Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s03e14 Episode Script

Seeing Double

(GRUNTING) (BEEPING) Friday, what's next on my daily productivity calendar? FRIDAY: Recalibrate stingers.
Memorize current international criminal database logs.
Underwater breathing exercises.
Sorry, Black Widow.
Didn't mean to sneak up.
Just seeing if you wanted a night off.
Downtime? Tried it.
Hated it.
Sorry, Hulk.
I'll stick to my calendar, thank you.
FRIDAY: Stingers calibrated.
Anyway, this is fun.
Yeah, okay.
Maybe a little downtime would be all right.
Let's hit the town.
(CHUCKLES) - Not literally.
- Aw.
(GRUNTS) - You should've brought a jacket.
- Kidding? This is the only time of year the city reminds me of home.
What was that childhood like? I can't remember much before The Red Room? Before you became Black Widow? Don't really want to talk about it.
Should've seen Banner in high school.
Nerd? Wish I'd gone to the reunion.
Wouldn't laugh at puny Banner now.
IRON MAN: Hulk, Widow, come in.
Go ahead, Iron Man.
We've got a level two alert in your area.
The Abomination is abominating again.
Want some backup? HULK: (SCOFFS) Are you kidding? BLACK WIDOW: We're on it.
I'll admit you were right.
That was fun.
And I needed it.
(STOMACH GROWLING) Be more fun with hot dogs.
We should take care of that before your growling stomach - causes an earthquake.
- (STOMACH GROWLING) They're on me.
How many you want? - One.
- One? Yeah.
One cart.
Huh? (SCREAMS) Hey, what is that? (SCREAMING) Widow? BLACK WIDOW: Hulk? I swear, if you ditched me on my night off - (WHIRRING) - Hulk! Iron Man, Captain America.
Hydra's got Hulk! Got it.
Locking down your coordinates.
Be there in five.
Don't have five minutes.
Going radio silent.
Ping me.
Huh? (SIGHS) YELENA: Baron Strucker.
The final piece to your plan.
Excellent, young one.
You are proving your worth.
Slowly, of course.
This was nothing.
I'm capable of so much more.
- If you would just - Finally, I have the Hulk.
With him under my control, no one will be able to stop me.
Except me.
Your attitude has outgrown your skill.
You don't even know the value of what you brought me.
With Arnim Zola's lost program, which I've upgraded significantly, controlling the power of the Hulk, I have the strongest weapon in the world.
- Yes.
Of course, Baron.
- (GROANS) Prep the body for conversion.
Oh, my dear girl.
Prove yourself worthy, and I will treat you thusly.
Care to take a look at the future of Hydra? All my work is about to come to fruition.
And all that's left to do is watch.
You've been doing nothing but watching for some time.
If you wish to throw a tantrum, I can replace you with someone quieter.
You think that is your greatest creation.
I alone took down your unstoppable Hulk.
BLACK WIDOW: All I needed to hear.
(GRUNTING) You brought back a stray with you.
I knew you couldn't do this one simple thing right.
(GROWLS) You're so desperate to prove yourself.
The opportunity has come to you.
What are you up to? (CHUCKLES) Black Widow, you don't notice a sister in arms? Your step, hers.
Your attack, her counter.
Until I captured the Hulk, she was my greatest asset.
What is this, Strucker? Who is she? Natasha Romanoff, allow me to introduce Yelena Belova, the new Black Widow.
But I destroyed the Red Room program.
And I brought it back.
(BOTH GRUNTING) Let's make this a fair fight.
The program is back in full effect.
Version 2.
0, if you will.
An army of soldiers with the brain, - brawn, stealth and power that only - (GRUNTS) You careless child.
How dare you! BLACK WIDOW: So that's your plan? Turn Hulk into something like me? Into a Widow? Not quite.
The raw destructive force of the Hulk transformed into a ruthless Hydra soldier.
Turn it off.
(LAUGHS) There is no turning it off.
Not now.
- Hulk will be my most powerful recruit yet.
- (STRUGGLING) I said turn it off! We're not through.
- Aah! - Aah! (GROANS) (PANTING) (GRUNTING) Huh? (BOTH GRUNTING) (GROANING) (GROANS) Iron Man! No! I wasn't really planning on a trip to Siberia.
You know, they have perfectly good frozen tundra in North America.
You're too late.
(GRUNTS) Stand down, Strucker.
Surrender to them, Yelena.
I know when you're outmatched.
But I have her.
You have nothing.
You may be well trained, but some things you only learn from experience.
(GRUNTS) Supposed to To be a relaxing night.
IRON MAN: To be fair, it still probably beats smashing rocks in Death Valley.
Something's wrong.
(ALARM BLARING) (GROANS) Quick! Knock me out.
Someone! (GROANS) Don't let me (SCREAMING) (YELLING) (GROWLING) YELENA: You don't even know you've already lost.
IRON MAN: What's happening? (GROWLS) No.
The Winter Soldier programming.
He's finally complete.
(ROARS) (GROANS) A Hulk with martial arts skills.
