Marriage or Mortgage (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

A Second Chance

I'm more toward the home.
She's more toward the wedding.
-We flip-flop constantly.
-We do. I know.
It really is our dream
to have a big, fat, gay wedding.
But we live in the same house
that I lived in with my ex.
-We have tried to de-ex it. We have--
-Exorcise it.
Exorcise it.
We want our own place.
But turnkey-ready.
I mean, we are not fixer-uppers.
We are not those "lesbians."
- No. Unfortunately,
neither of us got that gene.
Hey, Sarah.
-Hey, Nichole.
-What you doing?
Nothing much. You?
-I have information on our next couple.
-So exciting.
-I know.
-Love it.
Cindy and Karla.
- How cute are they?
-They are cute.
-And they have the same haircut.
-They do.
The two lovebirds
found each other later in life
and have been engaged for two months.
-Two months. New.
I love cuddling with you,
and just how you have such empathy
and compassion for other people.
She may make me cry.
We can't be having that.
I love her humor.
She's got the biggest,
kindest heart I think I've ever seen.
-You're my baby.
Karla is a medical
imaging technician.
And Cindy is a pastor at an LGBTQ church.
Because just around the corner,
God has a blessing for you.
The mission and the message of the church
that I started for the LGBTQ community
is that God loves them,
they are God's children,
and love is love.
I want our wedding to be an event
that the community attends and celebrates.
Like, all the gay people
and the lesbians and the transgender.
Seems like we're having a convention.
But they're also desperate,
may I underline, highlight that--
Desperate to buy a house
since they are living…
Living in the same house
Karla shared with her ex.
With her ex.
We want our own place,
and we could afford
to buy a house for $350,000.
She's working on her sermon.
I must be grateful
for the people in my life.
- How's it going?
Did you see my sweater?
-You're not unloading all that stuff.
No. This is not time nor the place.
No, ma'am.
-Look how much they're in love. I love it.
-It's great.
If we decided now,
what would you do?
What would I do?
House, wedding? We're right
in the middle of this fork in the road.
What fork we're gonna take,
we don't know.
-Ready, Freddy?
-Ready as I'll ever be.
Come in, ladies. Nice to see you.
We have $30,000 in the bank,
and we could only afford
to have one kind of celebration,
whether that be a wedding
or a moving party.
So, tell us how you guys got together.
-I performed the wedding ceremony of her…
…and her ex-wife.
-That's interesting.
-Yes. Isn't that interesting? Yes.
- Okay.
Her ex, um, cheated on her.
-When I'd check in on her and say,
"I'm thinking about you.
How are you doing?
If you need to talk, I'm here,"
And I was at the time
in a very bad relationship myself.
- And I reached out to her.
Oh, my goodness sakes. I can't even…
I mean, it was like being saved.
Sounds like you saved each other.
That's the thing
that is such a joy for us,
is we were able to find love
-like we never experienced, at our age.
- Amazing.
So, you're desperate
to buy a house, I see.
It depends on who you ask.
-So, I'm leaning toward a wedding.
-Karla, what about you?
Well, having had a wedding…
- Mm-hmm.
-…I'm more for the house.
We really want something that is ours.
- What's your budget?
- Our budget is $350,000.
At least three bedrooms, two baths.
I need an office to write my sermon in.
Right now the room that I'm using
has become a catch-all.
I see a sun-filled room, bright colors.
- Right.
-Big kitchen.
When we're there now, we trip all--
We're bumping butts. It's not so pretty.
-It's not so pretty.
And we would love to have
a screened-in back porch.
I love the ability to just relax.
We're both in our fifties.
She's had surgeries on her knee,
on her back.
-Everything pops and cracks
-and creaks.
I'll do my best, see what I can do.
I guess you wanna hear about the wedding.
I do.
Your wedding budget is $30,000.
What would be the most important thing
you'd like to see come out of that budget?
I think just the venue
and the overall look.
We need a lot of space
to celebrate the whole community.
And we're looking at
200-300 people in attendance.
- That's a lot.
But we know a lot of people.
