Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s04e17 Episode Script


Avengers Assemble! All team members converge on Central Park.
Falcon, you're on scene.
What do you see? I have eyes on an unknown energy signature.
What is it? What's it look like? It looks like an unknown energy signature.
This just showed up out of nowhere.
How big is it? Big.
And getting bigger.
Pull back.
Everyone, pull back! Huh? Where are we? Oh.
Oh, wow.
Wow! Hey, guys? Cap? Other Cap? First Cap? Wake up! Come on, Avengers.
I'm gonna need all of you to wake up now.
Weirdness is easier when we share.
We're alive.
That's a start.
But what happened to new York? Not picking up any satellites or positional data.
I'm not even sure we're on Earth anymore.
So, that thing in Central Park was some sort of transporter? I have a question.
Why is the sand moving? Avengers Tower? That's impossible.
Last time we saw the tower, it had been obliterated.
Where are we? This is a trick, right, Hawkeye? This has to be a trick.
Or an illusion or something.
I don't know how, but everything checks out.
She's right.
Doesn't make sense.
But this is Avengers Tower, just how Tony designed it before Before we lost Iron Man.
Well, hello there.
Please, don't be shy.
Join me in the conference room, won't you? Avengers! Welcome home.
This must be confusing for you.
Please, sit and enjoy yourselves.
Who are you? I am from Beyond.
He asked who you are, vanilla shake.
I've told you.
I'm from Beyond.
You're the Beyonder.
Got it.
" I like that.
Mind if I use that? Please, sit, eat, drink.
Respectfully, we're not interested in sitting and eating.
We wanna know what's going on.
I said, "Sit down"! They never listen the first time.
If you insist on being tiresome You are on Battleworld, a planet I built from parts of other worlds, including your own.
I brought you here to be part of my grand experiment.
You built this world to be your experiment? Yes.
And you're all part of it.
You took parts from Earth? From the entire planet? So, like, is Earth okay? The fate of your old home world is unimportant now.
You're on a new world.
See, you're really missing the big picture here.
No more confusing talk, little man.
You better put Earth back together now! No.
Come at me again, you green beast, and I will rip you in two.
This has gone far enough, Beyonder.
You need to restore Earth back the way it was.
There's no need for you Avengers to worry.
You'll be fine here on Battleworld.
I'm sure you'll survive.
Maybe even thrive.
Now, I have many others to look in on.
We'll speak again soon.
Mm, mm, mm! These are good! Oh, you are missing out.
Take care now.
The Avengers have emergency plans for every possible situation, but we don't have one for this.
Avengers Tower may be back, but we're not at full functioning capacity.
We have no satellites, a barebones communications array, and we're running on backup power.
And since none of our scans are going out, we don't know anything about the layout of Battleworld.
Then it's high time we did something about that.
Let's break up into recon teams, scout this new world we're on.
Pair up in teams of two, head out in different directions.
Report back with what you find.
We don't know how dangerous this new world is.
Don't take any chances.
Look out for each other.
Come on, Falcon.
Race you to the upper deck.
- Does everything have to be a race? - Yep! Captain Marvel, I'm picking up some weird anomaly above us.
Nothing special from up here.
Just clear sky and sand in ev Captain Marvel, hold on! Carol, are you hurt? Just my pride.
Guess that's one I owe you.
Army, this is Air Force.
You copy? I'm here.
Did you find something? Invisible barrier covering the sky.
Beyonder doesn't want us escaping anytime soon.
Copy that.
Keep looking.
We'll do the sa Our comms are out of range with the other scout teams.
We're on our own now.
That's not a mirage.
That's a pyramid.
Ugh! Whoa.
You okay, Natasha? Not used to seeing you this angry.
First Loki scatters us all over space and time, and now this? I'd like to have five minutes where things just make sense for once.
We're all in this together.
None of what we're seeing makes a lick of sense, but we'll figure it out and adapt.
I was in an iceberg for a long time.
When I came out Well, culture shock doesn't even cover it.
Everything was so different and so much the same all at once.
You seemed to handle it pretty well.
I try to focus on what's really important my friends, my team, my mission.
As long as I can do that, I can stay grounded.
You're such an optimist, Cap.
If the Beyonder was responsible for all this, the power of his technology must be immense.
Would be nice if we had someone on our side with that kind of genius.
I miss Tony too.
A way in.
Let's check it out.
These look like ancient Egyptian, but I don't think they're quite right.
We need to keep digging.
If this place is an Egyptian tomb, there's bound to be tra Mummies! How's that optimism holding up? It's been better.
Aah! Cap! Aah! - Are you okay? - I'm fine.
But who fired those blasts? That would be me.
Hey, kids.
Tony?! Welcome to Battleworld.
- Funny finding you here.
- Tony, you're alive?! But how did you end up Just one sec, Cap.
Iron Man stuff I gotta do.
Hey, Natasha.
