Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s04e19 Episode Script

The Immortal Weapon

An alien named the Beyonder took pieces of worlds, then mashed them together to build Battleworld.
The people from those places, including the Avengers, were brought to this world.
The Beyonder calls this his experiment.
We call it twisted and dangerous.
With Loki on our side, we tried to use the Asgardian Bifrost to send everyone home.
It didn't work.
The Beyonder retaliated by splitting Hulk in two, then blasting them both away.
Now Loki and I are rebuilding a new Bifrost so we can undo Battleworld and end the Beyonder's experiment.
We have some parts.
What we need next is Heimdall's sword, the key to activating the Bifrost.
So Black Panther and Falcon are in K'un-Lun to find it.
No sign of cities or towns, or anything at all.
Keep looking, Falcon.
According to the coordinates Iron Man gave us - Falcon, dive! Now! - Dive? From what? [ROARING.]
Never mind.
I see it now.
Not gonna be able to blast my way out of this one.
But what goes up must come down.
Falcon? Falcon, where are you? Hey, Black Panther, you know, you could've just warned me that there was a dragon ahead of us.
- I did warn you.
- No.
You just gave me an order to dive.
How about next time you say, "Look out, dragon," and let me decide what to do? [SIGHS.]
Sometimes there is no time for options or explanations.
There would have been no danger if you had followed my lead and trusted me.
Do not forget, my young friend, I am a king.
Yeah, well, you're not my king.
And I'm not so young anymore either, so you can stop talking to me like I'm a kid.
Hmph! [FALCON.]
This must be the place.
These people were taken from Earth by the Beyonder, but they're just carrying on like nothing's wrong.
After Tony Stark rebuilds the Bifrost, we can send these K'un-Lun villagers back home.
Once we find Heimdall's sword.
Our intel says the sword's in that castle.
Excuse us.
We need to get inside the castle.
I I don't believe what I'm seeing.
Iron Fist? Black Panther and Falcon.
It gratifies me to see the faces of friends.
The feeling is mutual.
What happened here? Shortly after K'un-Lun was brought to Battleworld, a great evil swept into our land and threatened the innocent.
The warriors of K'un-Lun and I fought back, but at great cost.
Now I stand alone.
Not alone anymore.
Now it's you, me, and Panther, plus the Avengers back at the Tower.
The other Avengers are safe too? I had begun to lose hope.
But if we stand together, perhaps we have a chance.
We are seeking Heimdall's sword.
Can you help us? What did you say? We seek Heimdall's sword.
You are not getting the sword.
Turn around and go back now.
What? Wait.
What's wrong? Why can't we have the sword? This isn't some guessing game.
The sword is going nowhere.
But this is a cause of great importance.
We need that sword for I said, "Turn around and go back now.
" [YELLS.]
Panther, you keep him busy here! I'll be back with the sword! - Iron Fist! - No! Stop! This is pointless.
I merely want to talk.
Iron Fist, tell us why you are doing this.
Because people will die if you take that sword! Iron Fist! Wait! [GRUNTS.]
Have you lost your mind? [GRUNTS.]
Ki-yaaah! [GRUNTS.]
All right.
Now you got me mad.
If you do not wish to talk, then you will fight.
Intel says the sword is under the castle.
But all the stairs only head up.
All the obvious stairs, anyway.
I'm sorry, my friend, but the stakes are too high.
Oh, no! And there you are! [PANTING.]
That was easy.
Too easy.
Falcon, stop! Please! [GRUNTS.]
No! You don't know what you've done! Then enlighten us.
Why were you trying to keep us from the sword? [GRUNTS.]
That sword was the only thing holding the evil inside.
Dracula? Why didn't you warn me? I tried to warn you, but his evil curse wouldn't allow me to say his name.
That is right.
I cursed the one who imprisoned me in this wretched place, rendering him unable to speak my name until I could be freed.
Awaken, my vampires, and feast! [HISSING, GROWLING.]
These bad boys look angry.
Give me your hand! [GRUNTS.]
I told you to stop.
Why did you not tell us the sword was holding Dracula? I couldn't.
And besides, there would've been no danger if you had trusted me.
Only one of you is responsible for imprisoning me, but I will treat you mortals equally.
With destruction! [HISSING, SNARLING.]
The vampires have cut off our exit.
We need a new way out.
But a moment.
Way out, coming up.
We're outta here.
Yah! The mortals think they can escape.
But there is no escape from my wrath.
After them! [HISSING, SNARLING.]
They still behind us? [BLACK PANTHER.]
They are in front! In a monstrous worm! [BOTH GRUNT.]
Oh-ho, I like this thing.
I am sorry.
Curse or no curse, I acted too rashly.
I should've found some way to explain the danger.
You're not the only one.
Giving orders is easy.
Giving explanations can be difficult.
Uh, yeah, speaking of explanations Iron Fist, you wanna explain how you and Dracula got to know each other? [IRON FIST.]
