Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s04e18 Episode Script


1 [THOR.]
Loki? Hello, Avengers.
You're looking well, I see.
Now, I know we haven't always gotten along, but I thought I would come by and [GRUNTS.]
Listen to me! I only came to talk! [GRUNTS.]
Gonna smash you good! [YELLS.]
Another one of your tricks, Loki? [WHIMPERS.]
I'm not here to fight.
I'm here to join you.
The being you call the Beyonder is a brilliant alien scientist, but one without ethics or scruples.
What you're telling us fits with what we already know.
But why are you helping us? Because the Beyonder took apart Asgard to build his Battleworld.
I thought he would ruin Earth, but he took my home.
He double-crossed me.
Wonder what that feels like? Yes, but he did it to me! Nice to see you, by the way, Iron Man.
Did you enjoy a nice vacation? [GROWLING.]
Not yet.
Beyonder wants to study the people he took from Earth, from Asgard, from across the universe and other dimensions.
- What do you think, Thor? - We cannot trust my brother.
That has been proven over and over.
But now my Asgard Asgard is not yours! [SCOFFS.]
My Asgard and all the nine realms are at stake.
I've seen the error of my ways.
Please, you must believe me.
Thor is right.
It makes absolutely no sense to work with Loki, but we're gonna have to anyway.
Huh? Loki says Beyonder double-crossed him, which means he knows more than we do about the situation.
A lot more.
If Loki is stuck here with us, then he can help us.
This way lies madness! We cannot trust Loki! Hold on.
We're not trusting him.
But if he's offering to help, then we're going to use him.
Like it or not.
Avengers Assemble! Ohh.
Terribly sorry.
I was caught up in the moment.
Why does my brother get to sit inside, up front, while I'm back here with you? 'Cause your brother ain't a super-villain.
Now shut up.
Are we there yet? Can't we just fly to where we gotta go? Beyonder's not the only bad guy roaming Battleworld.
We'll be harder to spot if we stay on the ground.
How do we know Loki isn't leading us into a trap? For all we know, he could be working for the Beyonder.
Oh, please.
Let's clear the air, shall we? I confess I gave the Beyonder information.
I was the one who told the Beyonder about Earth in the first place.
But that is all.
I'm not working with him.
That would be ridiculous.
You were the one who told the Beyonder about Earth? That does it! I'm gonna smash him and turn him inside out! [MUFFLED SHOUTING.]
Don't make me come back there.
Loki's helping us.
If he steps out of line, then you can smash him.
Anyone want to switch seats? Picking up a signal, but it's weak.
Hard to get a location fix.
We're getting closer.
I can sense it.
That way! Hmm.
Huh? Uh, guys? We have to work fast.
Earth is still out there, but with missing pieces ripped out of it.
If we don't fix everything, we won't have a home planet to go back to.
Earth, Asgard all will crumble.
'Tis New York City! Most of Battleworld is like this mixed together by the Beyonder with no rhyme or reason.
It's time again.
We gotta go.
Quick, get inside! Get inside! All of you! [PANTING.]
The Avengers? What are you doing? Get off the street! [RUMBLING.]
- Rock trolls, from Nidavellir.
- Well, they're not mine.
The Beyonder put your city with the rock trolls, not me.
These trolls are just mindless smashers.
Aah! Hulk smashing is more nuanced, with charm and social commentary.
Hulk puts thought behind punches.
These trolls are nearly unbreakable.
This will not be easy.
You're fighting them? Pray tell, why? Just let them destroy and be done with it.
Because we are Avengers.
We save people.
"Save people"? What a bizarre concept.
Come on! Gotta be some setting or tweak or mod that'll do the job.
Forget tech! Just use brute strength.
Now I'm taking advice from the Hulk? [YELLS.]
Hulk gives good advice.
I could use some assistance! [GROWLING.]