I've been a leader in the LGBTQ community
here in Nashville since 1996.
I've performed many weddings.
But I've never had one of my own.
-I wanna be able to celebrate our love…
-…and invite the community to come in.
-Have you picked out a venue yet?
- As far as venue,
I love history.
So we love the mansions in Nashville.
-I just am so drawn to those.
- Great.
A beautiful estate.
-Something with character.
- Okay.
Tons of flowers.
The more flowers, the better for me.
Outdoors with greenery,
or an indoor venue
where we can bring in flowers.
-Okay. Great.
- Exactly.
I think, a big thing for me is
I would love to have
a big performance stage.
I love live music.
That's important.
It's a totally different feel
than having a DJ.
- True.
-For sure.
I want it to be a community event.
-We want a big, fat, gay wedding.
-Yes, we do.
If it's a house, we want a…
Big, fat, gay house!
-House! I love it.
Cindy and Karla are living proof
that you can find love later in life.
There's no time like the present
to do the smart thing, get a home,
to start a new chapter.
Because they found each other
later in life,
they need to celebrate their love
in front of their community.
I mean, I want to plan
-this big, fat, gay wedding.
-We can't lose either way.
-You've won. You found each other.
-Exactly, we have.
-I know.
…to stand here saying this is love ♪
I just kissed you yesterday
This thing has only just begun ♪
You excited?
Overwhelmed, but it's exciting.
So, we've got three different venues
we're gonna see.
'Cause I wanna give you three options.
All have different characteristics
that fit your needs.
They wanna turn their wedding
into this huge, joyous celebration
for their community,
and they have a budget of $30,000.
So, today we'll check out venues
since this is a big-ticket item
and most important to them.
Each of these venues are large and
have some sort of performance space,
and they all have character.
This is for you
to tell me your dislikes, your likes.
-Oh, don't worry. We'll tell ya.
Yeah, we won't hold back.
Oh, my gosh. I love it.
The Carnton House was built
around 1826.
One of my favorite venues.
-Old house. It is beautiful.
This would be the first thing
that your guests would see.
It's a great space for an entrance,
welcome into the ceremony,
or even a cocktail hour.
Yeah. It's beautiful.
-You wanna see the rest?
Look at that tree.
-Love it, beautiful.
- Incredible.
It's over 200 years old.
It's witnessed over thousands of weddings,
and it's called their Witness Tree.
- Incredible.
- My gosh.
Thousands of weddings
performed underneath this tree.
-I'm a tree hugger.
- I love it.
All right, so if you choose this venue,
let's picture this.
-Envision this in your head, okay?
Aisle straight down the center.
All your wonderful guests seated,
half-moon shape all the way down,
music playing in the background.
- Yes.
-Love it?
-Love it. Gorgeous. I see it.
-You can picture walking down this aisle.
-It's incredible, isn't it?
-It's awesome. Then we end up here.
That Witness Tree,
I can picture all of our friends there
and her standing there waiting for me
to come down the aisle.
It feels like a protective cover.
-Like it's enveloping you.
-The energy is very loving there.
-It is.
Then you'd exit out of your ceremony.
Your guests would head over
to this next area I'll show you.
-Oh, wow.
It is.
-This is where I envisioned the reception.
So, if you can kind of envision,
beautiful stage back here.
When your guests walk in,
they see the performance.
- Okay.
I get it. I can see it.
-Yeah. I can, too.
-The band playing as people walk in.
Yeah, I like that.
-Let's talk about budget.
- Okay.
So, this venue is $3,000.
- Incredible.
It does not come
with all your rentals.
We bring in tables, chairs, linens.
Of course, your caterer.
-So, yeah.
It comes with all of the grounds,
free parking,
and has a bridal suite on the property.
If you wanted to get ready here
or have a landing space
to do hair and makeup…
-Are there separate spaces?
-There's a larger space in the back.
- Okay.
-So it is only one.
-'Cause I would get ready separately.
-'Cause you're not seeing each other.
Ladies, what are your thoughts?
-You're winning me over.
-I am!
