don't be nervous.
-It's fun.
So, you decided
it was time to propose when?
A few months ago.
-Just recent?
- Yeah.
I'm really close with her family,
so I wanted her mom
and her dad to be there for it.
Family is super important to you.
Yes. It's very important.
With deployment, you'll be gone
for a year and a half, or--
Leave in a year and a half.
Goal's to get everything settled now.
-That is kind of, like, the dilemma.
As far as the house side,
Team Mortgage over here,
what's your budget?
With a VA loan,
-so that's 6% down.
Fantastic. Four beds, three baths.
-Preferred neighborhood,
Belle Meade, Franklin, Spring Hill,
close to your parents.
- Okay.
I wanna hear about your wish list
for the house.
Like, what is your dream?
-I really want a grand entrance.
-Grand staircase.
-Grand staircase.
-Yeah. High ceilings.
-Need lots of sunlight.
Right now we're living
in this tiny one-bedroom apartment,
and I just really need more space.
That is one of the reasons why, you know,
we're looking for the forever home.
- Yes.
-Roger that.
What else is important in a home?
I want every bedroom
to have a decent-sized closet.
Fair. To the guests.
Right now, I have to drive
all the way to Nashville, 45 minutes,
to get clothes from my parents'.
To Nashville?
-From outside of Clarksville.
- She has endured.
She deserves the best, honestly.
what do you want in a house?
I want some garage space.
I have a classic car
-I want to start working on…
…'69 Fastback Mustang,
so we're looking at houses.
In there, I can restore it.
So, yeah.
I think we can get something close.
How flexible are you going to be
on giving up a few things?
-Depends on which things.
- Okay.
I want to be close
to my parents.
My granddaddy used to say,
"The love of family
is life's greatest blessing,"
so we just really
want to stay true to that.
The way she said "granddaddy,"
that's so sweet.
Yeah, I love him.
I miss him. He just passed.
Oh, honey. I'm sorry.
So sorry.
He actually passed
a month before we got engaged.
-My goodness.
- Yeah.
And then, you know, Scottie deploys,
and I don't want to be alone.
Yeah, that's important for me,
that she has a very stable place to stay,
-near family.
'Cause obviously
she'll need a support structure.
Grandpa wanted you to have a house?
Granddaddy would have wanted me
to have a house.
I know a house is important,
but having a big wedding
with family is also important.
What's your budget if you go wedding?
- $33,000.
-We could go a bit higher if necessary.
A little bit.
About 100 people.
Yeah. That's about right.
-Where do you wanna get married?
-Like, a hotel ballroom.
Venue is the least important thing.
I want to make sure
everyone can just break it down.
- Romantic glam.
- Yes.
Everyone dressed to the nines.
You want to feel like
Cinderella at your wedding.
Have anything in mind
that might be important?
If you could make it happen,
I think it'd be super cool
to exit in a carriage.
-Then I'd really be like Cinderella.
-Of course.
Might be cool
to incorporate your classic car love.
Ooh. That would be cool.
What else should I know?
I really want to change into something.
Maybe a jumpsuit in there.
-We're gonna talk.
So, you said that your granddaddy
loved for you both to have a house.
Would he love for you
to have a wedding, too?
I get really sad
when I think about it because
I would have loved to have
a granddaughter-granddaddy dance.
We can incorporate him somehow.
-That'd be great.
- Awesome.
Wedding's really important 'cause
it's also a merging of families,
that's how I see it.
-That's sweet.
- Awesome.
Family is so important to Brittany,
and I know that Scott wants her
in a home before he gets deployed.
I'm gonna do everything I can to find
something close to her family,
'cause those deployments cannot be easy.
They need a wedding before Scott deploys.
Not just to celebrate with loved ones,
but to have a foundation and support
of their marriage while they're apart.
Make my bougie dreams come true.
-We definitely can.
-Yours as well, Scott. I promise you.
I feel good from my head to my toes ♪
-Exciting day planned.
-I know.
I told Scott
I lived in the same house my entire life.
So, when you say your house purchase
will be your forever home,
-it's 'cause that's your experience.
-That's what I saw my parents do,
and they were down the street
from Grandma and Granddad.
I know Scott wants
Brittany situated before he leaves,
so she's taken care of
and he worries less while he's gone.
Today, I'm gonna show them
some really amazing houses
and find them their forever home.
