Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s04e02 Episode Script

Avengers No More (Part 2)

[evil laughter] The Avengers have fallen.
Through the genius of my intellect and well-calculated plans, I have subdued the great Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor.
And with this device I'm calling the Static Expander, I will do away with them forever! [growls] So, what leads you to believe, Black Panther, one single man can stand against my new and powerful Cabal? For a man of supposed intellect, you have much to learn, Leader.
One person can always make a difference.
Also, you talk too much.
I'll try to be less wordy.
Cabal, destroy him.
[grunting] He has spirit.
I'll crush it out of him.
[yells] [grunting] [laughing] [grunts] [grunts] [grunting] Hmm.
[grunting] [growls] [yells] [grunts] [grunts] [grunting] [clattering] Quit toying with him.
Enchantress, finish him.
[yells] [grunting] Foolish.
Absolutely foolish.
What could you hope to accomplish? Just taking back the Vibranium you stole.
I gather your device will not work without it? What? Stop him! [Skurge yells] [grunts] Going somewhere? You underestimate the power of Arnim Zola.
I am stronger than you could possibly imagine.
You won't get past me.
I am not going past you.
- I am going through you.
- What? No! What do you think you're doing? [grunting] Aah! [Grunts] I will easily transfer my consciousness to another body.
How do you expect to survive this? You're going too fast! Not if I do this.
[grunts] [yells] You dare? This ridiculousness won't kill me.
No, but it will hurt.
[grunts] [screaming] [screaming continues] Pepperoni and [people gasping, exclaiming] [grunts] Wha That was awesome! He managed to escape my grasp.
But you would not believe what he had the gall to Imbecile.
No wonder Hydra always fails.
I'll retrieve our escaped Panther.
Send me.
I'll bring back our prey.
And toy with him while I do it.
Black Panther is a wounded animal.
To catch a panther, we'll send our best hunter, Skurge.
To the hunt, with pleasure.
I cannot fight this battle alone.
My only chance is with a team.
[grunting] Now comes the fun.
[Grunts] [grunting] [laughing] Here, kitty, kitty.
Need to buy myself some time.
You can't evade me forever, mortal.
[bell on door jingles] Uh, is there anything else today, sir? Yes.
How much for your headphones? No use hiding, Black Panther.
I can track you across galaxies, if need be.
[Door opens] [laughs] And the hunt resumes.
[laughing] A magnet? My ax is enchanted Asgardian steel.
- It cannot be stifled by your science.
- I was not aiming for the ax.
Ugh! Did you think that you could get rid of me? Accept your defeat! It was useless to retreat here.
We have the Avengers.
Not all of them.
- Who, or what, is this? - His name is Vision.
Assessing Skurge in the Avengers Compound.
May I be of some assistance, Black Panther? Most certainly, my friend.
Apologies for interrupting your sleep mode.
[grunts] No apology needed.
My systems are updated and ready for a challenge.
[groans] You woke up your pet.
Then I'll wake mine! [growling] Vision, you said something about wanting a challenge.
[growling continues] [growling] Look out! [grunting] [grunts] This magnificent creature is an Asgardian dire wolf.
It'll make quick work of you, mortals.
It is indeed fierce.
However, so am I! [yells, grunts] [yells] Huh? [yells] Huh? You have intangibility? Aaahh! [Grunts] Vision, the Avengers have been captured.
[grunts] Contact the others.
Tell them it is time to assemble.
[roars] [grunts] [whimpering] [grunts] [grunts] Connected.
Captain Marvel, you are needed.
My first day off in months, and now I get the call.
Oh, well.
What's a gal to do? [ringing, vibrating] You've gotta be kidding me.
Eighty-two new messages? [Vision] Ms.
Marvel, you are needed.
This is the greatest moment of my life.
Okay, say something cool.
Whoo-hoo! Careful, Ant-Man.
The laser beams are live.
Stay sharp.
Oh, please.
This is your standard security vault.
I'm the master of [phone ringing] Did we just trip the alarm? [beeps] Or did you forget to put your phone on "silent"? Wasp, you are needed.
It's about dang time.
- Who is it? What's going on? - Forget this security test.
- It's the Avengers! - Hey, wait.
They didn't call me.
[Sighs] Maybe I missed it.
Do I have a signal right now? Oh, it must be that I don't have a signal, and they couldn't - Scott.
- Uh, yeah.
[grunts] [grunts] [growls] Getting tired, robot-man? I could do this all day.
[Crash] Oh, good.
Looks like I didn't miss all the fun.
Another combatant.
Welcome! Thanks.
Right back at ya.
[grunting] [grunts, yells] [grunts] [grunts] [groaning] [sniffing] [laughing] Oop, got your nose! [laughing] Oh, oh, oh! Got your tail! [growls] [laughs, yells] Hey, how's it going? Whoa! [growling bark] Don't bark at me.
Bad dog.
[roars] [Ms.
Marvel grunts] [whimpers] Sorry I'm late.
I had to take two buses and a subway transfer.
We need to get you a Sky-cycle, kid.
Is she even old enough for a driver's license? [Ant-Man] You can't expect me to remember everyone's ages.
It took me forever just to learn your names.
Thank you, everyone, for your swift response.
Thank you! I can't believe you called me.