What are you doing? You need an upgrade.
Lower power, wider arc.
Have fun.
Uh, thanks? Friends don't let friends fight mummies alone.
Now, if you'll excuse me a moment.
That went faster than expected.
- Well, I guess we should No, no - I don't believe it! - Whoa.
All right.
All right.
- Iron Man in the flesh! We thought you were dead.
Is it really you? And now I have to explain every little thing to you.
Same old, same old.
All right.
Come on, guys.
Let's walk and talk.
But you had no tools, no tech.
When we lost all contact with you in that other dimension, we thought you were a goner.
How did you get yourself out of that pocket dimension? How did you guys get here? We were investigating something weird in Central Park.
- Then - Then there was this big white light, and everybody ended up here.
Got it.
Do you already know what's going on here? And if so, how about you fill us in? Have you met the "I am from Beyond" guy yet? The Beyonder.
We're calling him the Beyonder.
I was calling him Suspenders.
The Beyonder.
A little 1980s rock.
But that works.
Let's go with that.
Tony, what about our questions? What? Fine.
The "too long, didn't read" version.
This planet's called Battleworld.
Beyonder put it together like a jigsaw puzzle pieces of Earth, bits of other worlds, other dimensions.
I got pulled here when the Beyonder yanked a section of that no-tech dimension I was lost in.
Lucky me, huh? - How long have you been here? - Not sure.
Been exploring, collecting data, staying off the grid.
I'm still me.
- Figuring things out is what I do.
- What have you figured out? That I really need something behind these doors.
And there's my orb.
Somebody else thinks you're important too.
Be careful, Tony.
That statue whatever it is It's been inscribed in the walls all through the pyramid.
That's supposed to be Moon Knight.
Legend says he's the guardian of the pyramid.
But if I'm ever Sorry.
If we are ever going to take a run at the Beyonder and get off Battleworld we definitely need this.
Guess you guys wanna know what the orb does.
See, I'm not always so self-absorbed.
I can think of others.
Tony, look out! He's after the orb! Well, he can't have it.
It's mine, and it's too important.
Stay on your toes.
It's like Moon Knight is one with his environment.
Watch out! Our Moon Knight is quick.
Yeah, he's strong too! Forget Moon Knight! We got what we came for.
This is his pyramid.
He has the advantage.
Okay, I've officially had enough of this.
That went well.
Are you out of your mind? You almost got us killed in there! Of all the half-baked, reckless Yeah.
It's good to have him back.
Score one for the good guys.
And score one for the bad guys.
They're after the orb.
It took me forever to find the thing.
I'm not gonna give it up now.
Cap, I gave Natasha her upgrade.
Here's yours! Tony, next time, tell me before you do that! Fine.
Next time I throw a grenade at you, I'll try to remember to warn you first.
- We'll never outrun them.
- We don't have to.
We just have to reach Marsha.
Come on! "Marsha"? Think fast! Cap, be really careful.
Don't drop this.
Keep that thing away from them! Tony, where are you going? I'll be right back! - He ran out on us.
- No, he's just being Tony.
Whatever his plan is, he didn't want to waste time talking about it.
Remember friends, team, and mission? Yeah, you're right.
Just hope whatever Tony's got up his sleeve is good.
Hey, Marsha.
Did you miss me? Well, isn't that something? I don't think the orb is drawing him.
- I think it's controlling him! - And them! Marsha's a truck? Hey, I'm Iron Man.
Remember me? Bad kitty-cat.
Man, I'm good.
Cap! Aah! We saved the orb for you.
- Not a scratch on it.
- Oh, thanks.
What? Oh, right.
Forgot to mention.
This was never actually about the orb.
This is what I needed.
Was that what was controlling me all this time? No.
Pretty sure that was the orb.
Somebody didn't want anyone getting their hands on this.
Well, all I can say is thank you, and Look out! Think it's our turn to thank you, Moon Knight.
We could always use another soldier.
Let us take you back to Avengers Tower.
Thank you for that, but no.
My place is to study and protect this area.
The evil forces that lurk within the pyramid are waiting to rise again.
My destiny is tied here to it.
The offer still stands.
If you ever change your mind, you can find us at Avengers Tower.
But be careful out there.
This world is unpredictable and dangerous.
Yeah? Well, so are we, buddy.
So are we.
Well, lookie who's back! It's Tony! All right! Iron Man! I don't believe it.
Whoa! How many lives do you have, anyways? Yes, it's true.
I am amazing.
Invincible, even.
Now that we've added Tony's information to what we've found, we have a rough mapping of Battleworld.
Better than that.
This Beyonder guy used an incredible amount of tech to build and maintain Battleworld.
He uses a lot more to keep tabs on all the people here.
But with this, I can make us invisible to anything he's got.
Now we can take the fight to the Beyonder.
Very well done indeed, I must say.
Hello, new friends and old.
It is I, Loki, and I have come to join the Avengers.