Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s04e01 Episode Script

Avengers No More (Part 1)

1 The Avengers, Earth's mightiest heroes.
But something's different about them.
There's Hulk.
Gonna put this big whatever next to the other big whatever.
[Ghost] Black Widow, Hawkeye.
Are we connected? I like to think so.
Oh, you mean the cable.
Let me check.
[Ghost] Captain America, Thor, and Falcon.
This should do it.
[Ghost] Now, what are they up to? Go for it, Cap.
[Captain America] Iron Man? Can you hear us, Tony? [Tony on P.
] This is everybody's favorite, Tony Stark, coming live and direct from another dimension that's recently become unstable.
[groans] 'Tis shameful that we had to leave you behind, friend Tony.
But we will bring you back.
I swear it.
Thanks, guys.
Soon, this machine will bring more than just my voice back to your dimension.
It's gonna finally return me home, before the eyes of the world, right here, at Stark Expo.
So the rumors are true.
They're trying to build a machine to bring Iron Man back.
But until then, everything of his is up for grabs.
[screaming] You picked the wrong day, Ghost.
Sorry, Ghost.
Just because Tony Stark is out of town doesn't mean you get to play with his stuff.
The whole world knows that Iron Man's trapped in an unstable dimension.
And without Stark, you Avengers won't see what's coming [grunts] [grunts] Until it's too late.
[laughing] Well, that certainly didn't sound ominous.
- You okay? - You mortals have a saying "No man gets left behind.
" We left a fellow warrior on the field of battle, trapped many universes away.
- Thor, it's not - It is.
We came home, while Tony is still out there.
Now we play with his toys at a carnival.
Tony sacrificed himself.
It was his choice.
He saved us and the whole world.
The least we can do is protect his legacy here until we can bring him back.
[crash] Uh, was that important? And, honestly, we really need your help.
Tony, I don't like all this tech out in the open.
It already drew one uninvited guest today.
[Tony] It was only Ghost, and the Avengers saved the day.
Look, Cap, Stark Expo is a statement to the world that we're not afraid to let people see what we do That we don't hide in the shadows.
But the people who do hide in shadows would do anything to get their hands on advanced tech like this while it's out in the open.
[fanfare] Is all the glitz and glamour really necessary? No one's going to believe it's me unless it's louder and bigger than everything else.
Even trapped across infinite dimensions, you are still Tony Stark.
Besides, if I'm gonna find my way back, I need a beacon to show me where home is.
Well, there's your beacon.
It's not a beacon.
It's a prototype trans-dimensional quantum particle filter.
Well, I mean, obviously.
Jane Foster, Earth's finest cross-dimensional researcher.
I am relieved that you are here.
[chuckles] Careful.
That's "Stark Industries' cross-dimensional researcher" to you.
Look, I totally understand this device and all, but I think Hulk would appreciate an explanation that was more, you know, at his level.
- Right, Hulk? - Huh? Hulk understand Dr.
Foster just fine.
This is like a divining rod.
Somewhere along the voice connection we found with Tony is a gateway to his dimension.
If we can trace that signal and find that gateway, we could open it and bring him back.
And what better timing than to come back right here at Stark Expo? I've never seen anything like this, Dr.
That's because there isn't anything like it.
This is one of a kind, and I need you guys to take care of it.
We're gonna try.
But with Tony's Expo so wide open, it might be impossible to keep [people screaming, exclaiming] [whimpers] It's the Leader.
Avengers Assemble! [chuckles] Oh, are we too late? I heard you had Stark Arc Reactors and were practically giving them away.
[yells] [grunts] [both grunt] Humanoids.
Made of elastic.
Brute force won't work.
So, no mash? No smash.
And that makes me wanna smash! [roars] Sorry.
These are for display only.
[grunting] [grunts] I was already in a foul mood.
But now you find me angry! Hawkeye, face-plant special, on the rocks.
You got it.