This is the home here on the left.
-Yeah. Wow.
- Ooh.
-Come on in.
- Oh, wow.
-This house is about 3,400 square feet.
- Okay.
Four bedrooms and three baths.
It is well under budget at $409,000.
The grand staircase.
Here's the staircase. Okay.
Could be better.
She doesn't like it.
I like it, but, you know, I just want
people to walk in and just be like, boom!
Welcome to the crib, you know?
- Oh, my God.
-This one,
-it's kind of hidden.
We need some marble in there,
we need the grand staircase.
-We need gold finishes.
-Wanna get a moat, too?
-Drawbridge to go up and down?
-Too much. You're being extra.
- I'm being… That's me.
Lots to see in this house,
so much attention to detail,
and beautiful aspects, so…
I really don't like all of the black
in the kitchen, in the cabinets.
-It's a little rustic-looking.
-Got it.
-Brittany's more modern, more bright.
We're not gonna want
to have to redo all of those cabinets.
I'd say my standards of what I want for
a house can be considered a little extra,
but it's a forever home. I mean,
if we're spending money on something,
and I'm spending my money,
I'll get what I want.
-Your master en suite.
-Oh, my God.
-Fit for a princess.
-I like the shaping of this room.
-Yes, this is nice.
And you got a nice view of the backyard.
Oh! I like these finishes.
Let's see the closet.
That's right.
Nice-sized closet.
Does it meet
the Brittany standard?
I don't know.
Don't get mad at me,
but there's only one.
You guys can't share a closet?
-Does he have cooties?
Why does he need
a separate closet altogether?
Because he gave me a drawer
for a year and a half.
-Banishing me?
-You're being punished.
-I'm being punished?
That's difficult in this price range.
Okay. Fair.
-We can figure it out.
Brittany has high standards when it comes
to picking a house. I totally get it.
This isn't just
a financial investment for her,
this is her forever home,
and she is set on that.
We're gonna dance
Until the morning light ♪
By the end of the day today,
you're gonna want
a lot of these fun things I'll show you.
She'll want it all.
-I won't just show things for her.
I'm showing you both things.
They have $33,000 to spend
on a black-tie, fairy-tale wedding.
I spent some time with them to nail down
decisions on big-ticket items
like the venue, decor, etcetera.
This will eat up $24,000 of their budget,
which leaves me about $8,800 to work with.
But in order to get them
to choose marriage over mortgage,
I need to focus on those
fairy-tale touches to put it over the top
and convince them
that a wedding is the right choice.
This one has to do with you both.
And possibly the way that you met.
-We going to the club!
-We're going to the club?
-I am.
- Hi!
Dancing is important to you both,
and your first dance is pretty important.
-Of course. You kidding?
Travona is a professional choreographer,
and she's a pro cheerleader as well.
-Oh, okay!
-What does this dance mean to you?
It's pretty much the expression
of our relationship as a whole,
you know, basically how we started,
and obviously this is gonna be
a focal point for the rest of our life.
Lots of couples choose choreographed
dances to kick off their reception.
It's a fun, inviting way
to have something unique.
-I can see it setting the mood.
-It does.
Have you thought about
what you want as a first dance?
I think we want to start
with more traditional,
-So, slow.
But then kinda get into
a little bit more upbeat, you know--
-Hip-hoppish? Wanna bust a move on 'em.
Scott wants to twerk.
Okay. Twerk?
-No. Not the twerk.
-You guys wanna start with a waltz?
Okay. You are going
to step front with that left.
She is going
to step back with her right.
-So, it's one, two, three.
-No, other foot.
-There you go.
-Switch. One, two, three.
And one, two, three.
Faster. One, two, three, go.
One, two, three.
- One, two, three.
We're gonna transition
into your hip-hop dance.
- Okay.
-You just finished, she looks at you,
and then she'll walk off.
- Oh!
-Oh! So, this is exactly how
our first time ended up.
It's basically the same!
-Try it with music.
She walks off, she walks away.
-There we go.
-There you go. Oh, there we go!
Oh, shoot!
Uh-oh, getting real. Hey!
Hey. Okay.
-Scott just got happy.
Seven, eight. And--
Here we go.
Five, six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
-One, two, three, up four.
- Whoa!
-Bend that back. Come on. There you go!
- That's your finale.
-I like it.
Got it.
-I'm the better dancer.
