Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s02e08 Episode Script


Ain't quite got the hang of it yet.
YONDU: When I picked you up as a kid
Welcome home, Peter.
these boys wanted to eat you.
I saved your life!
Sorry, boy.
But a captain's gotta teach his men
what happens to those what cross him.
Captain's gotta teach stuff!
GAMORA: Yondu!
Ronan has something
called an Infinity Stone.
He's gonna use it to wipe out Xandar.
Billions of people will perish.
At the end of all this, I get the Stone.
PETER: All Ronan's got to do is touch
the Stone to the planet's surface.
Let's go get 'em, boys!
PETER: So Ronan does not make the surface.
Come on!
PETER: We're the Guardians of the Galaxy.
KRAGLIN: Yeah, Quill turned out okay.
It's probably good
we didn't deliver him to his dad
like we was hired to do.
You betrayed the code!
Ravagers don't deal in kids.
The Colors of Ogord
will never flash over your grave.
You broke all our hearts.
Argh. Pathetic.
First, Quill betrays us
and Yondu just lets him go.
Seems he's goin' soft.
If he's so soft,
why are you whispering?
TASERFACE: You know I'm right, Kraglin.
Hey there, rat!
NEBULA: Your friend.
They are going to kill him!
I tell you, it was pretty easy
to find you.
Give me your word you won't hurt Groot.
We ain't stupid enough
to help kill the Guardians of the Galaxy!
-KRAGLIN: That ain't right.
I just gotta say it
this one time, Captain.
No matter how many times
Quill betrays you
you protect him
like none of the rest of us much matter!
ALL: Yeah!
I'm the one what sticks up for you!
Take it easy, Kraglin.
Suppose it's time
for a change in leadership.
I didn't mean to do a mutiny.
They killed all my friends.
YONDU: Get the third quadrant
ready for release.
Where to, Captain?
Let's go fight a planet.
Okay! Good. Wait.
Fight a what?
Kraglin, we need the quadrant
for an extraction.
T-minus five minutes.
Aye, Captain. (STRAINING)
Yondu, we're about to blow!
Get to the ship!
ROCKET: Kraglin, go!
PETER: It's a Ravager funeral.
I think Yondu would want you to have it.
KRAGLIN: Oh, hey, guys.
PETER: Kraglin.
You've been here this whole time?
Yeah. You said to stay with the ship.
This is Glenda.
We're married.
Pfft. (LAUGHS) I am Groot.
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