Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2013) s05e21 Episode Script


1 [CAPTAIN AMERICA] Black Panther, what's our status? I am still having difficulty locating the Shadow Council's hidden base.
The problem isn't the coordinates.
This section of ocean is a magnetic dead zone.
Nearly invisible.
Communications dark.
Even if we find it, we have no idea what's waiting for us there or what Black Widow's been contending with all this time.
I do not believe a trap has been constructed that can hold Black Widow.
- We will find her soon.
- T'Challa, do you read me? Boost your signal, Shuri.
You are breaking up.
I know.
I'm calling to tell you we're [STATIC] trouble keeping you on our trackers.
This was anticipated.
I suspect Killmonger does not wish us to have contact if the mission goes awry.
You [STATIC] wanted to be updated on Bask's condition.
I did.
Is there a problem? - No.
Bask is still just sleeping, basically.
- [MONITOR BEEPING] I'm keeping close watch on her.
But I'm worried about Captain America.
I'm still not sure we should have let him out of my lab.
I appreciate the concern, Princess, but I'm A-OK and ready for duty.
Thanks to Wakandan science, I even got my shield back.
Cap's alive.
Black Panther's back on the team.
Once we get Natasha, it'll be full Avengers Assemble.
We are not a team, Iron Man.
I am helping you to recover Black Widow, that is all.
Once we have done that, I will return to Wakanda.
Look, T'Challa, I know we've had our differences, and some of that is totally on me.
You have no understanding what this has cost me and what I have sacrificed.
I'm just trying to square things here.
In any case, we have a more important issue at the moment finding Black Widow.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] I believe we have found the base.
Killmonger called it La Isla Sombra Island of Shadow.
The name is apt.
We'll monitor your progress from - soon as you find her, we - Shuri! - [DESCENDING WHIRRING] - Shuri, come in! - [ALARM BEEPING] - The jet's systems are going offline! What is this? What is happening? [IRON MAN] I don't know, but it's happening to me too.
My armor's shut down! [CAPTAIN AMERICA] Crash positions! We're going down! [BLACK PANTHER] Brace for impact! [CRASH] [WRECKAGE HISSING] What do they say? "Any landing you can walk away from" And, for the record, that's about all I'm doing right now walking.
Well, you two are the tech heads.
Any ideas what hit us? As both our armors and the jet were affected, I assume it was some sort of technology-scrambling force field.
Definitely explains why I can't get the arc reactor above one percent.
I can walk and my heart's still beating, so thanks for that.
But that's about it.
So, we're in enemy territory, at reduced capacity, and no means of escape.
Finding Black Widow is our first priority.
Uh, yeah, wrong.
We need to get my armor back online.
I do one sensor sweep and we've got her.
Then we fix the jet.
I do not need my armor to track her.
Yeah, I'm with T'Challa.
We have no idea what's causing the tech scrambling.
And Black Widow's been here long enough.
Guess we're going for a little walk in the jungle.
And with me wearing a useless tin can.
This base looks abandoned.
We must assume everything on the island is a potential trap.
You know, if I had my infrared sensors, we could've cleared the whole building from here.
[BLACK PANTHER] There is something up ahead.
[IRON MAN] Weird giant vines, weird broken machines.
Old HYDRA robots.
Like a science experiment gone very ugly.
There was a battle here.
Whatever they were fighting, they clearly lost.
The size of this print matches Black Widow's.
These are the only marks, but there is nothing to tell us [CREATURE GROWLING] That's not Black Widow.
[GROWLING CONTINUES] Three guesses on what crunched all these robots.
[GRUNTING] [YELLS] [GRUNTS, GROANS] [GRUNTING] [GROANS] [GRUNTING] [GROANS] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Don't suppose either of you brought any weed killer? [WEAPON BLASTS] [BLACK PANTHER] Black Widow! We need to stop running into each other like this.
Natasha, you're alive! We gotta get outta here.
This whole island is Not the coziest vacation spot? - You noticed that, huh? - [CLATTERS] I'm glad to see you, too, but you've actually made things worse.
You know, when I get captured, tossed onto a hidden-island deathtrap, and replaced by an evil doppelg nger, I like to say "thanks" when my friends come to save me.
I was in the process of saving myself.
But you showing up just triggered the welcoming committee.
[BLACK PANTHER] You mean the plant creature? There are a lot more where that one came from.
The Shadow Council was using the base to create an army of monster soldiers.
At some point, they lost control and abandoned the island.
The tech-scrambling field? Before they left, they installed the scrambler, so no one they dumped here could call for help.
Which is why Killmonger left you here and directed us to you.
The Shadow Council must use this place to dispose of anyone they do not wish to see ever again.