Speaking of which, what happened to my call? What, you lose my number or something? So, Vision, you're the one who called.
What's this all about? I didn't call for you.
[footsteps approaching] He did.
Must be bad if you're calling in reinforcements.
I would prefer to handle things on my own.
But this will take all of us.
The Avengers have been captured by the Leader and a powerful new Cabal.
Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go bust 'em out.
Wait a minute.
All of them got captured? Thor? The Hulk? If they got captured, then what chance do we have? - Who's the new girl? - [Black Panther] The Enchantress.
She is a member of the Leader's Cabal.
And another Asgardian.
[Enchantress] Poor Skurge.
Of course the Leader would send muscle, when all that's needed is a little finesse.
Hold it right there.
I didn't even notice you there.
You little humans and your little games.
But first the Vibranium.
Stop her! This has been mildly amusing.
The Leader sends his regards.
[laughing] The Leader.
[Ant-Man] Okay, then.
Well, at least we don't have to go that far to find them.
If we survive.
I hope you weren't too attached to your base.
Or your friends.
Oh, poor Avengers.
We've eliminated the problem below, and now with this, we eliminate the Avengers.
[evil laughter] We've only been Avengers for, like, five minutes, and now the entire compound's gone.
We should get our stories straight.
One problem at a time, Ms.
First, we must stop the Cabal and rescue the Avengers.
Then it's time to hit back.
Let's get to work.
[beeping] [whirring] [footsteps approaching] Took ages to load my consciousness to this new body.
If I ever get my hands on that Panther again [beeping] Something is on a direct course, coming straight towards us.
Fire all forward cannons.
Everything! Fire everything! A direct assault, with no attempt to disguise themselves.
What are they up to? [Wasp] Scott, this plan of yours better be good.
Wait for it.
Okay, now.
[laughing] All too easy.
Not again.
[all grunt, yell] [thudding] Everyone, remember where we parked.
[grunts] [ax clangs] I do not get an ax? Then you do not get an ax.
If you can fly, you can crash.
[grunts] [grunts] I walk away from crashes.
But you ain't walking away from me.
[grunting] [grunting] I let you off easy last time, mortal.
It won't happen again.
[Yells] Your friends will fall.
Then you will be gone, and soon I will be left to control everything.
Oh, no, not everything! [grunting] [groans] [grunting] Hey! Do not step on my friends! Yeah, don't step on me! [Grunts] No way we're getting beat by a walking television.
Annoying pests.
But big or small matters little to fire.
[grunts] [yells, grunts] [grunts] We are losing.
They have momentum, but we can turn it around.
We just need a game changer.
Some way to mix things up.
Mix things up? Switch! [Yells] [grunts] Enchantress, I hear you're Asgardian.
Then I don't have to hold back.
Who dares? My friends call me Carol, but you can call me Captain Marvel! [grunts] Avengers, keep them off balance.
Change opponents.
[grunting] I think I am starting to enjoy being part of a team.
Nowhere left to run, insects.
"Vas" is the meaning of this? Hey, guys.
Wanna trade? Looks like a fair trade to me.
[grunting] [yells, grunts] [straining] [grunts] Thanks, Viz.
Improbability, variance, and odds are turning in our favor.
[huffing] Ugh! Infuriating, but ultimately inconsequential.
Nothing will save you now.
[grunts] Forget the Cabal! Get the Leader! Aahh! [grunts] [grunts] Cabal, to me! We can still destroy them! [exhales] No, Leader.
I'm afraid that time has passed.
Huh? Did you really think you were our true leader? Huh? You're just like the Avengers.
Pawns in a chess game larger than yourselves.
And by the time you realize what you're up against Checkmate.
[Beeps] [beeping] [Ms.
Marvel] That looks baddish.
[yells] Avengers no more! [Laughing] The cannon's been restarted! [beeping continues] [grunting] Can't get through the force field.
- You can hack the controls, right? - Trying, but access is encrypted.
[grunting] Army, we can't stop it! What do we do? [grunts] Do what you do best.
Carry on.
Avenge! [whirring] We lost them.
Sensors indicate that all on board systems have lost power.
This carrier will either crash into the city beneath us, or it will explode.
Either way, the city is now in immediate danger.
Go! I can fly any ship in the galaxy.
Should be no problem crashing this somewhere safe.
[Black Panther] Everyone, evacuate to my jet.
Good luck, Captain.
[grunts] [alarm buzzing] [grunting] [grunting] Come on, baby.
Hold together just a little longer.
[alarm continues buzzing] [straining] [grunts] The Avengers are gone.
That we know.
What we don't know is if they're alive or not.
The numbers say they're not, but my gut tells me they are.
But, Dr.
Foster, if they are alive, where are they? Leader's not talking.
The way the Cabal tricked him, he probably doesn't even know.
I've started to rebuild the technology I used to look for Tony Stark.
Once it's running, if they're out there, I'll find them.
So, now what? "Do what you do best.
Carry on.
" Those were Captain America's last words to me.
We defeated the Leader, but we still have work to do.
Until Dr.
Foster finds them, we are the Avengers.
We're not the regular team.
We're like All-New, All-Different, or Or nothing.
That's it.
All-New, All-Different Avengers.
One person can make a difference.
One team can make a world of difference.
And I am honored to call you my teammates.
Avengers Assemble!