-Absolutely not.
-Absolutely not.
- I'm the better dancer.
-No. Don't even question it.
So, could you imagine,
if you chose wedding,
this could be something so amazing
all your guests would love.
On to budget.
For me to create choreography
specific to you all,
it'll cost $1,000
to choreograph the two dances.
And I think you guys
may need about…
15 lessons.
I charge $150 per session.
-That's your fault.
For timing,
-so you guys feel natural.
That's probably best.
So, 15 dance lessons
at $150 is about $2,250.
We'll need to think about it.
What if you chose one dance?
How much is one dance?
At one dance, we're looking at $400.
Okay. And still how many lessons?
-You're looking at about ten.
-This is your time to shine.
-I want everything to look great. So…
Would you choose hip-hop or waltz?
-Hip-hop, yeah.
-You're amazing.
-Thank you, it was good seeing you.
-I'll be back for my lesson.
- Perfect.
The home that we're gonna look at
is a former model home.
It has a lot of upgrades.
This next home is near
the top of their budget at 475.
However, this neighborhood's
real estate value keeps climbing,
so I think it'll be a win-win for them.
All right,
here's a grand staircase moment.
-All right. This is different.
That a good wow or a bad wow?
I'm taking it in.
It's priced at $472,500.
It is a four bed, three bath,
about 3,300 square feet.
Like, these roll?
-Oh, wow. It moves.
They're called barn doors.
- Okay. Oh, okay.
We're in a barn.
A definite rustic feel, I'll give it that.
-I can tell you're not a fan.
This is like
a keeping room area with a fireplace.
I do like a fireplace.
But, you know…
The wood.
-The wood and the marble,
that's an interesting combination to me,
We don't want wooden walls…
-Got it.
-…or barn doors inside the house.
-Or outside the house.
-You know.
You never know
when you show your clients houses
what they're going
to react to positively or negatively.
Turns out
they don't like barn doors.
Yeah. Or anything rustic.
-So, Nashville does them right, then.
Know what? You don't have to worry
about them having a farm wedding.
-Nice. Yes. This is nice.
-Okay, see, I really like this island.
- Wait! I got a point!
-Yes. Yeah.
A major point there.
-I could see all the spreads I could make.
-Look what I-- Okay.
-Great for entertaining.
-It's perfect.
It's a good spaced area.
- It looks kinda small.
-It does seems smaller
-than the previous one.
-The other one.
It is.
Maybe the ceiling is lower.
That makes a smaller space seem smaller.
Okay. Could work with it.
-Double doors. Coming in.
-Beautiful moment, right?
- Never seen a shower like this.
-It's big.
-The marble on the inside.
-You've got awesome space through here.
-Oh, wow.
If you didn't want
your bags to get dusty…
-Yeah. Good point. I love that.
-…put 'em here and shut it.
Yes! I like this.
-Even I like the floors in here.
-I know.
-See yourself here with all your tools?
-Plenty of space.
Workspace. And we were talking
about a space for all your stuff.
We were.
Big enough for you?
-This is-- Yes.
-Oh, dang.
Now we're talkin'.
All right, guys, well,
how are we feeling about this space?
It's a beautiful home,
it's just not our style.
-It's not our home.
I'll take that.
I mean, I am really trying hard
with these houses
because Scott's deploying.
It's important…
I have a passion
to find the right house…
-…given their situation.
I am striking out, big time.
I can see it. I think Scott
and Brittany are probably gonna be
one of your toughest clients ever.
-I will not disagree with that comment.
I think the next location
is gonna be perfect for you guys.
-As long as we don't have these.
I promise, cross my heart, no barn doors.
Gonna make it count today ♪
I'm a new woman today ♪
-Come on in!
- Oh!
-Hi, I'm Jen.
-Brittany, nice to meet you.
-Scott. It's a pleasure.
-Hey, girl.
-Hi. How are you?
-This is my happy place.
-I know.
-My happy place now.
-What are we doing?
I know what I want for my ceremony dress,
but for my second outfit,
I really want
Scott's opinion to be involved.
-Wanna get started and have some fun?
-Yeah, let's do it.
Brittany wants two outfits for her
wedding,and she has already looked
at ceremony dresses
that range around $6,000.
So, I thought I would have her
try on outfits for the reception
with Scott.
This dress has a secret,
so we should take her.
