Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s02e05 Episode Script


PETER: I'm gonna ask you this one time.
Where is Gamora?
I'll do you one better. Who's Gamora?
I'll do you one better. Why is Gamora?
DEY: Gamora. Surgically modified
and trained as a living weapon.
-I'll need this.
-Good luck.
It's internally wired.
I'll figure something out. (GRUNTS)
DEY: The adopted daughter
of the Mad Titan, Thanos.
What's your name?
You're quite the fighter, Gamora.
Everything I hate about myself
you taught me.
And, in doing so, made you
the fiercest woman in the galaxy.
Father's plan is finally in motion.
He's found an Infinity Stone.
RONAN: Go to Xandar and get me the Orb.
Only then will Thanos
destroy Xandar for me.
You have the bearing of a man of honor.
Peter Quill. People call me Star-Lord.
-NOVA PILOT: You are under arrest.
SAAL: Looks like we've apprehended
one of Ronan's compatriots.
PRISONER: You first, Gamora!
ROCKET: Lot of prisoners here have lost
their families to Ronan and his goons.
Ronan murdered my family.
I shall kill one of his in return.
I'm no family to Ronan or Thanos.
I wasn't retrieving the Orb for Ronan.
I was betraying him.
When Thanos took my home world,
he killed my parents in front of me.
He turned me into a weapon.
Here. You try.
There. You've got it.
When he said he was going to destroy
an entire planet for Ronan,
I couldn't stand by.
Quill? What happened?
PETER: I saw you out there.
I don't know what came over me.
But I couldn't let you die.
You'll die in seconds!
I found something inside of myself.
Something incredibly heroic.
I mean, not to brag.
NEBULA: As a child, my father
would have Gamora and me
battle one another in training.
Every time my sister prevailed,
my father would replace
a piece of me with machinery.
I just wanted a sister!
I was concerned with staying alive
until the next day, every day.
And I never considered
what Thanos was doing to you.
You will always be my sister.
When are we going to do something
about this unspoken thing between us?
GAMORA: One way or another,
the path that we're on leads to Thanos.
If he gets all six Infinity Stones,
he'll be too powerful to stop.
He already is.
THANOS: Is that sadness
I sense in you, daughter?
Reality is often disappointing.
Now, reality can be whatever I want.
-Where is the Soul Stone?
Show me.
RED SKULL: In order to take the stone,
you must lose that which you love.
A soul for a soul.
No. This isn't love.
Have either of you guys
ever studied quantum physics?
We could enter the quantum realm
at a certain point in time
but then exit at another point in time.
Before Thanos.
We're not the only ones in 2014
looking for the stones.
Wait a minute.
Who else is looking for these stones?
NEBULA: My sister.
GAMORA: Tell me something.
In the future
what happens to you and me?
We become friends.
We become sisters.
Come on. We can stop him.
Gamora? I thought I lost you.
-Don't touch me!
You missed the first time.
Then you got 'em both the second time.
This is the one? Seriously?
Your choices were him or a tree.
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