Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s02e06 Episode Script


I understand she is your sister.
NEBULA: As a child, my father would have
Gamora and me battle
one another in training.
Every time my sister prevailed
my father would replace a piece of me
with machinery
But she won
again and again, never once refraining.
Family reunion. Yay.
Ronan's located the Power Stone.
I'm dispatching you to his ship.
We will not fail you, Father.
No, you won't.
I swear
I will make you proud.
THE OTHER: Gamora has her own plans
for the Orb.
NEBULA: It is Gamora.
Bring it down!
You are a disappointment, sister.
Of all our siblings, I hated you least.
GAMORA: Nebula!
Help us fight Ronan.
You know he's crazy.
I know you're both crazy.
-What the?
-NEBULA: Get out!
I don't need you always
trying to beat me!
I'm not the one that just flew across
the universe just
because I wanted to win.
Do not tell me what I want.
I don't need to tell you
what you want!
It's obvious!
You were the one who wanted to win.
And I just wanted a sister!
I was a child like you.
I was concerned with staying alive
until the next day, every day.
And I never considered
what Thanos was doing to you.
I'm trying to make it right.
There are little girls like you
across the universe who are in danger.
You can stay with us and help them.
You will always be my sister.
ROCKET: Welcome to the frickin'
Guardians of the Galaxy.
-We're done for without that generator!
AYESHA: Guardians
your deaths will serve as a warning
to all of those tempted
with betraying us.
This is gonna hurt.
Promises, promises.
The entire time I knew Thanos,
he only ever had one goal.
Wiping out half of all life.
Well, well.
You should've killed me.
It would've been a waste of parts!
PETER: Are you ready for one last ride?
Take care of my crew.
This is gonna be hard for them.
Hurry up!
Not her.
PETER: We were always
searching for a family.
Until we found each other.
That is the gist of it.
Whoever it was that you were in love with,
it sounds more like her.
-That's ridiculous. Don't even
-Do not bring me into this.
Knock it off!
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