Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s03e15 Episode Script

A Friend in Need

(SIRENS BLARING) (TIRES SCREECHING) (OLD WOMAN SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) As men of metal go, this one is quite resilient.
(GROANS) (GRUNTING) He can teleport.
I don't know, Tony.
Your cousin's making a convincing case for being number one metal head.
That's okay, Falcon, I called in a friend to help make a counter argument.
FALCON: The Vision.
Didn't expect to see you today.
I did not expect your call.
I've been monitoring global threats from a super computer center in Norway.
But I'm happy to come to your assistance.
Iron Man, by what criteria do you designate me a friend? Explanation of human emotions later, Vision.
I scanned Cobalt Man to see who we're dealing with and it turns out he's all robot.
Making me the undisputed metal guy champ.
Now, let's box in wannabe me.
Plotting a complementary optic beam firing pattern.
Uh, yeah.
Do that.
Close the box.
And he's out.
That teleporter's nice though.
So nice, I'm gonna hack it for myself.
Hulk's strength assessment was accurate.
A 424% increase in density was necessary to counter that blow.
Plus 100 strength is required to generate such force.
Low density and tangibility is a more practical option.
We'll geek out on science later, Vision.
I'm picking up a strange signature.
Might be Ultron's but I can't get a full reading with Cobalt Man playing peek-a-boo.
When did you robots get so strong? I am not a robot.
I am a synthezoid.
A living being comprised of synthetic materials.
Heads up! (GROANS) (GRUNTS) Not cool! Friends don't let friends get lasered.
Oh, is that a rule of friendship? I find the topic fascinating.
I'd very much like to experience friendship.
Good luck with that.
Sorry to break up the greeting card, but our metallic pal is joining the arms race.
And we're the finish line! Navigation system override, Friday? - FRIDAY: Not yet.
- Then let's try manual override.
The higher this thing detonates, the better.
That should do it.
How we looking, guys? THOR: Better get back if you want in on this fight.
(GRUNTS) This is pointless.
We can't send him to the scrap heap until we make his vanishing act vanish.
(GRUNTS) (GROANS) I pinpointed the location of the teleportation device.
I've also devised an algorithm to predict Cobalt Man's teleportation pattern.
Math attack.
I love this guy.
Send me the specs.
Vision and I will target the teleporter while everyone else plays decoy.
(GRUNTING) Stay still! THOR: Can't evade us forever, robot.
(GROANS) (DOG WHIMPERS) I knew you'd come to help us.
Just doing my job.
Watch out! - Well sighted.
- Just doing my job.
Lock and fire.
Teleporter deactivated.
Metal pile! Phasing hand to power grid.
VISION: Power disabled.
Smells like Ultron.
He can move to a new body.
Yes, a logical deduction.
I'm a likely host.
Please scan me.
(SCANNING) Not getting anything.
Looks like you're clean.
(SCOFFS) I could have told you that.
Ultron has more personality.
I mean, this teleporter.
Who knew quantumizers could be that small? I did.
This is my design.
With some tweaks.
That's why I'm surprised I can't activate it.
I have tapped into the motion emulator though.
Nice, but can it dance? No.
Threat neutralized.
IRON MAN: I was working on that.
Four bounces minimum.
Agreed, Black Widow, Hawkeye? Come on, Cap, quit stalling.
Three, two, one.
(PROJECTILES RICOCHETING) Foul! You cheated! By using a larger, slower object? (LASERS RICOCHETING) Twenty-four points of deflection.
Is that acceptable? (SIGHS) CAPTAIN AMERICA: Game over.
(GRUNTS) (GASPS) HULK: Broccoli bash! You got steamed.
Rematch! I choose cauliflower.
Vegetables are not conscious, let alone violent.
And why would friends enjoy simulated combat against each other? Hey, if you're bad-mouthing Veggies of Valor, I'm getting a snack.
