Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s03e16 Episode Script

Captain Marvel

CAPTAIN AMERICA: What's our status, Black Widow? Is it as bad as it looks? BLACK WIDOW: It's worse.
Flight control systems just went down and took engines one and two with it.
Falcon, can you recalibrate the stabilizer? Won't do any good.
The stabilizer's on fire too.
(BEEPING) This is Captain America! Mayday! Flight controls non-responsive.
All air traffic clear the area! (ALARM BEEPING) Hang on! Some kind of tractor beam, it's slowing our descent.
FALCON: That was a close call.
Great save, whoever that is.
They're coming in for a landing.
Yeah, a crash landing.
Thor! Right with you, Hulk! HULK: Thanks for the assist! I got it from here.
(GRUNTING) Should've known Hulk would have our back.
Even with his front.
Thor had your back as well.
Good timing.
I put a call in last week.
The help's arrived.
Wait, Tony, you don't mean (SCOFFS) Come on, the last time your help fixed the Avenjet, I couldn't get it to go slower than Mach 2! You just hate that you got beat at arm wrestling.
Captain America fought valiantly until his arm was slammed through the table - by Captain Marvel! - Hey, guys.
Good to see you all happy, healthy, and not-exploded.
How you doing there, Army? Lose your lunch a little? (SNICKERS) I'm doing just fine, Air Force.
Tony's told us all about you, Captain Marvel.
Falcon, I've heard of you.
Now, how did you guys mess up the Avenjet? I don't know.
I think something must have fed the computer faulty airspeed data.
(TWEAKING) I have a theory, - but it could take days for - Done.
I'd love to stick around and tell old war stories, especially about Helsinki, right, Hawkeye? (CHUCKLES) But I've got serious business.
(GASPS) TONY: That serious business wouldn't happen to be the Kree, would it? The Kree.
Aren't they Aliens.
Scientifically advanced, very, very unfriendly.
Especially after I kicked their butt a few times.
Those are their drones.
Guess they're not here for peace negotiations.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Avengers, defense plan tango! (GRUNTS) Friday, suit me up.
(GRUNTING) Puny Kree.
What do they want? From the looks of it, her.
Follow the leader, drones.
Works every time.
So, Captain Marvel, is there anyone in the universe you haven't ticked off? This is the Kree.
They're born ticked off.
But also, probably no.
(GRUNTS) You guys are too easy.
(GRUNTING) - Okay, maybe not that easy.
- I got you.
(POWERING DOWN) Ha! I let you have that one! (GRUNTS) And that one I took! IRON MAN: Falcon, trace their ionic signature.
- Widow, Thor - Whoa.
I appreciate the help, but this is my mission, and it's solo.
A team will just slow me down.
You doubt our speed? (SIGHS) So glad you called in help, Tony.
Falcon, Thor, with me.
Everyone else, stay on guard against any further Kree attacks.
What happened in Helsinki? I do not want to talk about it.
I knew you couldn't help yourself, Army.
The Kree are a serious threat.
It's exactly what the Avengers are for.
Aw, that's cute.
Falcon, fire up your tracker.
See if we can pinpoint their location.
I heard the Kree captured you and altered your DNA.
They gave you your powers? Yeah, that happened.
And how does that feel? Let's see I can fly, I'm indestructible, and I shoot energy beams out of my hands.
Feels pretty awesome.
(BEEPING) Something coming from inside.
THOR: Then let us open it up and get to the heart of the matter! We'd better split up and recon the perimeter before Perimeter's breached.
Let's go, boys! (GROANS) (ROARS) (GRUNTS) This feels like a trap.
Captain Marvel, gracing us with your presence.
Haven't seen your nasty-looking grill in a while.
I've been recharging, planning, thinking about how you destroyed my whole squadron.
You and I have unfinished business.
Your friends may have protected you earlier from my attack drones, but they won't be able to do so aboard a vessel of the mighty Kree Empire.
(CHUCKLES) Is that an invitation? Because I'm afraid I have to decline.
Oh, but you've already accepted.
(RUMBLING) (GASPS) The warehouse is the ship.
Get out now! I look forward to seeing you.
Very soon.