Dresses always
bring the day to life,
so if Scott can see her
in this second outfit,
I really think that I can
sway them over to the wedding side.
-I'm so excited.
-I know, she'll look so good.
I cannot wait to see.
Holy cow.
-I mean, I love this.
-There's your bling.
-Oh, wait, turn.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah, this is--
You haven't seen the best part.
-There's a better part?
Oh, here we go.
Two dresses in one.
-My gosh, so pretty.
-I love it.
- Me, too.
I like the shoulders,
how it's, like, kind of, like, slightly,
like, resting on her… Yeah.
I feel hot.
That's nice and light…
- I'm obsessed with that.
That's beautiful, but next option.
- Next?
I don't want to take this one off.
We gotta figure out if this could be
-part of the budget.
- Yes.
Because a wedding is super important
-for you, right?
So, it's important for you to see these
dresses, I think it's good for your input,
but seeing her at the ceremony for
the first time is really important, too.
Yes. Like,
-we don't want to do a first look.
I want, like, the first time she sees me,
-the first time I see her, it's like--
You know,
that's something that we both want,
and something that, obviously,
our families are looking forward to.
-It's a big moment.
- I mean…
Oh, my gosh.
-This is the jumpsuit of my dreams.
- I'm dying.
- Yeah, that's the jumpsuit.
- Can I tell you a secret?
In our consultation, you mentioned
you really wanted a jumpsuit.
We had this custom designed for you.
-Just for you.
- It's perfect.
How long did it take you
to sew that lovely jumpsuit?
-I did not sew that.
If I did, it would fall right off.
But every fairy godmother
has little seamstresses
-and the best vendors.
All the tiny mice
behind the scenes doing all the sewing.
- Right.
-Yeah. I see it now. Yeah.
It's exactly what I wanted.
-Really? Good!
-You're tearing up.
I am. I am, like, tearing up.
-This is a home run, grand slam.
- Thanks.
Yeah. Wow.
When you came out, I really was stunned.
Like, I want to choose wedding
just to see Brittany in that jumpsuit.
So, what does this jumpsuit cost?
Well, the price I would give you
for the jumpsuit…
Okay. Love you.
…is $800.
I was expecting much more,
so that's good.
-I like the price.
- Yes!
-This is why you gotta stick with me.
I'm… We're here.
-Team Wedding.
-Team W.
I love that. It's sad,
but you have to take it off.
I don't want to.
We passed my parents' house.
Because we are going just
a few minutes from your parents' house.
- That's-- Okay.
I'm a little hard-pressed
to meet all the demands on this one.
Four hundred seventy-five thousand,
everything they want, in Nashville?
It's not the easiest thing
I've been up against.
-I mean, ya think?
- Yeah.
Think you got a tough one?
I'm gonna have to think
outside the box on this one.
Well, here we go.
I don't see a house.
- Not yet.
But there is a method to my madness.
The lot is $160,000.
- My gosh.
- About 10,000 square feet,
and it's a few minutes away
from your parents.
And you've got the rest of your budget
to build your forever home.
- Okay.
I don't normally do this,
but I had an architect draw up a schematic
of what I think you guys would like.
-Oh, wow. Wow.
-Oh, wow.
-That is beautiful.
This is the footprint of the first floor.
Here is your grand entrance.
-Side garage.
-The staircase.
-I see it.
-A staircase right when you get in.
That's right. And then you could have
your four bedrooms.
I see two closets right there.
-I know, right? You're welcome.
-Oh, my gosh.
So, because you guys had
so many specific details,
I kind of had this as a backup plan
because I didn't feel like I could produce
the house that hit every single box.
Close to your parents' house,
in the area you want,
with the amenities in a home
that you want, in your price range.
So, the land costs about $160,000,
and then their construction cost
for the house is about 300.
So that brings the total to about 460,000,
which is in the ballpark of their budget,
and it gives Brittany
exactly what she wants.
The issue is
is that I'm going to be deploying soon.
-So, like, timeline is kind of an issue.
- How long would it take?
I would say,
five to six months, conservatively.
So, it could take longer.
But keep in mind, her parents are
literally 90 seconds away.
That's true.
And I just think
you won't be collectively happy
unless you guys have,
like, everything that you want.
-What would Granddaddy think?
Would he want you to have your dream house
you built from the ground up?
And you could do that right here.