It's not a done deal yet.
Don't celebrate yet,
but Nichole's got an uphill battle.
I'll cancel her meetings.
-No, that's… Don't do that. That's okay.
They say ooh la la
Every time you smile ♪
Breaking hearts you don't know
You do ♪
-We have some great houses to see.
- Yay!
They are all in Gallatin.
-So, I am really excited.
Right now, Cindy and Karla,
they need a fresh start.
The smart thing to do is
take the $30,000 they've saved,
and put it towards a new home.
So today we're gonna tour three properties
within their budget of $350,000,
all with an office space,
big kitchen, and a great backyard,
so they can get started
and settled in their forever home.
-All right.
- All right.
-Welcome in, go right ahead.
-Let's see.
-The way I like to conduct--
-Super cute.
-Tall ceilings, I love the archway.
- Gorgeous.
Like the floor.
It's a bit over
3,000 square feet.
It's four bedrooms, three and a half bath.
Priced at 352,
-just a smidge over your price range.
it's been on the market for a while,
so there's gonna be negotiation room.
-Let me get in this kitchen here.
I like the countertops.
You've got granite,
stainless steel appliances.
I like the idea of having a little bar.
Now we need a TV right there.
You can do that.
Oh, wow.
Oh, look at that. I love that.
This is very peaceful.
-I like it.
- Isn't it great?
We could screen this in
at some point.
-I like that idea.
That's one of the things it didn't have,
but it can absolutely happen out here.
That would not be a big deal.
-This is a good size.
-My goodness.
- Great size, huh?
- It is.
And it is an en suite.
-I love the chandelier.
- Like the light.
-I like the bed! Yeah!
-Love that.
-We may just stay here.
-Good night.
Can we take a nap?
I wanna see the bathroom.
There are two sinks.
-That's good.
-I like that.
Look at the size of the tub.
- Oh! Oh.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Okay, then.
-Big walk-in closet.
-That's the reaction I wanted.
- We like the closet.
-We love it.
All right,
time to get out of the closet.
We did that a long time ago.
-These are some stairs.
- Without a doubt.
-Thank God the master's on the main floor.
Oh, but look.
I'm not sure about the laundry room
being on the second floor.
I thought of that.
Is there a place, um, downstairs?
We could talk to somebody
and find out if it's an option.
'Cause we'd pretty much
live on the first floor.
-Got it.
- Yeah.
So, the thought
of having to haul laundry up and down--
-We'd have to get a dumbwaiter. Exactly.
Oh, my goodness, look at this. I love it.
I have taken the liberty of staging
a wonderful office space for you.
Oh, yay.
Got your big, bright window, your desk.
-Isn't it relaxing?
-You did good, yeah.
-It is wonderful.
-It's really cool.
I love the energy of this space and could
totally see myself writing a sermon here.
- I'll try it.
Please do.
If you feel like penning a phrase or two.
Yes. Oh, wow. This is a serious chair.
The pastor is in.
Feel like I'm doing
a counseling session.
-Yes, and how may I help you today?
But this is beautiful.
You could keep
all of your stuff up here
-out of sight.
-Out of sight, out of mind?
This might be my favorite room
in the house.
-I thought I did it for you.
Exactly. No, look what she did for me.
Just follow me. I'll walk you in.
Check out this rooftop.
-Oh, my gosh.
-Oh, wow.
-And this view.
-Look at this view.
So, I know there's people up here
right now as it's a weekday.
But this entire space
would be for your cocktail hour.
-Yeah, I love it.
-This lights up at night.
-It reflects off the water.
- Maybe we can get rainbow lights.
- Oh!
- Yes!
- Now we're talking.
-I love that.
Ceremony's down on the third floor.
After the ceremony, they would take the
elevator or the stairs up to the rooftop.
They'd enjoy cocktail hour here
while we flip your space downstairs.
Okay. So, where is the--
- Stage area.
-We could do a stage in this corner.
It's totally different vibe, but it's fun.
I would need some warmth brought in.
-Feels a little sterile up here.
-Maybe some--
-Some candles, lights.