Look for an escape hatch! CAPTAIN MARVEL: Too late, we're docking! (BOTH GRUNT) Where are they taking us? Looks like the Kree homeworld.
Any of these diagrams show the way to the bridge? When the only way out of this chamber is a locked door? No diagram needed.
(YELLS) Huh? They'll have to come in here eventually.
And wait for them to come get us? We need to be proactive here.
- Falcon, help me set up an ambush.
- Falcon, help me override the door controls.
Thanks, Thor.
Well, let me try the door.
If it doesn't work, we set up the ambush.
(KEYPAD BEEPING) (BOTH GRUNTING) CAPTAIN AMERICA: Can we get through or do we need to set up an ambush? It worked.
Unfortunately for us, I think an ambush is already on.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: Kree Sentries! They're automated guard robots! (LAUGHS) FALCON: The Sentries are self-repairing.
This advanced Kree technology is really kind of cool.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: Yeah, for something trying to burn us to a crisp! (GRUNTS) This is probably a multi-link router.
Activated the Sentries when we hacked the door.
(GRUNTS) Cap! Your aim any better than it was when we fought Hydra in Barcelona? I seem to remember taking out two Hydra snipers on your six.
Two? Ha, yeah, right! Then that blinking box on the ceiling should be no problem.
(GRUNTS) (ROBOTS POWERING DOWN) Oh, and for the record, my aim can't get any better.
Did humble Captain America just show off? (CHUCKLES) I like it.
So what happened in Helsinki? I HALO'd in from the stratosphere, rescued Hawkeye, pulled a jumbo jet out of a tailspin, teamed up with Captain America, re-rescued Hawkeye, and defeated a horde of barbarians.
Barbarians? Like real barbarians? I assume they were barbarians.
From the beards.
And the smell.
Though I guess that could have been Hawkeye.
Enough with the war stories.
You are old compatriots with a friendly rivalry, and yet you seem displeased with her.
Captain Marvel's one of the finest soldiers I've ever fought with, but there's a reason she works alone.
Cryogenic chambers.
There are people inside.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: Not just people.
You don't seem very surprised.
The new Inhumans have been disappearing, so the National Security Council asked me to investigate since they potentially carry so much power.
Now, we have proof the Kree are abducting them from Earth.
There are a lot of new Inhumans.
That's a threat to the whole planet.
I will free them from their frozen prisons.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Can't open them here.
I've seen this red gas before.
It keeps Inhumans sedated, but it's poison to us.
We need to get to the ship's bridge to shut it down.
We need a plan.
- You got it.
- Wait.
Whoo! (LAUGHS) When I say "We need a plan," that implies that we're going to tell the rest of the team.
When you're up in the sky at 600 miles per hour, you act on instinct.
Falcon knows what I'm talking about.
- Uh - Well, when you're in a foxhole, you learn to depend on your teammates instead of selfishly taking chances and risks.
Right, Falcon? You know, your Army versus Air Force rivalry doesn't matter because we're in outer space.
So what's say we call a truce? The bridge is on the other side of this door, so we can't break it down.
Maybe you can hack into it? (BEEPING) Hmm? How did you I was sneaking in places when you were flying paper airplanes.
And I found an access vent right behind you.
Old school.
Though I can't help but notice you didn't tell the rest of the team.
(CHUCKLES) GALEN-KOR: Transmit a message to the homeworld.
Inform them CAPTAIN MARVEL: That your mission has failed.
You escaped my Sentries? We can tell you all about it, after you let the Inhumans go.
Ah, my precious cargo.
Once we weaponize their powers, the Kree Empire will be invincible.
And as a bonus, I'll bring home our most prized creation Captain Marvel.
Flattery will get you nowhere except a maximum security prison.
You do not understand your situation.
My people will praise me for bringing them Captain Marvel, dead or alive.
Give it up, Galen-Kor! (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) Your plan failed.
The Kree never fail.
We simply adapt! (GAS HISSING) Get to the fighters.
We'll reclaim the ship once they are no more.
(GRUNTS) (COUGHING) We're trapped! (COUGHING) Only chance The airlock.
(ALARM BEEPING) (COUGHS) No! We won't survive! (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS AND YELLS) THOR: Falcon, grab hold! (GRUNTS) (GASPING) (GRUNTS) Kree, spread out.