Dumb rocks! This'll learn ya! Hey, where do you think you're going? Take this with ya! [GRUNTS.]
Hmm Loki, what are you up to? I want to try something.
I'm learning here.
Be patient.
I haven't been an Avenger as long as you have.
You are not an Avenger! Ooh, hit a bit of a nerve, have I? Now, be a good jealous brother and help me.
Thor, now! [GRUNTS.]
I did well, didn't I? You almost acted like a hero.
A hero? Ugh! You just had to ruin my moment, didn't you? [HULK.]
Still more trolls left.
Forget them! You have to get off the street! The mist is coming.
By Odin's beard! [GRUNTS.]
Can't go that way.
There! Inside there! Away from the doors! So what exactly was that? This makes no sense.
It's like the mist shredded the trolls to pieces, then melted the pieces.
This evil mist holds the people captive.
We must stay and properly defend them! Are you mad? We're not here for that.
It's not important to save your humans.
What is important is that we find what we are looking for.
Loki's right.
What? [IRON MAN.]
Your brother's right.
Thor, once we stop the Beyonder, we can send these people back to Earth.
We can save everybody.
How do we know Loki is not responsible for the mist, or the rock trolls? Why would I do that? Battleworld was put together by the Beyonder.
He is the guilty party.
All I am trying to do is help find the [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I'm sorry.
It's very difficult to concentrate on defending my integrity with Hulk looking at me like that.
Hello there, Miss Call me Elsa.
Well, Miss Call Me Elsa, we're new in town.
What can you tell us about what's been happening here? Wish I knew.
There was a big flash of light.
Next thing you know, we're here, trapped by the mist that comes from the cavern inside the mountain.
What we seek isn't in the city.
It must be deeper below.
Cavern is that way? I'll take you there.
We cannot avoid the issue at hand.
I know.
When this is over, I gotta ask Elsa if she's seeing anybody.
This is more important than your next date.
Says you.
A woman like that is [GROANS.]
You were saying? Issue at hand? Loki.
I've always tried to help him, in case he ever truly had a change of heart.
I've long given up hope that Loki will ever change.
You can't fix other people.
When someone like your brother is flailing, it's not your job to rescue them from themselves.
It's your job to be there for them when they're ready to get their life together.
When I was lost in another dimension, I never lost hope in the people I care about.
Don't you lose hope, Thor.
Sometimes hope is all we've got.
You know, I can hear both of you.
Stop that! Make me.
That is not fair.
If I do that, you'll just use that as an excuse to hit me! Loki raised his voice at me.
Now do I get to smash him? No! [ALL GRUNT.]
The tunnel! It's not just the tunnel.
The entire mountain is coming down! We're not gonna make it.
Yes, we are! [YELLS.]
Bracing it! Not sure for how long! Get Elsa somewhere safe! Sensors show a stable section this way! Twenty meters! Well, I made a dent.
Party's over! Everybody out! [HULK CONTINUES STRAINING.]
Hmm Look at you.
You're not that strong, are you, Hulk? [CHUCKLES.]
Why, I bet I'm even stronger than you.
Loki, Hulk, hurry! Loki! Quiet, you! All that talk about how you're the strongest there is.
But you couldn't hurt a fly, could you, little green kitty-cat? Mew! Mew! Hulk is not a kitty-cat! [YELLS.]
I'm not frightened of you, big green baby! [GRUNTS.]
Gonna smash you into tiny pieces! [YELLS.]
Ooh! You want to smash me? Well, what's stopping you? [GRUNTS.]
We're alive! Loki! I'm dead.
You did that on purpose.
You knew making me mad makes me stronger.
And you're not going to smash me, right? I might.
We're here.
There it is! [THOR.]
The Bifrost! [ELSA.]
What's that? The Bifrost allows people to travel between Asgard and the nine realms.
But the Beyonder altered its purpose and used it to transport parts of worlds and build his Battleworld.