Super close…
-to Mom and Dad.
What was Grandpa's favorite saying?
Give you guys a second.
Okay. For sure.
I love you, baby.
He's looking down on us right now.
I promise you.
What do you guys think?
I think that
this is what my granddaddy would want.
I think he would want me
to stay close to my mom and dad.
-If we do choose house over wedding…
…this is definitely the route we wanna go.
I think it's the only way
we're gonna hit all the boxes.
I think you'll both really be surprised
with what I've got planned next.
Oh, schnikies.
- What?
-Are you excited?
His name is Flint.
-Flint. He's a boss.
- Beautiful.
- I love his pink feet.
- Pink shoes?
We got the Rolls-Royce!
We're here 'cause in the consultation,
you both wanted a grand exit.
I don't think you can be
more grand than either of these.
-Good. It's pretty big, huh?
A classic
Cinderella moment right here,
or the beautiful classic car.
-I mean--
-We have to choose?
-Not yet. We gotta ride in them.
-I'm down with that.
Rolls-Royce first.
Now this is a lux scene.
And I am digging it.
I've never been in a Rolls-Royce.
My feet were riding on clouds.
That's what they felt like.
Makes you feel good.
"A half million dollars" good.
Sarah really put it out there,
and honestly,
-it was definitely a great touch.
-I could get used to a Rolls.
- Whoo!
-Oh, my God.
- I don't want to get out.
-Can I stay? I wanna live in there.
-Oh, my God.
Score on this one.
-We like it.
High five, awesome.
-But we have one more. Can't choose yet.
Get comfy,
there's a little blanket for you guys.
- Yeah!
Princess is leaving.
Oh, my gosh.
All I have to say is
Sarah is a fairy godmother.
We went from prince and princess
to king and queen in our carriage.
We even got Scott a Rolls-Royce.
It is really overwhelming that
we're seeing our dream wedding unfold
right before our eyes.
I mean,
it could really be a beautiful day.
This would make my granddaddy so happy.
With my best friend.
With my best friend.
Hey, guys.
Oh, my gosh.
I feel like I'm dreaming right now.
-So let's talk budget.
- Okay.
For the carriage,
it'd be $1,000 for the whole night.
Okay. And--
-The Rolls-Royce?
- Yes.
You're looking at $1,400
for the whole day.
Okay, so, I need to know.
Which one do you like?
-The carriage or Rolls?
-You know what she'll choose.
-Okay. Go for it.
-Heck, yes.
- For sure.
I do have one more little surprise
for you.
I know how important
your granddaddy was to you,
and I know that you would have
loved him to be at your wedding.
Just before you exit,
we could give tribute to your grandfather.
-That would mean so much to me.
-Yes. You ready to see it?
-Yes. Absolutely.
-Yes, yeah.
Oh, my gosh.
-That's super cool.
So, just imagine,
showing your love
for your granddaddy and his memory,
and everybody gets to, you know, see that.
-That is big.
I wish he could see us
start our life together.
But he won't be there.
So, having a tribute
like the doves would mean
we could incorporate my granddaddy
into the best day of my life.
That would be beautiful.
- Say bye to Flint.
- I don't want to.
Might see him soon.
Today was the best.
-I can make magic happen.
-Make dreams come true.
You're my fairy godmother.
I could be your fairy godmother
as a wedding planner.
Might not wear that outfit--
-We don't want you in that.
Read my lips today ♪
I ain't like these other girls
Around the way ♪
Hey, guys.
- Hi!
-Good to see you.
-You, too.
-Hey, Scottie.
-Hi, how's it going?
Come on in,
have a seat on the couch. Relax today.
How are you feeling?
-Excellent. Nervous.
-Good. Yeah.
You're nervous?
- Yeah.
Coming into this from our consultation,
you had this fairy-tale dream wedding,
and I feel like our day
really gave you all that.
-I agree.
-One thousand percent.
Can I sweeten the pot just a little bit?
- Please, fairy godmother.
- Yes?
One of our stops was the dance studio.
Because of budget,
you chose hip-hop over the waltz.
We did.
So, I spoke with Travona,
and she will choreograph
the waltz and the hip-hop
for the price of one.
-Get to show off your moves.
Sarah discount.
-Wouldn't that be incredible?
-Oh, wow.
But that's not it, though.
I have more up my sleeve.
Brittany, one dress
is not good enough for a princess.
