Marriage or Mortgage (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Mother Knows Best

I think married life'll be the best,
and I want a wedding.
I wanna walk down the aisle
and, like, watch him cry.
But I don't know, like, it's conflicting.
I think getting the house
is just a good investment.
We wanna make the right decision.
-I wear the pants in the relationship.
-I think we both do.
We both make decisions.
He can't fit into my pants.
They're my size.
I think the pants may be my size.
Lot of times it's not worth
the argument,
-so I just let her have her way.
I can't help it
I'm hooked on you ♪
Hey, Nichole.
-Hey, what?
-What you doing?
Just made a little espresso.
You want some?
No, I'm good, thanks.
-I've got fun stuff to share with you.
-Our couple coming in--
-Do tell.
- Precious and Alex. So cute.
Precious first spotted Alex
while he was playing
on their D1 college football field.
-Makes sense. He's got the size for it.
-You got it.
I love how caring she is, how she
loves me, and how straight-up she is.
He's like the round edges
to my, like, square.
And he just balances me out.
-He's such a teddy bear.
'Cause lovin' you is in my DNA ♪
Been together nine years,
and got engaged December 25th, 2018.
I am beyond excited
about having a wedding.
We've had a lot of loss in our lives,
and being able to bring everyone together
would really be a great thing for us.
A house is also very important
to them, and their budget is $350,000.
We currently have a two-bedroom
apartment, but only one bath.
That causes problems in the mornings,
getting ready.
-Our kitchen could be bigger.
-A lot bigger.
-It could be a lot bigger.
-It's so small.
-Babe, is it almost done?
- Mmm! How sweet.
We don't have a washer and dryer
at our apartment,
but my mom lives about 15 minutes away
from where we are now,
so we go over there
and do laundry once or twice a week.
Seeing my in-laws once a week is too much.
I don't even see my parents once a week.
Here we go.
I'm so nervous.
We want to start a family soon,
and that's, like, our main priority.
- Hello!
- Hello!
-Welcome, you guys.
-Come on in. How are you?
But it's very expensive.
We can't afford to start having children
and buy a house and have a wedding
all within the same year.
It has to be spread out.
We're so excited to have you here.
-Excited to be here.
You got two redheads
about to ask many questions.
-Okay, we're ready for it.
Let's talk about who's
for the wedding and who's not.
I already have my dress.
Oh. Okay.
She's already got one foot in the door.
I got engaged
and bought a dress right away.
I had no choice. It takes 9-12 months
'cause it's being custom made.
My boobs are so big
they don't go into anything.
a wedding is very important to you.
I don't think you would've shopped
for a dress if you didn't think so.
-So, what are your thoughts?
Having a house is important because
it's laying down roots for a family.
-Speaking of family, Mom. Mom.
She has a big impact on buying a home,
wanting to get married.
- Right?
I think she's more Team House, though.
-Hey. Hey.
- Hey, Madea.
Her real name is Dorothy,
but we all call her Madea.
A strong woman
who voices her opinions,
and that's what I get
with this one here.
They're both protective towards me.
Eating your eggs?
Moving slow this morning.
Long week?
Our common goal is, like,
to make sure that Alex is happy.
It's probably why we clash.
'Cause we both care about him so much.
Okay, so, talking about weddings.
-Starting off, we've got up to $30,000.
About 100-115 people,
is that what we think?
-So, I spent $6,000 on my dress.
- Oh!
- The truth comes out.
So, to kind of, like, cut costs,
we're not having flowers.
-If you want flowers, don't nix it yet.
- Okay.
-She wants flowers.
-I know she does. I know she does!
My dream wedding
would be romantic and traditional.
It's beautiful.
You walk in
and it's a fairy tale.
I wanna hear your dream venue.
-Bridge Building.
- Wonderful.
-It's really pretty.
-It's amazing.
What else's in the budget
I should know about?
Food's important.
-We're foodies.
-Plated dinner. No buffet.
- Plated. Okay.
-I'd prefer a buffet.
-He wants a buffet.
We can talk about that.
I want to make you guys happy.
Yeah. I like cake.
-Okay. I do, too. Don't worry, I do, too.
-I love him!
-I love him!
I've always envisioned a big cake
with the little man and woman on top.
Iconic, right?
-Traditional. Love that.
- Very iconic.