So, if we reverse the process, we can use it to send the worlds away and put everything back as it was.
Huh? Hey, lady, you're too close to the mists! Get out of there! Oh, you Avengers are delightful when you're stupid.
And you're delightful all the time.
Enchantress? Ohhh, so this is what it feels like to be on the hero end of a villainous double cross.
Well, I don't care for it.
You don't seem very bothered by the mist, Enchantress.
What, this? No, you see, the mist isn't dangerous at all.
It's what's hiding inside of it you should be afraid of.
The Bifrost is going to get me out of this forsaken place.
It's been a fun little adventure together, but this is where I leave you.
Leave you to your doom.
These things do not look friendly.
Fight hard, Avengers.
If their teeth don't get you, their acid will.
Protect your flank, Loki! [GRUNTS.]
Don't tell me what to do, brother.
Oh, and protect your flank.
Hey, don't scratch up my new armor! Hey, batter, batter! Swing, batter! Heimdall uses his sword for this sort of thing.
There must be some other way to turn on the Bifrost.
Loki! What is he up to? [GROWLING CONTINUES.]
Out of my way, vermin! [GRUNTS.]
For I am Loki, and I have places to go! Ah, Loki.
Your timing couldn't be better.
Be a dear friend and get this Bifrost working.
Mm I'm impressed, Loki.
You got the Avengers to bring you down here.
You truly are the master of deceit.
I am.
But I didn't trick them this time.
I wanted to help them.
I'm going to use the Bifrost to undo Battleworld, just like I promised.
You're helping them? [GROWLING.]
This newfound nobility of yours it's not an act! I'm as surprised as you.
Oh, they might not have come to terms with me yet.
But I'm an Avenger now [CRIES OUT.]
I hate to do this to you, but you're one of them now.
So you deserve this.
I'll take that.
I won't be stuck on this infernal world.
Not for one moment more! What's going on? This isn't right! Something has tampered with the Bifrost.
One for you! One for you! Hey, stay down! [GROWLS.]
Enchantress stabbed me in the back.
I never knew being an Avenger would be this painful.
The way out's been blocked.
That's somewhat inconvenient.
Then we make a new way out! [GRUNTING.]
Thor, Loki, time to go! [GRUNTS.]
Loki! [GRUNTS.]
Leave it! We have to get out before it's too late! I can almost reach it.
Once I activate the Bifrost, I can save Asgard and Earth.
Loki, let it go.
It destroyed Enchantress.
It will destroy you too.
Don't sacrifice your life for this.
This is our only chance! Brother, we will find another way, together.
The people of New York are safe.
And they'll stay safe, because the mists and the creatures in it are gone for good.
And yet it is still no cause for celebration, for we lost the Bifrost.
Here's the thing.
It was never yours to lose.
Iron Man.
The one who's been dodging my sensors and roaming my Battleworld.
We meet at last.
The Bifrost was never gonna work.
Not without my tech.
I left it behind as a trap to draw out troublemakers trying to undo my work.
Troublemakers like you.
Did you think you could sneak around ruining my experiment? Did you think you could leave? Battleworld is my realm! Mine! I've been studying your tech.
It's brilliant.
You know you're a genius.
And you know that if you don't put it back together again, Earth, Asgard, the other worlds they're going to die.
And that's supposed to bother me? They're not my planets.
They're not my people.
No, they are ours.
I have you to thank for pointing Earth out to me, Loki, but I owe you nothing, especially now.
After all I heard about the Avengers, this was the best you could muster? Wow.
Talk about disappointing.
I promised you that if you came at me again, I would rip you in two.
I keep my word.
Bruce! Hulk! [LAUGHS.]
I am brilliant! [LAUGHS.]
Now you see it, now you don't.
Let me explain how things work here in a way your simple minds can understand.
Here on Battleworld, you are nothing.
I am in control, and I am in charge.
You will play along, or I will tear the rest of you apart, one after the other.

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