You have to have two, right?
The one amazing outfit
that you looked stunning in
-was the jumpsuit.
- Oh, God.
I know it's important
you have two outfits.
So, if you choose wedding,
they will comp the custom jumpsuit
if you buy a wedding dress from them.
-Are you serious?
-I'm speechless.
- That jumpsuit was everything.
- Everything.
- I've got more.
You both wanted a grand exit
from your ceremony to your reception.
You landed on Cinderella carriage.
But, if you choose wedding,
I spoke with the luxury car rental,
and they would love to give you
the carriage and the luxury car
together for the price of one.
-I love it.
We could come in and leave
exactly how we were saying.
So, you guys came to me
with a $33,000 budget,
but I only had $8,800 to play with
because the venue, entertainment,
and the food will eat up a lot of it.
Taking into account what we discussed
to pull off your dream day,
the budget comes in at $34,800.
-Oh, I like that.
I was thinking a lot more.
That's awesome.
-I really thought it was gonna be 60.
- I know!
-I thought…
So you're telling me
I had more wiggle room.
-I didn't say that.
-You ready?
- So ready.
We saw some amazing houses.
None of them checked all the boxes.
And that's okay, because
I had something else up my sleeve.
What we landed on was
this beautiful plot of land
you can build your dream home on.
It can be everything you want.
And it's literally within minutes
from your parents' home.
-So, if you choose house,
I spoke with the architect.
the architect fees are about $3,000.
And he's wiling to comp
the house renderings and the design work.
And you can design
the home of your dreams.
- That's awesome.
-Saves you a lot of money.
- Yeah.
Also, I've talked to a tile contractor.
And I know how much you love marble.
He is willing to take
50% off of the services,
so you can have
the beautiful marble floor in the foyer.
-Oh, yeah. That would be amazing.
-That's amazing.
So, if it's your forever home, build it,
customize it, make it your own.
-That's true.
-The forever home. Exactly what we want.
-It is.
-Let us give you guys a minute, okay?
Take some time.
We'll be back.
Sarah really provided a great vision
of how, like, our big day could be.
-Two-for-one Sarah.
-Yeah, two-for-one. Both dances.
The carriage and the Rolls.
And the tribute to Granddaddy
was so sweet.
I'm actually very, very torn.
I want everybody to know I'm marrying
the most beautiful girl in the world.
If I had to bet, I'd say
that she's gonna choose a wedding.
-"You get this, you get this."
You kept throwing everything
but the bathroom sink at 'em.
But I will tell you,
the custom home on the plot of land?
Her dreams are big,
and to offer her something like that,
-and close to her family--
You didn't think, walking into this,
you could check all those boxes,
but honestly, it does check all the boxes.
We love adventures.
And building our own house
sounds like a hell of an adventure.
It's like both of us
get to put our own ideas into
what we want, what we're gonna live in,
raise our kids in.
We can tell our kids,
"You know this house you're living in?
Me and your dad built it."
-Are you ready?
-Oh, we are.
First, I need to thank you both,
because I know
that I have absurd requests,
and you guys really made it all happen,
both of you.
And you both did it with grace,
and you both really incorporated
the most important thing to me,
my granddaddy.
-Thank you both so much.
-You're welcome.
I think we're ready to make our decision.
-We're going house.
- Going with mortgage.
-I'm so happy!
- Thank you.
I'm very happy we chose house.
I'm gonna be leaving soon.
I want her to feel protected and safe,
and near family.
This is what
my granddaddy would've wanted.
- Hey!
- Whoo!
I want a wedding to celebrate
that I have this hot guy.
But it's gonna have to wait.
Something good's worth waiting for, right?
That's right.
Cheers to a future family home!
- Cheers. Cheers!
- Yay. Yes.
Welcome to my dream house.
Oh, I can't believe it.
There's a door. And bricks.
This is the marble.
We're in Club BS.
I'm obsessed with our forever home.
I'm never leaving.
It's everything we hoped for and more.
Nichole killed it.
I was able to get my closets,
my grand staircase,
and the marble?
-Don't scratch the marble!
-Sorry about that.
Scott has his garage.
I do have my garage.
I'm happy about that.
It's such a comfort
having her parents nearby,
because when I do deploy,
it's gonna be a lot easier for me to know
-her family's there to support her.
-We're blessed.
Club BS.
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