He's a sweets eater.
He wants this five-tier,
extremely elaborate cake.
It doesn't have to be five.
It can be three layers.
I want a ranch fountain.
A ranch…
I've heard of champagne fountains…
I'm one of those girls--
-You're not drinking ranch.
-I could.
- Okay!
-She puts it on everything.
-I put ranch on my pasta, on vegetables.
Have you heard of this
as a wedding planner?
It's a first, I will tell you.
I hear a lot of crazy stuff.
A ginormous fountain
with ranch overflowing--
A whole ranch fountain
with just, like, some carrots,
or some wings and some burger sliders,
we can dip the sliders into it.
That's a fun conversation piece
to a wedding.
It's, like, everything I've dreamed of.
I don't want Precious and Alex
to worry about not having what they want
before we even get started.
-So a buffet option might be better,
so they don't pay for wait staff.
I wanna see
what they really want first.
Sounds like
you have your work cut out for you.
You'd really be surprised at how far
$30,000 goes towards a down payment,
what you can get for that.
I'm confident that we can find
the home of your dreams.
- Yeah.
-Tell me a bit about it.
- What are you looking for?
Our house budget is $350,000.
Okay, so, 350,
three bed, two bath,
and you guys are open to a townhouse.
Go on, what else?
Bathroom has to be nice.
The tub has to be something that fits him.
I'm a big guy, but I love to take baths.
-I haven't taken one in a while, though.
-'Cause you probably can't fit
in an average tub.
He has to stand sideways
-in our shower now.
- My goodness. What else?
I would like a really nice kitchen.
I love cooking.
-Oh, okay.
Um, good living area.
Poker room, definitely.
- Okay.
-I love playing poker.
I actually won the other night.
All right, you need a space in the house
that you can have your poker night.
All right. Now, your mom
has a big influence on your life.
-Is she going to be house hunting with us?
- Yeah.
-She's willing to cosign for the house.
-Wait, what? Oh…
-Game changer.
-We can get what we want.
That's music to my ears.
So, the main thing, like,
why we want a house,
I really want a family.
Are you trying now,
or is that in the future?
It'll have to be in the future.
We will have to go through IVF
because I have fertility issues.
And I really want
to be able to give him a family.
-It's okay, babe.
- I know
it feels like you're so alone in this,
and you're not.
Like, I had problems
and went on fertility drugs,
and was lucky enough that I have
a beautiful almost four-year-old now.
-That's not everybody's journey…
…but I want you to know
you're not alone in all of this.
- Thank you.
- Oh…
You got a strong man by your side, too.
- That's right.
So, I feel for Precious and Alex,
I really do.
But I think celebrating a wedding
is the most important next step for them
before having a family.
I disagree. I feel it's more important
for them to get a house and nest first
before starting the IVF process.
And I'm gonna have Alex's mom,
Dorothy, come along and weigh in,
because she's actually cosigning for them.
We're gonna put together
some fun activities on my side.
Yeah. And I am going
to get some houses lined up.
-It's gonna be fun. Yeah.
- Thank you.
You're pretty ♪
Pretty strong, pretty hot
Gets what you want, you're pretty ♪
- Lots of fun stuff planned.
Today's about
realizing your dream.
I want to hear that from you guys,
what your dream wedding is.
I want to get you what you want,
and get you this perfect budget.
Precious and Alex have $30,000 to spend
on a romantic, contemporary wedding.
They already have a venue in mind,
and bought Precious' dress.
That leaves me with about $16,000
to show them great options
for flowers, food, and dessert,
so they can envision
how beautiful this day can be.
- Where are we?
- It's a surprise.
-You ready?
Come on in.
-Oh, they're so pretty!
These are pretty, really pretty.
-Hi. Good to see you.
-How are you?
Lauren, this is Precious.
-Hi. Lauren. Nice to meet you.
-It smells so pretty.
-Play around, I'll be right over here.
- Exciting.
We brought you here 'cause
we want you to explore and have fun.
-You can afford flowers with your budget.
We're gonna find out the styles
and talk about what you want.
- Okay.
-Can I touch everything?
-Touch whatever you want!
Get your hands dirty.
Make a bouquet together.
-Are you about smell or colors, textures?
-Colors and textures.
-So, here's my bouquet.
- Mmm…
- No.