[grunts] [grunts] Have you seen how Hulk's doing with the "no smashing"? [grunting] Looks like he found a work-around.
[Tony] Dr.
Foster, what's happening out there? It sounds fighty.
The Leader's going on a shopping spree.
After your Arc Reactors.
Obviously because they're the most powerful.
Fitting that Tony Stark's final words would be something smug, arrogant, and entirely incorrect.
That's our only link to Tony.
If you take it, he'll be lost forever! That's the general idea, Doctor.
[snickers] [grunts] [grunting] [cries out] Ah, you hit me! What kind of doctor are you? PhD in astrophysics.
And I'm not going to make it easy for you, fathead.
[grunts] [grunts] Everything is easy for me.
[yells] Jane! [thunderous thudding] Farewell, Tony Stark.
Your final Expo was quite the blowout.
[grunts] Forget the Leader.
Get the civilians out first.
[grunts] You heard him.
Go! [grunts] [pants, grunts] [grunts] No pushing.
Stay calm.
[clamoring] I said, "Stay calm"! We're all clear.
Everyone okay? Not everyone.
The connection's been broken.
There's no way to get him back.
Tony is gone.
'Tis my fault.
[yells] [Captain America] The Leader was never there for the Arc Reactors.
His real goal was to destroy our bridge to Tony.
Not just destroy, steal.
Leader took the unit's one-of-a-kind prototype core, then destroyed decades' worth of work into trans-dimensional travel.
How long will it take you to rebuild? Even if I had the prototype back, it could take me months, maybe years, to rebuild all the data.
But even then, we've lost our link to him.
Finding Tony again would be like finding a needle in an ocean of haystacks.
Friend Tony.
I failed him, and now he's lost in the void.
Things have already been tough.
It'll be even tougher without Iron Man on our side.
Nay, Hawkeye.
I vow, so long as I live, no Avenger will ever be allowed in harm's way again.
[Black Widow] We have to get the stolen prototype from the leader.
It's the only way we have a shot at relocating Tony.
I disassembled this Humanoid's control center.
If we can hack through its firewall, I can pull the Leader's location from its techno-organic ROM.
It's resisting my probes.
May I? Now, you're gonna tell me what I wanna know.
Where's the Leader? [beeping] [Falcon] Firewall's still holding.
It won't give us the data.
[roaring] [beeping rapidly] We've got it Leader's next target.
[beeps] The Wakandan Consulate in New York City.
The Leader must be after their Vibranium reserves.
We can't just rush in there.
Hawkeye, I want you on over-watch.
Thor, I want you on Where's Thor? I will handle this myself.
So, this is the consulate.
Heavy on the decor, light on the defense.
[gasps] My, my.
I stand corrected.
Might there be a certain Wakandan king lurking in the shadows? Leader.
You will regret your trespass.
Black Panther.
What an honor, Your Highness.
I'll be able to say I was the last person to ever see you alive.
Humanoids, destroy him.
[grunts] Aahh! Vibranium.
The rarest substance in the world, and now mine.
I wondered when you might show.
I assume you brought your friends.
Except for Stark, of course.
No, Leader.
No Avenger will ever again be allowed in harm's way.
No friend will be lost ever again! [yelling] Aahh! [grunts] [yells] [grunting] [yells] [grunts] [groans] I should have guessed you were after Vibranium.
Thieves are not welcome in my home and will be shown no courtesy.
It's perfectly fine.
I was just on my way out.
[grunts] [groans] I should let you suffer Thor's hammer.
You have made a terrible mistake in coming here.
So it appears.
[Captain America] Black Panther? Thor? There you are.
You can't run off on your own like that, Thor.
We're a team.
A team that could not save Tony.
I will do what I must to protect my friends, and if that means my life should be forfeit in battle, Captain, then so be it.
The Leader reached the Vibranium.
We stopped him just in time.
On the contrary.
You did exactly what I expected.
Without Iron Man, you win battles, while you cannot even see the war.
Meet my new Cabal.