It started after I arrived on Battleworld, when I found Dracula and his vampires.
He cursed me so I couldn't say his name.
So after I sealed them in the dungeon, I tried to keep the villagers away.
To keep people from pulling the sword.
Yeah, that makes sense.
But we need this sword if we're gonna finish the Bifrost and set everything right again.
Looks like a satellite.
Could've gotten caught in the same forces that mashed up Battleworld.
Specimen vial.
But if there was something inside, it is gone now.
Or loose.
If we are to survive, we must stop running and formulate a strategy.
I have a plan.
Remember, I am a king.
Remember, I'm not a kid anymore.
Your recklessness is partly responsible for our current situation.
The two of you are at each other's throats more than the vampires are.
I thought you were both Avengers.
We are, but things are a little different now.
I'm not the wild kid I used to be.
Ah, indeed.
Now he is merely a wild adult.
Situations change, ages change, but heart and friendship remain constant.
You're Avengers and teammates.
You need to act like it.
Okay, T'Challa.
What's your plan? The vampires cannot follow into the daylight.
So we stay alive long enough to make it out of the castle.
My plan was the same as yours.
Now we have more to fight with.
Clear a path through them! [GRUNTING.]
Aahh! The sword is rather kingly.
I could get used to this.
Hey, I was using it first.
You mean back when you used it to free Dracula? Oh, you are not pinning that all on me.
The blame on that one is at least fifty-fifty.
There is nowhere left to run.
Surrender to me, and I will destroy you quickly.
Continue to defy me, and I will see that you suffer greatly! Make for the daylight! It is our best chance! [VAMPIRES GROWLING, HISSING.]
Ha! Dracula and his boys can't go out into the sunlight.
We will take this sword back to Avengers Tower, then the Avengers will return to put a stop to your vampires, permanently.
I think not, Avenger.
You will meet your end here now.
Dracula? Walking in sunlight? Impossible! Vampire-kind was once limited to the shadows.
Sunlight can no longer protect you.
Not since I found this.
Or, I should say, since it found me.
Alien symbiote? From the crashed satellite! [DRACULA.]
Exquisite, isn't it? I have merged with the symbiote known as Venom, and it has given me the power to day-walk.
I can sense more symbiotes.
Thousands of them far to the east.
They have consumed entire lands within Battleworld.
Once I have paired them with my vampire army, we will be invincible, and all will be mine! Don't just stand there! Run! Yah! [GRUNTS.]
Nothing can stop us now.
We shall claim the symbiotes, rule Battleworld, and feast on anyone in our way! Huh? Get inside and stay down! [PANICKED MURMURING.]
They will be upon us at any moment.
We can still win this, but we have to work together.
I've got a plan.
Stay here and hold them off.
I'll be back.
You are flying away? I know you're gonna say it's reckless.
And it is.
But it'll work.
I'm gonna want this again later.
I'll be right back.
Falcon may be reckless, but he is right about one thing: we need to work together.
Are you ready? I defeated Dracula once.
With your help, we will do it again! Together! [BOTH YELL.]
Keep fighting! We must buy Falcon more time! [SWORD BLOWS LANDING.]
Iron Fist.
The one who locked me up in that castle.
I owe you for what you did to me.
And I owe you for what you did to K'un-Lun! [GROWLING.]
Yaahh! [SNARLING.]
Now join your precious K'un-Lun in oblivion! [YELLS, GRUNTS.]
The sword stopped you once.
No reason it cannot do so a second time.
You have no idea what you're up against.
Neither do you.
Come on, come on There you are.
Hey! Remember me? [GROWLS.]
Come and get me! [ROARS.]
By very definition, your lives are limited.
And now time's up! Aahh! [GRUNTING.]
Hey, Dracula, have you met my new friend? [SNARLING.]
No! Forget the beast! Target the Avengers! [DRAGON ROARS.]
We are not out of this yet.
Falcon did his part.
Now we must do ours.
But what can we do? Dracula with the symbiote is unbeatable.
The symbiote itself may be his weakness.
Target it with your Iron Fist.
I don't know if I can.
You can do this.
I will buy you the time to focus your strength.
Do not waste it.
You may have scattered my vampires, but all of this is for naught! [GRUNTS.]
With the symbiote, I am invincible! Iron Fist, now! [YELLS.]
The light! We did it, together.
We have to get back to Avengers Tower.
Will you be okay here? I won't be here.
I must follow Dracula and stop his evil before he reaches the symbiotes in the east.
You have the difficult task.
You must stop the Beyonder.
Namaste, friends.
To you as well, Iron Fist.
Uh, you can give me back the sword now.
But I look so kingly with it.
Besides, I use it better than you.
You only used it because I gave it to you.
Yet another reckless move on your part.
Really? Did you just steal Heimdall's sword from me? - After all I did to get it out? - After all you did? The blame on that one is at least fifty-fifty.

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