Marvel Studios: Legends (2021) s02e09 Episode Script


I am Groot.
Well, that's just as fascinating
as the first 89 times you told me that.
What is wrong with Giving Tree, here?
Well, he don't know
talking good like me and you.
So his vocabulistics is limited
to "I" and "am" and "Groot."
-Exclusively in that order.
When did you learn to do that?
Pretty sure the answer is "I am Groot."
(SHOUTING) I am Groot.
I will unfurl 1,000 years of Kree justice
on Xandar.
GAMORA: We have to stop Ronan.
-I have a plan.
I am Groot.
PETER: Thank you, Groot. Thank you.
Groot's the only one of you
who has a clue.
NEBULA: We have been boarded.
RONAN: Behold!
Your Guardians of the Galaxy.
GAMORA: I have lived most my life
surrounded by my enemies.
I will be grateful
to die among my friends.
I am Groot.
ROCKET: No, Groot! You can't.
You'll die.
Why are you doing this?
We are Groot.
NOVA PRIME: On behalf of the Nova Corps,
we'd like to express
our profound gratitude
for your help in saving Xandar.
I am Groot.
They were not looking at you funny.
Hey, what about this little plant?
Can I smash it with a rock?
No. It's too adorable to kill.
Look how cute it is
when it's all riled up.
He's goddang precious!
Come here. Hey, you wanna
help us get outta here? Hmm?
There's something I need you to get.
The thing I wore on my head.
There's a drawer next to the bunk.
It's in that. You got it?
Tell me you guys have
a refrigerator somewhere
with a bunch of severed human toes.
YONDU: Get the third quadrant
ready for release.
-ROCKET: You maniac.
Out of the way, dumber, smaller Groot!
For the bomb to work, we'd actually
need to place it on Ego's core.
And our fat butts ain't gonna fit
through those tiny holes.
That's a terrible idea.
How long until the bomb goes off?
ROCKET: About six minutes.
Groot! If you can hear me,
hurry up!
Ugh. Dude, seriously?
You gotta clean up your room.
It's a complete mess.
I am Groot.
I am not boring. You're boring.
-Get it off!
Where we have to go is Nidavellir.
ROCKET: That place is a legend.
They make the most powerful,
horrific weapons
(CHUCKLING) to ever torment the universe.
Wait, what kinda weapon
are we talkin' about here?
The Thanos-killing kind.
Thor, you okay? I think he's dying.
He needs the axe!
Where's the handle?
Tree, help me find the handle!
Bring me Thanos!
-I am Groot!
-Aw, you got sap all over it.
By the way,
this is a friend of mine, Tree.
I am Groot.
I am Steve Rogers.
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