The Enchantress, Asgardian master of magic.
And the Asgardian warrior, Skurge.
Arnim Zola, brilliant Hydra commander.
Kang the Conqueror, ruler from the 30th century.
[grunts] [grunts] Kang, see to our esteemed Leader.
I didn't join your Cabal to be your rescuer.
No, you joined the Cabal to get the Avengers.
So what's stopping you? Finally, a chance to unwind.
[grunting] Enchantress! I'll see that you're locked in the deepest dungeons of Asgard! Thor, son of Odin.
I see you haven't forgotten me.
And you remember Skurge? [both grunting] Captain America.
The vengeance I've dreamt of for so long is nearly at hand.
[grunts] Keep dreaming, Zola.
[grunts] Interesting.
Your skill set is impressive.
- I never realized.
- You realize it now? [grunting] [grunts] [roars] [grunting] [roars] [grunts] [grunts] Thank you for your hospitality and the lovely parting gift.
Come, my Cabal.
We have what we came for.
Enchantress, let's tuck in our friends.
[chuckling] As you wish.
We're trapped.
[Grunts] [grunts] [gasps] [grunts] [yells] [roars] [grunts] [straining] [yells] [growling] Hawkeye, can you hit a target? Well, duh.
It's kind of what I do.
You know, saying "well, duh," to the king is punishable by Fine, fine, fine, fine.
What do you want me to hit? Far wall, red button.
It controls the mansion's defense systems.
[grunts] [beeps] [grunts] [grunts] [growling] [grunts] No more monkey business! [Falcon] I've got a fix on the Cabal.
They're a few miles straight up, in a ship above the city.
[grunts] Aah! [Grunts] Unhand me! Can't do this by yourself.
I tried it before.
Doesn't work.
[Black Panther] Everyone aboard my jet.
A ride fit for a king.
[Black Panther] We will overtake the Cabal in one minute.
Leader's going to see us coming.
No, he will not.
Stealth mode is no match for Asgardian magics.
Did you really think your technology would hide you? [growling] And it's a dragon.
[Black Panther] Everyone, hold on! [grunts] We can't avoid that dragon forever.
I will take care of it myself.
- Right with ya, Thor.
- Falcon, no! Ha! Too easy.
I cannot keep her in the air.
We have lost inertial guidance.
Then we go straight in, as soon as we get Zola's cannon out of commission.
Steady, Hulk.
Try to hold me steady! Ugh! Quit complaining and shoot! [grunts] Your bravery is inspiring.
I was wrong to act without you.
We must move forward together, as I can only protect you as much as you can protect me.
Now look who's an unwelcome guest.
Cutting our link to Tony, the prototype core, the Vibranium, the Cabal.
What's your game, Leader? Mm, don't think too hard, Captain.
I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.
That's our job.
Cabal, attack! [Hulk grunts] [grunting] [groans] [grunts] [both grunting] Fight, Skurge, and crush Thor for me.
If you had but a gram of intelligence between you, you would run away.
Run away? Where's the fun in that? [grunts] You are no match for my chemistry, or my weaponry.
[grunting] Gotta fight it Hey, Zola! Catch! [screaming] [grunting] Do you like magic, green ogre? Evil witch! Hulk hate magic! [thud] [grunts] My lady! [Grunts] You'll pay for that, you beast! [grunts] Aw, thanks, Cap.
[Grunts] [grunts] I have an idea, Hawkeye, but I need to get behind them and attack their blindside.
- You saying you need cover? - Well, duh.
[grunts] I have your back, and you have mine.
We fight together! Right where I want them.
Kang, now! [all screaming] Perhaps Stark would've seen the trap coming.
But I guess we'll never know.
You're going to be test subjects for my new Static Expander.
You may recognize the crucial parts Dr.
Foster's invention, Vibranium as the focal point.
And now I have a target The Avengers.
There's one missing.
Who is still out there? What did they say about curiosity and the cat? [chuckling] [laughing] [laughing continues]