If you truly wish to understand friendship, Vision, journey with me to the place where I made my first friends, Asgard.
- They have friendship in Asgard too? - We invented friendship.
Heimdall, portal! (CHOMPING) All right.
Let's veg out.
Hey, where'd they go? True friendship is forged on the field of battle.
These are the pounders of Ulik, Rock Troll of Nornheim.
They could level mountains in his hands.
When he tried to take Mjolnir, even the constantly feuding Tyr and Balder set aside their differences to fight with me and seize the pounders in victory.
Ah, the Warlock's Eye.
My friends, the Warriors Three and I fought together to prevent the traitor Harokin from turning its power against Asgard.
The Destroyer Armor.
So immensely powerful, it has caused enough trouble for countless friendships.
Vision, are you coming? - So, you guys building something, or - Hulk, no! Oops.
You got more of those, right? Solid-state holojector prototypes? One.
Across town at Stark Lab.
We'll hang out later, then.
THOR: Some of the greatest threats ever faced by Asgard are contained here.
(GRUNTS) I mentioned Ulik, the Rock Troll.
(YELLS) (YELLING) The Fenris Wolf.
My friend, the great warrior, Tyr, sacrificed his hand to this beast on behalf all Asgardians.
(GROWLS) Fafnir the dragon captured my friend Volstagg.
A mistake I made certain was his undoing.
LOKI: Has it really come to this, Thor? You, a tour guide, and me, your star attraction? I would rather you were free, brother Loki, changed for the better.
Well, at least your taste in companions has improved.
You're clever to hide amongst the heroes, my friend.
They won't suspect until it's too late.
(CHUCKLES) I do not understand.
Have we met? (LOUD THUD) (CHUCKLES) (ULIK YELLS) (GRUNTS) Ulik! He's escaped! I could've told you that containment field wouldn't hold.
This will be a fine lesson in friendship.
(GRUNTS) You will pay for caging me like an animal, Asgardians.
(ROARING) Anyone who steals freedom only to seek vengeance deserves no better.
(GROWLING) (GRUNTS) Attack on my signal.
(GRUNTING) (YELLS) Now, Vision! (GRUNTING) A-ha! We share a decisive victory! Do you feel the bond of battle? I don't think so.
I do feel something.
Oh? (ELECTRICITY PULSING) What is it? I finally see something worthy of my power.
You spurn a new friend, Vision? Have you lost your mind? (ALTERED VOICE) On the contrary.
You could say I've gained a mind.
Or, to be precise, a superior intelligence.
That voice! The voice of Ultron! You inhabit Vision? Yes, Asgardian.
Now you know the true identity of your conqueror.
(GRUNTS) Density manipulation is but one of Vision's many useful upgrades.
You may steal bodies, robot, but not victory! Now I will teach you the difference between true immortality and wishful thinking.
You will teach me nothing! (SHOUTS) Simply increasing the density of this hand inflicts considerable harm, even to you, Thor.
Organic life.
So fragile.
So pathetic! (GRUNTING) Vision, my friend, you must fight! You poor fool.
Vision is a pawn before (DISTORTED VOICE) Ultron.
(GROANING) You toy with me, Ultron.
I will not show such mercy.
(YELLS) Wait.
I am Vision.
I've regained control.
Ultron has departed.
To where? VISION: While these objects appear ancient, they are profoundly advanced technology that defies analysis.
They are of Asgard.
Unfortunately, that means they are also hospitable to Ultron.
(BOTH GRUNT) (ALARM BLARING) What's the emergency? I pushed the wrong button.
It was an accident.
Friday, shut off the alarms.
Hulk, why are you breaking more stuff than usual today? Where's Thor? FRIDAY: He went to Asgard with Vision.
He did? I mean, of course he did.
'Cause I'm meeting them there.
Please go.
I already had to send Cobalt Man's teleporter to the other lab today because of you.
I don't wanna lose anything else.