Flowers, things like that.
-This is a fun time.
-It is fun.
-The other's a little more serious.
Wanna see the rest?
-Let's see the rest. Let's do it.
- Let's go.
All right. This is the third floor.
I've done a lot of events here,
especially weddings,
and I do love this space, 'cause it can
transform into so many different feels.
-This floor can hold up to 500 people.
-Oh, wow.
Really good seating,
comfortable areas for mix and mingling,
food stations and two bars.
At night, when it's lit up with candles,
it's so romantic.
-Really pretty.
I can see your faces. What's wrong?
-I'm struggling here with this.
- Me too.
Hard to visualize.
I'll show you stuff that might help.
-Oh, look at this!
- See how amazing we can make it?
- Oh, my gosh!
-That is amazing.
-Come on! Take a look!
-Well, thank you.
-Oh, wow. What a treat.
- Yes.
-My goodness.
See how cool it is in spaces like this
where you have the opportunity
to use walls and the architecture
in the buildings?
We can create special moments like this.
-I love that.
-That's awesome.
- Really fun.
- It is.
Seeing our names in lights
is just amazing.
It's different than the first venue,
but there's so much stimulation.
It's just a lot to take in.
We can create this space
to however you imagine it.
But will we be able to afford
to create this space how we'd imagine it?
So, the food and beverage minimum
for this place is $20,000.
That is your food, your beverage included.
You just have to meet the minimum.
Shouldn't be hard.
-It should not be hard with 300 people.
-Not at all.
-We wouldn't have a caterer.
-They cater it.
It's great, but I'm still not feeling it.
I think this would be awesome
for a younger demographic.
-If we were in our 30s--
-You'd like it more.
- Exactly.
But we're not.
-Have you been to Acme?
-I have. It's a bar.
No. They also got an amazing rooftop
and a third-floor space
that's a total blank canvas.
I'm thinking that we use our imaginations
and create this amazing look they want.
And they didn't like it?
-Failed with a crash and burn. Oh, my God.
-Crash and burn?
- All right.
-All righty.
- You can see the lake.
- You can.
- What lake is it?
-Isn't that pretty? It's Old Hickory Lake.
We love water.
-Oh, this looks cute.
- Oh, this is cute.
Okay, here we go.
- Yes.
-Oh, my.
There's a mirror
right when you walk in.
- Oh, happy day.
There's a lot of character.
- Yes.
-The homeowners were quick to point out
that they did keep
a lot of the original design work.
This house is priced
at $309,000,
which is way below your budget of 350.
It's a single-story home, three beds,
two baths and about 1,600 square feet.
I know it may not be your style,
but since it's so below your budget,
you can put in whatever finishes you want.
- Okay.
Through here is the actual kitchen.
And when I say actual, I mean from '66
when the house was built.
-Oh, sweet Jesus. And you're not kidding.
- Original cabinets and stove.
- Very original.
Does this work?
- It's functional.
- It is?
I know it needs a few updates,
here or there, so far.
You wanted character.
Oh, sweet mercy.
You guys, it's architectural significance.
It's the original fire alarm.
-Where's the dinner bell?
Lovely little wood-burning stove.
- Original hardwoods.
- I like that.
-I love the bookcase. Love it.
-The bookcase. That's very nice.
-This room I'm cool with.
-I like it. Good.
Oh, my gosh.
I wonder if it still works.
It does!
- No, it does not.
-Yes, it really does.
So, when dinner is ready, one of you
can just come over and say, "Oh, dear."
-"Dinner." That'd be you.
-Honey butt, dinner's ready.
Oh, boy.
Okay, it's dark in here.
-It'd need better lighting.
-We could do that.
Where's the toilet?
-Oh, back up a little bit. Wait a minute.
-There it is.
- There you have it.
Don't leave you
a lot of room, do they?
No, matter of fact, they don't.
Look at this.
I mean, for real, look at this.
-The toilet paper's under your arm.
Well, I could soak up arm sweat
in toilet paper.
Okay. All right.
- Master. Backyard's stunning.
