Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


I just wanna make sure
we consider all our options.
The people that shoot at you
usually wind up shooting at me.
STEVE: On your left.
SAM: You just ran,
like, 13 miles in 30 minutes.
STEVE: On your left.
I guess I got a late start.
SAM: Really?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
STEVE: What unit you with?
SAM: 58th Pararescue.
But now I'm working down at the VA.
- Sam Wilson.
- Steve Rogers.
I kind of put that together.
STEVE: It's good to meet you, Sam.
SAM: We all got the same problems.
STEVE: You lose someone?
My wingman.
I'm sorry.
Everyone we know is trying to kill us.
Not everyone.
I thought you said you were a pilot.
I never said pilot.
Captain America needs my help.
There's no better reason to get back in.
it all goes.
SAM: Whoever he used to be,
the guy he is now,
I don't think he's the kind you save.
He's the kind you stop.
Gear up.
You know, you're a lot heavier
than you look.
I had a big breakfast.
SAM: Avenging is your world.
Your world is crazy.
ANT-MAN: He can't see me.
I can see you.
ANT-MAN: He can see me.
Located the breach.
- Bringing him in.
- Sorry about this!
It's really important to me
that Cap never finds out about this.
- Thanks, Sam.
- Don't thank me.
I'm not thanking that thing.
- His name is Redwing.
- NATASHA: Still not thanking it.
He's cute.
Go ahead, pet him.
GENERAL ROSS: For the past four years,
you've operated with unlimited power
and no supervision.
That's an arrangement the governments
of the world can no longer tolerate.
But I think we have a solution.
The Sokovia Accords.
SAM: So let's say we agree to this thing.
How long is it gonna be
before they LoJack us
like common criminals?
117 countries want to sign this.
117, Sam, you're just like,
"That's cool. We got it."
- How long will you play both sides?
- I have an equation.
Oh, this will clear it up.
We're on our own.
Maybe not.
Can you move your seat up?
Thank you, Sharon.
I don't suppose you have any idea
where they are.
Let us bring them in.
WAR MACHINE: Stand down, now!
Their Quinjet's in hangar five,
north runway.
What the hell was that?
Everyone's got a gimmick.
SPIDER-MAN: I'm really sorry. What?
You couldn't have done that earlier?
I hate you.
GENERAL ROSS: The world's on fire.
Hey, Cap, we got a situation here.
GENERAL ROSS: And you think
all is forgiven?
I'm not looking for forgiveness.
And I'm way past asking permission.
We're here to fight.
Thanos has the biggest army
in the universe.
Sam, where you at?
SAM: Hey, Cap, you read me?
Cap, it's Sam. Can you hear me?
On your left.
STEVE: How does it feel?
Like it's someone else's.
It isn't.
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