What can you tell us about the plant creatures? From what I've been able to tell, they're like junkyard dogs.
Attracted to any form of energy.
Movement, light, heat, sound.
Agh! Come on! I almost had it.
Stark, your armor is inoperable.
The logical course of action will be to leave it behind.
Or Or figure out a way to reroute the system so I don't have to get down to my skivvies.
Your vanity is misplaced.
If the armor is a hindrance, just let it go.
It's not vanity.
See? - [WHIRRS] - I've got it up to five percent.
Now I've got a repulsor blast.
Looks like you don't know everything about everything after all.
[GROWLS] Be great if we had a way to shut down the scrambler.
Tony, we don't even know where it is.
Funny you should mention that.
Found it the first day.
Can't escape a prison if you don't map it first.
[IRON MAN] Okay.
So, the field projector's in there.
[CREATURES GROWLING] - How are we getting in? - Uh, some kind of diversion.
Black Widow said that they're drawn to energy and movement.
Nothing hotter than my arc reactor.
If I reroute my systems, I can fly for a little while.
They'll be like moths chasing a candle.
- Your plan is flawed, Stark.
- Why? Because you don't like it? He's right, Tony.
If you lose power out there, you'll be a sitting duck.
I'm the duck.
I choose to be the duck.
It is not your choice.
You must consider your value to the group.
I did.
Like I said, I'm the duck.
Quack, quack.
You have tied your identity to your suit, and without it you are adrift.
Your plan soothes your ego, and that is all.
Spare me your psych eval, Your Highness.
We wouldn't have been in this mess if you hadn't kept so many secrets from the Avengers.
I am not an Avenger! That's feeling like the best decision you ever made.
Hey, what is going on with you two? - I tried to throw him in jail.
- You did throw me in jail! Everybody just settle down.
None of this is anybody's fault.
Going after each other only helps the Shadow Council.
Tony, you of all people should know sometimes it's necessary to keep secrets.
All due respect, Natasha, you've been on this island this whole time.
You have no idea what Black Panther put us through.
Whatever issue you have with him, you need to put a pin in it.
If we don't pull together now, none of us is getting out of this.
If you hadn't taken his side in the first place, we wouldn't even be here.
No one is taking sides, Tony.
Uh Uh Uh? Ughh! Let him go.
He just needs a minute to cool off.
And I can say the same for you, T'Challa.
Very well.
We must decide on a workable strategy for us to draw the creatures away from the machine.
- He got the suit working! - Stark, do not be foolish! [CREATURES GROWLING] - [BLACK WIDOW] No! - [CRASH] Tony! Tony! They got Tony! [CREATURES GROWLING] Um, yeah.
Nobody got me.
I'm right here.
I told you I could send the suit.
Oh, wait.
You thought I was going to be in it? We kind of got that idea, yes.
Did you guys think Oh-ho! That's hilarious.
I'm not seeing the humor.
Oh, come on! This is me.
I just whipped up a portable interface, left the suit some reserve power, and zap! I guess I'd have made myself clearer if I hadn't been royally interrupted.
I have had enough of your complaints, Stark! You have no i Once we're out of this, you two can go at each other all you want.
But right now, Tony's given us a window to get to the scrambler and shut it down.
And I am really sick of island life.
So, can we do this? [BOTH STRAINING] [ALL PANTING] [CREATURES GROWLING] Tell me that is not what I think it is.
Your armor is no longer providing a distraction.
Okay, I'm officially never putting that armor on again.
- [TONY YELLS] - [GRUNTS] [ALL GRUNTING] Uhhh, a little help! I'm about to become plant food! [GRUNTING CONTINUES] The only way we're getting out of this is if you and T'Challa shut down that scrambling device.
Cap and I will buy you the time you need.
- [STRAINING] - [GROWLING] We must shut down the scrambler, now! I don't see a power source.
Not even an on-off switch.
I can't tell what's fueling this thing.
How are we supposed to turn it off? [BOTH GRUNTING] Together, you and I should be able to accomplish this.
Under normal circumstances I'd agree, but we're well past normal.
And working together hasn't exactly been something we've done well lately.
But, hey, what do we have to lose? Our lives.
Well, then we should get started.
The scrambling field blankets the island.
It is created by multiple smaller beams, combining here at these projectors.
So, if we can reflect two of the beams back at the source, it might be enough to overload the machine, and kaboom.
[YELLS] [ALL GRUNTING] Captain America, I require your shield.
Black Widow, I need my gauntlet! [GRUNTS] - [BOTH GRUNTING] - [CREATURES GROWLING] - [WHIRRING] - It's working.
The scrambler is overheating.
Yeah! My glove's even got some juice to spare.
How's your armor? Fully functional.
But the device is overheating more quickly than expected.