- I like it.
-So, watch. Blow it.
- Ooh!
- Blow it.
- Ooh!
- That make you happy?
It does.
-It does? That's awesome.
- It does.
Pink flower?
- Aw.
So cute.
-Thank you.
-Didn't get you a flower when I proposed.
-That was sweet.
Now I feel like a bride.
Bridesmaids would
typically have something smaller
that might mimic what you've got.
And then men would have boutonnieres.
What about Mama's flower,
she love anything?
-I have no idea.
-We need to find that out.
She likes gardening.
Great. Does your dad garden, too?
My dad passed away
when I was 19 years old.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I never got the chance to meet his dad.
We would do a lot of things together.
He would coach me up on football.
We'd sit and have long talks, you know.
A good man that took care of his family.
So, I think about my dad almost every day.
I think it would be special, too,
maybe we do something in memory of him.
Yeah. For sure.
So, what other flowers
would you like to have?
So, if we wanted to do something
over the dance floor, a dripping flower,
hanging from the ceiling as a centerpiece,
-right, what would my dream florals cost?
- Floral go-to?
Let's talk numbers. On the low end,
if you want bouquets,
boutonnieres, and centerpieces,
-you're looking at about $1,500.
On the high end, if you want
all that plus floral chandeliers,
we're looking at about $4,500.
- I don't know.
That could pay off my student loans.
It's great.
You thought you couldn't have flowers,
and now I'm turning your mind
to flowers dripping on flowers.
-This is gonna fit in the budget.
-Yeah. Maybe.
That's a pretty good budget
for what you guys want.
-We can splurge on flowers.
- They're important.
We should do it.
-We got more to do. Lots more to do.
-I know. Oh, goodness.
Don't say that, it'll be fun.
-Never quit ♪
Never stop till I'm old ♪
Time ♪
If I fail
Never bail to the game ♪
So, Miss Dorothy,
thank you for being with us today.
-It'll be fun. I love house shopping. Yes.
I didn't have a wedding,
and I had a 32-year marriage.
Oh, wow.
Weddings are nice,
I'm not saying don't have a wedding.
But a house is an investment.
-I just think it's just a wise choice.
I'm excited Dorothy's with us.
She's been there and done that.
And she'll cosign
if we find the right house.
But I've also made sure
to stack the odds in my favor
by showing them some really good houses
under their budget at $350,000
that I think they're gonna love.
Here it is.
-I like it.
-I like it. And it's a white brick? Oh!
Come on in.
-Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
Oh, my goodness.
Recently renovated top
to bottom, and priced at 337.
Four bedrooms and three baths.
It is right under 1,800 square feet.
I like it, it's really pretty, spacious.
You've got that beautiful window
behind you.
-Yes. Beautiful.
-You can let all the light in.
-Very bright here.
- Yeah.
I love it.
Mama likes it.
-So far so good.
-Yeah, she does. Yeah.
So, here's your brand-new kitchen.
-This is cute.
- Beautiful.
Could you make memories in here, Mama?
-I could. Yes.
- I like it.
We would also have to discuss
getting a refrigerator.
-That's true.
-That's another expense…
-You're right, it's another expense.
-I can talk to the sellers about it.
-Negotiating the price of it?
Okay. Never hurts to ask.
The kitchen is the center
of where it happens.
It is where we have our conversations.
-And sometimes our spats.
-Heart of the home.
-So, this is the master.
-Seems a little small.
-I thought you might say that.
I just want to make sure we, with our bed,
still have space to, like, walk around it.
-You know, so… And he's a bigger guy.
We want him to have space, and not feel--
If you didn't need all four bedrooms,
you could take this wall out…
-…and expand it.
- Okay.
And then have
the master suite that you want.
That's a good idea.
One thing you want to think about is,
do you really have the budget
to think about taking out walls and
doing things that major to start with?
-I think you could still make it work.
-We'll see.
- We'll see. That's right.
-Look at the poker table.
And the cigar. My dad was a cigar guy.
-Oh, my God. Oh, look at this.
-Oh, look. A royal flush.
-I remember all the details.
- A poker table.
- So I had it staged this way.
-That is awesome.
You gotta try it out, sit down.
-All right.
- Alex.
This is just like the table
-his dad got for him.
- Oh…
-This is amazing.
It is.