Their end will come soon.
Opening the airlock and sucking us all out into space? What were you thinking? That was A good move.
Sometimes you gotta take a chance.
- Thanks for the save.
- No sweat.
I'll add it to your tab.
(ELECTRIC HUMMING) Impossible! You still live? Looks like it.
And now we've got your ship.
How about that? I'll obliterate my own ship before letting it fall into Earther hands! Ship controls are locked.
- Falcon, get started on - Done.
Nice job! It's not easy to hack the Kree system before the feedback loop electrocutes you.
Well, once I figured out Wait, electrocute? (SHIP THUDS) CAPTAIN MARVEL: Cap, take the weapons systems here.
(WEAPONS BLASTING) THOR: 'Tis like the video games with Hulk.
Only much, much harder! They're moving too fast.
Can't get a lock.
Then let's do something about it, Army.
I'm gonna get out there and fight them ship-to-ship.
Hey, Air Force? The only way that works is if Falcon can fly this mothership back to Earth.
You're right.
Falcon, take the helm.
You want me to pilot the Kree mothership? And you two aren't going to argue about this? What's to argue? Cap trusts you.
I trust you.
You got this.
GALEN-KOR: Fight hard, Kree warriors! We may lose our cargo, but we'll still return as heroes if we capture Captain Marvel.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: Oh, that's not happening.
(SCREAMS) FALCON: Nice move, Captain Marvel! You ain't seen nothin' yet.
(COMPUTER BEEPING) THOR: Game over, Kree! The Sentries that went out the airlock, they're attacking the hull! They're too close.
Our ship's weapons can't hit them.
THOR: Then I have a plan.
(GRUNTING) (SHOUTS) There will be no auto-repairing from that.
FALCON: Too bad the ship can't fix itself.
Stabilizers are offline.
Re-entry's gonna be rough.
Thor, I need some stabilization.
You wanna play? Fine.
Let's play.
Are you enjoying this as much as I am? Yes! (ROARS) I will end you! And your planet as well.
Missiles, detach! CAPTAIN MARVEL: In your dreams! GALEN-KOR: Once those missiles strike Earth, the gas will destroy every human, leaving the Inhumans behind for us to collect later.
There's no way you can stop them.
The Kree thirst for victory is unquenchable! (LAUGHS) (GRUNTS) (THUDS) I can't stop those missiles.
But I know a team that can.
Tony, you've got incoming Kree missiles filled with deadly gas.
Think you can IRON MAN: Stop them? Consider it done.
BLACK WIDOW: We've got two minutes until impact.
Two minutes? That's more time than we usually get.
Hulk, remember, we can't risk setting off the missiles.
So no smashing.
No one appreciates my talents.
Gotcha! Listen up, team.
Take out the thruster and keep the payload off the ground.
I've got the first one.
Somebody shut this thing off! I've got you, Hulk.
Two down.
Two to go.
(GRUNTING) Wait, no smashing.
(ROARS) (CHOMPS) Nobody said anything about biting! BLACK WIDOW: Got it.
Last missile secured.
That's how we do that.
FALCON: Re-entry's gonna be rough without the stabilizers.
Still think Captain Marvel should be here doing this.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: You got this.
I know a good pilot when I see one, and you're a good pilot, Wilson.
Listen to her.
She knows what she's talking about.
Oh, great.
You two are on the same side.
Now I'm really scared.
Air Force couldn't do their job without Army.
And vice versa.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: It's not a competition.
Coming at a problem from different sides makes us stronger.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: Cap's right, but it's totally a competition.
Hey, where are we putting this thing down? I don't want Thor to get squashed! THOR: What of the Inhuman captives? Attilan is glad to have them back.
I gave them the Kree ship as a bonus.
Hey, guys, still not-exploded, I see.
Just came back for my ride.
While you were gone, I made an upgrade to your backup system.
You upgraded my plane? Without asking me? An Avengers ID? You call this an upgrade? There's no better backup than having a team that's always got your back.
Don't worry.
You can consider us reserves.
(CHUCKLES) Call me anytime you need me, Army.
Or I'll call when I need you.
Guys, we missed a drone! That's for Helsinki.
You're adorable, Hawkeye.