Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s01e25 Episode Script


I am Mantis.
What are you doing?
I hear it is the thing to do
to make people like you.
Not if you do it like that.
I was raised alone on Ego's planet.
I do not understand
the intricacies of social interaction.
Can I pet your puppy?
It is adorable.
That is called a practical joke!
I liked it very much!
QUILL: Hey, can I ask you
a personal question?
No one has ever asked me
a personal question.
Your antennae, what are they for?
They have something to do
with my empathic abilities.
If I touch someone,
I can feel their feelings.
You feel love.
- For her!
- No!
QUILL: Okay.
You must be so embarrassed!
Welcome, everyone, to my world.
DRAX: How did you get to
this weird, dumb planet?
Ego found me in my larva state.
Orphaned on my home world.
He raised me by hand,
and kept me as his own.
So you're a pet?
I suppose.
People usually want cute pets.
Why would Ego want such a hideous one?
I am hideous?
You are horrifying to look at.
- But that's a good thing.
- Oh?
When you're ugly and someone loves you,
you know they love you for who you are.
Then I am certainly grateful to be ugly.
GAMORA: Why are there no other beings
on this planet?
The planet is Ego. A dog would not
invite a flea to live on its back.
And you're not a flea?
I'm a flea with a purpose.
He lies awake at night
thinking about his progeny.
I help him sleep.
EGO: Only we can remake the universe.
Come with me.
Drax, Drax. Drax! Drax!
We need to talk.
I'm sorry.
But I like a woman
with some meat on her bones.
I tried to let you down easily
by telling you I found you disgusting.
No, that's not what I
Listen! Ego's gotten exactly
what he wanted.
Who are you people?
What is this place?
- Gamora, let her go!
GAMORA: The bodies in the caverns
Who are they?
Oh, my God.
The bodies are his children.
EGO: Out of all my labors,
the most beguiling was
attempting to graft my DNA
with that of another species.
I hoped the result of such a coupling
would be enough to power the Expansion.
How do we kill a Celestial?
There's a center to him.
It's in the caverns below the surface.
He's coming.
Didn't you say you could make him sleep?
When he wants.
He's too powerful. I can't!
You don't have to believe in yourself
because I believe in you.
It's beautiful.
DRAX: It is.
And so are you.
On the inside.
We are arriving.
All right, Guardians,
don't forget this might be dangerous
so let's put on our mean faces.
There are six stones out there.
Thanos already has the Power Stone
He stole the Space Stone from me.
The Time and Mind Stones
are safe on Earth.
They're with the Avengers.
- The Avengers?
- Earth's mightiest heroes.
Like Kevin Bacon?
Yeah, we got one advantage.
He's coming to us.
- Kick names, take ass.
- Yeah, that's right.
You ever feel lost, just look into
the eyes of the people that you love.
They'll tell you exactly who you are.
Why don't you want me to tell him?
PETER: How does this thing work?
DRAX: He should know you are his sister.
Our only connection is the source
of his greatest shame.
I think not.
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