-I love it. This is really special.
This totally read Alex all over,
and I remember you wanted your space.
Everybody, check your cards.
-Get ready, your butt's getting whipped.
-Every time.
This is really starting
to feel like home. I'm all in.
I love it. Me, too.
Me, too, yeah.
The jury is still out for deliberation.
-I'll give you one chip.
These are the fun parts
about planning a wedding,
getting to know the little details
of what you guys want,
and seeing what's important.
So, we'll go to Ivey Cake.
Have you ever been there before?
- No?
-We'll get you a good wedding cake.
Wedding planning is amazing.
I get to have fun with my couples.
I've got to make this fun for Alex,
-so I'm gonna bribe him with sweets.
Come on in.
-It's so cute.
-It's so nice in here.
-Cake time.
Smell will hit you in the face.
Precious, this is Whitney.
-Hi! Nice to meet you.
-So nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
Welcome to Ivey Cake.
-Number one, you wanna taste stuff, right?
I want you to have
everything you want for your wedding.
We're here to design your dream cake.
They go from two tiers, three tiers,
and, Alex, you wanted this grandiose,
five-tier wedding cake?
-We could do it.
You can see, you could have
a cake made of mini cupcakes,
big cupcakes,
you can go with something unconventional,
or you can be traditional
with this beautiful two-tiered cake.
I love that. I love the simplicity of it.
- It looks nice, too.
-Okay. We'll taste some fun stuff
to see what flavors you like
and what flavors you don't like.
- Looks like strawberry.
-He'll eat the whole thing in one bite.
Yes, get in it.
You can't be pretty
about eating a cupcake.
Now, two flavors, let's talk.
-All right, what's your flavor?
Definitely the red velvet
with the Oreo icing.
Kind of like
a flavor explosion in your mouth.
-Every layer doesn't have to be the same.
-I like the big cake.
I know the visual appearance of a cake,
it seems to be pretty important, right?
They do have some options,
if you guys are open to it.
- Okay. Yeah.
-Can I show you?
-Oh, my gosh.
-I've never seen a cake this beautiful.
-Thank you.
Really pretty.
Let's talk budget.
On the low end,
three-tier cakes start around 350, 365.
On the high end, this cake,
Whitney, what would it go for?
It'd be well over two grand.
- Up, then down.
-We're not doing that.
I'll let you in on a secret.
This is a fake cake that can give you
this look in, like, the 600 range.
-All right?
With sheet cake in the back
as your real cake to cut
and serve at the party.
-Do you like the look?
-I do.
-I do. It'd go really good with our theme,
and it looks really nice.
Having a faux cake that no one even knows
you're not cutting into is so brilliant.
You have the entire
sheet cake in the back.
-Who's gonna know?
- And Mom?
-She likes carrot cake.
Carrot cake. That's it. I'll bring
a big carrot cake out just for her.
We got a lot more to do today.
Ready to hit the road?
What about a to-go bag?
Do I get a to-go bag?
About how far from your house
are we now?
Probably about, uh, a mile.
- Oh, no way!
-We could walk there.
And would that be an okay thing,
living close to the in-laws?
-We'll see.
-To be determined.
Well, if you bought that house
and I had that mother-in-law suite,
then I would just be
a permanent fixture there.
We can have your house,
-if you want ours.
-The mortgage, too?
-No, you can keep that.
I'm so excited to show you.
Everything, brand-new.
-Oh, my gosh.
-Oh, my…
- Open concept.
-Oh, my goodness.
This is nice.
-This is beautiful.
-I love this.
It's priced well within
your budget, right under $320,000.
You have three bedrooms upstairs.
Two and a half baths.
Imagine a huge dining room table
-to fit your entire family here.
- Yes.
- Dream kitchen.
- I like it.
-I love this!
All stainless appliances.
- Mm-hmm.
-There's a Smeg appliance.
I staged the kitchen
to make you feel at home.
-You knew I like Smeg appliances?
-I mean…
And I'm invited over
to help make Thanksgiving dinner.
- Aw.
This is a dream, right here.
Nichole is the quarterback
of this situation right now.
She is doing it for her team.
She is making it happen.
-My goodness.
- This is beautiful.
And if it comes with this--
I'll throw that in.
-Let's see upstairs.
- Okay.
Oh, this is cute.
