Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s02e01 Episode Script


How about the fact that
I fought an Avenger and didn't die?
Who the hell are you?
I'm Ant-Man.
-What? You haven't heard of me?
No, you wouldn't have heard of me.
Located the breach.
-Bringing him in.
-ANT-MAN: Sorry about this!
FALCON: Breach has
some sort of shrinking tech.
-ANT-MAN: Sorry!
-That's enough!
He's inside my pack!
ANT-MAN: Sorry!
It's really important to me
that Cap never finds out about this.
SCOTT: I'm not going back.
I got a daughter to take care of.
Is Daddy a bad man?
Daddy just gets confused sometimes,
you know?
You know that jobs don't come easy
for ex-cons, right?
I got a master's
in electrical engineering, all right?
I'm gonna be fine.
Welcome to Baskin-Robbins.
Want to try our Mango Fruit Blast?
DALE: Breaking and entering.
Grand larceny.
-You found out.
-Baskin-Robbins always finds out.
LUIS: Hey, you were
supposed to be at work.
My cousin talked to this guy
about this perfect job.
No way.
-No, no, no. Wait!
You can't just show up.
I wanna be a part of her life.
MAGGIE: Get a job, pay child support.
And then we will talk about visitation.
Tell me about that tip.
Oh, baby, it's on!
LUIS: What is it? Cash? Jewels?
There's nothing here.
It's an old motorcycle suit.
It's a bust.
What is this?
HANK: The world sure seems different
from down here, doesn't it?
Are you ready to redeem yourself?
SCOTT: Absolutely.
My days of breaking into places
and stealing stuff are done.
The Yellowjacket is an all-purpose
weapon of war
What do you want me to do?
I want you to break into a place
and steal some stuff.
I need you to be the Ant-Man.
Unless we break in
and steal the Yellowjacket
Darren Cross is gonna unleash chaos
upon the world.
The ants.
-They're not listening to me.
-Think of Cassie.
About how badly you want to see her.
-HANK: This is your chance.
Nailed it!
The chance to earn that look
in your daughter's eyes.
-Wish me luck.
-HANK: It's not about saving our world.
It's about saving theirs.
-LUIS: Are we the good guys?
-ANT-MAN: Yeah.
-We're the good guys?
-ANT-MAN: Yeah.
ANT-MAN: But we're not done yet.
What? What? What?
Let's go!
ANT-MAN: Ant-thony!
CROSS: I'm gonna destroy
everything you love.
-ANT-MAN: Get her out of here.
-Come on.
CASSIE: Daddy, help!
ANT-MAN: I love you, Cassie.
Daddy, where are you?
HANK: A quantum realm.
You don't remember anything?
Hank. I don't.
HANK: Lost
in the quantum realm.
You got out.
-It's amazing.
JANET: I found you!
HOPE: Was it a dream,
or is it possible that you really saw
my mom down there?
I'm not sure.
I can't be here! I'm under house arrest!
Why can't you leave my daddy alone?
Your school has rules, right?
Like, you can't draw on the walls.
Your daddy went to Germany
and drew on walls with Captain America.
-Okay, tiny dude is big now. He's big now.
Okay, sweetie?
Wow. You're really great with kids.
We don't have much time before
Mom's location shifts and we lose her.
HANK: One, we have to break into that lab.
Two, we have to kick out Foster and Ghost.
Three, we're gonna have to fight Ghost.
That seems like it should be part of two.
2-A, all right?
Let's call it 2-A.
Five years ago
I was in the quantum realm.
Going subatomic in
three, two, one.
Hope. She's my
She was my
She was supposed to pull me out.
Then Thanos happened
and I got stuck in there.
I'm sorry, that must've been
a very long five years.
But that's just it.
It wasn't.
For me, it was five hours.
Time works differently in quantum realm.
-SCOTT: What if
there was a way
that we could enter the quantum realm
at a certain point in time,
but then exit the quantum realm
at another point in time?
Like, before Thanos.
Are you seriously telling me
that your plan to save the universe
is based on Back to the Future?
-It's a baby.
-It's Scott.
ROGERS: As a baby.
BANNER: He'll grow.
Bring Scott back.
Somebody peed my pants.
Time travel!
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