(GRUNTS) I should've thought of that myself.
- MAN: Don't move! - (WEAPONS COCK) Ah, Hydra.
They really think I'm gonna listen.
So cute.
(GROANING) I'm attacking right at the nerve clusters, and I got nothing.
(GROANS) We have unfinished business.
Let my Winter Hulk take care of them.
- Go prep the jet for our - No.
It ends here.
(GROANING) What are you doing? What I was made for.
Infiltrating and destroying.
With the push of a button, I will show you why I am your greatest creation.
- You insolent - Quiet! You're ruining my moment.
(GRUNTING) Hulk, it's me.
It's Widow.
Are you in there? YELENA: Stop! (GASPS) You may have been Strucker's brainchild, but you're mine now.
(GROWLS) (SIGHS) As a Widow, there's a lot you can do.
But you don't stand a chance going against another Widow.
You turned on your own kind.
You don't deserve to be a Widow.
Destroy the Deep Forest Hydra Facility.
Spare no one.
No, Hulk! Why would you destroy your own facility? A Widow destroys from within.
With the Winter Hulk as my personal weapon, now I am the new leader of Hydra.
(BOTH GRUNTING) - Welcome back.
- Sorry, it took a minute.
You know Hydra.
You take one down, two more come back.
Where's the big guy? She sent him to destroy a Hydra facility.
IRON MAN: And that's a bad thing because It's located under a village filled with civilians.
IRON MAN: Yeah, okay.
Cap, let's go save some Hydra.
BLACK WIDOW: Hulk is in there.
You won't be able to control him forever.
You'll never know.
Because my next task is to destroy you.
(GRUNTS) You want me? Come and get me.
Put that down.
Sure thing.
What would your family think of you now? You don't know anything about them.
I know that you're in way over your head.
What did they call you, by the way? Lenochka? Don't use that name.
What did Strucker tell you? That you had to give up everything, even your childhood nickname? It was worth it to be the new Widow.
The only Widow.
(BOTH GRUNTING) You don't have to be what the program made you.
(LAUGHS) What choice do I have now? And despite what you think, you don't have a choice either.
IRON MAN: I'm not detecting any heat signatures.
It's like Hulk disappeared into thin air.
I'd say he jumped from here, but the impressions aren't deep enough.
I don't like this.
I know the Winter Soldier program and how dangerous it can turn any individual.
Can't imagine that focus and stealth with someone like Hulk.
The day Hulk sneaks up on us is the day I turn in this armor.
Look out.
(BOTH GRUNT) Not sure you want to give up that armor now.
(GRUNTS) Long-range attacks.
Don't get in close.
(GRUNTING) IRON MAN: He's already got that long-range thing down.
Don't worry.
Backup is coming.
All right, big guy.
- Let's dance.
My Hulkbuster's ready to dish it out.
Come get some.
(GRUNTS) What have you done? YELENA: Ever wonder what became of the washouts from the Red Room? Strucker's technology.
My Winter Soldier army.
Destroy Natasha Romanoff, the old Black Widow.
I must admit, Romanoff, you have a great gift.
Powerful, even.
And yet, you squander it all by working for spoiled children.
And the zombie Widow Soldiers you created of your classmates is a marked improvement? (GRUNTING) This is why you calibrate your stingers.
And bring extra ammo.
(GRUNTING) (CHUCKLES) I will never make the mistake of following as you have.
- A Widow leads.
- You're right.
(GRUNTING) (BEEPS) (GASPS) Time for bed.
Enough distractions.
You want to see if you're better than me? Let's find out.
What does he need a knife for? (GRUNTS) Oh, that.
Come on.
We've got to keep him from getting to that base.
Didn't even slow him down.
Hiding doesn't suit you.
BLACK WIDOW: Yelena You may have been the top of your class, but a Widow never stops learning and adapting.
And fighting! (GRUNTS) There's room for two of us.
There's room for all of us.
I don't share! (GROANS) Nowhere left to run.
Who said I was running? Just needed to reload.
(BOTH GRUNTING) Why bother with me? Isn't that what you want? - What is it? - Your memories.
Your childhood before the Red Room.
Everything you could ever wish to know about Natasha Romanoff.
- You're lying.
- Am I? Want to find out who you are? How to break free from being someone else's creation? This is your chance.
That's the past.
This is now.
I'm happy with who I am.
Want a chance at the same? (LAUGHING) You can't help me.
I'm made to destroy.
Not while I have you.
You never had me.
See? I can learn after all.
You can still override their control.
You decide who you are - (GROWLING) - what you can be, not them.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) (GRUNTS) This isn't you, Hulk.
You're an Avenger.
(GROWLING) (GROANING) (SCREAMING) (EXHALES) (SNORING) I never thought I'd be so happy to hear that snoring.
Love snow days.
Yeah, it used to remind me of something from long ago.
But today, it reminds me of what I have now.
What's this? Strucker's remote that turned you.
You could've used this the whole time? I thought you should be the one to choose your own fate.
(GRUNTS) Like my life the way it is.
So do I.