You're right.
Not long till kaboom.
Everyone, back to the jet, quickly! This way! Come on! [GRUNTS] - [GRUNTS] - [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] [ROARING] - [BEEPING] - Flight controls are operational, but the main battery is still offline.
Core access panel? There.
Power up.
- [GROWLING] In case you didn't notice, T'Challa, those things are about to get in here, and the scrambler's about to blow.
- Then by all means, let us go.
- [ASCENDING WHIRRING] You okay? I was in a jungle, running from plant monsters, and you still somehow look worse than me.
This was all the result of my conflict with the Shadow Council.
Yeah, well, maybe none of this would've happened if you hadn't kept secrets.
Stand down, Hawkeye.
We've been over this.
- The hatchet's buried.
- Oh, is it? I must've missed that memo.
He'll come around.
I'll order some shawarma, we'll screen some movies, everything will be fine.
Perhaps it will.
But not today.
I have matters at home that require my attention.
For now.
We're not done with this.
I suspect we are not.
Where is Princess Shuri? She was supposed to meet me.
[KILLMONGER] Your sister will be along soon enough.
Killmonger! The Shadow Council! Welcome home, T'Challa.
A shame your stay is to be so brief.
I do not know how you escaped, but I assure you, your freedom will be short-lived! Killmonger is just where he should be, false king.
He is with me.
Bask! Ahh, this is where it all ends.
Every mystery you unraveled, every victory you thought you won all of it was part of my plan.
To destroy Wakanda.
Why? I mean to save Wakanda.
From you.
You could have led us to greater glory, but instead, you settled for peace.
You are the disease that has infected our nation for far too long, and now, at last, you will be cut out.
Dora Milaje, arrest Killmonger.
I will deal with Bask.
[KILLMONGER LAUGHING] You see? Your precious Dora Milaje know what is happening even if you do not.
And what is that? Bask is about to become Queen of Wakanda.
No! Stop! The Crown is too dangerous! [KILLMONGER] Wrong again, T'Challa.
The Crown is in Wakanda now, safe.
There will be no more surprises.
There will be no more pain.
You know nothing of its powers.
You have never been more than a pawn to me, and now your usefulness is over.
Bask, whatever he has told you, they are lies.
He has told me that the world has grown large during my sleep and that Wakanda does not rule it.
The world has many nations, many rulers.
And you, false king, leave your throne and your people to consort with outsiders.
Wakanda is one nation among many.
And to live with one another, we must build bridges, we must work together.
Enough! The time for talk is over.
You are not fit to rule this nation.
T'Challa! As usual, I've arrived just in time.
I am pleased to see you, Shuri.
I was growing concerned.
Killmonger ambushed me and awakened Bask.
It took me some time to get free.
Bask, I am T'Challa.
I am your nephew of many generations.
I know who you are.
I challenge you, T'Challa, to trial by combat for the throne of Wakanda.
What? No! She can't! Our law is clear, Princess.
Bask is of royal blood.
Her challenge must be accepted by whoever holds the throne.
Nothing can change what comes next.
[QUIETLY] You can't do this.
I don't care about the law.
- Bask is wearing the Crown.
- [BASK] Stop whispering.
The challenge has been made.
Now we fight.
[LAUGHING] How weak you are, hiding behind these warriors.
You are no king.
I am not hiding.
They await my response to your challenge.
I will follow the law.
[GRUNTS] All right.
I think I can catch her in an energy net.
Then we can sort all this out calmly, after we deal with the Shadow Council.
Bask has followed the law.
Her challenge is legitimate.
If I do not fight her, there will be chaos.
I know you do not believe in luck.
You choose your own fate.
But good luck.
Who is it who challenges T'Challa, son of T'Chaka, son of T'Chanda, for Wakanda's throne? I do.
Bask, founder of Wakanda, sister of Bashenga, the first king.
King T'Challa, Black Panther of Wakanda, do you accept this challenge? I accept.
[BOTH YELL] Killmonger told me everything.
You and your father made Wakanda weak.
It is not weakness to embrace new cultures, new ways! [YELLS] Does Atlantis still stand? Yes.
Does Wakanda rule the world? No.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] - Killmonger is a liar, a traitor! - [YELLS] He would doom us all! [YELLS] Wakanda must rule.
Atlantis must fall.
You are too weak to use the Crown, but I am not.
It is too dangerous to be used by anyone! It already cost you your family, your brother! Bashenga No! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Bashenga was weak.
I am Bask! Do you hear? Bask! [GRUNTING] My brother and I founded this nation.
[STRAINING] [GROANING] I am your queen! [GROANS] - [YELLS] - [CRYING OUT] [GRUNTS, GROANS] There will be no weakness in my Wakanda! Execute him.