Oh, awesome.
It is feeling small in here.
This is not the master.
This can be Dorothy's room.
I think this could work.
It could also be a nursery
if we stay here longer.
-That's right. Yeah.
-Ooh, this bathroom.
-I don't think you'll fit in this one.
- Let's see.
That's tight.
-Yeah, this is a little small.
Let me see.
-Oh, no. Are you stuck?
- No.
- Poor Alex.
-This is your master bedroom.
-All right.
There's plenty of space.
This would accommodate
a king-sized bed.
- Yes.
I love this.
It's like a spa bathroom.
- It is, isn't it?
-A walk-in shower.
- Mm-hmm. I'm showering in here.
-I love it, seriously.
- Yeah.
This is amazing, Nichole.
All right, guys.
Are you second-guessing
this wedding thing, and--
Kinda, yeah. We'll see.
So, we do have one more to see.
This house was good for Precious,
but just not quite there for Alex.
So, I have one more house
in my back pocket
I think all three of them will love.
Do you have a favorite thing
-you love to do at weddings?
We must make sure
the food is really good.
Would you be okay with doing stations
or a buffet, or--
-You… No.
Okay. So, plated's the only way to go.
I'm more buffet.
There's more options.
Hopefully, the next stop might
help you choose one or the other.
-There you go.
You're welcome.
What did she scream?
Did I hear right?
Oh, my God.
-I'm Burke.
-Nice to meet you.
-Alex. Nice to meet you.
Chef Burke's with G Catering,
and I work with him all the time
to create great menus for weddings.
- Okay.
-I told him you loved ranch,
so he assembled
this entire tasting for you.
This is the best thing
to ever happen.
I put everything that goes with ranch,
could be pared down or made bigger.
This is like my dream.
Only thing I've found so far
that she doesn't put ranch on is cake.
Probably safe.
-I know food's so important.
Can you imagine it displayed like this?
-I need that.
- Great.
Dive in.
I need a plate.
You got your wings.
-All the food in the ranch.
- All the veggies.
I don't have words for this.
-Would your guests like this, too?
The ranch fountain literally was
everything I've ever wanted in life.
-This is crazy. This is a mess.
-You're good.
I just couldn't contain myself.
Did you stick your tongue
underneath that?
-This is literally a dream come true.
- Ranchy enough for ya?
Ranchy enough.
Just imagine. This could come
before all your appetizers.
-Oh, okay. Mm-hmm.
- For your guests to enjoy.
-We also wanna talk about your dream menu.
- Okay.
- Alex, you want buffet.
And Precious
really wants plated dinner.
-Now, we have about 115 people.
- Mm-hmm.
So, for this buffet,
that's about $7,000.
That includes the ranch fountain.
-I see your face, and I see his face.
- Yeah.
It's a lot to think about.
Plated would be how much?
Including wait staff,
and your guests are being served,
it's $9,000.
Food's always
the biggest part of your budget.
That's a lot of money.
- Yes.
-Yes, it is.
-For one day. Or a house.
-A lifetime of memories.
And a ranch fountain.
-I'd hug you but I have ranch all over me.
- Thanks. It was awesome. So good.
- Thanks.
-That was fun.
- It was really fun.
- How are you feeling right now?
-I'm full.
-Yes, I agree.
-We are all full. We are all full.
But could you guys agree,
plated versus buffet?
I think that if he's going
to cut back on the cake…
…I can sacrifice and do a buffet.
- What?
As long as I have a ranch fountain.
We can do that.
-I'll run some numbers. Let's go.
- Perfect. All right.
- Ranch fountain's awesome.
All right. Check it out.
Oh, this is beautiful!
This is priced at $315,000,
under your budget of 350.
Three bed, two and a half baths,
and it's about 1,700 square feet.
I like this.
- Spacious?
- It is.
You have a gas fireplace
you see right there.
Open windows.
So much natural light.
-I like the color, too.
It's not as light as the other was,
but this feels more homey.
-Oh, okay. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Check out the kitchen,
the beautiful tile backsplash.
Really nice.
- I have a question.
These appliances look old.
And the cost of having to replace them is,
like, kind of a stressor for me.
Right. We can ask the sellers
to throw in maybe a yearly home warranty.
-This is the master?
- It is.
This is huge.
-This is the biggest bedroom so far.