Mmm Ultron can only attack one target at a time with the Warlock's Eye.
Charging it once on separate paths will split his focus.
Ready? Ready.
Vision! (GRUNTS) Vision! (GRUNTS) Your strategy was sound.
With Ultron distracted, I was able to approach undetected.
Did I do something wrong? (SIGHS) You abandoned a friend mid-fight.
The first rule of teamwork is You dare attack me? (YELLS) Ultron.
Within the Dwarven ax Jarnbjorn? And the Valkyrie sword Dragonfang? Yes.
He's on the move.
Who knows if any of this junk can get me to Asgard? By the power of Thor, but Hulk instead of Thor, take me to Asgard! (SIGHS) Friday, can you open a portal to Asgard? Or a bridge? Either one? FRIDAY: I'm afraid not, Hulk.
Please? Help a Hulk out.
Oh! Thanks, Friday.
I owe you some apps.
FRIDAY: It wasn't me.
It was me.
You're next.
(GROWLS) Ultron, what did you do to them? They'll live For now.
You won't be so lucky.
Now that I have found an indestructible, unstoppable body, you don't know how wrong you are.
How did you ever make it this far? (GRUNTING) (GROANS) Thought I could hit hard.
(ALARM BLARING) Hulk, what's going The Destroyer Armor.
But I'm much more than just the armor.
(GROANS) Must alert the Avengers.
They appear to already know.
That's Ultron's voice.
And he's been working out.
FRIDAY: Ultron has infiltrated the system.
He's trying to take (DISTORTED) control Friday is inferior and expendable, just like the rest of you.
The Destroyer Armor is impenetrable.
No one gets inside.
Thor is right.
This body is nearly perfect, unlike Vision's body.
Can't move.
Energy surge compromised mobility.
ULTRON: All it lacks is the Cobalt Man teleportation technology.
Will you forfeit it to save Vision's life? Deal.
The risk is too high.
You value a life, a synthetic life, enough to concede? Of course.
But the teleporter's not here.
So, you release Vision, we'll go get it for you.
No need.
I've located it in your system.
I will retrieve it myself.
(BEEPING) It's not as if you will stop me.
Stop him before he gets to the lab.
Your so-called friendship makes you weak.
That is why you will fall before me.
That is why your existence will soon be a memory.
You will advance no further.
Your journey is at an end, Ultron.
Not before I claim my prize.
(GROANS) (GROWLS) (ROARING) Thor is my friend! How quaint.
(GROWLS) You will be the first to fall, Thor, but not the last.
THOR: Vision! VISION: You won't fall today, friend.
And thank you for the lightning reboot.
My updated security protocols will repel your incursion efforts, Ultron.
ULTRON: You ally yourself with such flawed beings? You deserve to share their fate.
VISION: Their flaws distinguish them from us.
It is why they must endure and why you must be destroyed.
ULTRON: You've locked the Destroyer controls.
What is this? What are you doing? VISION: We are headed for a deep-sea trench.
I will leave you there, entombed under the ocean for all eternity.
ULTRON: You're mad.
At that depth, you'll never survive the return trip.
VISION: You may be right, but I'm willing to sacrifice myself to stop you.
My friends would do the same for me.
Good-bye, Ultron.
ULTRON: (ECHOING) No! You will not fall today, friend.
I boosted the scan's power tenfold.
I'm not picking up any signs of Ultron.
But are you sure it's safe to just leave him? I fused the Destroyer systems and left Ultron unable to move.
With no tech nearby for him to control at the bottom of the ocean, yes, I believe Ultron is safely imprisoned.
If you believe this is the best way to dispose of Ultron, then we trust you, friend.
(VIDEO GAME MUSIC PLAYING) THOR: There were many acts of valor today, but it was your sacrifice, Vision, that stopped Ultron.
That was an act of true friendship.
(GROANS) Yeah.
Sweet sacrifice, Viz.