- I like the windows.
My gosh, look at this.
Again, let me just remind you
how below budget this home is.
-She's totally working it.
-She's after a sale.
-She's working it.
-I mean--
-And look. We have a speaker in here, too.
-In the master.
We could talk without seeing each other.
They actually work. Yes. Come here.
- Where is it?
- Tell me when.
-How you doing?
Karly-K, it is time to get up.
So, this house was a big bust.
-Lots of character.
It also had a lot of ancient artifacts.
They don't make
intercoms like they used to.
You said "character"!
I gave you character.
-We love Nichole.
But… she missed the mark on that one.
We wanna leave now.
I'm so excited to show you the next venue.
-It is breathtaking.
-You're gonna make this hard, huh?
I'm making it super hard.
The competition is heating up.
Cindy and Karla did not like
that last house you showed them.
-They were not on board with Acme.
-They were not.
I'm pulling out the big guns
-with the next stop.
-Good luck.
Oh, wow.
This is East Ivy Mansion.
Right outside the city, really good area.
Come on in.
What's behind door number one?
-Oh, wow.
-Oh, my goodness. Look at this.
-Oh, my gosh.
-This is gorgeous.
- This is beautiful.
Like being in another place.
Did I hand you a secret garden key,
and you got in?
- Exactly.
-That's what it feels like.
So, this property was built in 1867.
You don't feel like you're in Nashville.
- Not at all.
-And it's quiet.
- It is.
-It's great.
-I love it.
All of your guests walk in
through this area.
We could have music playing
and bistro tables--
Look. I didn't even see this.
Look. I love running water.
Very calming, very peaceful.
-Love it.
- Oh!
- I love this.
-This area is for the ceremony.
the backdrop is under these arches.
This is where
it would be happening, honey. Right here.
Right here.
Right here. Look. See?
How do you feel?
-I like it.
-I love it.
It is stunningly beautiful.
When you walk in,
there's, like, a zen vibe.
Love that.
Sarah did a great job
with this one.
She came back strong.
Oh, wow.
-This is the fabulous reception area.
-Oh, wow.
-Oh, my goodness. Look at this.
- Look at this pool. Oh, my gosh.
I know.
-That is incredible.
-Yes. This would be dance floor.
- Mm-hmm.
Band can be all along
this green space right here.
- Yeah.
-Thought of any bands?
Yes, I love Big City Rhythm.
-They're great.
-I know. Aren't they awesome?
I've actually done
a lot of events with them.
-You want to talk about budget?
-Let's talk about budget.
It's a little higher on the budget.
When you say "higher,"
what are you saying?
$7,700 is the venue rental.
For $2,800 more, you could stay overnight.
Up there are two bedrooms,
and you can actually look over.
An additional cost is valet.
It is required by the venue.
-And 250 people and up…
- Okay.
…will cost around $1,200.
Yeah, and then the other part about this
is we have to bring everything in.
So, all of our chairs, all of our tables,
with the guest count of 300 people,
when you add those numbers up,
choosing this venue will cost more.
-But it might be worth it.
This area does have a great dance floor
and a great green space for entertaining,
but it doesn't have a stage.
So, is that important?
What you think?
We have to look realistically
at our budget.
If we decide to go the wedding route,
it's safe to say that
we are in love with East Ivy.
It's gorgeous,
it's convenient for everyone,
it's got a good zen vibe about it.
I mean, I really could envision myself
actually getting married again.
But, I mean, it's a chunk of change.
-You've got a hard decision.
-I can tell, she's moving.
Got your work
cut out for you, Nichole.
- That's right. Hee hee hee.
This is great,
and this is right here on the lake, too.
-It is.
-They do have weddings here at this place.
- Okay.
- Oh!
-You can host a wedding at the clubhouse.
After you choose house
and save up that $30,000 again.
- Pfft.
- Here we are.
- All right.
All right, ladies.
Come on in.
I love this.
-Beautiful, huh?
So, the house is 349.
It's three-bedroom, three-bath.
The laundry room is on the first floor,
and there's an HOA of $350 a month.