Natural lighting. I love this ceiling.
It makes it feel more spacious.
It does. Especially when
you're as tall as you are, Alex.
You want to feel like
you won't bump your head
when you walk into a room.
-The bathtub.
- The bathroom.
Alex, we have our own sinks.
-Look at the bathtub.
-Get in the bathtub.
Let's see.
-You get in, I'll get in, too.
Oh! They're both getting in.
- Yeah.
-Can you lift your legs out?
-It's gonna be tight.
-It'll be tight for both of us, but--
Can be tight for a while.
Okay. You want babies, right?
I want grandbabies,
let it be tight for a while.
Oh, my goodness.
Let's see Madea's room.
-Oh, you're now being nice to Madea.
So, I get to have a room now.
This is a nice-sized bedroom.
-A nice closet. It's a nice-sized closet.
- Right.
Well, we have one more bedroom to look at,
and I want you just to go on in.
-Just check it out.
-All right.
- Okay.
This is nice.
I staged this room
especially for you.
-You like it?
-Love it.
I do.
- It's gonna happen.
- It's gonna happen.
-Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
-One way or another.
- We could sit there.
-Mm-hmm. Go ahead, sit in it.
I know that family is
very important to you guys,
and owning a home is
all about moments like this.
Bringing a baby home for the first time,
and having Grandma here, and it's just…
That's what it's all about.
It's about making a lifetime of memories.
I tell you, I remember when
we brought Alex home for the first time.
I'd gone through something similar.
Seven years difference
in the first child and Alex…
- Wow.
-…'cause I had infertility problems.
And there's nothing like…
bringing a baby home…
It's true.
…to his own nursery.
I'm gonna be so attached to this child.
Yes, like Alex and I are.
Now it makes sense.
Knowing that you went through this,
this whole connection y'all have,
it makes so much sense.
-This is like real life.
-This is real life.
-Wow. What a big day we've had, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- It was.
-Yeah, it's been a very emotional day.
Of the houses we looked at,
none of them compared
to the house with the nursery.
It was a no-brainer for Precious and Alex,
and hopefully with Dorothy on board,
I won't have to do much
for them to choose Team Mortgage.
Well, my day was filled
with so much fun, too.
Alex chose a multi-tiered faux cake
to help with the budget.
Precious also compromised
and chose a buffet.
And they both decided
on lots and lots of flowers.
Since you have Madea
in your back pocket,
I'm gonna do some research
and try to figure out
how to pay tribute to Alex's dad.
So I think I got this.
- Here we are.
- Here we go.
- Hello!
- Hi!
- How are you? Good to see you.
-Hey. Good to see you, too.
-Dorothy, this is my colleague, Sarah.
-Good to see you.
-Good to see you.
- So excited you're here.
Come in. Take a seat,
we'll have you guys sitting on the couch.
I heard that, Mama, you love carrot cake.
-So, this is a little surprise for you.
- I do.
-You guys, please help yourself.
Thank you.
Are they good?
-They're delicious.
-They're very good.
-She's looking at you like, "Girl."
So, let's just begin with the wedding.
We had such a fun day that day.
- We did.
-I was sad you weren't there.
-You guys made a lot of smart decisions.
But it's important
I give you your dream wedding.
So, I'd love to throw in
a couple extra things, too.
So, we went to G Catering,
and we did a tasting.
-We landed on choosing a buffet.
But having a formal sit-down dinner
was very important to Precious.
Very much so.
So, if you choose wedding,
I would love to give you
a plated dinner for the buffet cost.
-That would be nice.
- Look at that face!
I love that, thanks.
-Would you like that, babe?
You love that?
Plus, we would also like
to do something for your dad,
your husband,
and incorporate him in this wedding.
- It really is important.
There is one thing I read.
Your dad's favorite thing with you
was sitting down, smoking cigars.
So, we would love to honor him
and comp these monogrammed cigars
as the wedding favor
-for all of your guests.
That's awesome.
-That's awesome.
- Really sweet. You okay?
That's amazing.
We wanna make this
really important for all of you.
-Thank you.
- Yes, of course.
-I love that idea. I really do.
- Okay, good.
-Now that we're all crying…
- Oh, my goodness.
So, with that said,
I know you had a budget of $30,000.