Look at this kitchen.
Isn't this stunning?
Loving this.
-I love the countertops and the cabinets.
- Right.
-It's a dream kitchen.
- It is.
I've got to come over here
and see the fireplace. Look.
Honey, I could live here.
I'm sorry. What?
-Could I hear that one more time?
- I could get used to this.
-I'm loving the energy of this space, too.
She's feeling the energy.
-I am.
-I'm feeling the energy.
-The lesbians moved in.
They've arrived.
All right.
-Should we go to the master?
-The master is on this main floor.
Oh, I like that.
Oh, cool.
Look at that ceiling.
-Look at the light.
- Mood lighting.
- Lighting…
- Love it.
- Beautiful window to outside.
-And it's all hardwood.
It is.
Oh, my goodness.
This is a big, big shower.
-Come in here with me--
We could take a shower. Lookie here.
Look here.
I'll leave you two alone.
- All kinds of room.
-Oh, my goodness. Look at this.
-There you go.
Could be a formal dining,
it could be an office space.
I like this.
I love the tall ceilings.
-I like that a lot.
-I do, too. I really do.
All right, so we saved the best for last.
-Let's go…
-…to your beautiful outdoor area.
Oh, my gosh.
- Look at this.
You told me at the consultation
that you wanted a sun porch.
So, this may have been staged
just for you guys.
- It may have been.
- How cool.
-Oh, my goodness, I gotta sit down.
-Look at this. You have outdone yourself.
Shut up.
-No way.
-Yes. Ladies.
-No way.
- That is the coolest thing.
-My gosh.
-I am loving this.
-You want a little privacy.
-There's screen on the other side, too.
-Look. Yes. Yes.
-This is a whole separate living space.
- A whole separate little area.
-It's amazing.
- Isn't it great?
- Wow. Just wow.
- I know.
You knocked it out of the park
on this one. You did really well.
There is a swimming pool that
you can walk to, and a tennis court.
But there is a fee
-to enjoy all those amenities…
-Sure. Right.
…and it is $350 a month.
You're closer
to your new work building.
You've got space for your office.
If I think about our dream home,
this is the kind of home I think of.
I haven't seen anything yet
that I have not liked.
This feels like home.
Our home.
I like that a lot.
It felt like home.
It felt like home, it did.
That's the house we're in love with.
So, we know which wedding venue we want,
and we know which house we want.
Now it's just the challenging part,
to decide.
And that's the incredibly hard part,
because we love the house,
but that wedding venue is amazing.
Oh, Lord have mercy.
Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
This is it.
Dum da dum dum.
- Sorry.
- Whoops.
- Hey!
Get in here!
- Hi!
- Hello!
Typically on pitch days,
I feel really good.
But today, for some reason,
I feel really nervous.
I know. I'm a little bit nervous, too.
I have some really good incentives,
I feel like for my side with the weddings,
but I'm sure you do, too.
-I do. Today's just gonna be a tough one.
Are you guys excited
about today or nervous?
-Little of both.
-That's a nervous laugh.
I'm excited because our lives
are gonna change from this day forward,
in a good way.
-I'll start with weddings.
- Let's go.
We saw three venues.
We narrowed it down to one.
- East Ivy.
- Right?
-Beautiful place.
- Oh, yes.
- Just the peaceful feeling.
- Loved that.
The venue costs $7,700.
That doesn't include the valet,
the flowers,
lighting and rentals,
and then of course, there's entertainment.
- Music, right.
With all of this said, puts us at $39,000.
- Yeah. I know.
But it's important for me
to give you your dream wedding.
So, I talked to East Ivy.
If you choose wedding,
they're gonna comp your night stay…
-Wow. Okay. Cool.
-All right.
…on top of the valet.
-Oh, my gosh. That's awesome.
- Yes, it is.
-That's great.
-Yes. Wow.
But we're not stopping there.
The band is a huge-ticket item…
-…and you mentioned Big City Rhythm.
- Yes.
They've done a lot of weddings
I've been to.
So, Big City Rhythm has agreed
to discount their rate for you.
-Oh, my gosh. Wow.
-Isn't that cool?
-It's cool.
-So, got that budget down to…
-And that includes everything.
-Exactly where you wanted to be.
-Yes, that's amazing.
-Oh, my gosh.
-That is absolutely wonderful.
- You did well.
Well, don't count
your chickens there, sis.
We had an excellent day as well.
-You guys narrowed it down to the one.
-The porch house.
-Oh, my.
The architectural designs,
the space for your office was beautiful.
-And then it had that amazing sun porch.
- Yes.
-This house is priced at 349.
But that house has been on the market
for 130-some odd days at this point.
I have contacted the sellers,
and they're willing
to drop the list price by $10,000.
Yes! Thank you.
And the sellers were willing to pay $3,000
towards closing costs.
With those savings, those HOA dues
are paid for almost two and a half years.
That's huge.
Yeah, that is huge.
-We know you have a ton to think about.
-We'll let you guys discuss.
-We'll be in the kitchen.
-Oh, my gosh.
- Okay.
-East Ivy is just gorgeous.
-It really is.
Can you believe that Sarah was able to
get them to comp some of that stuff?
-The valet alone is quite expensive.
-Exactly. Right.
And I am so excited about the band.
-Me, too.
-That is an amazing band.
-That would be a party.
-Yeah, absolute-- Yes.
I'm impressed with the discount
you got on the band--
-I know.
-That's a good band.
Lot of negotiating.
But… you threw in a lot.
$10,000 off the list price?
That's incredible.
You lucked out because
the price of that house was so high.
We made it a hard decision.
I love the house.
Me too. I can see us sittin' there.
I could see us
being there for a long time.
In the end, Nichole was able
to get 'em to come off of the price.
But when I start thinking
about the numbers,
it is at the higher end of our budget.
But what she's been able to do
is bring it down
-to a place that is reasonable for us.
-That doesn't happen all the time.
What do you think?
We can't lose. There's no way
that we're gonna make the wrong decision.
-Right. Yes.
-It's gonna be good.
Making us nervous.
-All right.
-All right.
Well, girls, we want to thank you both.
-You have been outstanding.
From the bottom of our heart,
thank you for making it such a challenge.
So, we've made our decision.
We want a…
Big, fat, gay…
-Oh, my God!
Yes! Yay!
Congrats! That is so amazing!
We chose wedding.
-So excited. So excited.
-Yes, we are.
We are living proof that,
no matter what,
you can find real love,
because we found it in each other.
I know that
this wedding is gonna be an event
that is going to impact
the lives of every person who attends.
The message is going to be,
you are loved right where you are,
just as you are.
Celebrate that.
As long as we have each other,
we could live anywhere.
When we look in the future,
we'll be thinking
-about that house.
Trust me, we will call Nichole
when we're really ready to buy our home.
There you go. Deal.
-Well, cheers to you both.
- Cheers!
And the exciting
new adventure in planning.
Cheers! Whoo!
Finally we kissed ♪
In the sunshine ♪
The day we fell in love
In love, in love, in love ♪
The day we fell in love ♪
today I marry my best friend
and the woman who brings
such joy to my heart.
You have helped me find
my best self again.
I love you and will be honored
to call you my wife."
Finally we kissed ♪
I, Karla,
give these rings to you, Cynthia.
Karla, you are the wife of my choice.
It is my joy and privilege
to present to the world for the first time
Cynthia and Karla.
You may kiss your bride.
Finally we kissed ♪
The day we fell in love ♪
We did it!
We got our big, fat, gay wedding!
East Ivy, this place has everything.
The reception space is phenomenal.
- Band's a-hoppin' and a-poppin'.
- Yes.
Big City Rhythm, they are fabulous.
Like, it's a party.
-Sarah did great.
-She did it.
We 100% made the right decision
in choosing marriage over mortgage.
Today's the epitome
of love and acceptance.
And my hope
is that our love is inspiring
other individuals in the LGBTQ community
to know that they are incredibly loved.
-I love you.
-Honey, I love you.
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