With everything we've talked about today,
and including all other expenses
like rentals and alcohol,
we would come in at around
- Okay.
-Which is not too far over.
-Not too bad.
With everything, you're getting more
than what you really ever dreamed of.
- Yeah.
-Makes it tough.
I know.
-It does.
- She wants a fairy-tale wedding,
Alex wants her to be happy.
You're making their dream come true.
Well, there isn't anything more important
than making memories of family…
- Mm-hmm.
-…in a house of your own.
We decided on the house with the nursery.
-You loved the bathroom.
- Yeah.
We liked the kitchen,
but one of the things
that gave you pause was the appliances.
-Then, of course, the nursery.
-The nursery got me.
This is when it got really emotional
for everybody involved.
The house is way under your budget of 350.
-We're at 315 for the house price.
- Okay.
That's great.
But just to sweeten the deal a little bit,
-I know you like Smeg appliances.
- Yes.
I spoke to the homeowner,
and he is willing
to give an allowance for appliances.
Those appliances?
Stop it. I can't. I can't. I can't.
Oh, my goodness.
- You're lying.
- No.
All of it?
- Touch it. Love on it.
Team House.
-I don't know. Don't know.
- No.
Why don't we leave you guys
here to discuss it,
- Dorothy, come with us.
You can bring your cookies.
All right, guys.
Whatever decision you make,
know that…
-I'm okay with it.
- Mmm.
I just want you guys to be happy together.
So, base the decision
on what's in your heart,
and what will make you happy.
-Love you, guys.
-Thank you. I love you, too.
We can actually have a plated dinner.
For a buffet price.
That's awesome.
And a ranch fountain. That's what
I really want. And flowers. And the cake.
Definitely a cake.
And the cigars with your dad
monogrammed on it.
-Cigars would be awesome.
Crazy, 'cause we didn't think
we could have any of this.
You gave them
all the appliances.
- I know.
-I saw both their faces. That got me.
But they have this big wedding
that they've been wanting,
and I know she really wants to,
and he was on Team House.
-He also wants to make her happy.
-Yeah. I see that.
So, yes.
-I had her in the nursery.
- Right.
But today I'm just not sure.
But if we go with the house,
-our baby house, you know…
-Yeah. Mm-hmm.
-…we have the appliances that I love.
-It's a good investment.
It's a house we really like.
Right. I feel like I'm giving up
one dream to have another dream.
Yeah. It's tough.
It's a really tough decision.
wanna flip a coin?
-No coin flipping.
-Tense, it's so tense.
- Okay. Right?
First of all, thank you guys
for both showing us what you guys have.
We really appreciate
everything you guys have done for us.
It was a lot for us to decide
what we're gonna do. So…
-Without further ado…
Oh! Uh-oh.
We have decided to…
-We decided to choose a wedding.
-Oh, my goodness!
-Congratulations, I'm so excited.
- Congrats.
-Thank you!
- Yay.
We're excited to have a wedding
and start the next chapter in our lives.
When Sarah brought up honoring my dad,
then I watched my mom get emotional,
it really kind of hit home that a wedding
-might be what we need to do.
-I'm excited.
- Whoo!
And we will have a baby,
one day, soon, hopefully.
It'll be in our apartment. That's fine.
'Cause it's not about where you are,
it's about the love that's there.
And we'll have our union and be married.
The rest will work out.
This has been a long journey for them,
-and I'm excited for them.
Cheers to family.
-Oh, to family.
- Cheers!
Precious, I give you this ring
as a symbol of my vow.
I honor you.
Alex, I give you this ring
as a symbol of my vow.
I honor you.
You may kiss your bride.
-We got married!
-Finally got married.
I'm so thankful
we had flowers at our wedding.
The baby's breath,
the pampas grass, it was perfect.
And I am so excited about the plated meal.
Everything is amazing.
The ranch fountain was awesome.
Even better the second time.
-It was better.
The cigar favors were special.
Unfortunately, my dad couldn't be here,
and it was a good symbol
to feel his presence.
That was his dream,
to have a huge cake.
Sarah did a good job.
Today Madea said she was very
proud to add a daughter to the family,
-so I think we made it. We did it.
-Yeah. Yeah.
We made the right decision
choosing a wedding.
This was the best day of my life.
-Give me a kiss.
-I love you. Mmm.
-Love you, too.
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